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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Tricky

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 07/21/09 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

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    Version 1.0 - Monday, July 20th 2009
    | Index                                                                     |
      Introduction to this FAQ ........................................ IDXA000
      Playing this old game in modern times ........................... IDXA001
      Cast of characters .............................................. IDXB000
      Power Objects ................................................... IDXB001
      Walkthrough ..................................................... IDXC000
      The citadel of Mo (I) ........................................... IDXC001
      Charmaar (I) .................................................... IDXC002
      Uluru (I) ....................................................... IDXC003
      Charmaar (II) ................................................... IDXC004
      Uluru (II) ...................................................... IDXC005
      Koto (I) ........................................................ IDXC006
      Charmaar (III) .................................................. IDXC007
      Two more battles of the Velociraptors ........................... IDXC008
      Natrim .......................................................... IDXC009
      Tamara (I) ...................................................... IDXC00A
      Cantura ......................................................... IDXC00B
      The battle for Cantura and Tamara ............................... IDXC00C
      The Triceratops ................................................. IDXC00D
      The Citadel of Mo (II) .......................................... IDXC00E
      The Embalmers ................................................... IDXC00F
      Shandovra ....................................................... IDXC00G
      The citadel of Mo (III) ......................................... IDXC00H
      The White Arch .................................................. IDXC00I
      Lair of Morkus Rex .............................................. IDXC00J
    | Introduction to this FAQ                                        | IDXA000 |
    Hi there;
    Welcome to my FAQ.
    I always try to make my FAQs that way that you can use them only when you 
    are hopelessely stuck, but that was pretty hard in this game as you have to
    travel a lot between places, in a pretty chaotic order.
    I will try to do the best I can though. If you are stuck, look for the 
    location where you are in the index and search for the IDX code with your
    browsers "find" feature.
    I can give a few pointers. The Brontosaurus, the Triceratops, the 
    Velociraptors and the T-Rexes are never on a fixed spot. They travel around.
    When I tell you to look for them, you may need to do some searching. As you 
    know the T-Rexes are dangerous. When you encounter them, always run away as 
    quickly as you can, when you hang around them for too long, I don't know what
    may happen, but I suppose you are dead then.
    | Playing this game in modern times                               | IDXA001 |
    On modern OSes it's most likely impossible to play this game. You'll need
    an emulator to play this game. I used DosBox for that. 
    Of course you need to be a bit versed in the commands of DosBox, since Eden
    requires a CD-ROM to play. I'll give you hereby the commands you can use in
    DosBox for that.
         Take note of which letter is your CD-ROM drive as it differs per 
         machine. I used E: but you gotta substitute that by your drive letter.
         mount D: E:\ -t cdrom
    MacOS X
         mount D: /volumes/eden -t cdrom
         mount D: /media/eden -t cdrom
    After that you can play the CD in DosBox.
    For this example I take it that you have a DosBox workdir you mounted as C:
    If you wanna know how to do that, please consult www.dosbox.com
    Installing the game:
    You'll get the installation program... 
    If you want to run the game later:
    That should do the trick.
    (If the game runs too slow, try pressing F12 several times. It should 
    increase the game speed).
    | Cast of characters                                              | IDXB000 |
    The cast has two types of characters. The characters that are bound to a
    certain region, and will only join you while you there, and leave as soon as
    you leave the area, and the characters that are part of your main team.
    I'll start with your main team, as those are the most important characters 
    of the story.
    Main Team
    - Adam
      Human Male
      Joins: At the start of the game
      Adam is the hero of the game. He says nothing at all during the game and
      when you click on him in the character screen you can save your game and 
      setup the game configuration. 
    - Dina
      Paraphosaurus Female
      Joins: When you sneak out of the citadel
      Dina is a very valuable member of your team. Especially since she can 
      understand the language of those Dinosaurs who cannot speak. She's 
      even able to understand the Executioner, whose tongue was removed.
      She does leave the party halfaway though...
    - Monk
      Human Male
      Joins: When obtaining the first tablet in Mo
      You'd think of a better name than "Monk".
      Monk does act as a councellor, but his council is not always the best
      option, so you have to be selective. He means well though and will
      try to help you to the best of your abilities.
    - Eloi
      Pteradactyl Male
      Joins: When your quest truly begins
      Well, you know Eloi as the storyteller of this game, but there's 
      more to him. Eloi is your guide, scout and travel agent. He will
      bring you news when there are new kinds of dinosaurs found, so he'll
      leave the party often, and come back so you get news of stuff. But
      also you need him to travel from one area to another. When you want
      to travel you have to wait for him. Mostly he'll come shortly when you
      want to leave an area, unless you must do something important in that
      area first.
    - Thugg
      Tamnian Male
      Joins: When you leave the citadel
      Thugg does not appear to be the brightest, but he's very loyal to
      you. Speak to him often when you are out in the open. He may find
      apples you can use to attract Mausosaurses.
      When you find nests you can give it to him if they contain eggs, 
      since you need to get rid of those.
    = Mungo
      Paraphasaurus Male
      Joins: As soon as you arrive in Charmaar
      Mungo can provide you good council, as he knows the way of men, and
      the way of the dinosaur. He's also Dina's boy-friend.
      He does leave halfaway though.
    = Tahloomi
      Presumable Human, and presumable Male, or is he(?)
      Joins: When you find him(?) in Tamara.
      Tahloomi is a masked person. You'll find out his(?) true identity
      soon enough.
    = Eve
      Human Female
      Joins: When you enter Cantura
      Eve will learn to understand Dinosaur language and she can sing
      a song that charms the Triceratops. Eve will play an important
      part in the story.
    = Shazia
      Human Female
      Joins: After you heard her out in Shandovra
      Shazia is Adam's sister. She hates her father and disrespect you at first
      afraid you might be what your father was. Once you win her trust she'll be
      eager to complete this quest, and most of all she knows the way in the 
      labyrinth under the citadel of Mo.
    Area bound characters
    These characters only join while you are at a specific area, and
    will leave as soon as you leave that area.
    - Chong
      Chorrian Male
    - Ulan
      Ulele Male
    - Komalla
      Human Female (Kobu Tribe)
    - Fugg
      Tamnian Male
    - Cabuka
      Castra Male
    - Jabber the executioner
      Human Male
      Citadel of Mo & Cave of the Embalmers
    - A nameless chorrian
      Chorrian Male
    | Power Objects                                                   | IDXB001 |
    In many areas you'll be invaded by T-Rexes. You need the help of the 
    Velociraptors to drive them away. The Velociraptors want some gold and a 
    power object. These objects can be taken from the Ulele in Uluru.
    Here's the list of objects and where to use them
    - Charmaar
      = The Eye in the Storm
    - Uluru
      = Sky Hammer
    - Koto
      = Fire in the Clouds
    - Catura
      = Eye of the Cyclone  
    - Tamara
      = Within and Without
    | Walkthrough                                                     | IDXC000 |
    Well, let's get on with it...
    | The Citadel of Mo                                               | IDXC001 |
    - = Move forward
      = Move to the left
      = Move forward to go down
      = Take the middle gate
      = Go forward
    - = You'll meet Eloi here. Hear him out. And you'll also have hear out the 
      = After that talk to Eloi and he'll say that he'll visit you in your room
      = Leave the throne room
    - = Take the door left
      = Speak to Monk
      = When Monk offers you a Talisman, take it.
      = Leave the room
    - Take the door on the right
    - You'll meet Eloi here with a message for you (if he isn't here, take a tour
      of the citadel and come back). 
      = Leave the room and Eloi will offer a strange stone. Accept it.
    - = Go south
      = Door on the right
      = Here you'll meet Dina. She'll join your party.
    - Go forward, to get to Tau's residence.
    - = Go to the center of this cave
      = Talk to Thau, and take great note of his story about Graa as it's
        important tot he storyline. Also accept his shell (that shell can be
        used to get some hints when you are hopelessly stuck).
      = After the chat Thau will die. Take the dagger on his table.
      = Go back to the citadel
    - = Go to the center room (With the three gates)
      = Give the amulet to Dina
      = Go through the left door
    - = Talk to the executioner and he'll give you a tooth
      = Leave the room
    - Go to Monk's room
    - = Examine the mummy behind Monk
      = Place the tooth in the mummy's mouth
    - = Go all the way down the corridor
        (Don't bother when Dina leaves, she's
        just playing an act and will be back soon).
      = Use the tooth on the skeleton at the end
      = Open the door behind the skeleton and enter the room behind it
    - Dina will be back
      = Examine the mural in the back of this room
      = Examine it until Dina finished her story about the secret of Graa.
      = Take the prism that's below the dinosaur
      = Okay, you're done here, go back to Monk's room
      = Use the prism on the tablet on Monk's desk, after the event that
        takes place, Monk will give you the tablet.
        Monk will also join the party.
      = Go to the throne room
    - = Talk to the king
      Monk will leave the party, but that's temporary, he'll be back later.
      Eloi will now join your group. Leave the throne room.
    - = Keep going backwards until you see a scary man with an Axe (Thugg)
      = Talk to him and he'll join the party
      = Go through the door to get outside
      = Leave Mo
    Go to Charmaar
    | Charmaar (I)                                                    | IDXC002 |
    Now we'll have to do some searching. First of all you need to find Chong and
    his tribe, the Chorrians. (Eloi will leave to scout the area).
    If you see mushrooms, take them. If you see nests take them (give them to 
    Thugg if they contain eggs. Thugg will eat the eggs and return the empty 
    nest to you). Also speak with Thugg often, he may find an apple.
    I found Chong in the south-west, but that may differ.
    Chong will join you (but leave as soon as you leave Charmaar)
    After that you must search Charmaar for Brontosaurusses. They are at a 
    random spot, so good luck.
    When you find the Brontosaurus give them a mushroom (the bigger ones,
    the smaller is poisonous for them). After that play the flute and they'll
    start building a citadel.
    When you go to the overmap of Charmaar, you'll meet Eloi. He'll tell you
    to go to another valley. Mungo will say you need Apatosaurus. Well, search
    Charmaar to find them. (Chong will give you a moonstone).
    When you found them, play the flute and they will help you with any sort
    of transport.
    Now you can leave the area and go to Uluru
    | Uluru                                                           | IDXC003 |
    First seek out Ulan, chief of the Ulele. He lives in a cave in the 
    north-east of Uluru. Ulan will join you. Well, now find some mushrooms, 
    nests, apples, and so on, and seek out the Brontosaurus.
    Give them a mushroom, and play your flute. Now they'll build a citadel for
    Now go to the overmap. Eloi will return, and Ulan will give you a tablet
    (like the one you got at Monk's place).
    Now let's get back to Charmaar.
    | Charmaar (II)                                                   | IDXC004 |
    Wel, go to the citadel (it's marked with a yellow dot on the map).
    Chong will tell you that the Tyrann is too close. You need to pick another
    spot for a citadel.
    Search Charmaar for another pack of Brontosaurus. Give them a mushroom and
    play your flute and they'll build a citadel far away from the Tyrann.
    | Uluru (II)                                                      | IDXC005 |
    Go to the citadel and catch up with Ulan. Hear him out, and he'll suggest
    to make citadel in other regions as well. He suggest to help to Kobu people.
    So let's go to their whereabouts, the valley of Koto.
    | Koto (I)                                                        | IDXC006 |
    First go to the most north-east. In the cave there you'll find a strange
    yellow object. You need it later.
    Now seach Koto for Komalla and her people.
    Komalla first wants to make sure that you got the help of the Velociraptors.
    The Ulele (in Uluru) can help you. Talk to the Ulele in the North-east of 
    Uluru to get an object of power (Eye in the Storm). Go back to Koto and
    look for some gold. Take the gold and search the valley for the 
    Velociraptors. Give them the gold. They will ask for a weapon, but you 
    cannot yet provide it (as the Eye in the Storm is not the correct weapon
    for this region). 
    Go back to Komalla and she'll join the group.
    Well, you know the story, seek out Brontosaurus, give them a mushroom and
    play flute and voila another citadel in the making :)
    | Charmaar (III)                                                  | IDXC007 |
    Search Charmaar for gold (it's mostly at the lakeside) and seek out the
    Give them gold and The Eye In The Storm.
    And now the Velociraptors need time to defeat the Tyrann here, so let's 
    leave Charmaar.
    Go to Koto, speak to Komalla to get one of the masks of the Ulele.
    | Two more battles of the Velociraptors                           | IDXC008 |
    - = Go to the cave of the Ulele and give them the mask.
      = Choose the lightning shaped weapon and go to Koto
    - = Search for some gold at the lake
      = Seek the Velociraptors
      = Give them the gold and the Fire in the Clouds
    - = Go back to the Ulele Cave
      = Get the Sky Hammer from them
      = Seek out some gold at the lake
      = Seek out the Velociraptors
      = Give them the gold and the Sky Hammer
    - = Now tour around in any area except Uluru and the Citadel of Mo
      = Wait for Eloi to get back to bring you news.
    Now you must go to the Valley of Dispair.
    | Natrim                                                          | IDXC009 |
    Enter the cave and speak with Narrim. You can convince him to help you
    by showing him Graa's dagger.
    | Tamara                                                          | IDXC00A | 
    Okay, you may be missing Mungo, and all, and you cannot leave for the time 
    being, but the object is the same. First seek Lord Talhoomi.
    After he(?) and Fugg joined, seek out the Bronotsaurus and you know how to
    get them to build a citadel by now... :)
    After that go to the map. After Tahloomi explained about the Sea of Peril
    give the stone to him(?) that Eloi gave you in Mo.
    | Cantura                                                         | IDXC00B | 
    Oh, now we see who Tahloomi really is. It's (unsurprisingly) a woman by 
    the name of Eve (Adam? Eve? How coincidental).
    Dina will now leave the group. 
    Well, first of all let's seek out the Castra. They live in a cave in the 
    North-West of this valley. As soon as you get they the Castra will take
    Eve hostage. Now you must go back to Tamara and seek out Dina. Before you can
    leave seek out Eloi. He'll be along the North-west coast. 
    Dina is in Tamara along the lake. Seek her out and show her the tablet you
    got from Monk's desk. She'll go with you now.
    Go back to Cantura and go to the Castra. Dina will stay there to become
    their priestess and Eve will be released (and even better, Eve can now
    understand the language of the Dinosaurs and knows a song that can win
    the trust of Triceratops).
    Okay, well, seeking out Brontosaurus and getting them to build a citadel
    is known to you I suppose :P
    Now return to the cave of the Castra. Dina will give you another of the
    Ulele's masks.
    Now speak to the Castra for a test. He asks three questions and give the
    item to him that represents your answer
    1. What is the sign of the life-giving master?
       = The yellow object out of the cave of Koto
    2. What is the sign of the Shadow Mistress?
      = The moonstone you get from Ulan after building a citadel in Uluru
    3. What is the sign of the infant-bearing Mother of all?
      = The bag of earth you got from Fugg
    Now you can leave Cantura.
    | The battle over Cantura and Tamara                              | IDXC00C | 
    Well go to the Ulele and give the the mask Dina gave you.
    Get one object of power. If it's the Eye of the Cyclone you gotta give it to
    the Velociraptors in Cantura, otherwise you'll need to give it to the 
    Velociraptors in Tamara. Once again you need gold to get them to work for 
    you, which can be found at the lakeside of both valleys.
    | The Triceratops                                                 | IDXC00D | 
    Go to all valleys and do this procedure in them
    = Seek out the triceratops
    = Give them a nest (it must be empty, if it contains eggs, give it to Thugg 
      to get the eggs removed. You can find nests in all forests).
    = Eve will sing for them (automatically)
    = Leave for the next valley.
    If you've done them all Eloi will come to you with bad news. Time to 
    return to Mo.
    | The Citadel of Mo (II)                                          | IDXC00E | 
    - = Enter the citadel 
      = Go to the throne room where Monk is waiting for you
    - = Take the horn as Monk requested
      = Leave the citadel and go to the cave of the Embalmers
    | The Embalmers                                                   | IDXC00F | 
    - = Enter the cave and talk to Marinda.
      = After the cat leave the cave
    - = Go back to Mo
      = Visit Jabber the executioner  
      = Give him the horn
      = Go back to the Embalmers
    - = Talk to Marina, after that you have to wait awhile so Marina and her
        crew can finish the ritual.
        When she comes back you'll get the last mask of the Ulele (not that you 
        need it though, but you can give it back to them for a power object,
        however this power object won't work properly, so why bother).
      Marinda is willing to present some weapons she and her people made, but
      only wants to share them with you once you are king and can present the
      king's sword. Ah, too bad, that thing is missing. Bad luck.
      Don't worrym you'll get that sword lateron in the game.
      = Return to Mo
    - = Go to the room where you met Monk at the start of the game.
      = After you're done looking to your fathers embalmed corpse leave the room.
      = Leave Mo, and go to the place Eloi mentioned, named Shandovra
    | Shandovra                                                       | IDXC00G | 
    Upon your arrival you meet a Chorrian who'll tell you Shazia wants to see
    you. Well, seek out the area (I found her to the east) and hear Shazia out
    once you found her.
    Well, after Shazia joined the group, you need to build a citadel. I don't
    need to explain how that works, do I?
    Well, after you did that, Shazia will give you the sword. Now go to the 
    Embalmers and show the sword to Marinda in order to get the secret weapons.
    Okay, time to frighten the Tyrann, but this time you cannot rely on the
    velociraptors. They'll never drive the Tyrann away whatever you try.
    You have to battle them yourselves.
    First give Thugg the drums, and the bell to Monk.
    Now seek out the T-Rexes in Shandovra, and once you see them play the
    Trumpet (by clicking with it on Adam)and you'll win the battle.
    (Only this combo works. If you got it wrong you can get the weapons
    back from Thugg and Monk by giving them another, and try it again).
    When you try to leave the battlefield Shazia will find another 
    tablet and give it to you. Now you have to seek the Tyrann out
    again, and play the trumpet again to scare the enemy.
    You have to do that over one more time, and you are the true victor.
    After your victory, Shazia will suggest to return to Mo.
    | The Citadel of Mo (III)                                         | IDXC00H | 
    - Go to the throne room
    - = Examine the stone carving of Moorkus Rex
      = Use the sword on that carving to open a secret passage
      = Enter the passage
    - In the labyrinth, you can ask Shazia to guide you. She knows the way.
      The way I got (and I hope it's the same in every playthrough):
      = Straight ahead
      = Left
      = Right
      = Right
      = Straight on
      = Left
      = Right
      = Open the door
    - Inside is an egg
      = Take it
      = Give it to Eloi
      = Back into the labyrinth
    - Shazia can guide you again
      = Left
      = Right
      = Straight ahead
      = Left
      = Left
      = Right
      = Straigh on
      = Use the door to get out
    - Leave the citadel of Mo and head for the White Arch.
    | The White Arch                                                  | IDXC00I | 
    - = Wait for Eloi to return 
      = Accept the 5th tablet
      = Go to the Castra (Cantura) 
    - = Get the root from Dina
      = Go back to the White Arch
    - Eat the root to go to the Valley of Mists.
    - Go north and speak with the ghost dinosaur and show him one of the
      tables to get the last information you need. 
      After that you can come back at the White Arch, just go south twice.
    | Lair of Moorkus Rex                                             | IDXC00J | 
    Your friends stay at the entrance
    - Enter the lair
    - = Before you face the tyrant go east
      = Get the last tabket and your mouse pointer will turn into the magic cube.
      = Now go and face the Tyrant. Because you have the cube you'll
        automatically defeat him.
      = You'll meet an old friend. Go with him back to your friends.
    Well after that you'll get an egg to break. After that the game is completed
    You are allowed to print and copy this document for personal use only.
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    by ads. Membership or payments may not be required to view this documents.
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    Thank you, and see you again.

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