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"Mommy, I played Laura Bow and need to sleep in your bed."

Laura Bow. Honestly, it is one of the best games I have ever played. It is a murder mystery game made by the same beautiful creator of the King's Quest series. If you have played games circa 1990-1995, I think you'll know what kind of adventure games I'm talking about. You know, the point and click interface (other examples are equally wonderful game such as Freddy Pharkas, Kings Quest V and VI, and Conquests for Camelot). Well, anyway, lets get down to some serious investigating- I mean reviewing...

GRAPHICS 8/10: Okay, these are based on pleasure to the eye, and not the fancy-arse graphics that are around these days. The background are all hand painted and (I think) stunning. The close-up character shots are not only well drawn, but interesting and realistic. The murder shots will not only chill you, but will honestly freak you out.

MUSIC 7/10: Okay, so this isn't Ocarina of Time here. The music is very good none the less, particularly a song entitled ''I want to marry an archieoligist'', which is clever and very pleasing to the ear.
The voices however, are on an entirely different level altogether here, folks. This isn't King's Quest V. They actually hired voice actors (or the crew working on Laura Bow 2 just happened to be better actors). Every character was a complete stock character, and every voice was perfectly matched. I particularly enjoyed listening to Yvette's sexy french accent, and to Ziggy's dirty voice. The countess came up a little short I'm afraid, and was extremely irritating.

STORY 10/10: Wonderful. Phenomenal. Masterful. I can't play a game without a good story, and this is one of the better ones. Here is the gist: You, Laura Bow, are the first female reporter for this major newspaper in New York. Your first assignment is to write about an Egyptian dagger that was stolen from the nearby museum. While you are interviewing the guests about the disapearence, a murder occurs and Laura Bow knows: this is definatly more than a robbery...

DIFFICULTY 9/10: Immpossibly hard puzzles in some parts. More like hard puzzles for most of the time- this game took me three years to finish!!!! It was well worth it, and almost all the puzzles have other ways to be solved. Actually, you can get through most of the game without solving most of the mysteries, but that has an effect on the eventual ending.

REPLAY VALUE 10/10: Slightly biased because I love to replay games, but this is honestly a good one. It can be replayed so many times its scary, even if you are just finding a new way to kill Laura...

If you can find this game anywhere, snatch it and buy it. It will probably be not anymore than five dollars, max. If you really can't locate this game and have an overwhelming urge to, you can try buying the King's Quest Collection (which includes the Laura Bow Series).

Please try it, despite its age- it truly is an oldie but goodie, not to mention the best murder mystery of all time (aside from the movie, Clue).

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 03/03/03, Updated 03/03/03

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