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              Solution to King's Quest IV - The Perils of Rosella
                  (Barb's Revenge on Sierra - the Sequel)
    The following solution will bring you a perfect score of 230 points.
    Remember, as in all Sierra games, save your game often.  Many of the
    sequences in King's Quest IV are lengthy and slow on anything less
    than an AT-class machine.  You don't want to have to repeat yourself
    because of an accidental or random death.
    The map below illustrates the layout of Tamir, the land you will be
    exploring.  Many additional scenes exist in the game and they are
    described in the text.
              A          B           C         D          E          F
         *          *          *          *          *          *          *
         *  BEACH   * MEADOW,  *  POOL    *  OGRE'S  *  SPOOKY  * WITCHES' *
      1  *  SCENE   * FLOWERS, *  SCENE   *  HOUSE   *  WOODS   * CAVE     *
         *          * ROCKS    *          *          *          *          *
         *          *          *          *          *          *          *
         *          *          *          *          *          *          *
         * FISHERMAN*  MEADOW  *  SHADY   *  PINE    *  SPOOKY  * MORE     *
      2  * COTTAGE/ *  BEHIND  *  WOODED  *  TREE    *  TREES   * SPOOKY   *
         * PIER     *  COTTAGE *  AREA    *  FOREST  *          * TREES    *
         *          *          *          *          *          *          *
         *          *          *          *          *          *          *
         *  BEACH   *  MEADOW  *  POND    * WEST     *  HAUNTED * EAST     *
      3  *  SCENE   *  W/TREE  *  SCENE   * CEMETERY *  HOUSE   * CEMETERY *
         *  W/TREE  *  STUMP   *          *          *          *          *
         *          *          *          *          *          *          *
         *          *          *          *          *          *          *
         *  BEACH   *  MEADOW  *  RIVER   * DWARVES' *  PINE    * WATER-   *
      4  *  SCENE   *  WITH    *  AND     * COTTAGE  *  FOREST, * FALL     *
         *  W/CLIFF *  UNICORN *  BRIDGE  *          *  RIVER   * SCENE    *
         *          *          *          *          *          *          *
         *          *          *          *          *          *          *
         *  BEACH   *  MEADOW  *  THICK   * DWARVES' *  DENSE   * MOUNTAIN *
      5  *  SCENE   *  W/RIVER *  WOODS   * MINE     *  FOREST  * PATH TO  *
         *  W/RIVER *          *          *          *          * CASTLE   *
         *          *          *          *          *          *          *
    Genesta leaves you at A5.  Go to F5.  You are now at the mountain path
    to Lolotte's castle.  Proceed up the path.  Lolotte's henchmen will
    then arrive to carry you up to the palace.  When you are presented to
    Lolotte, she will have you thrown into the dungeon.  A few minutes
    later, the henchmen will return to bring you back to Lolotte.  Lolotte
    tells you that you must capture the unicorn for her to prove your
    loyalty.  You will then be returned to F5.
    Go to D4.  Enter the dwarves' cottage.  Clean the cottage.  When
    you are finished cleaning, the dwarves will file in to get some soup.
    You will also accespt their offer to have some.  When everone is
    seated, talk to the dwarves.  After awhile, they will all return to the
    mine.  Wash the dishes.  You will then find a diamond pouch left on
    the table.  Take the pouch.
    Go to D5.  Enter the dwarves' mine.  Go down the steps and walk right
    until the scene changes.  You will then see a dwarf on the right of
    the screen, standing near a bucket of diamonds.  Walk over to the
    dwarf and give him the diamond pouch.  He will not only return the
    pouch to you but will give you a lantern to keep.  Exit the mine.
    Go to E4 or E5.  You will find a robin pulling a worm out of the
    ground.  This will randomly occur in one of these two scenes.  Walk
    over to the robin and it will fly away, leaving the worm halfway out of
    the ground.  Quickly walk over to the worm and pick it up before it
    manages to go back underground.
    Go to C1.  Cupid appears here at random to swim.  When he does appear,
    he will drop his bow and arrows at the right-hand edge of the pool.
    As you approach Cupid, he will fly away, forgetting his bow and arrows.
    Pick them up.  Note: Often if you approach the pool from the south
    (C2 to C1) Cupid will grab his bow before flying away.  If this is
    a problem, approach from the north (C5 to C1) and you should succeed
    in getting the bow.
    Go to B4 or C5.  The unicorn appears here at random.  Shoot the
    unicorn with the bow and it will no longer fear you.
    Go to A2.  Walk to the end of the pier and dive into the water.  Swim
    west until you come to an island (beware of sharks!).  Walk the
    perimeter of the island until you find a feather lying on the ground.
    Take the peacock feather and swim east back to Tamir.
    Go to A2.  Enter the Fisherman's cottage.  Walk over to the man and
    give him the diamond pouch.  In return, he will give you his fishing
    pole.  Exit the cottage and walk out to the end of the pier.  Bait
    the hook and cast out.  You will then catch a fish.  Periodically,
    your hook will come up empty.  If this happens, keep casting out
    until you are successful.
    Dive off the pier and swim east.  Randomly, a whale will appear and
    swallow you.  To complete the game, you must be swallowed by the
    whale.  If you do not locate the whale before you reach the island,
    try again.
    You will now find yourself inside the whale.  This part is tricky
    and may take several attempts.  Be sure to save your game because
    if you don't complete this step within a couple of minutes, you will
    die.  Go to the left side of the whale's tongue and climb diagonally
    toward the center of the tongue.  When you are standing close to the
    teeth, a little to the right of the tongue's center, tickle the
    whale's uvula with the peacock feather.  The whale will sneeze you
    After the whale has released you, you will find yourself in the ocean
    with a small island visible at the top of the screen.  Swim to that
    island and wade ashore.  You will spot a pelican perched atop the
    remains of a ship on the left-hand side of the screen.  Approach
    the bird and toss him the fish.  When he opens his mouth to catch
    the fish, a silver whistle will drop on the ground.  Take the
    Walk to the shipwreck on the east side of the island.  Go as far into
    the prow (near the point) as you can and "LOOK AT GROUND".  You will
    find a golden bridle.  Take the bridle.
    Blow the whistle and a dolphin will appear in the water at the
    northeast side of the island.  Swim out to the dolphin and ride him
    back to Tamir.
    Go to B4.  Bridle the unicorn.  Mount him and he will automatically
    take you to Lolotte's castle.  She will tell you that she now wants
    a hen that lays golden eggs.
    Go to C4.  Go to the northern edge of the river and look under the
    bridge.  You will find a golden ball.  Take it.
    Go to C3.  Walk up to the edge of the pond and drop in the golden
    ball.  A frog wearing a crown will then retrieve the ball and wait
    for you to come over.  Walk over to the frog, pick him up, and kiss
    him.  He will be transformed into a handsome prince who will give
    you the crown to keep.  When the prince walks away, pick up the
    golden ball.
    Go to F4.  Go to the northern bank of the river near the waterfall.
    Put on the crown.  You will turn into a frog, jump into the river,
    and swim under the falls.  Enter the cave.  At your feet just inside
    the cave entrance, you will find a pile of bones.  Take a bone and
    exit the cave.  Jump into the river, swim toward the falls, and
    you will be swept back to the other side.
    Go to D1.  Watch out for ogres.  Walk up to the house and open the
    door.  When you enter the house, the ogre's dog will attack you.
    Toss him the bone.  He will catch it and leave you alone.
    Walk upstairs to the ogre's bedroom.  You will see an axe leaning
    against the wall on the right.  Take the axe.
    Walk downstairs.  Cross the room and go over to the closed door
    across from the table.  Open the door and go inside.
    You are now in a closet with a large keyhole in the door.  When you
    hear the ogre approaching, look through the keyhole.  You will see
    the ogre eat his dinner, call for his hen, and order the hen to lay
    a golden egg.  He will then fall asleep at the table.  At this point,
    open the closet door and walk over to the table.  Take the hen and
    head for the front door at quickly as possible.  The hen will
    probably squawk and wake the ogre before you get outside, but
    keep going.  Open the door, exit the house and walk south.  If you
    walk in this direction, the ogre will not pursue you.
    Go to F5 and head for Lolotte's castle.  When you get there, you will
    find that Lolotte wants yet another item - Pandora's Box.
    Before worrying about Pandora's Box, now is a good time to get the
    magic fruit that you need to save your father's life.
    Go to E3.  Enter the haunted house.  Go to the drawing room (the
    room at the left of the hall).  Go the the bookshelf on the right.
    Look at the books and take the Shakespeare book.
    Go to B3 or C3.  Watch for a minstrel who randomly appears.  When you
    locate him, give him the Shakespeare book and he will give you his
    Go to B2 or C2.  Look for Pan, who will randomly appear in one of
    these two scenes.  When you locate him, play the lute.  He will stop
    dancing and look at you.  Walk over to him and give him the lute.  He
    will give you his flute.
    Go to F4.  Go to the northern bank of the river near the waterfall
    and again put on the crown.  You will again turn into a frog and
    go behind the falls.  Pick up the board that is outside the entrance
    of the cave.  Turn on your lantern.
    Enter the cave and walk south.  Beware of the ogre that may appear
    at random in any part of the cave.  Save your game often.  Once you
    are in the cave, head south until you can go no further.  You may
    have to shift east a little, but the idea is to keep going south
    until there is no longer any possible way to go south.  Then head
    east (right).  After a couple of scene changes, you will see a small
    patch of light on the upper part of the screen.  Continue walking
    east until you are about mid-way across the screen (you should spot
    the shadow of a large rock to the south of you).  At this point, try
    to put the board down.  You want to do this because there is a chasm
    here.  If you are not close enough, advance one step and try to use
    the board again.  When you succeed, walk directly east to cross the
    board.  When you have crossed the chasm, you will automatically
    retrieve the board and can now proceed north toward the patch of light.
    When the scene changes, move north until you are near the cave exit.
    Approach the exit and you will automatically crawl out.
    You will now find yourself at the edge of a swamp with tufts of grass
    placed like stepping stones.  Get as close to the edge of the swamp
    as you can and type in the command "JUMP".  You will then jump
    onto the first tuft of grass.  Repeat the jump command until you
    have reached the last tuft.
    You will see a small island with a tree growing in the middle of it.
    You will also spot the magic fruit hanging from the tree.  A snake
    guards the tree.  Put the board down between the last tuft and the
    island.  Cross the board and stop when you have set foot on the
    island.  Play the flute to hypnotize the snake.  The effect won't
    last long, so hurry to the tree and take the fruit.  Walk back
    across the board.  Pick the board up and jump back to the edge of
    the swamp.  Walk over to the cave entrance and you will automatically
    crawl back into the cave.
    Retrace your steps through the cave, remembering to again use your
    board to cross the chasm.  When you are outside the cave, jump in
    the water, swim toward the falls, and you will be swept back to the
    other side.
    Go to F2.  Without getting too close to the spooky trees, chop a
    tree with the axe.  The trees will be so intimidated by your action
    that they will leave you alone for the rest of the game.
    Go to F1.  You are now outside the witches' cave.  Go in the cave.
    Walk toward the fire in the middle of the room.  WHen the witch on the
    left walks about halfway toward you, circle the fire to the right,
    walk over to the remaining witches in the back, take the glass eye,
    and walk out of the cave.
    Re-enter the cave.  The witches will offer you a scarab in exchange
    for their eye.  The scarab has the power to keep away the undead.
    Take the scarab, throw the eye back to the witches, and exit the cave.
    Go to D3.  Since you are now in possession of the scarab, you need
    not avoid the zombies in the cemetery at night.  Approach the entrance
    to the haunted house.  Enter the house and you will hear a baby
    crying.  Walk into the sitting room and over to the left wall.  Look
    at the left wall and you will find a small latch.  Pull the latch and
    a secret door will open in the wall.  Go through the secret door and
    you will find a shovel.  Take the shovel.
    Go to D3.  Walk to the left-hand side of the tree and head north.
    Find the grave of Hiram Bennett, the northernmost grave in the
    scene (READ STONE to confirm the occupant).  Dig and you will find
    a silver baby rattle.  Take the rattle, return to the house, enter
    the nursery (upstairs, through left bedroom), and give the rattle
    to the baby ghost.  The ghost will stop crying.
    Exit the nursery and go downstairs.  You will now encounter the miser
    ghost.  Exit the house and go to D3.  Walk to the left of the tree.
    Find the grave of Newberry Hill, located at the bottom of the screen.
    Dig and you will find a bag of coins.  Take the coins, return to the
    house and give the coins to the ghost.  The ghost will disappear.
    It should be mentioned that the shovel will be good for exactly the
    number of digs required.  If you accidently dig by the wrong grave
    at any point, you will have to start this grave-digging sequence
    again, since the shovel will break before you are done.
    Now go upstairs and enter the bedroom on the right.  Near the
    fireplace, you will find the weeping ghost of a young woman.  Exit
    the house and go to F3.  Find the grave of Betty Cowden, located to the
    left of the cross.  Dig and you will find a locket.  Take the locket,
    return to the house, and give the locket to the woman.  She will
    Go downstairs and you will encounter a ghost with a peg-leg.  Exit the
    house and go to D3.  Find the grave of Lord Coningsley, located to
    the right of the tree at the bottom of the screen.  Dig and you will
    find a medal of honor.  Take the medal, return to the house, and give
    the medal to the ghost.  He will disappear.
    The ghost of a young boy will then appear somewhere in the house.  He
    will tease you to get you to follow him into the bedroom located to
    the right of the stairs.  Follow him, and you will discover that a
    trapdoor in the ceiling is open.  A ladder leads up into the trapdoor.
    Climb the ladder and you will find yourself in an attic with the
    impish ghost.  The ghost is sitting on a chest, playfully refusing
    to move.
    Climb back down the ladder and exit the house.  Go to F3.  Find the
    grave of Willy, the northernmost grave in the scene.  Dig and you will
    find a toy horse.  Take the toy horse, return to the attic, and give
    the toy to the ghost.  He will disappear.
    Open the chest that the ghost had been sitting on and you will find
    some sheet music.
    Climb down the ladder, go downstairs and enter the secret door in
    the sitting room (the place you obtained the shovel earlier).  Climb
    the staircase, saving your game often as you go.  When you reach the
    top of the stairs, you will be in the tower room.  Walk over to the
    organ in the room, sit down, and play the sheet music.  When you
    are done playing, a small drawer will pop open on the right-hand
    side of the organ.  Look in the drawer and you will find a skeleton
    key.  Take the key, climb back down the stairs, and leave the house.
    Go to F3.  Unlock the crypt door with the skeleton key.  Open the
    door and enter.  You are now on the edge of a platform with a pile of
    rope at your feet.  Pick up the rope and you will discover that it
    is actually a ladder.  Climb down the ladder and walk over to the small
    box on the floor.  A mummy will approach you as you head for the box,
    but he will be warded off by your scarab.  Take the box, climb the
    ladder and leave the crypt.
    Go to F5.  Lolotte will have her goons lock you up in Edgar's room,
    but in a few minutes Edgar will walk up the stairs and slip a rose
    under the door.  When you pick up the rose and look at it, you will
    discover a gold key.  Take the gold key and unlock the door.  Open
    the door and walk down the tower stairs.
    At the bottom of the tower stairs you will find a guard sleeping
    next to a doorway.  Pass thru the doorway and you will be in the
    dining room, with two doorways on the right of the screen.  Save
    your game before continuing, as sleeping guards may wake up at
    random.  Go to the doorway at the top right of the screen and enter.
    You are now in the kitchen.  Walk over to the right-hand cabinet
    and open it.  Inside, you will find all of your possessions that
    had previously been taken by Lolotte.  Take the possessions, close
    the cabinet, and exit the room.
    You are back in the dining room.  Now go thru the doorway on the
    lower right of the screen.  You are now in the throne room.  Walk
    thru the room to the doorway on the right and enter.
    You are now in another stairwell.  Climb the stairs up two flights,
    bypassing a doorway at the top of the first landing.  When you reach
    the top, you will be standing outside of Lolotte's bedroom.  Unlock
    the door with the gold key, open the door, and enter the room.  Walk
    over to the bed where Lolotte is sleeping and shoot her with the
    bow.  When she dies, take the talisman.
    Exit Lolotte's room and go back down the tower stairs to the landing
    with the doorway.  Enter the doorway and you will be in a hall with
    two closed doors.  Walk to the door on the right and enter.
    You are in Lolotte's storage room.  Here you will find both the hen
    and Pandora's box.  Take the hen and the box and leave the room.
    Go back out to the tower stairs and climb the rest of the way down.
    Go through the doorway and you will be back in the throne room.  Walk
    to the bottom of the screen and leave the castle.
    Once you are outside the castle, you will see a stable to the right.
    Enter the stable and you will find the unicorn confined inside a
    fenced enclosure.  Open the gate and free the unicorn.
    Exit the stable, walk toward the right of the screen, and then
    climb down the mountainside.
    Go to F3 and enter the crypt.  Climb down the ladder, put down
    Pandora's box, climb up the ladder and exit the crypt.  Close the
    door and lock it with the skeleton key.
    Go to A2 and swim to Genesta's island.  Walk to the front of the
    house, open the door, and enter.  You will be in a hallway with
    doors on all sides.  Enter the door on the left and walk all the way
    up the staircase to Genesta's room.  You will find Genesta lying
    on her bed.  Walk over to her, give her the talisman, and your
    quest will be complete.

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