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    Strategy Guide by Anonymous

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    				                STRATEGY GUIDE 
    	Page  1		Introduction 
    	Pages  1 & 2	Section 1	Game Objectives
    	Pages  2 -  6	Section 2	Hiring,Firing & Dealing With Mercs & Natives
    	Pages  6  - 20	Section 3	Game Tips 
    	Pages  21 - 23	Section 4	Breakdown of game items 
    	Jagged Alliance is a combination Strategy,Role-Playing game with a touch 
    of Adventure added in. It features turn based combat at the squad level much 
    along the lines of XCOM. It's most endearing  feature is the interaction between 
    its characters. There are over 4,000 lines of spoken dialogue, much of which is 
    highly entertaining. The dialogue is skillfully blended into the game, and the 
    voice acting is terrific. One publication called it "XCOM with personality". 
    Well put ! The combat is often a bit slow-paced and less "edge of the seat" than 
    XCOM, but the personality part of the game adds something special that other 
    combat games lack. Strategy Plus  called it "addictive alliance" and applauded 
    its innovation. PC Gamer awarded it an Editors' Choice award. And Computer 
    Gaming World gave it 4 1/2 of 5 possible stars and described it as "truly a 
    genre-busting product........must buy." On the down side there are some  
    frustrating and un-realistic aspects to portions of the game play . The save 
    game scheme needs to be sent out to sea. Version 1.0 is prone to crashes. You 
    need to get the Version 1.1 patch asap and  do not use smartdrv under any 
    circumstances. Glitches aside, this is one heckuvva good game. And since it's a 
    "first try" it will hopefully evolve into a much better one in subsequent 
    incarnations. (A Head To Head offspring is already in the works).
    	The primary purpose of this Strategy Guide is to help beginning players 
    get started and shorten the learning curve. It is not intended to be a detailed 
    and all encompassing FAQ. Enjoying the game right off the bat is the goal. And 
    of course ultimately winning. Short and sweet.
    	 Winning at Jagged Alliance revolves primarily around Strategic 
    Thinking,Combat Skills, Cash Flow & Resource Management. Now let's  get to the 
    meat of the matter.
    		You must rid the Island of Metavira of Lucas Santino and his armed 
    thugs. To achieve this you must eliminate the enemy in all of the 60 sectors on 
    the map of Metavira. You start the game with only one sector "in hand" #60. 
    "Milestone" objectives along the way are as follows:
    Day # 1		Find the "micropurifier". 	
    			You will find this in the 1st sector you capture. I reccommend 
    Sector 59.
    			You must find the micropurifier to be able to resume Fallow 
    Tree production.
    Day # 3		Secure the "Water Source". 
    			Capture Sector 29 to accomplish this.
    			Capture Sector 30 to complete the re-taking of the entire 
    water source.
    Day # 4		Capture "Brenda's Lab"  
    			Capture Sector 28
    		note: The enemy will attempt to re-capture Brenda's Lab and kidnap 
    Brenda. This may 			or may not happen and is dependent on certain 
    variables (some of which may be beyond 			your control). There are 
    two paths to the game which diverge here depending on the 			outcome 
    of the above. You continue to capture sectors regardless of which occurs. 	
    		However, if Brenda is kidnapped, you will need to  find & rescue her 
    along the way, as 			she is a vital factor in the health of your 
    income producing Fallow Trees.
    Day # 5 or later	Capture the 2nd Factory
    			This allows you to increase your Fallow Tree production as by 
    now your first 				factory in Sector 60 is probably running at 
    or near capacity.
    Later on:	You must find the "Pomillia Flowers" and return them to Brenda. 
    			They exist in only one sector & they can be vital in your 
    attempt to win the 				game.
    Also later on you need to:
    		Capture the 3rd Factory
    		Capture the Natives' "Sacred Burial Grounds"
    		Capture the 4th Factory	
    		Find "Brenda's Journal"
    		Find the Natives' "Sacred Headstone"
    &  Ultimately
    		Get Rid of Santino (and possibly save the sapling)
    To accomplish all of the game's objectives, you will need to hire (and sometimes 
    fire) Mercs. They are your only means of dealing with Santino and his thugs. 
    This takes money. You start with a set amount of capital depending on the 
    difficulty level you are playing. Starting amounts are as follows:
    		Easy Level:	$25,000
    		Normal Level:	$20,000
    		Hard Level:	$15,000
    Mercs are paid a daily salary,Natives are also paid daily to act as "Guards" or  
    tree "Tappers". 
    You will find that your starting capital can be quickly eroded without a source 
    of income. That source is the production from Fallow Trees captured in ensuing 
    sectors. Money and personnel management is vital to your success in the game.
     Natives must feel secure that their lives are not in danger,and that they are 
    being treated and paid properly.
     Mercs in addition to wanting money all have distinct personalities that can 
    come into play. Some of these personality traits can be quite trying to you the 
    "master of mercs". 
    You are their employer, and like all employer\employee relationships, things are 
    not just cut and dried. Some mercs don't want to work with other mercs, some 
    will quit or demand more money if you fire one of their buddies. Personality 
    conflicts and idiosyncracies are just as prevalent on Metavira as in the 
    ordinary,everyday outside world. You may also find that firing mercs early in 
    the game can have some very negative bearings on the proceedings. (For example: 
    if you fire "Tex" he will bad-mouth you to all the other mercs.) You may also 
    find that it is often better to "let" a merc be killed rather than firing him or 
    her early in the game. However, if too many mercs get killed early in the game, 
    other mercs may turn down your offer of employment on the grounds that they 
    would have to be crazy to hire on with someone who keeps getting his mercs 
    killed off in short order. On and on it goes.
    The majority of the best Mercs are too expensive to hire at the games onset, and 
    many of the best ones won't work for you anyway, until you "prove" yourself.
    Almost all of the cheaper Mercs will be only too happy to work for you. But as 
    in real life you generally get what you pay for, and in the case of  "El Cheapo" 
    mercs this is often the same. Some of these people are real misfits,from the 
    word go. And most of them can't shoot worth a hoot. And Mercs that can shoot are 
    critical to your chances of survival on Metavira. 
    There are some "cheap" Mercs that will prove to be good team members with a 
    little experience. There are also some medium priced Mercs that worth vastly 
    more than their salaries would indicate. Below are some ideas to keep in mind 
    when hiring Mercs and some reccomendations of specific ones to consider.
    Don't load your boat with Mercs the first day. Hire 4 or 5 at most to begin 
    with. Most of the first sectors you will go after are not difficult enough to 
    justify  a full boat's worth of overhead.
    As you assemble your team, you will ideally want a final early game group that 
    has 2 Mercs with good skills in each of the main skill classes. These skills are 
    Marksmanship,Mechanics,Medical, & Explosives. (I prefer all of these to be 
    decent shots or have high wisdom so that training will resolve the deficiency. I 
    also want high Agility ratings so that they can move and act as a team with no 
    Other important traits are high ratings in Agility,Dexterity, & Wisdom. 
    Agility is directly related to Action Points. You want all high agility types in 
    the field. If a merc has low agility, forget him or her for field duty. Low 
    agility types will always be lagging far behind everone else in traversing the 
    Dexterity seems to play into several equations. Reaction time,etc.
    Wisdom means smart Mercs learn fast when trained and don't do stupid stuff in 
    the field.
    Experience Class as the manual will tell you is the most important in the game. 
    However, in the beginning this is not an option that you can do a lot about. So 
    concentrate on the above. Kills seems to be directly related to gains in 
    experience class. Ivan is a 2, but when I finished the game he was a 5 with 90 
    kills under his belt going into the final day.
    You want at least one of the following in your employment by day # 4 :
    Category	Reccomendation		Comments
    Marksman	Ivan			 $1,500 but worth every penny.
    					a "must have". cheap at twice the price. Only 
    					Russian, but it would be okay with me if he could 
    only speak 						Swahili the way he shoots.
    Mechanic	Vinny			a good mechanic at a good price $385. needs a  
    couple of 						canteens at all times. Those Brooklyn 
    types can't hack the 						humidity.
    Medic		Fox			good $ value with high wisdom. She won't work the 
    first 						day,but will arrive on day 2 if asked.  
    Explosives	Fidel			expensive at $1,550, but highest rated explosives 
    guy  in the 						game & good marksman. I would 
    wait until Day 4 to hire 						him. Another canteen 
    Jack of all trades
    		Grunty			good $ value & much better than his stats 
    would indicate.
    					Start with him. $490
    		Wolf			 a good mid-game choice --- a bit expensive at the 
    Budget Marksman
    		Hector			good $ value and learns fast. $410		
    Native Guides			Elio is offered to you on Day #2. all are free but 
    of limited value. 
    				They do however give you some interesting information  
    on the history 				of each sector.
    				Accept ELIO when offered to you, but allow him to be 
    "killed 					off" the same day and a few days later you 
    will be offered 						HAMOUS,who is a 74 mksman 
    compared to Elio's 28
    "Stay at Home"
    		Eli			Can alternate between being an in house Medic and 
    							Mechanic. Can also alternate in the 
    field if needed.
    					I would not hire him until Day #4. $1,400 
    2nd premium 
    		Ice			2nd only to Ivan in this price range $1,300
    					add him when cash flow allows
    Other Possibilites				
    		Speck			excellent in house only mechanic-budget price $365
    		Sparky			in house mechanic - very cheap. $205
    		Jimmy			very good in\out mechanic. mediocre shot $800.
    		Hurl			budget medic. decent shot. low agility $400
    I'm sure there are probably other good possibilites in addition to the ones 
    above, but these are ones that I have either personally used or in the case of a 
    few of them----- have been reccommended by a number of other players.
    Mid Game Possiblities			when you have a big positive cash flow
    		Dr. "Needle" Kranhium	Top Medic and can shoot  $1,900
    		"Doc" Koolhan		Very good Medic and can shoot $1,750
    		Rudy "Lynx" Roberts	marksman supreme $3,300 
    		Victoria Waters		multiple talents     $2,850			
    Mid-Late Game 				it only takes money, and lots of it
    		"Magic"			multi talented super star at a price $5,600
    		Leo Kelly		$4,700 excellent marksman. good mech.
    		"Scully"			Very good all around (with an M16 rifle to 
    End Game	Mike			when money is no object and you need the very best
    					(and you might,as the final sector has more red-
    shirts than 						you can shake a stick at) 
    1				Ivan,Grunty,Vinny,& Hector	Ivan, Grunty, & Vinny
    2				Fox				Fox
    3				-----------			---------	
    4				Fidel & Eli			Fidel	
    Later as cash flow permits		Ice				Eli, Ice, & Wolf or 
    Mid Game if needed		see  Other Possibilities		see  Other 
    				below				below
    note:   if Ivan,Ice,& Fidel survive to the late game, they will be just as 
    experienced as the "Heavy Hitters" 
    ( and almost as Expensive as some of them,too !)
    note: The Easy or Normal Merc hiring scenario makes your personnel handling 
    simpler, earlier in the game than the more difficult Normal or Hard approach.
    By having Hector you can train him in marksmanship,and he is available as a 
    replacement for a wounded Merc that might require a day as a patient. You 
    acquire Eli sooner, and with him on board, you no longer need to have Vinny take 
    days off to repair items, as Eli can do this on days wehn there are no wounded 
    to tend to. This also frees up Fox to speed up her marksmanship training and to 
    be available for missions as a replacement along with Hector. So all in all, 
    though it costs more per day in the early game, it's much easier to get started 
    with Easy or Normal team. The other scenario is much more difficult but is 
    affordable even at the Hard level (which is really the only reason to use it if 
    you are a beginner).
    NAME			Salary	Hlth   Agil   Dext   Wisd   Medic   Explos   Mech   
    Marks   Exp. Cls
    Ivan Dolvich		$1,500	 94      90        95      83          5           
    40        10        91            2
    Helmut "Grunty" Gunther     490	 82      79        76	     72         14
    	     25        40        69            1
    "Vinny" Massimo	    385	 73      75        74	     65           0            
    4         87        65            1
    Hector Alvarez		    410	 79      84        88      72           6           
    17        38        61            1
    Cynthia "Fox" Guzzman	    515     77      85       100     76          60            
    8         15       54            1
    Fidel Dahan		  1,550    88      83         64     71            3           
    97          6       85            2
    Dr. Eli Summers		  1,400    81      73         58     77           70            
    0         65      49            2 
    "Ice" Williams		  1,300    90      88         87     71             0            
    0         35       86           2
    "Wolf" Sanderson	  1,850    87      73         84     74            44          
    32        48       74           2
    Dr. Ahmad "Doc" Koolhan 1,750   74       77         61     83            83           
    0          3       66           2  
    Rudy "Lynx" Roberts          3,300    81      79         86     71            23          
    50         19      99           3
    Victoria Waters		  2,850    79      85         72     85            16          
    28         90      80           3
    Col. Leo Kelly		  4,700    95      87         91     81            13            
    0         67      94           4
    Earl "Magic" Walker          5,600    90      99         88     80            14           
    22        91      93           4
    Robert "Scully" Sullivan	  7,500    90      90         96     93            
    36           58        61      91           5
    Mike			12,000    97      95         94     96            67           
    97        98      99           8
    SECTION 3  -  GAME TIPS:   (in no particular order)The following should help you 
    get "rid of the red-shirts" (and hopefully some of the game's frustrations)
    		Capture 3 sectors every day possible. This will do more for your 
    cash flow than anything else in the game. (example: if your overhead per day is 
    say $8,000 and you are able to capture 3 sectors instead of 2 for two days. you 
    will have 6 sectors, (and their income-producing trees) for a overhead cost of 
    $16,000 as opposed to 4 sectors at the same cost of $16,000. Thus you have saved 
    a full day's overhead of $8,000 (assuming only 2 sectors captured per day). This 
    adds up to big bucks as time goes by. (note: to do this requires adequate combat 
    skills ----- which is up to you to learn and learn fast. If you have early 
    difficulty picking this up ----- it is best to replay perhaps the 1st 3 days 
    worth of sectors until you've gotten the knack than to plunge ahead after having 
    gotten off to a bad start. Yes, this means starting the game over, and possibly 
    over again, and this is of course a total pain in the neck, but this game can 
    get you far behind the eight ball in a hurry---- making catch up later on very 
    difficult ------ so believe me "practicing"  & polishing your combat skills 
    right off the bat ----- will make the game much more enjoyable later on. 
    Capturing 3 sectors in a day is actually easier early on than later---- if you 
    have the necessary skills. Many days of course this is just not possible. But 
    another thing you can do is finish the 1st two sectors and go into the 3rd 
    sector, kill as many of the enemy as possible, and retreat before dark (you must 
    be back in a "friendly" sector before 7:00 p.m. or the game will wound and/or 
    kill some or all of your mercs "....while retreating"). The enemies killed in a 
    sector even though the sector is not captured will not be there to harass you 
    the next day ------- thus speeding your capture of the sector. Another important 
    thing to know is ------- don't waste a lot of time picking up things in sectors 
    until the sector is captured. This is very time-consuming . And just as 
    important is --------- don't waste valuable time after the sector is captured 
    trying to pick up every known goodie ------ get only those you really need 
    (which will be most of them the first few days) and move along rapidly to the 
    next sector. If worst comes to worst you can always have your mercs traverse 
    through and pick up some goodies on the way to somewhere else in later days.
     (And speaking of cash flow, for a moment,after you have your basic team in hand 
    build a POSITIVE cash flow of $4,000 - $5000 before making any further major 
    expenditures. The reason for this is quite simple. The early game seems to try 
    to lure you into the feeling that you have the cash situation well in hand, 
    before it throws the next monkey wrench in your lap. Forewarned is Forearmed.)
    	Where you enter a new sector FROM, is often important. Look at the sector 
    map to get some idea of the lay of the land. You normally will want at least a 
    little nearby cover to use in your advance. Advancing across vast open spaces is 
    often an invitation to disaster. Sometimes where you enter from can greatly 
    affect the difficulty of the sector. Sector # 38 is classic example of this. 
    Most of the places you can enter this sector have a lot of open space to cross, 
    and there is a guy with a shotgun here that can do major damage to your mercs 
    caught out in the open with little cover to protect them. This can quickly 
    become one big nightmare. On the other hand if you enter this sector in the NW 
    corner coming from the SW corner of S-28 you have a small building to shield 
    your entrance and then a line of trees to follow while moving South. The guy 
    with the shotgun has lost his open spaces long-distance shooting advantage and 
    the sector  becomes pretty much of a quick and easy proposition. 
    	Sector 39 which I call the "3 Bridges Sector" is another example. If you 
    enter this one anywhere East of the river, you will have to cross at least one 
    of the bridges to get anywhere. And bridges are a constant source of enemy 
    "booby traps" throughout the game. This sector being no exception. But if you 
    enter S-39 from the South or North West of the river, and stay far to the West 
    side of the sector, you will probably never have to cross any of the bridges, as 
    the enemy will likely come to you.
    So look before you leap. And yes ,make a conscious effort to make the enemy come 
    play where its advantageous to you and not vice versa. Avoid the Jungle,bushes, 
    and bridges that the red shirts love to lure you into. This is not always 
    possible of course, but do your best to make him play on your turf, not his.
    SECTOR SCHEDULE - A Plan for Capturing Sectors in a Scheduled Sequence
    You Begin the Game With Sector # 60
    1		59		Find the Micropurifier. transfer 4 guards here.
    		50		Get your first big batch of trees. put the other 4 
    guards here.
    		49		"Warehouse" sector. Finish the day here. Stay in the 
    sector til dark if 					completed as you won't have 
    enough guards to transfer any here until 					the next 
    morning and by staying you can defend it against any attacks.
    2		48		"Booby Trap" Sector. Find the Shotgun but beware of the 
    2nd box. & 					avoid searching buildings
    		40		Traverse back to this sector and find .357 Magnum & 9mm 
    		39		enter from the South only. Stay West of the bridges. 
    this requires 					traversing. get out before 7:00 pm if 
    not captured by then.
    3		39		finish "3 Bridges" sector # 39 if not done so on day 2.
    		29		"Water Source" sector. enter from the South. stay in the 
    long N/S 					corridor on the West side of the sector and 
    "draw" the enemy out to 					you. The last enemy will 
    probably require a trip into the bush.
    		30		Enter from SE corner of S-29. get the silencer & other 
    4		19		9mm w/silencer,TNT,Cash to find in this one. Takes some 
    		28		Brenda's Lab, take metal detector and search diligently.
    5		38		enter from SW corner of  S-28 stay near treeline bearing 
    				find .357 magnum pistol and Shotgun Ammo.
    		37		take TNT w/detonator in case Vinny can't pick lock,or 
    keys not found
    		27		2nd Factory - use silencers only to capture if possible. 
    this prevents 
    				"sabatoge" and saves lots of  lost cash flow if 
    successful. Any enemies 					located must be whacked in 
    the same turn or they will alert the others, 					who will 
    in turn start the sabatoge process. 
    note: there is around $4,700 in hidden or sometimes obscurely located cash in 
    these opening sectors (that I know of). Find it and your cash situation will be 
    further enhanced. Cash finds can occur from time to time throughout the game. So 
    keep your eyes open & go get the greenbacks.
    This should get you off to a good start in sector capturing (and cash flow). The 
    rest is up to you.
    note: "linked sectors" are not possible if a body of water separates the sectors 
    that are linked.	
    who tells you that less will suffice,it may but don't bet on it , as I have seen 
    sectors with 8 guards re-captured by the enemy,and more than once. Guards are 
    cheap, save money some other way.
    (unless you feel it necessary to race to Brenda's Lab or some other vital sector 
    to save the sector from an imminent attack) 
    this stipulation may help avert an "ENEMIES NEARBY" attack, and even if they 
    don't avert it,your team is already in the sector and can join in the battle and 
    eliminate the enemy.
    note: "enemies nearby" attacks almost always seem to happen after you have 
    captured a sector and are either waiting for guards to arrive, and\or searching 
    the sector for goodies. The frequency of these kind of attacks seems to be 
    influenced by whether or not you have ordered in new guards for the sector in a 
    timely manner after its capture and at other times seems to be influenced by how 
    well you are doing that day ------ as in -----if you are mopping up and 
    capturing the sectors in short order ------- it seems to be a way of slowing 
    down your progress towards another sector. When the "enemies nearby" status 
    initiates, you will once again be encumbered by action points and have to battle 
    the incoming enemy to rid the sector one more time of the enemy. What further 
    distinguishes this kind of attack from an ordinary "sector attack by the enemy" 
    is that the guards you have in the sector with you, and any guards in transit 
    that arrive prior to your disposing of the enemy will actually join in the 
    battle with you . Each group,guards,mercs,& enemies receiving a turn at a time 
    until the situation is resolved. This does add an interesting and fun element to 
    the game even though it does seem to be clearly designed as a way for the enemy 
    to hamper your progress when you are doing "too well".
    	 the majority of sector attacks by the enemy  seem to take place late 
    afternoon, or shortly after you capture a new sector.  The frequency of attacks 
    seems to be often related to how well you are doing in the game. If it's only 
    3:00 pm and you've already captured your 2nd sector of the day, chances are the 
    enemy is going to go on the warpath  --- real soon. I've also seen attacks take 
    place in the morning --- but almost always in this case----- if you captured  
    your 1st sector of the day  early in the morning, instead of the more usual  
    11:00 am  to Noon. At least one or two enemy attacks per day seems to be the 
    standard, no matter how well or poorly you are doing. Attacks most of the time 
    seem to be against vital sectors, as in sectors with labs,factories, lots of 
    trees, or in sectors adjacent to the aforementioned. Most attacks of this nature 
    seem to be unsuccessful (other than killing off some of your guards). With most 
    resulting in no more than the death of 4 guards. However, some can be successful 
    even if you have 8 guards. Attacks against Brenda's lab S-28 and some of the 
    sectors in "Lucasland" can be particularly virulent. resulting in the deaths of 
    all 8 of your guards and then of course any and all tappers you may have 
    employed in the sector in question.
    Don't transfer guards across water unless absolutely necessary. Move them around 
    by land.
    If you ignore this, you may very well lose some of your guards in transit to 
    drowning or Metaviran reptiles.
    	Pick up and search\find ALL goodies AFTER you capture the sector. This 
    will save your time and much needed action points for when you need them - 
    combat with the enemy. The only exceptions to this stipulation are obvious, such 
    as when you see an item that you need NOW. (more ammo,etc.)
    	Pick up only those items, that you really need, and be quick about it, 
    it's much more important in most cases, to push on to the next sector, and beat 
    the cash flow time clock, than to waste time picking up the umpteenth  box of 
    .38 ammo, you don't really need. This loading the vests, and rearranging to cram 
    in more goodies is one of the biggest time consumers in the game and severely 
    impedes your progress. Know what you need in the way of old items, in advance. 
    RECOVERING ITEMS - use the pg. down key to get to the overhead map view of the 
    sector you are in--- look for flashing white objects -------click on one --- and 
    the currently selected merc will go stand on it.  Exit the map and have him pick 
    it up. A note of caution: be sure that the route the merc will travel to get the 
    Item will not take him into the water as you may lose your merc. Please also 
    note that the map will only show objects in portions of the map you have 
    explored. There may in fact be other objects that you have not been close enough 
    to in your sector travels to show up on the map.You need to have someone scurry 
    around the entire un-traveled parts of sectors to illuminate these objects. 
    Buried or hidden objects will not show up either. Nor will objects in boxes or 
    cabinets you have not opened. However, one of the most important aspects of the 
    map use is that you may see flashing white objects which are obscured by trees 
    or otherwise, that are NOT visible to you from the regular "on the ground" view. 
    Very often these non-visible objects can be the most valuable "find" of the 
    sector. Other "most valuable" areas often turn out to be small islands or 
    peninsulas off the beaten path, or boxes hidden in the jungle.
    	For a good deal of the game, you will need to hire at least 16 guards (and 
    sometimes 24) to occupy newly captured sectors and perhaps some extras to 
    replace guards killed the previous day. Guards are needed in all sectors that 
    are adjacent to enemy controlled sectors (not diagonally). Even if water 
    separates the enemy sectors from your own this is still necessary. Later on when 
    you have "safe" interior sectors you will often not need to hire new guards.
    		The best way to cut down on guard overhead is to '"square off" or 
    "fill in" your block of sectors. Then  eliminate un-needed groups of guards.
    		For example: if you have an enemy sector anywhere within your block, 
    depending on where it is ------ it can often take 3 to 4 groups of guards to 
    keep the enemy from taking over an adjacent sector. 3 sets of guards at $38 per 
    guard = $912 per day in increased overhead. Multiply this problem by several 
    times and you are talking thousands of dollars per day in overhead that can be 
    reduced. Early in the game, there is not a lot you can do about this but by day 
    # 8 or #9 you should be in a position to start eliminating  a lot of these kinds 
    of situations, and of course as your block grows in size you will not need 
    guards in most of the interior sectors. You will always want some extra guards -
    ------ the 16 to 24 needed to expand outward and perhaps 4 extras guards to fill 
    in during the day in sectors where enemy attacks have resulted in depletion of 
    some of the existing guards.
    MERC'S ACTION POINTS  -  I personally think it is best to have all mercs move 
    with  Maximum Aim or at least Reserved Points . This allows you to Interrupt the 
    enemies movement and return fire, before your next turn. If you choose to move 
    any or all of the mercs further (thus nullifying these reserves) just click the 
    mouse and off they will go to wherever you send them. This is a little annoying, 
    but it is the safest way to assure that some or all of your mercs will be in an 
    interrupt position. PS - it takes 2 action points to 
    	 This one is pretty much up to you. Combat tactics seem to be a very 
    "personal" thing, with people seeming to always have their own particular method 
    of doing things the "right way".  As a number of  different approaches can often 
    be "right", I'm not going to touch this one.
    		You can use the F9 key to obtain a "line of sight" reading for each 
    merc in regards to the enemy. I would not accept this as gospel. I have killed 
    many "red shirts" that I could not "see" according to the F9 key. I have also 
    missed many enemies that I could "see".  I would use this simply as an aid, 
    that's all. If you have what appears to be a do-able angle of fire, I would 
    shoot, regardless of whether I can "see" the enemy in question. What this game 
    begs for is a "Line of Fire" similar to XCOM. 
    		These are vital for capturing  new factories and Lucas's lab without 
    the enemy sabatoging the facility or in the case of  Lucas's lab Brenda's 
    Journal. Sabatoge of factory facilities means that there will be no production 
    from the newly captured factory until 2 days of repair work has been done by 
    Jack's men. This means two days of lost cash flow on any harvestable trees you 
    own in excess of your currently producing factories capacities. They must be 
    used exclusively in the capture of these sectors, with no other "noisy" weapons 
    being used. This does not assure success, as you must also kill all enemies 
    spotted prior to the next turn ( in theory this extra turn gives the enemy time 
    to alert others and to put the sabatoge mechanism into action) You must also not 
    be "spotted" by other enemies (usually out of windows) for the silencer only 
    routine to be effective.
    		Not all weapons can use silencers. Colt 45's will accept them, as 
    will 9mm pistols,however regular .357 magnums will not. You must modify your 
    .357's by merging a "chunk of steel" with them to produce a "modified .357 
    magnum pistol". The modified version will accept a silencer. As chunks of steel 
    are not found in great quantities, I usually try to save them to use first on 
    the .357 magnums, then later on the M-14 rifles. A modified .357 is perhaps the 
    best all-around gun in the game, as it doesn't use as many action points as 
    shotguns and rifles, but has an extended range that only seems to be exceeded by 
    12 guage Rifles,M14's , & M16's. This is a matter of personal perception and may 
    not in fact be borne out by the facts ------ whatever they may actually be.
    		What seems like a pretty worthless weapon is actually an essential 
    one in some cases.
    		At least some of your merc's MUST have combat knives. Though of 
    limited value,except for an occasional up close "hand to hand combat" type of 
    situation, they play one very essential role in the game.
    		THE MERC WHO GOES INTO DEEP WATER (and sometimes it is difficult to 
    tell where deep water begins and ends) WITHOUT A COMBAT KNIFE  IN HIS HAND,HAS A 
    		So when deep water calls------- make sure that those mercs who are 
    going to have to cross it------ are equipped  to eliminate eels.
    Which brings me to what I call:
    THE SWIM TEST   ( this is perhaps a more "fun" thing to do than anything else, 
    although you may find out some useful info concerning some of the mercs aquatic 
    		Mercs are also susceptible to drowning ----- some more so than 
    others ---- and of course,except in rare cases no-one has bothered to tell you 
    which ones can swim---- and which ones can't,and how good are they if they can. 
    So in order to get some kind of clue as to their abilities, I devised what I 
    call the swim test, which works as follows:
    		If you are in a sector which has a lot of water ----- preferably 
    next to a large body of water,or the ocean I suppose would be even better, AFTER 
    CAPTURING THE SECTOR -- SAVE THE GAME. Equip all your would be swimmers with 
    knives ----- so that you will know  swimming is their problem, and not eels-----
    - and march them all off into the deep water. You will find out real fast, 
    what's what. But also note that some merc items are extremely heavy ------
    SPECTRA SHIELDS, being the worst offender, I have found. In fact I never let 
    anybody go into any kind of deep water wearing a Spectra Shield,because I may 
    never see them again. Test all of your mercs with their normal weight loads, 
    then perhaps test them without heavy items, so forth and so on. I found, for 
    example when I did some of this that Fidel and Vinny, had a real good chance 
    (particularly Vinny) of not returning to dry land --- whereas Ivan----- seemed 
    to be part fish. I also had very little trouble with any of the natives drowning 
    ---- although I did not test all of them. THEN ABANDON THE GAME AND GO BACK TO 
    	In a word --- Don't !  Try to lure them out into the open, away from where 
    they want you to go. They seem to want to get you in the underbrush, where they 
    can "cheat" and shoot thru places you seemingly can't. I've seen instances where 
    one lone enemy was able to wound 3 of my troops from behind a bush, yet my 3 
    troops are shooting at him from virtually point blank range through the same 
    bush and never hitting anything but limbs --- this may just be bad luck ------ 
    but the poor end results remain the same. Avoid this kind of situation if at all 
    possible. And if you are seemingly stuck in this scenario with no apparent means 
    of retreat ------ it's time to pull out that precious grenade you've been 
    hoarding for a rainy day, and "equalize" the situation. Particulary if there are 
    2 or more "red-shirts in close proximity to each other.
    MAGNIFY ITEMS  -  Right click\ ctrl
    REPAIR ITEMS -  Toolkit in Mechanic's right hand. 1st item to repair in left 
    hand. Top vest slot on down establishes the order or repair preference. He (the 
    mechanic) needs to be "assigned" to Repair.
    USING CANTEENS -  Go to the Inventory screen, pick up canteen, and apply to the 
    mouth of the mercs "silhouette" in the middle of your screen. Click until 
    content or the canteen is empty or the merc is out of action points. Watch your 
    merc's  Blue graph to see to what degree his thirst problem is being alleviated.
    note: both Fidel & Vinny seem to be constantly "thirsty" and therefore in need 
    of water. I can only assume that there are other mercs in the game, which I have 
    not used, who will have this same problem. When I use Fidel and\or Vinny, I have 
    them carry all the canteens for the entire squad, (I found that the other squad 
    members I used, seldom had this "thirst" problem). Thus they can both give 
    canteens to other mercs when necessary, and have extras on hand to take care of 
    their own problem. This also makes available extra vest pocket slots for the 
    other mercs that don't have this constant dire need of drinking water.
    APPLYING CAMOUFLAGE - Use the exact same procedure as the canteen (except of 
    course, the blue graph is not relevant here). and of course you apply the camo 
    to his body not to his face.
    	Apply the camouflage to your mercs at the beginning of the day BEFORE the 
    mission begins. 
    This eliminates the need for hauling the camo kit around on the mission. Have 
    the guy with camo kit apply it to all the mercs that need it while you are 
    "gearing up" in the morning.
    	Always send your explosives expert to get these and disarm them unless 
    you're ready for "sick bay" at the hospital,or worse. This includes grenades, as 
    some of them are "live".
    	Always try to have a medic type nearby , so he can immediately heal your 
    "expert" if his disarming fails. Even Fidel sometimes meets his match. The medic 
    on-hand can save him from meeting his master.
    	Grenades : nothing beats the plain old,ordinary grenade ------ this is the 
    game's great "equalizer" ----- horde these puppies til you really need them ----
    -- they can save the day--- when nothing else will. (particularly useful for 
    disabling multiple enemies with one pop----- especially when they're safe as can 
    be behind some of the game's seemingly "for enemy use only spectra shield 
    	TNT & Plastic Explosives: each of these must be merged with a detonator to 
    become operational. Have your explosives "expert" do this in the morning "gear" 
    sessions prior to taking to the field, as this will save much needed vest 
    	Live Plastic Explosives are a result of merging with detonators, but can 
    be found already in this state. Since they no longer require merging, they only 
    require 1 vest pocket slot.
    	Mustard Gas Grenades are quite deadly and are almost as useful as 
    grenades. It's probably best that the thrower and all your nearby mercs be 
    equipped with Gas Masks.
    	Tear Gas Canisters will disorient and befuddle the enemy, however they and 
    Stun Grenades seem to inflict no lasting damage. One negative (in my opinion) of 
    Tear Gas Canisters is that they tend to make the enemy run away, necessitating 
    using up more action points in chasing them down.
    	Pay for all burials. If you don't people will start quitting and demanding 
    pay raises to stay, far more than offsetting the costs of the pine box. In this 
    case it just does not pay to be a cheapskate.
    	When possible, wait until sector is cleared of enemies. This will save a 
    great deal of time.
    Many times you will find an essential key\keys needed for entering on a dead 
    	Use your WALL PROBE ,when necessary ,to determine if enemies are inside a 
    building prior to entry. If no enemies are inside, there is no need to enter the 
    building in question until the sector has been captured. And of course if 
    enemies are inside, they must be eliminated before the sector is secure.
    	Always have your Mechanic be the first to enter, as his lock-picking 
    talents are often necessary.
    It's best to have him with full Action points prior to opening the door, this 
    way he can open the door and be able to step aside and let your killer 
    merc\mercs with full Action points,who you have stationed just behind him at the 
    door take care of the enemy who is often lurking at,or near the door. If you 
    don't use this procedure, Vinny may be a dead merc in very short order, or a 
    very badly wounded one at best.
    	Have your explosives expert (Fidel  or whoever) open all the boxes, with 
    the other mercs in the building at a safe distance.  Booby-traps are a way of 
    life on Metavira.
    		Grenades will open any WOODEN door. Be sure and throw the grenade AT 
    the door, not at the foot of the door, as this will do nothing but waste a 
    valuable grenade. note: regular  fragmentation grenades only ------ stun 
    grenades,et. al do NOT work.
    		METAL doors require the use of other exlosives (grenades will not 
    work). Live Plastic Explosives have one large advantage over TNT, and that is 
    that's all you need to carry with you. TNT requires you to also have a 
    detonator, which you then merge with the TNT. (see above about merging TNT and 
    Plastic Explosives before starting the days mission).		
    	Wall Cabinets - look in all of these as many tend to have goodies ---- I 
    suppose these could be classified as "medicine cabinets" as they tend to contain 
    medicine kits,1st aid kits, and cloth rags (for molotov cocktails)
    	For most successful results always use your Mechanic or your Explosives 
    guy (depending on what the items are) to perform "merging" operations. Generally 
    this means your Mechanic., but anything to do with explosives is best handled by 
    your explosives expert.
    	To merge: put the item in right hand. put item to be merged in the 
    "manipulation" slot just below the right hand, if the two can be merged, you 
    will get a message asking if you want to do this. If you have a top of the line 
    Mech or Expl guy the result will USUALLY be successful, Other than top of the 
    line types often have very poor results. You can also use this "merging" to 
    consolidate tool kits,med kits,lockpick kits,etc. If you are using a Vinny or 
    Fidel or some other very highly rated expert, and the initial try doesn't work. 
    Try again. It once took Vinny 3 tries to merge something for me.
    	It's best to do all your merging in the early morning ---- "gear up" 
    	Some items to merge: 
    		Chunks of Steel:	 I personally prefer to use my chunks of steel , 
    initially to merge with the first few .357 Magnum pistols I find ---- as this 
    accomplishes two things. It converts the ordinary .357 pistol to a "modified" 
    .357 magnum which has a longer barrel ---- making it more like a rifle, and at 
    this point in the game ------- there are no rifles that I personaly have found--
    ----- except for the 1st shotgun. And the 2nd thing it accomplishes is that it 
    makes your .357 able to accept a silencer which is vital in taking over sectors 
    with factories in them without the enemy  dis-abling the facility for several 
    days which can cost you a lot of lost cash flow. Later on I use newly found 
    chunks of steel to modify M-14 rifles.
    		Compound 17 (glue)  there are likewise multiple uses for this 
    item,just as there are for the chunks of steel, but I personally prefer to use 
    the first of these to modify my "Spectra Shields"------ this then becomes a 
    "Treated Spectra Shield" and this is the "piece de resistance" for bodily 
    protection in the game.
    		Both of the above need to be done by your Mechanic.
    		Some fun things for your Explosives expert to create are:
    		Molotov Cocktails: Merge Glass jar with tin of oil,then merge 
    gasoline with the jar,then 			merge a cotton rag with the jar, and 
    voila ! a molotov cocktail ! Ready to throw!
    		Other cute things for your explosives people to make ( though of 
    dubious value in terms 			of cost) are the:
    		"Eagle" weapons:  combo of gas can,cloth rag,tin of oil, and the 
    various grenades or 			"canister" weapons. Resulting in:
    			Eagle Fearball: use the grenade
    			Eagle Dog: use the mustard gas grenade
    			Eagle Screamer: use the tear gas canister
    			Eagle Silencer: use the stun grenade
    			Eagle Smokeball" use the smokeball 
    note: I never personally used a smokeball that worked ------ so can't reccommend 
    these at all.
    note: "Eagle" weapons are "cute" and entertaining but are basically the waste of 
    a good grenade.
    		Get your Explosives expert with Metal Detector in hand in the lead. 
    preferably a bunch of action points worth of steps in front of everyone else, 
    and have him clear a path. Then have the others march (single file if necessary) 
    in his footsteps. This advice is primarily intended for implementation in 
    sectors where land mines seem to be everywhere, in most sectors this is an un-
    necessary,time consuming procedure.
    		This is one of the most "overdone" elements of the game. The number 
    of "jammed" guns at times gets completely out of whack with reality. I once had 
    7 different "jammed" guns in the same turn. This only happened twice in the two 
    times I have played the game (although one was in the final sector) , and may 
    have been some one in a million type of occurrence, however, the incidence of 
    "jammed" guns on a regular basis seems to be way beyond the borders of reality.
    		After capture of sector --- try repeatedly firing them until they 
    unjam ----- this works most of the time. The chances of this succeeding may be 
    enhanced by having your mechanic do the firing.
    If all else fails leave the weapon in question for repairs  with your "stay at 
    home" mechanic the following morning
    		To subvert this problem to some extent, it's best to have at least 
    one and possibly two of your mercs carry an extra gun, that they may hand off to 
    the merc\mercs with jammed guns. Late in the game when many of the items to be 
    picked up are often duplicates of items already held in sufficient numbers in 
    inventory, I tend to have my main "killer" mercs carry two weapons, preferably a 
    modified .357 magnum pistol and either a M14 rifle,12 guage rifle, or 12 guage 
    shotgun. This gives them both long range capability, and more killing power when 
    		Fidel, amongst others, will refuse to follow orders once they feel 
    that they have a "sure-fire" bead on the enemy. This can be a real pain, when 
    you would like them to move to a better shooting angle, or some other reason of 
    your own.
    		Solution:  simply take their weapon out of their hand, then they 
    will follow your orders without further ado, then put the weapon back in their 
    hand. No more problem.
    		Put merc in training ----- select Marksmanship ( or whatever skill 
    you wish to improve). If he or she has a wisdom rating of 70% or higher gains of  
    2-3 pctg. points per day of training are not un-common. So in a matter of only 5 
    short days, you've gotten a 10 + point gain in the skill involved. Then get them 
    out in the field again to gain that other vital missing ingredient. Experience.
    		At the start of the day change the status of wounded mercs you wish 
    to leave behind and heal to "Patient" . Be sure that the status of your  stay at 
    home medic is on "Doctor". Put a Medical Kit in the Doctor's right hand.
    		Are only useful in lieu of not having enough Medical Kits. Better 
    than nothing at all.
    		Your stay at home doctor needs one of these in his right hand. You 
    should strive to have two of these in the field on missions. Two different Mercs 
    should carry these in the event that one of them gets killed, or wounded so 
    severely that they are unable to get around to perform their medical duties.
    		These often happen at the very beginning of a sector when your team 
    is tightly bunched together.  The biggest clue to this possibility (enemy 
    grenade attacks) is the sudden appearance of an enemy in very close proximity to 
    your squad, who with one fell swoop can do massive damage to your guys health 
    before they can spread out. When you  see the nearby enemy in this type of 
    situation, you need to take him out first, before giving any of the other 
    enemies that you can see even a second thought. If all else fails, keep one of 
    your men who has a grenade, with action points intact, so that you may grenade 
    the nearby enemy , rather than risk a squad imperiling attack.
    		All your in the field Mercs need these babies ---- especially later 
    in the game when the enemy starts barraging you with Tear Gas Canisters and 
    Mustard Gas Grenades.
    		Attach these to all of your rifles (including the 12 guage rifle)
    		Your lead Gunners need these for hearing the enemy at a distance. An 
    Early warning system of sorts. This device fits in the slot which is normally 
    occupied by your Merc's radio. Fear not, as only 1 radio is necessary per squad 
    of mercs.			
    		"The very latest in bullet absorption technology...........capable 
    of withstanding the most powerful of handguns,reducing impact of most rifles & 
    deflecting shrapnel with ease."	
    		Get your guys and gals each one these ASAP. (Kevlar Vests are the 
    predecessor to these) When merged with compound 17, it becomes a "treated 
    spectra shield". This is the best body protection in the game that has pockets. 
    An "Ultra Shield" provides even better protection, but has NO POCKETS, thus it 
    has more for end game use when pockets for inventory items is much less 
    important for all mercs to have.
    		Is needed for prying open boxes. However, there are many times in 
    the game when your explosives person will not be able to open some of the boxes 
    even with the crowbar "It's Stuck !" This is when your mechanic must then take 
    the crowbar, and get the job done. A top-notch mechanic in the field, in 
    addition to one doing repairs at home base is essential. Certain tasks, such as 
    lockpicking, and some of the crowbar assignments, simply cannot be done by 
    anyone other than a top-rated mechanic.
    note: although there are times when an ordinary non-mechanical merc may just 
    need to have his "blue" indicator enhanced in order to successfully use the 
    crowbar, a drink from the old canteen can provide a quick boost to his "blue" 
    		located throughout the game can be read for possibly valuable 
    information by magnifying them.
    		Found throughout the game. These offer clues  which are sometimes 
    quite obvious  
     ("S 36 D9" refers to Sector 36 Day 9). Other times they are in "code" and must 
    be decoded. One is in Spanish. So forth and so on. Some give very useful 
    information. But don't worry, if you're not a cryptologist or fluent in pig 
    latin ------ the world won't end, and you can still successfully complete the 
    		I know of no one, myself included, who has found  any use for  these 
    particular items. 
    		It will spread and continue to kill the Fallow Trees,unless an 
    antidote is prepared .
    Seems to first occur around Day #16 (at least this was the timing the two times 
    I played). 
    		These flowers can be used by Brenda to prepare an antidote for the 
    "Virus" that starts killing the Fallow trees. They are only found in one 
    specific sector.
    		The game will not recognize that you have already obtained the 
    flowers, since it apparently does not look in your base inventory to see if they 
    are there or not. This means that you should have one of your mercs take some of 
    the flowers with them on the day's mission, after it has been announced that the 
    "virus" has arrived. When he returns at the end of the day with the flowers, you 
    should then be credited with having found them. When I first played the game I 
    captured the sector with the flowers prior to the "virus's" outbreak, 
    fortunately I had been forewarned about this problem, just to be safe I took 
    some of the flowers back to base, and left 1 batch lying on the ground where I 
    found them, in the event that the game would require me to actually go and pick 
    up the flowers. This extra precaution does not seem to have been necessary, but 
    might be worth doing, just in case, my first solution does not work for you. 
    		Stolen from the native's burial grounds by Santino's henchmen. You 
    are implored by Jack to find the headstone and return it to the natives. The 
    implication is that "dire" things may happen if you don't find this headstone 
    asap. As far as I could tell this is just more "smoke" to add to the urgency of 
    the games goals. The headstone can be found in one of the sectors in Santino's 
    stronghold area (NW portion of the sector map).
    		Last Gasp Solution: (This is great "trick" to play on "Jack"). REST 
    EVERYONE for a day or however many days it takes to restore your finances. 
    Resting mercs only receive 1/2 their normal salary. Thus the trees will produce 
    and you will come out thousands of dollars ahead. ( I hope you've got 8 guards 
    in every necessary sector before you try this) Jack will hate this tactic and 
    will complain and tell you how "lucky" you were to survive the day with NO MERCS 
    IN THE FIELD, but nothing really awful will probably happen other than a lost 
    day or two and you'll be back in the chips again.( There is a chance that some 
    of  the natives may start quitting. "WHEN THE NATIVES ARE RESTLESS" - you may be 
    forced to raise their pay. Offer them pay raises $1 worth at a time to determine 
    the level of their discontent. This also applies to when you get the message NO 
    GAME CHEATS  & AIDS- One of the  purposes of this guide is to give people ample 
    information, so that they can play the game in its entirety without having to 
    resort to cheats. I personally think that cheats can ruin a game. However, I 
    realize that there are some who just cannot resist, there are also some who 
    simply just don't have the patience (or in their minds,perhaps the time) 
    required to play  the whole game on the up and up, and of course there are some 
    who just enjoy the combat and don't really care about the resource and money 
    mgmt. part at all. So for those who simply must have a  "cheat" for whatever 
    reason, I list below the only ones that I am personally aware of. 
    All of the below can be found on Compuserve in the Games Forum. I believe they 
    are in the strategy section. These particular cheats or aids can also be found 
    on the Internet.
    QHEAL.EXE is a cheat that allows you to heal your mercs wounds. It is by Jeremy 
    This cheat of course will take the "medical" part of the game and turn it to 
    ashes, so I would not use this unless you just cannot be bothered with healing 
    your troops and only really care about the combat portion of the game.
    There is also an editor JAEDIT15.zip  ---- I  have no idea about its merits or 
    JAGCHT.ZIP has a list of all the items in the game along with an explanation of 
    how to use them with UGE.EXE (Universal Game Editor) . Once again I am unable to 
    comment on its respective good or bad points.
    JA Table of Mercs is an IBM\Word 6.0 Document which allows you to sort your 
    mercs according to various skills. This is not a cheat, but is a very useful aid 
    in examining Mercs stats. If you prefer spreadsheets,you can paste one of the 
    tables in this document into the spreadsheet of your choice and sort any which 
    way until your heart's content.
    And last, but certainly not least:
    		Jagged Alliance has a very quirky save game scheme. Below are some 
    tips designed to help you overcome the disadvantages inherent in the save game 
    mechanism that comes with the game.
    it some obvious name like "Savecopy" or "Saves" or whatever suits your fancy.
    		To save the day's game in progress to this subdirectory you will 
    need to save the following files:
    		SAVE OFTEN: Even during turn-based combat--- you should hit Alt X 
    and save the game, exit to dos and then re-start. this will save your days 
    progress and leave you less vulnerable to crashes that will wipe out your entire 
    day's progress.
    		Save the game at the end of each sector you complete,before moving 
    on to the next, Exit to Dos and copy these saved game files (quick,office,day) 
    to your saved games sub-directory. 
    		Just prior to the end of each day (before 7:00 PM), save the 
    game,exit to dos, and copy the files again to the same sub-directory. I know 
    this sounds like overkill, but I have had the game crash several times after the 
    "day" is complete but before I could save it in the "calendar" save game slot---
    ---- thus losing an entire day or at the least the last sector's worth of work. 
    The reason this unfortunate situation can occur is that the game DELETES the 
    Quick.sav,Day.sav & Office.sav files when you complete the game day. This 
    happens prior to your saving of the game at the Calendar, so if the game crashes 
    in the interim --- you are just plain out of luck.
    		ELIMINATE SMART.DRV  and a large part of this problem will go away. 
    		I was told that eliminating QEMM and using a "clean" boot disk would 
    eliminate the rest of the problem. That may be so for some, however in my case -
    ------ I then had to deal with an INVISIBLE MOUSE CURSOR after eliminating QEMM. 
    So my "clean" boot disk meant I could'nt really play the game at all. I'm sure 
    there was probably some way around this latest problem, but by then I was out of 
    patience with the whole save game scheme anyway. Besides, once in the habit, I 
    liked the idea that I had a safe way of saving my games and even a catalog of 
    all the days of the game (see below).
    		At the end of each "day" --- after I have successfully saved the 
    game in a Game#.sav slot, I personally go to a sub-directory I have named 
    "history". If I have just completed Day 7 for example, I make a new sub-
    directory under History, named DAY7 and then copy the day's game#.sav file to 
    this directory------- this way I don't have a bunch of duplicate game#.sav 
    files, and I know exactly which day is which.  
    		All of this is of course a total pain in the neck. However, 
    replaying a lost sector or day, is an even bigger one.
    .38 Revolver
    .38 ammo
    Colt 45
    .45 ammo
    Modified  Colt 45
    9mm Beretta pistol
    9mm ammo
    .357 Magnum pistol
    .357 ammo
    Modified .357
    12 guage shotgun
    12 guage ammo
    12 guage rifle
    (uses 12 guage ammo)
    M 14 Rifle
    M 14 ammo
    Modified M 14 Rifle
    M 16 Rifle
    M 16 ammo
    Modified M 16 Rifle
    Combat Knife
    Hand Held
    	Stun Grenade
    	Tear Gas Canister
    	Smoke Bomb
    	Mustard Gas Grenade
    Created by Merging
    	Molotov Cocktail
    	Eagle Smokeball
    	Eagle Screamer
    	Eagle Silencer
    	Eagle Dog	
    	Eagle Fearball
    	Live TNT (TNT + detonator)
    	Live Plastic Explosives  Plastic Explosives + detonator)
    Detonators for merging
    Plastic Explosives
    Gas Can
    Cotton Rag
    Tin of Oil
    	Treated Helmet
    	Kevlar Helmet
    	Treated Kevlar Helmet
    	2 pkt 
    	3 pkt.
    	4 pkt.
    	5 pkts.
    	Treated Kevlar
    	Spectra Shield
    	Treated Spectra Shield
    	Ultra Shield  (no pkts.)
    	Sun Goggles
    	Gas Mask
    	Extended Ear
    	Sniper Scope
    	Camouflage Kit
    	First Aid Kit
    	Medical Kit
    	Wall Probe
    	Metal Dectector
    	Tool Box 
    	Locksmith Kit
    	Compound 17
    	Gas Detector
    	Chunks of Steel
    Case of Beer
    Notes ( approx. 8 different one found throughout the game)
    Door Keys
    Padlock Keys
    Pomillia Flowers
    Brenda's Journal
    Micro Purifier
    Alarm Clock (with transmitter detector)
    Torn Piece of Paper (several of these)
    					THE END
    				    "THAT'S ALL FOLKS"

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