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    FAQ/Walkthrough by anarcho_selmiak

    Version: 1.32 | Updated: 08/20/08 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    WWWWWMMMW                                                             ZMMM@WWMW
    WBW@MMa                                                                 :MMMW@W
    WWWMM                                                                     MMWBW
    @W@M      MM@WW@MMW     MM@@WW@W@@@@W@@@MMMM7 MMWW@@@WW@M2    MMM@@WM      M@W@
    MMMM      8M@@@@@MMM     MM@@@@W@WW@W@@WM78M   MWWWWWWWWMM    MMM@@WM      MWW@
    MMMM       MMW@WW@@MM    ZMMM@@W@@@@WMMMM  M   MMMM@@W@@@MM    2MWW@M      M@W@
    MMMM       WMW@W@W@@MMS    MM@WWWWW@WM     ,     SMW@W@W@@MM@   M@@WM      M@WW
    MMMM       XMW@@@@@@MMMMMa  MM@WWW@@WM            MWW@@W@@@MMZ  MMW@M      MWWW
    MMMM       ,MMWWWW@@W@@@MMM  MW@W@WWWM            MWWWWWWWWWMM  MMM@M      MWWW
    MMMM        MM@@@@@WW@@MM M  MM@@W@WWM            M@WW@MMMMM@MM  WMMM      MW@W
    MMMM         MMWW@@@W@MMa B  8MM@W@@WMW          MM@WMMMMMMMM@MMM 2MM      MWWW
    MMMM         MM@@@WWW@MW      MM@W@@WMM;        ZMMWMMM    MM@@@MM  M      M@W@
    @@@M          MM@WW@WWM@      MM@WWWWWM,        SMWWMM      MM@WM@  M      MWWW
    WBBM     2M    MMWW@WWMM     :M@MMMMW@M.        XMWMM        MMWMM  M      MW@W
    @W@M        :   MM@W@@@MM    MMMMB M@@M         SMWMM        M@WM@  M      MWW@
    WWMM        M   WM@@@@@MB    MMMM: MM@M         2MW@MM      MM@MMM  M      MWWW
    WWWM       MMMM  MMWW@WMW    MM.2  MMMM         2M@WMM      M@@MMM         MWWW
    @W@M       MMMMM 8MW@W@M0    MX :   BMM         2MWWWM      M@@M           MWWW
    @W@M       MMM0 M M@@WWM0    M      SMM         ZMW@@M      MMMM           MW@W
    WW@M     7MMMMM M MM@MMMW    M      XMM         ZMWW@M                     MWWW
    W@@M      MWM      M@M0ZM    MM     MMM         ZMWWWM      MMMM           MWWW
    WW@M      MWM,     M@M  M    XZ     MWM         aM@WWM      MWMM           MW@W
    @W@M     .MMM8     M@M, i    MM     MWM         aMW@WM      MWMM           MWWW
    WW@M     ;MMMM    MM@M;      MM     MBM         ZM@WWM      MMMM           MWBW
    @@@M              MMWMi      MM    ,MMM         8MWW@M      M  M           MWWW
    W@@M     SMMMM    MMWMi      aB     MMM         MMM@@M      M  M           MW@W
    @@MM     ,MMMM    MMMM:              M,           MM@M      M  M           MWW@
    @WMM     :MMM      MMM2             rM            MMMM         M           M@W@
    @WMM     2MMM                       XM                         M           MW@@
    @WMM        M      MMMX             BM            MMMM        rM           MWWW
    WWMM       2M      MMMi                           MMM          ;           MW@@
    WWMM        :        MX             @M            MMM          M           MWW@
    W@@M       2M        Ma             XM            @MM         ;M           MWWW
    WWMM       7M        MZ                            SM         7M           MWWW
    WW@M       0M        MB                            WM                      MWW@
    WWMM                                               MM         2M           M@WW
    @WMM                 M8                                       .M           MWWW
    W@MM                 MS                                       :M           M@@W
    WWMM                 MZ                                       SM           MWW@
    W@MM                 2:                                        M           MWWW
    WWMM                                                                       M@WW
    WWMM                                                                       M@WW
    @WMM                                                                       MWWW
    WWMM                                                                       M@WW
    MMMM      MMMMMM@Z:      MMMMMM    MMMMMMi;7XZ MMMMMM rr0  MW@MMM          MWWW
    @WMM       M.    MMMMMS  MW@MMM    MW@MMM      MMWWMM      MMWWMMMMMMi     MW@W
    W@MM                                                                       MWWW
    @@MM      WM@WWWWWZ         ;M@@WW@M  MM@@@MMM    MMM@@MMMMWWWMMM          MWWW
    WWMM       MMMMW@@@@MMMMMMM  M@@@@@MMM@@WW@M        MM@@W@W@MMM            MW@W
    @WMM        ZMMMMMMM@W@@WMMW MWW@WWMMM@@WW@Mr        MMWWWWWM@             MWWW
    WWMM            X0@MMWW@@WMM M@WM@@M MMMW@WMMM       WMW@W@@M:             MWWW
    WWMM       7M0      MW@W@@@M M@@@WWM  MM@@WWMMM      MMWWWWWM;             MWW@
    WWMM      MM@@W@MMMM@@@MMMM  M@WW@WMS   MM@WWW@MM    MMWWW@WM;             MWWW
    WW@M         .2WMMMM@S      iWaa22207     8a22222BM: a82S222Wi             MWWW
    WWWM                                                                       MWWW
    WWWMM                                                                     MMWWB
    @WW@MM                                                                   MMWWWW
    WWWW@MMMi                                                              MMM@@W@W
                               Beneath a Steel Sky  FAQ
                                   - Version 1.32 -
                                Walkthrough and FAQ
                              last update on 08-20-08
                                written by ... selmiak
                Also available in html and colorful with lots of images
                                  on my homepage:
                             or on amazon for your kindle
                        > http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00G9FBOUU <
      | i |    CONTENT
        i        Content
        ii       legal Stuff
        iii      Preface
        iv       Controls
        v        Characters
        vi       Walkthrough
        vii      Itemlist
        viii     LINC Space
        ix       FAQs
        x        LINC codes
        xi       Trivia
        xii      Versions
        xiii     Thanks    for all the fish
      | ii |  Legal Stuff
    This FAQ is written by me, selmiak,  just for the purpose to help you,  so that
    you are allowed to look at it, download it or print it.
    The only websites allowed to host this FAQ are:
            www.dlh.net             or just dlh.net, without the www.
    If you want to host or  publish this  guide you need my permission.  I'm a nice
    guy (most of the time, not always, and not in this FAQ...) and will most of the
    times say yes, but hosting my guide without asking me  is stealing my work, and
    you commit a crime.
    Same is for claiming this guide as your work, altering its content,  selling it
    without my permission and what  else you can  think of to  profit from my work.
    If you find Typos  or other constructive  criticism,  different pathes or other
    stuff that should be in this guide drop me a line at:
      !!! please make sure that you have the name of the game in the subject !!!
    --->    faqs [at] gmx [dot] de
    If it's not obvious, the [at] is for @ and the [dot] replaces .
    I replaced these  symbols because of  robots scanning the web for  email-adres-
    ses and spamming my account.
    Hell, how do they know my dick is smaller  than these  dicks in internet porno-
    graphy... I don't need you enlargements!
    If you think one (or more) of my statements posted in this guide make you sick,
    embarresed or are against your nature, please mail me at:
    So, that's enough to my position of right, that means:
    you have no right! :P
       | iii |    Preface
    After sucessfully translating  my Flight of the Amazon Queen FAQ from german to
    English I decided to translate my oldest PC only FAQ also into english language
    and present  it to a broader  audience.  It's been on gamefaqs  for over a year
    now, so it's about damned time. I hope  I get to translate all my jokes I threw
    in in  my first  german version,  so if  something looks  rally strange,  don't
    worry, this is just a german joke  I tried to  translate word by word  and that
    didn't work out to be funny in english  or it's just a normal typo or you  just
    don't have the required sense of humor, that is needed.
    Whatever it is, like I said, don't worry, and Enjoy the game.
    Be Vigilant.
      selmiak July '05
       |  iv  |     CONTROLS
               1. Gamescreen
               2. Inventory
               3. Menu
         1. Gamescreen
    The first  Chapter of  the CONTROLS  Section is  all about  what happens in the
    gamescreen and what happenes if you do something. After all you don't have that
    many choices of what to do.  To be precice,  you only have three options.  Here
    are all three options.
      1st Action
        Touch an Object with the Cursor:
            ->    Show what it is.
      2nd Action
        Click with the right Mousebutton:
             ->   use and/or pick up
                  Foster decides himself what he will do with the object.
      3rd Action
        Click with the left Mousebutton:
             ->   Look at
    That all you can do with the combination of Mouse and brain.
              2. Inventory
    You can access your  Inventory by  dragging the  Mouse to the  upper end of the
    The Inventory  window rolls down.  You just have to watch  this and then choose
    the  Item you  would  like  to use.  You do  this  as  described  in iv-1 (1-3)
    Controls  in Gamescreen.  The only  difference here is,  that you must keep the
    left Mousebutton  pressed to  read what  the object is.  When you  release  the
    button the words explaining the object disappear.
               3. Menue
      You access the Menue by pressing F5.
       There are a lot of buttons offering you to push around on them.
       What happens when you push a specific button is explained here.
     - Load Game
        here your Options are:
         - load a saved game
             Here you can
           - cancel
           - load a saved game
     - save game
        here your Optionens are:
         - save a game with a filename of up to 27 characters.
           All  in all  you can  save up  to  999 Savegames in the  ScummVM version
           thanks to MBB for this info!
         - cancel and get back up one level in the menu.
     - end the game
       - yes
       - No
     - start a new game
       - yes
       - No
     - FX
       - sounds on  (bright)
       - sounds off (not bright)
     - Talkie and text
       - Text and talkie.
       - Text only.
       - Talkie only.
     - Music Volume
         You can't turn off  the music completely,  but you can turn it quieter and
     - gamespeed
         If Foster is walking too slow for you, you put that switch to the very top
         and after this he will definetaly not be to slow for you anymore.
         Some riddles  in this game are  structured in a way,  that you  need to do
         something  fast,  while something  else is happening.  In this case you'll
         have to set the gamespeed to veeeeeeeeeeery veeeeeeeeeeeeeeery slow. Don't
         panic, and don't forget your towel, I will explain this in the Walkthrough
         when needed.
     - back to the game
         That's a good thing to ask, eeeehrm,  I mean that's a good thing, that you
         found that button, use this button to get back to the game.
       |  v  |    CHARACTERS
                                 1. Robert Foster
                                 2. Joey
                                 3. Lamb
                                 4. Hobbins
                                 5. Stephen Reich
                                 6. Anita
                                 7. Dr. Burke
                                 8. Miss Piermont
                                 9. LINC
                                *  IMPORTANT NOTE  *
    Just read  the  Character  descriptions if  you  want that  the whole  game has
    nothing new to offer for you,  or if you already made huge progress in the game
    or already finished it.
    In the following section of this FAQ there are lots of Spoilers, that will tell
    you parts of the plot of the story,and a lot of gamers are really pissed if you
    tell them what is going to happen in the game.
    So, by this you have been warned,  continue reading in this section on your own
                                *  IMPORTANT NOTE  *
         1. Robert Foster
    Robert Foster  comes from the Gap,  a wilderness  out of  the huge metropolitan
    town, called Union City,  in this near future.  His parents  died in a helicop-
    tercrash.  A tribe  of wild,  uncivilized  (whatever  that  means)  people have
    raised him.
    The thing is, his name actually isn't Robert Foster, and that's the reason he's
    kidnapped out  of the Gap and taken to town.  So what else  should happen, than
    the helicopter crashing again and  Foster surviving again. At once the security
    man Stephen  Reich is after him,  but he will be  history more  soon than late.
         2. Joey
    Joey is a robot, build by Foster.  He's kinda C3-PO for  Anakin Skywalker. Just
    that it's Joey and  Foster.  At the beginning of  the game Joey  is damaged and
    Foster just carries Joey's main circuit board around.
    But if Foster manages to stick the  Circuit board into  another soulless robot,
    Joey can take over this guy and talk stupid to Foster. Very funny sometimes. At
    the end Joey mutates to a jerk and is called Ken then.
         3. Hobbins
    Howard Hobbins  works in the  repair shop  in the  recycling plant.  Foster can
    steal his sandwich. hehe.
    Hobbins will be punished very hard later because of the things YOU did.
    Well, in the end it turns out that he will get a good job.
    He looks  kind of  Irish to me,  but that  could  also be,  that in  the Talkie
    version all english speakers with strong accent do the voicing, even though the
    game is set in a futuristic Australia, and this makes me thinks so. Well, he
    looks like an Irishman, and I say he is,  but I have no proove on this. Hell, I
    would ask him if I could.  And I would eat all his sandwiches all the time if I
         4. Lamb
    Lamb  is a  controller  in  the Pipefactory,  in which  also  Anita is working.
    He's an asshole   but he's very usefull for your aims.  It's very nice when you
    can downgrade him to a D-LINC.
    He loves his cat and  shows her Videos titled Pussys on Parade.  Does this make
    him a pervert. I think not, but he sure is pervert.
         5. Stephen Reich
    Stephen Reich is a Safetyman.  First he's after you,  then he's gone very fast!
    He has  a LINC Status of 5  and lives in Belle Vue Gardens 2291.  You will make
    your way through half of the game with his ID Card.  He also has a pair of cool
         6. Anita
    Anita is a  beautiful girl that works in Lamb's  pipesfactory. The sad thing is
    she gets displaced to the Reactor  and was a D-LINC before.  She has no future.
    Anita is a hacker and she's on your side. She wants to help you to destroy LINC
    and hosts  a virus for you in the Cyberspace of LINC.  Now you only have to get
    it. But that is harder than you think it could be. Or something like that.
         7. Dr. Burke
    In then middle area of the big town  is Dr. Buke's practice. It seems like he's
    addicted to the narcotic  that he's sniffing all the time. It should be for his
    patients, but he uses it for himself.
    Dr. Burke is specialized  in plastic surgery.  He can implant you a Schriemann-
    Port and he can also change and manipulate your fingerprints.
    You can also talk to his patient with the opened stomach. heheheh!
         8. Miss Piermont
    Miss Danielle  Piermont is a  nice old lady,  that  always  walks her dog.  She
    has got some very god connections and  can introduce  you into the  club in the
    lowest area.  But before that you have to torture her dog. Only a bit ;)
    So here is the big Spoiler, the socalled Plotkiller,  so don't read on when you
    want to find out by yourself!
    LINC is a virtual Programm,  written and created by your father.  He spend more
    time  with LINC  than with you  and your mother.  Then LINC took  control  over
    your (Fosters)  father  and  cLINCed  directly into  his brain.  LINC controlls
    everything in  Union City,  LINC wants you as  a replacement  for your  father,
    because he  is too  old.  If you take the  job or you  delegate it  to  someone
    else just  standing nearby  is your  own choice.  But be  fast and  think about
    where you come from.
       |  vi  |    WALKTHROUGH
    The Voodopriest  is standing  at the  fireside,  he's your stepfather  and he's
    babbling to you. Your selfmade robot sees, that something is comming at you.
    Helicopters appear and they land,  armed soldiers come near you  and explain to
    you that they are seacrching for someone.
    You remember, that your mother died at a  helicoptercrash and you got raised by
    a tribe in the gap. They gave you the name Robert Foster.
    The soldiers do a  DNA Test on you  and find out  that you are the one they are
    looking for.
    So they do the only thing logical, they extinct the tribe that rasied you, your
    family,  and kidnap you from the gap  and stuff you in a  helicopter (again) to
    take you to the ciy.
    Of course the helicopter crashes (again) and you survive (again...).
    Hunted by the security of a mysterious  Mr. Reich you find yourself in front of
    a picturesque junk press.
    After this nice introduction  I do not want to keep you on tenderhooks anymore,
    so here is what you have been waiting for, the long awaitet Walkthrough:
     Recycling Plant
    Here is the place you run, as the cop is after you.
    Go left to the stairs,  but don't  go down,  as you will be  shot when you step
    down the stairs.
    So you  better  search for  the crowbar,  because the  door is  locked  and the
    crowbar might be useful here.
    Well, the crowbar is not easy to find,  that's kind of the first riddle in this
    adventure. Drag the mouse on the upper border of the stairs, the game shows you
    the word stairs, now move the mouse  to the left end of the stairs and a little
    bit up. Perhaps you  need to go a little bit to the left.  Now it shows rung so
    you click with the right button and get the crowbar.
    Use the crowbar on the door on the left.
    The guard hears the noise and comes to check out, where the sound came from!
    With a little bit of luck you survive  this unpleasant situation. Now enter the
    recycling Plant again.
    Go down the stairs and enter the door to the right.
    Look at the trash there.  One of the robots seems to  not have a circuit board,
    so smash in Joeys Circuits, and Joey will come to life. Now talk to Joey, who's
    trapped in a cleaning robot by now.
    Go one more room to  the right and talk to Hobbins.  Open the cupboard door. So
    Hobbins won't let you open the door, so go back one room.
    Now step on the lift. Once the alert is activated Hobbins will enter the scene,
    get you  away and turn  off the alert.  While Hobbins is turning  off the alert
    enter his  room and  steal the  wrench  and  the sandwich.  The wrench  is more
    important, doesn't matter if you don't get the sandwich.
       !!!!!!! Attention please !!!!!!!
    If  this  doesn't work  out for  you  because  Hobbins gets  back too  fast and
    displaces you even  before you could  get the wrench do the following:  step on
    the lift  and set  the game  speed to  the  sloooooooowest  possible  and  this
    shouldn't be much a problem.
       !!!!!!! Attention please !!!!!!!
    Now go back  to the broken  robot that's standing  there and  is waiting  to be
    repaired. Try to repair it with the wrench.  This doesn't work  out quite well,
    so ask Hobbins 'what's up with the robo?' (in Foster's wors). First you have to
    talk a lot about escaping and so,  thats also interesting, so the last question
    will be about the robot and he tells you what the problem is, make sure you get
    it all, and then ask Joey if he can help you repair the robot.
    Now everthing works as it should and the robot starts bringing barrels. I don't
    WANT to know whats inside these barrels.  Well, the robot puts them on the lift
    and the lift carries them down.
    At the very moment  the lift is down Foster  can slide down the liftbar (right-
    click on the hole!)
    Try to open the door and  stuffing stuff  in the slot.  After finding out, that
    this doesn't work, ask Joey for help (once again).
    Now Officer Reich enters the room and wants to kill you,  because he thinks you
    are Overmann. But LINC (the camera) prevents him from  killing you in a radical
    manner.  Thank you LINC. Before you  continue your quest search  the corpse for
    the sunglasses and Reich's ID-Card. Take both with you and hurry on.
     Finally escaped from the recycling plant
    Go one screen farther right. Here you'll find the Elevator, that isn't working,
    a way to a  wrecked helicopter  that got nothing  for you besides some informa-
    tions, so enter the factory.
    Here you can brabble at the woman,  after that she will be  displaced by Super-
    visor Lamb and Lamb will throw you out. Now leave the screen for once and enter
    back in.
    Now you can talk to Lamb and he will throw you out again.  Now wait outside and
    you should  be able  to talk  to the  woman without  getting thrown  out or her
    getting displaced.
    Now throw yourself  out and meet Lamb in front of the factory.  You can talk to
    him but that's not that productive,  so you better enter the  factory again and
    go one screen farther.  Try to get into the storage room.  Doesn't work, so ask
    Joey to get in. He will find a fusebox. Well done Joey, for this you will get a
    new shell. Now stuff the wrench into the gearwheels (that are very deep between
    the meachnic and the door) and take back the wrench.
    Go to the welding robot where Anita was working before. Use the wrench with the
    robot and then ask Joey if he wants a new shell.
    Go to  the entrance  to the storeroom  and send  Joey in again  to turn off the
    fuses. You can watch it all through the window :)
    After Joey burnt the fuses you can enter the storeroom. Now kick the gateway to
    get to the stuff on the other side of it.  Just click it  to kick it.  Take the
    WD40, and the key. Under the gateway is a putty, Take this too.
    As you step  out you'll be  reliefed of the sunglasses,  the WD40,  the key and
    eventually (if you got it) the sandwich. Darn!
    At leas you got  the piece of wax.  Let Joey examine it!  It's a plastic explo-
    Now leave  he factory  and as far left as you can.  Pass the guard and  farther
    left, there  is the door  we want to enter.  The old man on  his  chair doesn't
    matter (as always), try to push one of the buttons on the machine on the right.
    This doesn't work, because the are held back by some mechanism. With the wrench
    you can get rid of these locks.
    So ask Joey if he perhaps wants to push  the button on the right. As he does it
    (and as you are not standing in his way)  it's now your turn to push the button
    on the left. The old man will now leave the room and you can take the bulb with
    you (switch  off the  switch before!!!)  Leave the switch  this way and use the
    plastic explosives in that place the bulb was. Now switch on the switch and the
    cage will be blown open and you are able to regulate the energy.  Use the right
    switch and  then leave the  left one as it is  and go to  the elevator  on this
    Do you see the red cable  on he right side of  the screen?  Ask Joey if he's in
    the mood for welding. So let him weld the cable.
    Open the elevator with your (?) ID Card  and enter the elevator.  Watch out for
    Joey, he sometimes misses the Elevator.
     Down one floor
    So take the cable with you.
    Leave the screen to the left and take the way to the back. Here you use the ID-
    Card with the Lock next to the left door.
    Enter Reichs  appartement and stalk in.  Use the pillow and  take the magazines
    with you.
    Step outside and wait for Lamb. He sometimes walks on by.  Ask him who repaired
    the elevator?  After talking  to Lamb get back  on the track  that's connecting
    everything  in this level and  walk to  the very right.  Enter  into the Travel
    Angency called TravelCo.  Talk to the man behind his  desk and ask him politely
    for tickets.  He  won't give  you any,  the are  waiting list and  other stupid
    stuff. But look at him, yes, you're right, how clever you are, you saw on first
    sight,  that  he's a  biker,  so give  him  the  biker  magazine  from  Reich's
    appartement. He will give you the tickets at once.
    Use the elevator to  get back up again and wait for Lamb.  Give him the tickets
    you just got from the Tavel agent.
    He will invite you to a fantastic event, to the thing you have been waiting for
    all your life, you will pay a visit to his factory. Yeeehah!
    So get in the factory and wait for him.
    After he told you everything you need to know you can  finally go past the jerk
    and see Anita again. Talk to her and after some talking she will be a nice girl
    and upload her jammer to your ID Card. You only have to give it to her. You can
    get some more useful information from her if you want to.
    After you're  done with talking to Anita  get out of the factory and use the ID
    Card with the LINC Terminal.
    As you can bypass the Retinascan in the  LINC Terminal you should make a profit
    of that opputunity.  So use the LINC Terminal and log in to Option 4 - Security
    Service.  After the sucessfully  passed  retina Scan  choose number 2 - Special
    Operations and then go to 1 - file adjustments.
    Hehe,  now you can degrade Lamb to a D-LINC,  just press 1 and 2 to degrade his
    LINC Status and clear his bank account. Easy and funny, eh?
    Now exit the terminal ad wait for Lamb in front of his pipe factory and talk to
    him about the Tour. So he'll send you to his friend Anchor to get an insurance.
    Wait until he tries to use the elevator and talk to him again. He has a serious
    problem, because  he can't use the elevator his Cous Cous might die, and as you
    are a nice person you will look for her, won't you.
    So get down one level.
     Down one level again
    So get to Lamb's appartement.  It's the one next  to Reich's where  you got the
    So take the Video Cassette and get t into the Video Recorder. So you can have a
    close look at Lamb's Pussies on Parade.  Alright, so do  what you are here for,
    feed the cat if you want to, you can do so, by using he machine.
    Now pay a visit to Anchor.  He's the insurance guy,  he's not as hyperactive as
    Stan from the Monkey Island  series but he's a good replacement.  His office is
    next to the Travelagency on right on the second level.
    Talk with him  about the  Schriebmann-Port.  He will advice  you to Dr. Burke's
    So go to Dr. Burke's surgery,  it's on the left end of this level.  When you're
    there talk to the hololady.  To do so activate the projector. Uh, she won't let
    you in, so ask  Joey to talk  to the  Hololady that  she should open the damned
    door, so when  Joey wants to know what to say use the last option.  Now you can
    enter and talk to the doctor.
    He wants  some of your organs  in an  exchange for  an Schriebman-Port.  So try
    giving him the first 2.  You are too healthy for him,  so try the least and the
    last option, if you only were a robot,  than you had no problems  in trading in
    your nuts.  So finally you get your Schriebman-Port.  After this operation talk
    to the Doc  again and tell  him you  need to get on the  ground floor.  He will
    advice you to anchor again. So let's check that out.
    Ask him about his special policy.  Of course he wants  to know who send you, so
    tell him who send you. After that Anchor will look somewhere in the back of his
    office. In that time  ask Joey  to weld  away the Anchor  from Anchor's statue.
    Take the Anchor  from Anchor with you.  When Anchor returns before  you got the
    Anchor from Anchor ask him again about  the special policy and try again to get
    Anchor from Anchor while anchor is away.
    Okay, so you  finally got the Anchor  (from Anchor).  Get back to the Recycling
    plant with it. Get up the stairs you once fled from Reich to and enter the fire
    exit. Out there  use the Anchor  you stole from Anchor with  the cable and thow
    this to the sign  on the opposite side of the gap. Ta ta tata, Indiana Jones is
    nothing against Foster.
    You see  the lockers in the back?  One of them is  Reich's and you  can open it
    with his ID-Card, but there is nothing useful in there so go into the next room
    and enter the  Cyberspace there.  You do so  by using your  ID-Card in the Slot
    next  to  the  interface and  then take a relaxed  seat on  the  chair  for the
    Now it's getting really cool!
    So take a  look at  what you got,  so drag the  mouse to the  upper end  of the
    screen and the Cyberspace menue will drop down.
    There you have a lot of Symbols,  to find out, what they are all about , have a
    close look at section    viii - LINC Space   there you'll get  all the Info you
    need. By now I'll assume,  that you have red that chapter  or you know your way
    around LINC Space, it's not that difficult.
    At first you pick up the ball, thats lying  around there,  it's some compressed
    Data.  Now continue to the right.  Use the open  order to  open the Carpet bag.
    Pick up the magnifying glass and the Birthday Surprise.
    Now enter  the next  room.  Here you  must use  the decompress  routine  on the
    compressed Data  to get two Passwords out of it.  Here you use the Passwords to
    puzzle around and then continue.
    Hey ho, let's go:
    There are 9 Password nodes there,  I'll give them numbers from 1-9 when looking
    from top on it.
         3   6   9
         2   5   8
         1   4   7
    The nodes 1, 2, 4, 5 and 7 have a  ying yangish Symbol on them on which you can
    deposit your Passwords. Of course you first  have to collect your Password gain
    before you can use it again somewhere else. So let's get it on.
    PLEASE don't read what's coming up now,  I just included  it for completism but
    it's a thousand times more fun to solve this by yourself.!
    -green on 1
    -red on 4
    -green on 2
    -red on 5
    -green on 7
    that's it for this  funny interesting riddle,  now enter the next room and take
    the bust and the book with you.
    Now use the  decryption  Programm  for decryption the  three Text  document you
    collected  and now  log out,  before your provider  sends you  your phone bill.
    Have you noticed how  I avoided to mention a  provider by name. The golden days
    without Popup ads...
    So,  log out  and  use the  LINC Terminal  right  there on  the right.  Use the
    Security Service (option 4)  and read the encrypted documents.  You'll find out
    about your real background. Now enter the special operations and use the second
    option to load special privileges on your ID Card.
    So leave  the Police Station  now and  head for  the ground floor,  use the two
    elevators,  the one on the second floor  is in front of the  junktion to Lamb's
    and Reich's appartements.
     Finally on ground level
    Once you  reach  the  ground level  Joey will  do a  good Job  as a  basejumper
    without a parachute.  Crash boom bang, now he's broken  and you get his Circuit
    board and need to find a new shell for him.
    Walk to the  left and talk to the  Doorman to the club St. James.  He will tell
    you, that you need a reputation to join the club.
    So talk to Mrs. Piermont,  she's the old  lady that is  walking around with her
    dog. Talk to her about  Overman and then  about her  sponsoring your membership
    for the club. She wants to meet you in her appartement so ring the bell and say
    Robert is here and then enter her appartement.
    Talk to the old lady and  sooner  or later she will phone the club.  That takes
    some time, so long you can put the  Video Cassette into  the Video recorder and
    her dog will be attracted by the cat.  While the dog is away from his place you
    can steal some of his dog biscuits. Now leave.
    Get back to the Club, but make sure you  take the southern path.  You will come
    to a little hatch  with a closed door.  Take a closer look at the door by left-
    clicking it. Now the lock of the door also shows up. Youcan crack the lock with
    your ID-Card. An old trick, but it still works in a fictional future.
    Enter the hatch and pick up the secateurs.
    Leave  the hatch  and finally  go to  the club you should be able to enter now.
     Splash the dog
    So we are inside the club now,  so go to the door right of the band and look at
    the lock next to the door.  Talk to anyone about anything and then leave again.
    Go to the elevator and put  the dogbiscuits on the plank next to the pond. Wait
    until the  dog is near  the biscuits  and then pull he rope.  This funny action
    distracts the guard and you can now enter the cathedral.
    The door on the right lead to a ventilation shaft looking like this:
    In there take the midde door and you enter the  Krypta or however this thing is
    called. Open the lockers in there and in the middle locker you will find Anita.
    She died because  Lamb exposed  her to the radiation.  Get up to  the top floor
    again.  Lamb says he doesn't  know a  thing about it,  so what  can you do, you
    can't kill him just for that, can you?
    So enter the pipe factory and go to the room before the ractor. Open the locker
    in the middle and put on the protection overall. Now you can enter the reactor.
    Use the terminal and open the reactor door (by using option 2 dummy). Now enter
    the real reactor and  look out for a LINC-Card.  After picking it  up leave, if
    you are responsible  in what  you do close  the reactor door  again then put on
    your own coat again.
     LINCspace'd again
    Now head for the police station and go down to the LINC Node. This time you use
    Anita's  ID-Card for  logging in.  Now you got some  different  things  in your
    Go to the second room and use the  Blind file on the eyeball and enter the door
    he's guarding very fast. If you don't get it set the game speed to veeeeeeeeery
    slow. At the crusader just go up in the door you can enter.
    There you use the playback function from your inventory on the well. Anita left
    a message before her death to you. She tell you to contact Eduardo and get into
    the old subway system beneath the city  and this is the only way to enter LINCs
    secret base.
    Okay,  so get back into the  first room you always  start your  journey through
    LINC-Space and set the gamespeed to veeeeeeery slow and blind the eyeball there
    and head back to  the room with the  well you  just watched  Anitas message and
    continue one door farther and pick up the tuning fork quick, before the eyeball
    deblinds. After picking this thing up get out of the LINC Space and get down to
    the ground level.                                                        [.LS.]
    But you don't have to pick up the tuning fork and can pick it up later.
    On the ground  level go to the right  to the two guys in front of Mrs. Piermont
    appartement.  Talk  to  the  gardener  about  everything,  then talk to the boy
    playing  videogames  about  everything  possible  and then talk to the gardener
    again about  the flowers!  An then about Anita and so on until he's got nothing
    more to say and comes out as Eduardo, Anita's contact.
    Now you  have to check out the courtroom  next to the club's entrance and watch
    what you have done hehehe.
     Inside the Club
    So you are in that bar again and the band is gone.  Whatelse should you do than
    turn on the Jukebox. By the way, the title above this section has nothing to do
    or is in any way affiliated with half a dollar!
    You can choose between
    "You search, but find nothing"...
    "as cool as you"...
    Choose "You search, but find nothing"...  and talk to Colston,  the Club owner.
    After some  time the song will get on his nerves  and he will kick the Jukebox.
    While he's away you  can steal  his glass,  that's  saturated  with his finger-
    prints. Armed with the glass go to Dr. Burke.  Use the glass on him and he will
    explain to you how to replace your fingerprints with Colstons fingerprints. Now
    get back into the bar  and press your thumb on the metal plate next to the door
    at the end of the bar.
    Step on the box under the grill and destroy it. Yeah, Rock 'n Roll. Now use the
    crowbar  on the big box,  called packing case.  Rip off the wooden  lid and use
    this to strongen the box under the grill.  Now you can step  on the box without
    hurting you or the box.  Standing on the  box use the  crowbar  on the grill to
    make a  hole in it.  Now you can  use the secateurs  to completely  cut off the
    So climb into the subway.
    Go to the right and there follow the junction and one screen farther you better
    save your game.
    Just for fun go on without doing anything.  You will see a  very cool animation
    for the graphics of these days ^_^.
    Okay reload and then  put the bulb into the socket  in front of the hole.  This
    will keep the mutated monster away from you.  After the subway station there is
    a small tunnel  you just need  to click on the  exit and Foster  will run there
    without loosing his life but with a rush of adrenaline in his blood.
    You will find yourself behind a blocked way and in front of some ugly pulsating
    veines on the wall. Smash your crowbar into the plaster and then again smash it
    into the now exposed bricks. Once again we use the Metal bar. Now smash it into
    the swelling in the veine. This doesn't do much of a harm so smash the brick on
    the crowbar. Hah, finallay the veine is bleeding,  so wait a second and a droid
    will come it's way and open up the door. So get in!
     LINCs secret base
    Look through  the grill  and look  at that android.  Creepy isn't it.  Well, go
    through the  door leading  somewhere to  the back.  There is  an iris.  Use the
    controls unit to reduce the temperature. Set the gamespeed to veeeery slow (you
    know what  to do) and then  step on  the closed iris  and pull the handle. This
    loosens the grid above the iris.
    Now leave this room  and continue to the right until you reach  the robot. Just
    stuff Joeys platine  into this robot and order  him to look  around and collect
    Talk with him about the infos he gatherd and talk about the nutrition tanks. So
    you find out, that the androids will die without the nutrition fluid.  Whatelse
    should you do, than order  Joey to open the tap and  let these bastards die and
    distract the android.
    You should hear  a dripping sound,  wait some  time or  look through  the grill
    again to see if there is a little puddle.  When and only when there is a puddle
    you can enter the room with the android fetus.
    After the android is  history you can cross the room  and leave it  somwhere in
    the back to another room with the cylindrical tanks. Only one door will let you
    leave here, it's the one in the back on the right.
    Here you have  to use your ID-Card to enter the LINC Terminal.  Use option 2 to
    Access to  restricted Area and open the door  with the option 1.  Now leave the
    LINC Terminal and this room you are in.
    Beacuse you openend the door the android can come in to beat Joey up. After the
    fight it's  your duty to take  Joey's Circuit  board with you.  You should also
    take a close look at the corpse that's left now. You gain another ID-Card. With
    this one get back to the controll  room and use Gallaghers  ID-Card on the slot
    on the LINC Node and enter the LINC-Space.
    So blind the second Eyeball again and walk on by. You will come to the crusader
    one last time. Use the DIVINE WRATH on the crusader.  You find the Divine Wrath
    on Galaghers ID-Card. After the crusader is gone (with god) enter the room he's
    Now  you see  the small  DNA helix  rotating inside  the crystal.  Remember the
    Log out of the LINC space and log in again with Anitas ID-Card. She has got the
    Oszillator saved on her ID Card,  if  you  have  picked  up  the  Oszillator of
    If you haven't picked it up yet, go back to the last  LINC Space Chapter in the
    Walkthrough by pressing  Strg+F and search for [.LS.]  and do what is explained
    there with Galaghers ID Card. And then you do what comes next.
    Blind the eyball  and move to the crystal again.  Use the Oszillator to destroy
    the crystal  around the Helix. So pick up the Helix.
    it looks like this:
    The Helix is a Virus that Anita deposited there for you.  Log out now, there is
    nothing left to do in LINC-Space.
     Final dutys
    finally leave the  controll room and enter  through the door you opened through
    the LINC terminal and enter the cryogenic freezer room.
    Left of the door to the right are tongs you need. Take them with you please and
    enter the next room. Open the cabinet in the MIDDLE and put Joeys Circuit Board
    in  it and  then use the  Terminal next  to it.  Use the  option  2 -  Download
    Character Date and then option 3 - Run startup programm.
    The  new Joey  will awake.  Sounds creepy,  eh? Well,  actually  it is  creepy,
    because Joey has turned into a complete jerk.
    Walk  to the  next room  and ask  this Joey  Ken thing to  put his  hand on one
    sensor. Put your own hand on the other sensor simultaneously.  Don't care about
    Ken for  the moment  and continue your  way to the  newly opened door.  Tie the
    cable to  the pipe  support  and then you  have to  get back  to the  cryogenic
    laboratory again.
    Use Anitas Id-Card  (with the Virus helix on it)  on the Terminal and crash the
    System. Now take a  tissue out of the tank  with the use of the tong and freeze
    it in  the  huge tank.  Now get back  to where  you tied the  rope  to the pipe
    support. Climb down the improvised ladder  and throw the tissue into the hungry
    orifice and poison it that way.  A secret door will open up and you better save
    right now for the last time.  Then you can do the Indiana Jones again and swing
    over to the door.
    Now everything explains and is explained and you only need to ask Ken to take a
    seat as  your father it  thrown out by LINC.  Then this  adventure  finally has
    reached it's sad
       |  vii  |    Item List
    A List of all items, sorted in order of appereance, what to do with it and what
    Foster tells you about the Item!
     RUNG     \
      I in inventory refered to as
        METAL BAR
      * Found?
        Found next to the stairs in the Recycling Plant
      . Fosters first impression
        "I could make USE of that"
      ? used for
        used to open the fireexit and later to destroy and open other things.
      : Fosters second impression, when in Inventory
        The crowbar is strong enough to give good leverage
     .: Joey's opinion on that.
        It's a metal bar.
        It's an alloy of iron and carbon.
        commonly known as Steel.
      * already in the Inventory
      . n/a
      ? used inside different Robotshells to bring Joey to life.
      : The circuits on the board containe Joey's unique personality.
     .: huh! Mirror mirror on the wall!
     SANDWICH  \
      * Hobbin's Workshop
      . It's GROSS!
        There's some kind of MEAT in it!
      ? nothing really
      : The meat is mosty fat and gristle which appears to be in the early stages
        of putrefaction.
     .: Lots of ingredients
     WRENCH   \
      I WRENCH
      * Hobbin's Workshop
      . There's a hundred and one USES for a WRENCH!
      ? a hundered and one occasions. First to find out that the robot has no nuts.
      : The tool is a standard 30mm wrench
     .: It's a 30mm wrench!
        And you can keep it away from my nuts!
     ID-CARD   \
      I ID-CARD
      * Inside the Furnace Room. Reich's corpse!
      . n/a
      ? Accessing Linc Space and other stuff
      : The plastic Card bears only the security Logo
     .: It's an ID-Card in the Name of Reich
      * Inside the Furnace Room. Reich's corpse!
      . n/a
      ? given to the guy in the pipe factory
      : The dark glasses are cheap, plastic and broken
     .: Of those shades?
        They're broken.
     WD40     \
      I WD40
      * In the storeroom in the Pipefactory
      . LUBRICANT! This stuff is always USEFULL!
      ? n/a
      : The can contains an all purpose cleaning and lubrication fluid
     .: LUBRICANT! You can give me a SQUIRT of that ANY time!
     KEY      \
      I KEY
      * In the storeroom in the Pipefactory
      . It has 'BULWARK' printed on it.
      ? n/a
      : The key has 'BULWARK' stamped on it's shaft
     .: It's and itricately cut key, Rob!
     PUTTY    \
      * In the storeroom in the Pipefactory
      . It's a lumb of grey stuff...
      ? bulbreplacement!
      : The puttylike substance is grey and plastic
     .: You're WRONG - That's plastic EXPLOSIVE!
     LIGHT BULB   \
      I Light Bulb
      * The steam room on the upper level
      . What a WASTE of ENERGY / there's no power lighting the bulb...
      ? Monsterkiller
      : The light bulb is a standard 100 W filament bulb.
     .: There's nothing SPECIAL about it.
        It's an ordinay LIGHT BULB.
     CABLE    \
      I CABLE
      * hanging from the upper floor, falling to the second floor.
      . It's LONG and FLEXIBLE... just what I NEED!
      ? bulding a grappling hook.
      : The cable is made up of many strands of wire and appears to be very strong.
     .: It's mostly COPPER, with traces of iron, carbon and magnesium.
         Will it BEAR my WEIGHT?
        Oh, yes! Easily!
     MAGAZINE  \
      I magazine
      * In Reich's Appartement
      ? Trading it with the travelagent
      : The magazine is called 'Dangerous Bikes Monthly' and bears a photo of a man
        in traction.
     .: A MOTORBIKE magazine! Those MACHINES are SLEEK!
     TICKET   \
      I ticket
      * Travelagency; swapped for Item above
      . 'Travelco Tours - one adult'
      ? Holiday for lamb
      : The printing on the ticket reads 'Travelco Tours - one adult'
     .: It's made of re-cycled paper.
     ANCHOR   \
      I Anchor
      * Anchor's Insurance
      . n/a
      ? building a grappling hook
      : The decorative anchor is die-cast from a cheap metal
     .: It's a model anchor made of steel
      I grappling hook
      * build from the cable and the anchor
      . n/a
      ? to do the Indy
      : The anchor  and cable  are fastended  together  to  privide  an  improvised
        grappling hook
     .: How CLEVER! You've made a GRAPPLING HOOK!
      I Video Cassette
      * Lamb's appartement
      . It's titled 'PUSSYS ON PARADE'
      ? showing Ms. Piermonts dog
      : The Video is standard VHS Format and bears the title 'Pussys on Parade'
     .: It's a low-qualitiy video cassette, VHS Standard.
     SECATEURS    \
      I Secateurs
      * The little hatch on ground level
      . They're for CUTTING and PRUNING plants
      ? Cutting and pruning wire.
      : The shears are dark with rust but still sharp.
     DOG BISCUITS    \
      I Dog Biscuits
      * Ms. Piermonts appartement.
      . Little crunchy DOGGY Snacks!
      ? used as a trap for Ms. Piermont's dog.
      : The doggie  snacks  are  hard  brown  biscuits  with a coating of the dog's
        abundant saliva
     LINC CARD  \
      I LINC Card
      * in the reactor room
      . It's an ID Card - minus the Secrity logo.
      ? To enter LINC Space
      : The plastic bears a holographic image of Anita
     GLASS    \
      I Glass
      * In front of Colston in the Club
      . There are GREASY fingerprints on the glass!
      ? To rip of Colstons fingerprints.
      : The glas bears the user's greasy fingerprints.
     WOODEN LID   \
      I n/a
      * in the wine cellar
      . It's a solid piece of wood...
      ? strongen the weak box
      : n/a
     BRICK    \
      I Brick
      * in front of LINC's secret Base.
      . A good solid old brick.
      ? to destroy the pulsation veine.
      : The brick is standard sized, regular shaped, dark red in color and
        brick-like in every way.
     LINC CARD   \
      I LINC Card
      * carried by Gallagher
      . n/a
      ? to access LINC Space
      : he plastic bears a holographic image of Galagher
     TONGS    \
      I Tongs
      * In LINC's base in the freezer room.
      . They're like the ones used by SURGEONS!
      ? pick up the tissues with it.
      : Imprinted on the handle are the words 'Surgical Steel- made in Hobard'
       |  viii  |    LINC Space
    You first enter the LINC Space  in the Police Station  on the upper Level after
    you got your Schriebmann Port.
    In the Cyberspace that LINC Space is you see everything in black background and
    Foster has turened into a purple man.  Your Items have also  changed into Cyber
    Space commands  and stuff you only  need here.  When you drag  the mouse to the
    upper end of the screen the Cyberspace menue will drop down.  Let's see what we
    have got here.
       Use it and drag it over any  item or symbol and you will be told what it is!
       FILE: LOG OUT
       To disconnect the eidos from the matrix
     - OPEN
       FILE: OPEN
       To access folders
     - DOCUMENT (1)
       SIZE: 242 bytes
       Text file
         You cannt read it by the start you first need the reading tool to read it.
     - CHARON
       SIZE: 10k
       To override system log-on Security. Please distribute freely. Hi to Roo, Baz
       & Ian
     - DOCUMENT (2)
       SIZE: 201 byte
       Text File
         You cannt read it by the start you first need the reading tool to read it.
       SIZE: 13k
       DESIGN: <<UNKNOWN>>
       File unreadable/ data format unrecognized
         It's the  ball you collect  in the first  room of  the Cyberspace. In your
         Cyber inventory it looks like a two colored ball.
         Turns into two PASSWORDs after the decopression with the BIRTHDAY SURPRISE
     - DECRYPT
       SIZE: 33k
       A decryption routine for all standard UCSI coded files
         The magnifying glass out of the carpet bag.
       SIZE: 32k
       The ULTIMATE decompression routine for all SERIOUS system surfers. SPREAD'EM
       AND ENJOY.
         The birthday surprise out of the carpet bag.
       SIZE: 22k
       Access to password protected nodes - Security use only.
       SIZE: 22k
       Access to password protected nodes - Security use only.
     - PHOENIX
       SIZE: 64k
       Restricted use only, in accordance with LINC mandate 899.
         the bust found after the password riddle
     - DOCUMENT (3)
       SIZE: 183 bytes
       Text file
         the book found after the password riddle
       SIZE: 28k
       To view holographic diary image files. Compatible with HOL standard formats.
         found on Anita's LINC Card.
     - BLIND
       SIZE: 23k
       Counter intrusion counter measure.  The author does not accept liability for
       brain damage.
         found on Anita's and Galagher's ID-Card.
       FILE: OSCILLATOR <V2.1>
       SIZE: 55k
       Range of modulation increased  <ref. notes V1.7> due to class IV variants in
       LINC defense.
         Found as a Tuning Fork with Anitas ID.
       SIZE: 53k
       Classified specification - Union Security use only.
         Found on Galaghers ID-Card in LINCs Secret Base.
       |  ix  |    FAQs
    Where can I get Beneath a Steel Sky?  My trusted Gamedealer doesn't have it for
    sale anymore!
    Good thing to ask, the game  Beneath a Steel Sky Freeware since some time. This
    is because the nice guys from Revolution  Software gave the source code for the
    digital Theather engine Revolution used for Beneath a Steel Sky to the nice and
    busy guys at ScummVM and they wrote an emulator for Beneath a Steel Sky and the
    guys at Revolution are so nice they said, okay, it's freeware now, we want more
    people to play our old and ingenious games.
    So this means that you can download the game  everywhere it is offered. And you
    don't even have to pay for this. Isn't this nice? I hope Lucas Arts' Management
    will do the same sooner or later!
    That's  very interesting,  but you didn't  answer my question  I asked you, so,
    where can I get this game, goddammid?
    Good thing to ask, here is a little selection of different providers and hosts:
    This is Clems Site, with a lot of Beneath a Steel Sky related stuff and lots of
    other Beneath a Steel Sky stuff!
    and the most important source:
            > http://www.scummvm.org/downloads.php <
    At ScummVM you first have to download the ScummVM tool,  and then the rewritten
    version of the game. ScummVM is a rewrite of the original  Lucas Arts Scumm En-
    gine for Windows XP or NT or 2000 (or even MAC, dunno) and with this nice litle
    tool you can play nice little  Games like Monkey Island  or Zak McKracken again
    on your superfast XP Computer. Isn't that's cool, eh!
    Another interesting thing for  (ubuntu-)Linux Users  just arrived  in my inbox,
    send to me by Saborlas:
    For those who run Ubuntu Linux (a very user-friendly version of the open-source
    operating system),  BASS is  available to install quite easily,  as it's in the
    repositories.  You  just  open up  the  Applications  menu,  select  Add/Remove
    Programs, and the system checks the repos for software you can install over the
    internet.  BASS is in the Games section (although it's just the game data,  you
    still need to install SCUMMVM,  but you can do that in the same section).
    It's likely to take some time, as it's the full talkie version  of the game and
    it compiles  the  engine  from the  source code  (totally  automatically,  stop
    worrying!), but you do end up with a fully-featured version of the game running
    natively in Linux. Ubuntu is just awesome like that (try it out if you want, it
    dual-boots with Windows nicely).
    Can I copy my old Savegame, I still saved from the original version of the game
    Beneath a Steel Sky  to my current  harddrive  and use  them with  the  ScummVM
    Version and play with them?
    No, this doesn't work, these Filetypes are not compatible.
                                           |                                      |
                                           |  ...thanks to Wolfgang for this Info!|
    Can I die in Benath a Steel Sky?
    Oh yes,  there are multiple ways to die  in Beneath a Steel Sky,  here are some
    possible deaths in this game, no guarantee on completeness.
    - walk down the stairs just at the beginning  of the game and you will get shot
      by Stephen Reich.
    - Stuff the plastic explosive  into the  place you  take the  bulb from without
      switching off the power before!
    - enter the police station and try  to use the  elevator without  cracking your
      LINC ID Card.
    - the bulb  again! Pass the  hole in the subway without putting the bulb in the
    - Be too slow  in the room  after the  Museum station  in the subway and a huge
      Rock will fall on Fosters head.
    - stay too long on the iris under the androids room in the LINC Basis.
    - enter the androids room without unlocking the grid he will fall in.
    - don't ask Joey to take your Fathers seat in the LINC room.
    What other games do you write FAQs for?
    A lot of games, if I have the time. I doubt I will ever finish this translation
    but when you read this it means I did it and some other games will follow up. I
    once wanted to write for all  old classic Lucas Arts Games, but as it turn out,
    that I'm a  slow progressing perfectionist,  I might never finish this aim, but
    who knows  what the future brings.  I guess If you drop  me a line  on how much
    this FAQ helped you, YOU motivate me a lot!
    And a motivated selmiak means  more guides on cool games filled with humor from
    the  dark  side  and  the obscure  and also  filled  with  lots of  informative
    So what do you want for this?
    I want to see you dancing naked  on glowing coals  and hear your crying my name
    in a orgasmic manner!
    Are you serious?
    For Sure!
    How long do you want  to  continue  writing  useless,  sensless  and  brainless
    questions in here?
    Until you stop reading!
    Hah, what do you do, if I stop reading?
    You will never know if you don't continue reading!
    Why are you so great, goodlooking and such a winner?
    I'm so modest and shy, I don't want to answer!
    Can I ask a serious question?
    Yes, please, that's what I'm here for!
    What other games did Revolution Software bring to life?
    That's a good thing to ask,  besides Beneath a Steel Sky  they released Lure of
    the Temptress, In Cold Blood, and the Broken Sword 1-3 Series.
    If I still have a question,  even though  this FAQ/Walkthrough  is so filled up
    with tons of informations, ... can I send you an email?
    Sure, use Beneath a Steel Sky as a subject and send the mail to
          faqs (at) gmx (dot) de
    and as content insert whatever is on your mind.  By the way, hatemails  will be
    printed and  used for amusement  of me and my guests  laid out in my toilet, it
    could be your letter, give it a shot!
    Loveletters and  Fanmail is  only accepted  in connection with  meaningful nude
    pictures ;)
       |  x  |    LINC Codes
    The original  floppy  disk  version  of Beneath  a Steel  Sky  included  a copy
    protection using Codes, which were subsequently removed in the CD-ROM versions.
    As a result  of Beneath  a Steel Sky  being freeware,  these codes  have become
    public domain.  When playing BASS  in ScummVM,  however,  these codes are never
    needed as ScummVM has permission to bypass the copy protection even in the disk
    But if you  still play the old  Version of  the game  and perhaps you lost your
    Codes this might be usefull for you.
    So here we go, the LINC Codes are as follows:
        *  Amritah Cola Company:             704723
        *  Anchor Insurance:                 520228
        *  Beaudin Beauty Salon:             293852
        *  Blayde´s Emporium:                293944
        *  Celestial Sandwich Sushi bar:     257303
        *  Cole Brothers Gathering:          113668
        *  Dreamtyme Imports:                127813
        *  Frank´s Fisheries:                492132
        *  Hammond´s Drug Store:             113322
        *  Hvengelmir Heating Company:       180400
        *  Keading Memorial Pipe Company:    520394
        *  Martell´s Wine & Winkle Bar:      127174
        *  Mudd´s meat by-products:          305662
        *  Nonesuch data system:             386253
        *  Peejays Bakery:                   284764
        *  Richy´s Metal Heaven:             386651
        *  Security Services Social Club:    815931
        *  Sqwak Security Systems:           284291
        *  The Piermont foundation:          704417
        *  Ultars Eatery:                    257925
       |  xi  |    TIVIA
        -  BULWARK ... what?
    The word (?) Bulwark,  that is printed on  the key found  in the  pipefactory's
    storeroom is an anagram for:
    War Klub or Bulkwar.
        -  ROBERT FOSTER?
    Foster  is called  Foster  because  the Australian  Tribe found  him  after the
    helicopter crash somewhere in the Gap next to a can of  Foster's the Australian
    Beer. So they decided to call him Robert Foster.
        -  LEVEL WARPING
    Warning!  This feature  might  crash  Beneath a Steel Sky;  the  safest  way to
    perform  this cheat  is if you  just started  the game and  enter the  debugger
    before you do any other action.
    To enter the debugger, press CTRL-D. A text window will open.  Type "section 0"
    and press enter. Type "exit" (and press enter) or hit ESC to exit the debugger.
    now the screen should fade out and fade in in another location in the game
    the following commands are available:
    section 0 - on the fire escape, ready to enter the police hq
    section 1 - after Foster escapes the furnace room
    section 2 - Belle Vue
    section 3 - ground level
    section 4 - in the collapsing tunnel
    section 5 - LINC
    section 6 - final scene, Rob entering the council room
    NOTE: these codes  weren't  accessible  in the  original  BASS game,  they were
    merely meant as helpers for the programmers of BASS.
    If the game  should crash after  using the debugger,  please  DO NOT bother the
    ScummVM team. The information presented here is rather inofficial.
                          ...thanx to Clem for this nice info. More from him on his
                                         website mentioned in the thank you section
        -  SHOW THE GRID
    To enter the debugger, press CTRL-D.  A text window will open.  Type "showgrid"
    and press enter. Type "exit" (and press enter) or hit ESC to exit the debugger.
    now you should  see a  grid of  white boxes  on every screen,  roughly denoting
    where you can walk.
    the interesting thing is that the programmers  also added  some secret messages
    (such as "HELLO!" or "TONY")
    (to turn the grid off again,  just enter "showgrid"  once more  in the debugger
    NOTE: these  codes  weren't  accessible  in the  original BASS game,  they were
    merely meant as helpers for the programmers of BASS.
    If the game should crash after using  the debugger,  please  DO NOT bother  the
    ScummVM team. The information presented here is rather inofficial.
                          ...thanx to Clem for this nice info. More from him on his
                                         website mentioned in the thank you section
       |  xii  |    VERSIONS
                             Version 0.30   .   18.04.2004
    Well,  I  just  started  translating my  german  Beneath a steel Sky  FAQ  into
    hopefully understandable english language.
    So the Version  History section isn't that long after all.  Check out my german
    FAQ on GameFAQs.com and look at the history, to see what long way this document
    came ;)
    Maybe some  updates will  follow up.  Maybe not.  Sometime I  find some glaring
    errors just as the file is posted.
                             Version 1.00   .   24.07.2005
    Tatata!  Finally done with the traslation.  It's only been over a year,  that I
    started. I hope the people  translating the new Harry Potter  are not that slow
    in progress.  All other  sections are  also included in  the translation.  This
    FAQ is done for now.
                             Version 1.01   .   25.07.2005
    fixed some smaller formatting errors.  I always find them just when the file is
    posted. Not before, always after. At least I take care of them ;)
    Also corrected  some  spelling errors.  I don't think I  found them all, but at
    least I hope I have eliminated most of them!
                             Version 1.02   .   31.07.2005
    Changed  a bit in the  controls section,  as it's  impossible  to have  the two
    Options Foster has, combined in one Mousebutton ;)
                             Version 1.10   .   02.08.2005
    So I added the LINC Codes I found on the Wikipedia entry on Beneath a Steel Sky
    as an own section and I hope that some might find them usefull!
                             Version 1.11   .   05.08.2005
    more spellchecking  and some tweaks  and twats  here and  there.  You know, the
    usual stuff you do with such a small update.
    Before I forget, I added another  (negative of the top one)  ASCII Image at the
    end of the FAQ. It looks great, don't you think?
                             Version 1.12   .   07.08.2005
    corrected the  webaddresse  for the  Ascigenerator mentioned  in the  Thank you
                             Version 1.20   .   09.08.2005
    Finally added the ITEM LIST as Section vii!
    added www.supercheats.com to the 'hosting permitted sites'
                             Version 1.21   .   10.10.2005
    This Version is,  as the Number implies  just a minor update,  just some better
    ASCII-Art, some spelling errors eliminated and other small changes, that do not
    actually change the layout or the Solution much. You won't recognize it even if
    you would spend some 10 minutes on it! But now it looks better!
                             Version 1.30   .   05.11.2005
    There is another  new thing in this FAQ now,  it's section number 11 or xi, and
    it's the Trivia section. Have a nice read there!
                             Version 1.31   .   03.24.2006
    Some more (the last I hope) spelling errors eleminated!  Yes, I killed'em, sir,
    just as you wanted me to do!
    added my website to the hosting sites, pay me a visit, drop me a line or just
    read on under   ...    www.selmiak.de.vu
                             Version 1.32   .   08.20.2008
    Yes, YES! You better believe this, this guide still gets updates =]
    Thanks  to Saborlas,  who did send  me a tipp on  where to get BASS  if you use
    ubuntu. You can install  it over the  internet very easy.  But now I spoiled it
    all.  You could also have  read this in the FAQs section.
       |  xiii  |    THANK YOUS
    Thanks to Revolution Software,  you made a very good straight game, spiced with
    a very nice portion of humour, that I would like to see nowadays again.
    Thanks to Gonzo Henning,  even if I don't  see you any  more today or  have any
    contact to you  (or that I do want contact to you) you showed me that game back
    in the  days and got  a copy from  a friend of a friend.  Those were some days.
    Thanks for that, I still like this Game you see!
    Special  thanks  to   Dave  Gibbons,   mastermind  of  this  game's  Artdesign.
    for more info it's best to look here:
    Thanks to MBB  alias  Ludix  for  a lot of  stuff  and  corrections  and  other
    Thanks to Clem for explaining  the function of the  ScummVM tool to me,  and in
    that way to you too,  cuz I  used his explanation  in this guide.  I hope it is
    understandable,  because I  use my  own  words,  and I don't  know  much  about
    history, and biology, and at least about informatics.
    make sure  to pay Clems  site a visit,  as it features a lot  of stuff and good
    information about Beneath a Steel Sky.
    His siteadress is:
    Thanks to wolfgang for pointing out  that you cannot use the Savegames from the
    old Beneath a Steal Sky in the ScummVM Version of the game.
    Thanks to Saborlas (the nic sounds spanish, doesn't it?) for the information on
    the ubuntu linux native installation of BASS.
    Thanks to CjayC for keeping GameFAQs up and running.
    Thanks to  Jonathan Mathews  and his creation,  the marvellous ASCII-Generator,
    found at:
    Thanks to  the technical  university of Munich  and their  dictionary available
    under     http://dict.leo.org.    It helped me a lot.
    Thanks to    http://imageshack.us/    for hosting images for free.  At least at
    this time they still host them.
    Thanks to the unknown  author on the wikipedia  website for providing  the LINC
    Thanks to me cuz I wrote all this.
    Thanks to you because you still read this.
    To find more FAQ to other great games penned by me go to:
     > http://www.gamefaqs.com/features/recognition/39198.html <
              or browse my website:
              > www.selmiak.de.vu <
                Also available in html and colorful with lots of images
                                  on my homepage:
                             or on amazon for your kindle
                        > http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00G9FBOUU <
                      Copyright (c) 2004-2008 - selmiak
      .CCCCCCC                                                          oCCCCCC
      CCCCCC                                                              CCCCCo
      CCCCCC                                    CC                        CCCCCo
      CCCCCC                                   cCC:                       CCCCCo
      CCCCCC                                :C.CCCc                       CCCCCo
      CCCCCC                              CCCCCCCCCCC                     CCCCCo
      CCCCCC                             cCCCCCCCCCCC.                    CCCCCo
      CCCCCC                  oC         cCCCCCCCCCCC:                    CCCCCo
      CCCCCC                C oC         cCCCCCCCCCCC:                    CCCCCo
      CCCCCC               CCCCCC         cCCCCCCCCC                      CCCCCo
      CCCCCC              .CCCCCC         cCCCCCCCCC       CCCCo      CC  CCCCCo
      CCCCCC               CCCCCC         :CCCCCCCCC     CCCCCCCC     CC. CCCCCo
      CCCCCCCC:            cCCCC          :CCCCCCCCC     CCCCCCCo     Co  CCCCCo
      CCCCCCCC:            cCCCC.    C    :CCCCCCCCC      CCCCCC      CC  CCCCCo
      CCCCCCC:             cCCCC. :c.CC   :CCCCCCCCC      CCCCCC      CCCCCCCCCo
      cCCCCC.     .C     c   oCo  C     :CC    C      :   Cc   CCCC    cCCCCCCCo
      cCCCCC.     cC     C     o  C     oC      CC   CC        CCC   C  oCCCCCCC
      cCCCCC.  o   o  .CCC   C    C   oCC       :C   CC   Cc   CCo       CCCCCCC
      cCCCCCCCCc        :.            C           c           ..     cCCCCCCCCCC
      cCCCoCCC           .            C           c           ..     cCCCCCCCCoC
      cCCCCCC      CCo :C.            C      CCCCCC      oCCCCC.     cCCCoCCCCCC
      cCCCCCC         .oCoCCc      CCCC           C           C.     cCCCCCCCCCC
      cCCCCCCC           cCCc      CCoC           C           C.     cCCCCCCCCCC
      cCCCCCoCCCCCc       CCc      CCCC      CCCCCC      oCCCCC.     cCoCCCCCCCC
      cCCCCCC            cCCc      CCCC           .            .          .CCCCC
      cCCCCC.          .oCCoc      CCoC           .            .          .CCCCC
      cCCCCCCCoc..  :oCCCCCCoccccccCCCCccccccccooooooooooooooooooooooooooooCCCCC
      cCCCCCCCCCCCc         :CCC        oCoCC.             :CCCC         :oCCCCC
      cCCCCCCCC               .C        CCCC                oCC:        oCCoCCCC
      cCCCCCCC               :CC        CCC:                 CC        coCCCCCCC
      cCCCCCC         CCCCc  CCC        CC         CCc                CCCCCCCCCC
      cCCCCCC            .oCCCCC        o        .CCCCC.             CCCCCCCCCCC
      cCCCCCCc               oCC                CCCCoCCC           .CCCCCCCCCCCC
      cCCCCCCoC                C                cCCoCCCCCc        cCCCCCCCCCCCCC
      cCCCCCCCCCCCCoc.                  C         oCCCCoCC        CoCCCCCCCCCCCC
      cCCCCCCC: .oCCCCo                 Co         oCCCCCC        CCCCCCCCCCCCCC
      cCoCoCCo                 o        CCC:         CCCCC        CCCCCCCCCCCCoC
      cCCCCCC                CCC        oCCCo         CoCC        CCCCCCCCCCCCCC
      cCCCCoCC             oCoCC        oCCCC:         :CC        CCCCCCCCoCCCCC
    okay folks, it's done, that's all, good night, end of FAQ! Be Vigilant!

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