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    Walkthrough by KGreenhill

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    From: GreenElf13@aol.com
    Date: Wed, 25 Nov 1998 15:08:53 EST
    King’s Quest VII-Complete Strategy and Walkthrough
    	This strategy is complete on how to get through the adventure/RPG game
    “King’s Quest VII: The
    Princeless Bride”. You may use this strategy on other sites or for personal
    enjoyment BUT NOT FOR
    RETAIL VALUE! This strategy will tell you only how to get through the game-
    nothing more nothing less.
    Well that’s all I really needed to say so now here is the strategy....
    	Chapter 1 -- “Where in the Blazes am I?”
    	This chapter begins with Valanice in a morbid desert after she fell through
    the pool. After you
    have seen the mouse and the hare go by get the RIPPED PETTICOAT off of the
    NOTE: Some items will be very important for you to inspect them after you get
    them into your inventory.
     Go south two screens and you will see a sand storm as well and a HUNTING HORN
    at the bottom of the
    sand storm. You must manuveur yourself around the sand storm to get the
    Sometimes this can take a while with Valanice always saying “Oh, my.” After
    retrieving the HUNTING
    HORN walk three screens north and enter the cave in the top right corner of
    the screen. Grab the
    BASKET in the corner and examine it.  Look inside the BASKET and you will get
    a CORN KENNEL. Now
    examine the 4 CLAY POT’s. The first 3 you try to get will break (no matter
    which order you try to get
    them in) ,but you can get the 4th one. Now leave the cave and use the CORN
    KENNEL in the soil at the
    base of the drippin water. Grab a EAR OF CORN off the corn stalk. Now examine
    the gourd plant just
    next to the corn stalk. Nothing special will happen at the moment, but go to
    the hyroglypics to the right on
    the other screen. After you have looked at them you will notice that the gourd
    plant is now open. Grab
    the GOURD SEED inside and then walk to the right until you notice a door with
    the words “Rare
    Curiosities” above it. Knock on the door and talk with the mouse. He informs
    you that the hare has his
    glasses and he won’t be able to trade with Valanice until he has them back.
    Use the HUNTING HORN on
    Valanice to blow out all the dust. Then use the HUNTING HORN on the rightmost
    of the two holes at the
    left of the screen (you will have to do this twice). The hare will then jump
    out of the hole and leave a pair
    of GLASSES and JACKALOPE FUR on the cactus--grab them both. Give the GLASSES
    to the mouse at
    “Rare Curiosities”--he will now be able to trade with you. Give the mouse your
    GOURD SEED and in
    return he will give you a TURQUOISE BEAD. Now walk two screens west and one
    south.  Grab the
    STICK to your right and the SALT CRYSTALS  at the bottom of the pool. Examine
    the statues head
    (twice) and a new head will form with spikes coming out of the edges. Examine
    the statue’s collar and
    move all the beads to the third column from the left.  Examine the statues
    wrist on his right hand. This
    will cause the pool to drain. Enter the pool and examine the tray that the
    statue is holding. Examine the
    top part of the tray until Valanice says “This looks like some sort of
    offering bowl.” Put the TURQUOISE
    BEAD on the tray. Examine the tray again and take the TURQUOISE PIECE on the
    right that is formed
    like an arrow. Exit the pool and walk to your right 2 screens and use your
    STICK to form the FLAG. Now enter the doorway. When you enter a giant scorpion
    will attack you. Use
    the FLAG on it to pin it to the wall. Examine the statue at the top right of
    the screen. Examine the upside
    down rain drop symbol at the base of the statue. Three new beads will appear.
    Place the blue bead in the
    right hand of the statue, place the yellow bead in the left hand of the
    statue, and place the pink bead in
    the hole at the top of the statue. Grab the other TURQUOISE PIECE and combine
    it with the one you got
    from the pool. Leave the building and walk 2 screens west and 1 north. Use the
    STICK on the cactus to
    get the PRICKLY PAIR. Examine the arrow symbol above the door on the giant
    statue of a head to your
    left (twice) and put the PUZZLE inside it. Enter the new doorway. You will
    hear Valanice scream and this
    will end Chapter 1.
    	Valanice should now have the following itmes in her inventory:  GOLDEN COMB,
    	Chapter 2 -- “A Troll is as a Troll Does”
    	Rosella, the princess of Daventry, has been pulled through a mirror to the
    kingdom of the trolls.
    After she realizes she is a troll she trys to get all the ingredients to turn
    her back human. She must also
    escape the kingdom of the trolls for if not she will be wed to the troll king.
    	After you are taken to your room just leave again and take the TOY RAT the
    girl leaves behind.
    Then grab the SHIELD just left to the throne. After getting the SHIELD examine
    it and pull out the
    SHIELD SPIKE. Enter the kitchen at the top right corner. You will be kicked
    out and then follow The so
    called “lady in pink” into the mud pits. Exit the mud pits and enter the
    kitchen again. This time use the
    TOY RAT to lure the chef out of the kitchen. When the chef is gone get the
    BOWL from the shelf at the
    top of the screen (NOTE: to be sure this is a gold bowl examine it and make
    sure at the bottom it says
    “16k Gold” if not then get the other bowl). Then, get the BAKED BEETLES from
    the machine just right of
    the shelf with the BOWL.  Leave the kitchen and enter the mudpits again. You
    should hear two trolls
    discussing sleeping aids. When they are through leave the mudpits and enter
    the cave to the bottom left
    of the screen. Enter the cave in the center of the screen. Fill your BOWL with
    the GREEN WATER from
    one of the stumps in the ground to get the BOWL WITH GREEN WATER. Then get the
    LANTERN at the
    top of the screen.  At the far left of the screen, walk over to the lower
    ledge (twice) and then jump to the
    center and then to the wall with the sulfer.  Grab the WET SULFER off the wall
    and then descend back to
    the area with the two trolls working. Stick your LANTERN over the fire to get
    SPARK. Then, use the WET SULFER on the fire to put the troll to sleep. Grab
    the tongs from the tool
    rack, get the box on the table, and then dip it into the water pail to get the
    SILVER SPOON.Put the tongs
    back on the rack and then talk to the other troll with the hammer and chisel.
    Leave the cave and enter
    the cave to the bottom right. Try to exit the cave at the top right. A troll
    will block your path. Examine the
    cart at the top left of the screen. Place the SHIELD on the area where a wheel
    is missing. Then place the
    SHIELD SPIKE on the SHIELD. Then ride the cart. You will hit the troll
    blocking the bridge, knocking him
    into the lava. Precede through the doorway at the top right of the screen.
    Keep going around the crystals
    until you reach a white dragon. Talk to the dragon and then give him the
    will fly away and in return give you a BIG GEM.  Leave the dragon cave and
    return back to the area
    where the two trolls are working. Give the BIG GEM to Oppy and in return he
    will give you the HAMMER
    AND CHISEL. Go back to the dragon cave and this time use the HAMMER AND CHISEL
    on his tail to
    get the DRAGON SCALE. Return to the main hall and give the BOWL WITH GREEN
    WATER to the
    nurse maid troll. Then give her the SILVER SPOON, the DRAGON SCALE, and the
    YAY! You are now human again! The SILVER SPOON will melt and you will get the
    Malicia finds you and locks you back in your room. Notice the picture of King
    Oktar on the wall. Put the
    table, the stool , and the pillow stacked on top of each other by the
    painting. Rosella removes the
    painting and clims through the hidden vent. After hearing the conversation
    with Malicia and King Oktar,
    crawl forward and you will land on the throne back in the main hall. Grab the
    DRAGON TOAD that falls
    to your feet and walk back to the bedroom and overhear the argument. Use the
    DRAGON TOAD on the
    nursemaid troll. In return she will give you a ENCHANTED ROPE. Leave through
    the lower left. Malicia
    will block your path. Use the TOY RAT on her and she will disappear. Leave
    through the lower left and
    use the ENCHANTED ROPE on the elevator. Rosella will leave up the elevator
    thus ending chapter 2.
    	Rosella should have the following items in her inventory: SILVER PELLET,
    	Chapter 3 -- “The Sky is Falling”
    	This chapter begins with Valanice debating on what to do with the monster.
    Give the monster the
    PRICKLY PEAR and exit the cave. Walk one screen left and talk to the stag
    until he mentions Feldspar
    the ancient rock spirit. Walk one screen left and then one north. Jump from
    the rock at the top left, to the
    center, and to the other side. You will come across a bird trapped in a spider
    web and the spider trying to
    eat him. Use the BASKET on the spider and then grab the bird. Walk one screen
    north and enter the
    small door  into the city. The duke Yip Yap will try to block your path, but
    use the GOLDEN COMB on
    him and he will leave. Enter the China Shop and talk with Fernando about his
    missing bird, Treasure.
    Exit the China Shop and you will run into a small bird who thinks “the sky is
    falling” . Walk one screen to
    the right and uncover the bird cage. Open the door on the bird cage and grab
    the CHINA BIRD. Return
    back to the China Shop and give Fernando the CHINA BIRD. In exchange he will
    give you the MASK.
    Exit the China Shop and put on your MASK. Enter Town Hall. The Duke Yip Yap is
    having a birthday
    party but just ignore the party and enter through the door at the top of the
    screen. Walk on the stairway to
    the right , go down the next stairway, and go down the next. Enter through the
    door (twice) . Examine the
    third mirror from the door and you will enter another room. Open the drawer on
    the desk and grab the
    MAGIC STATUETTE. Leave the room and go back to the party area. Leave the Town
    Hall and walk to
    the pond to the right. The MOON will fall from the sky and land in the pool.
    The soaked mockingbird will
    flee his nest. Grab the WOODEN NICKEL out of the nest. Use the SALT CRYSTALS
    on Valanice and
    enter the Faux Shop. Give Erastz the turtle the WOODEN NICKEL in exchange for
    the BOOK. Give
    Erastz the CHINA MASK in exchange for the RUBBER CHICKEN. Walk back to the
    desert (Chapter 1)
    and go to “Rare Curiosities”. Knock on the door and give the mouse the BOOK
    and he will give you the
    CROOK. Go back throught the Giant Head Statue, through the monster cave, and
    examine the flowers
    at the top left of the screen. The bird will offer you some NECTAR so hold out
    your CLAY POT and you
    will recieve NECTAR IN POT. Go back to the Town Square and to the pool. Use
    the CROOK on the
    MOON in the pool. You will recieve the MOON but a few guards will stop you and
    accuse you of being a
    “moon thief”, ending Chapter 3.
    	Valanice should now have the following items in her inventory: GOLDEN COMB,
    and the MOON.
    	Chapter 4 -- “Will the Real Troll King Please Stand Up . “ 
    NOTE: This chapter has “The Boogeyman”, who roams Ooga Booga and if you stay
    in one spot too long
    he will rise from the ground and kill you.
    	As Rosella is rolling up the hole to Ooga Booga in the not so sturdy
    elevator, it collapses leaving
    her hanging onto the ledge of the hole. A graveyard keeper will offer to help
    you by sticking out his
    shovel. Grab the shovel and talk to the graveyard keeper until he mentions
    Iggy the rat. Walk right and
    watch the kid playing on the jack-o-lantern. Walk one screen left and watch
    the other kid -- he is spraying
    paint on Dr. Cadaver’s house. Walk back to the jack-o-lantern and use the rope
    to enter. Take the BACK
    BONE by the coffin and then take the FOOT IN A BAG from inside the coffin.
    Exit the jack-o-lantern by
    using the rope and then walk left and this time enter Dr. Cadaver’s house.
    Give Dr. Cadaver the BACK
    BONE and in exchange he will give you the WEIRD PET. Walk back to the jack-o-
    lantern and show the
    kids the WEIRD PET. Put the WEIRD PET on the elevator and the kids will drop
    RAT; grab it. Walk north back to the gravedigger. Give him the GRAVEDIGGER’S
    RAT and in return he
    will give you the GRAVEDIGGER’S HORN. 
    NOTE: DO NOT go blowing this horn everywhere in Ooga Booga. This horn can
    bring back the dead and
    the Boogeyman and kill you
     Walk back to the jack-o-lantern area where the kids are. The kids are giving
    a funeral to a very much
    alive cat that they have locked in a casket. When the kids leave, use the
    casket to rescue the cat. The cat will give you an EXTRA LIFE. Walk north back
    to where the
    gravedigger is and take the SHOVEL. Walk left one screen, and south two
    screens where you should
    notice a peciluar area with a batch of bones. Walk to the extreme lower level
    of the screen and use the
    GRAVEDIGGER’S HORN. He will dig up the bones which will reveal a hole. Enter
    the hole. You will fall
    upon a heavily locked coffin. To open this lock you must push the following
    symbols in this order: skull,
    bat, spider. The lock will fall off and the real troll king will be revealed
    inside the coffin. However, Malicia
    will appear and lock Rosella and King Otar back in the coffin and seal the
    hole back up. Show the king
    the DRAGON TOAD. Use the HAMMER AND CHISEL on the king’s arm band to free the
    jewel. The
    magical DRAGON TOAD will dig a hole and allow Rosella and King Otar back to
    the graveyard area that
    is a screen right to where the secret hole was. The king will turn himself
    into a TROLL KING AS
    SCARAB with the MAGIC WAND, both of which you will get in your inventory. Grab
    and then use it on Rosella. This causes a disguise so everyone will think she
    is the young woman who is
    always weeping at the locked tomb. Walk on screen north and enter Dr.
    Cadaver’s house. After Dr.
    Cadaver has sat at his desk talk to him and he will give you the DEFOLIANT.
    Leave the Dr’s house and
    walk back to the jack-o-lantern area just to scare the kids (I loved that
    part). Walk one screen south. You
    will enter through a gate and then a weed monster will attack you. Use the
    DEFOLIANT on him and walk
    to your right until you come across Malicia’s house. Walk north to the back of
    Malicia’s house and
    examine the green vine that is covering the suspicous hole. Use the SHOVEL on
    the hole and then enter
    NOTE: When the game was made there was a bug in this area. After you come
    across Malicia’s house
    you are then required to go north to the back of the house. However, in some
    games the dog will be
    barking and if so, then you must go back to the front of the house and walk
    right into the woods. Go left
    and back to the back of Malicia’s house. The dog shouldn’t be barking now. It
    is now safe to proceed to
    the next step.
    When you enter the room you will just be coming out of your secret hole and
    you will here Malicia and
    her stupid dog. Go back down the hole as soon as possible and the stupid dog
    will come to investigate.
    Use the DEFOLIANT on him. He and Malicia will then leave the house. It is now
    safe to come out of the
    hole. Examine the third drawer of Malicia’s dresser by the bed until you find
    Put all the pieces of clothing back into the drawer. As you do you will drop
    something. Grab it. It is the
    WOOLEN STOCKING which will be added to your inventory. Leave the house back
    through the hole and
    put on the BLACK CLOAK. Walk to the front of the house and then one screen
    right. As you walk through
    the woods a bear will confront you. Combine the SILVER PELLET and the WOOLEN
    make the SLING and throw it at the bear. Rosella will run through the rest of
    the woods and make it
    safely to the other side. Walk one screen north and cross the river bed and
    then another screen north.
    Enter the small door into the city. The duke Yip Yap will confront Rosella and
    tell her of her mother.
    When he has left, enter Town Hall. Go through the curtained doorway at the
    back of the room and go to
    the powder room where you first went with Valanice. Examine the plaque at the
    bottom of the small white
    statue on the desk. The words will be covered with dust. Use the WOOLEN
    STOCKING and then read
    the statue. The statue will ask of “fruit”. Examine the golden grapes on the
    pillar at the far right of the
    room. Rosella won’t be able to free a grape so use the HAMMER AND CHISEL and
    you will get a
    GOLDEN GRAPE. Give the statue the GOLDEN GRAPE. The statue will then reveal
    that the entrance to
    the volcanic’s underground is actually the golden fountain. However the GOLDEN
    GRAPE was jammed
    so use the MAGIC WAND on TROLL KING AS SCARAB. The troll king will allow the
    entrance to open
    fully so put the MAGIC WAND back into your inventory and enter the volcanic’s
    underground. After
    falling down the hole follow the king to the north. The troll king will enter
    the volcanic’s underground only
    to come across the imposter troll king which will end Chapter 4. 
    Rosella should now have the following items in her inventory: LANTERN, HAMMER
    	Chapter 5 -- “Nightmare in Etheria”
    	This capter begins with Duke Yip Yap and his henchman accusing Valanice of
    many different
    crimes, all of which she can get by if she puts the MOON back in the sky.
    When you are thrown out of
    Town Hall you will be by a tree. Move to your right one screen and put the
    branch of the tree. Put the MOON on the RUBBER CHICKEN. This will slingshot
    the MOON back into
    the sky. You are now free to leave the Town but first get the FEATHER that the
    behind. Also give the snake merchant the MAGIC STATUETTE and he will give you
    the WERE-BEAST
    SALVE. Combine the JACKALOPE FUR with the WERE-BEAST SALVE to get the WERE-
    SALVE WITH FUR. Exit the town and walk 3 screen’s right. Use the FEATHER on
    the sleeping rock.
    This is Lord Feldspar; he however won’t be able to tell you much information,
    for he will fall to sleep to
    soon, but he tells you enough. Walk 2 screens left, across the river bed, one
    screen south, and 2 screens
    right. Fill the statue holding the jar with NECTAR IN POT. This will form the
    river back into “The River of
    Life” and Lord Adas drinks the water and turns human again.
    NOTE: Now that you have formed “The River of Life” the river bed will no
    longer be available for you to
    cross. You can only cross the rainbow that formed across the broken bridge. 
    Walk one screen left and use the WERE-BEAST SALVE WITH FUR on Valanice. This
    will turn her into a
    jack-rabbit and she will run SUPER fast through the woods. She will run into
    the terrible Swam Monster
    but, as promised, Lord Adas will save her. Walk left past the talking plants
    and through the gate. Walk
    one screen left and then back right and enter the jack-o-lantern by using the
    rope. Get the FEMUR
    BONE from the mummy in the top right corner (twice). Leave the jack-o-lantern
    and walk 2 screens left
    and one north. Give the dog the FEMUR BONE and then talk to him twice. He will
    give you the
    HORSEMANS MEDAL . Walk one screen south and use the HORSEMANS MEDAL on the
    woman. Walk 2 screens right and take the LIT FIRECRACKER that the kids left
    NOTE: Sometimes the LIT FIRECRACKER will explode while you are walking around,
    but don’t worry,
    after you have expired you can still come back.
    Walk 2 screens left and use the LIT FIRECRACKER on the key hole of the locked
    tomb. The door will
    explode open. Enter the now unlocked tomb. Examine the cover of the coffin and
    peer inside to get the
    HORSEMANS HEAD. Exit the tomb and stand on the path. Use the HORSEMANS HEAD on
    Headless Horseman AS SOON AS HE APPEARS. If you use it to late he will run
    over you and kill you.
    In return for breaking the curse on Count Sepish he will give you the
    HORSEMANS FIFE. This will give
    you control of the Count’s horse who can take you to Etheria. You will wind up
    in Etheria after The Count,
    his wife, and his dog have reunited. Walk two screens right.
    NOTE: The screen right to all the rainbows has butterflies that will dance
    around you everytime you
    come to this area. Sometimes this can be pretty annoying so just skip through
    Climb the mountain, but beware that their are two winds here that can blow you
    off the mountain and
    place you back at the beginning of Etheria. Once at the top of the mountain,
    examine the purple branch
    and climb out to the end of it and get the AMBROSIA. Climb off the branch and
    walk one screen south,
    down the mountain, and two screens left. Jump down the bottom right rainbow
    and you will be by “The
    River of Life”. Cross the rainbow bridge and put the AMBROSIA in the statue
    holding the cornucopia.
    Grab the POMENGRANATE from the cornucopia and walk across the rainbow bridge
    and one screen left
    and use the POMENGRANATE on the tree to turn Lady Ceres human again. Talk to
    Lady Ceres after
    she is human and she will begin to replenish the beauty of the area. Use the
    return back to Etheria. Walk one screen right and one north. Press the bars on
    the harp in this order
    (from left to right): 1, 5, 6, & 4. Now use the crystal ball on the harp to
    warp to the Fates. Talk to the
    Fates until they tell you of Lady Maab who can only be reached through dreams.
    Walk one screen south
    and one left and use the bottom left rainbow to warp to Ooga Booga. Walk
    through the northern gate,
    one screen left past the jack-o-lantern, and into Dr. Cadaver’s house. Talk to
    the doctor 3 times and you
    will tell him you have insomnia. Walk over to the coffin and sleep. Valanice
    goes to the Isle of Dreams
    only to find Maab a solid block of ice. She wakes up and leaves Dr. Cadaver’s
    house. Use the
    HORSEMANS FIFE to warp back to Etheria. Walk one screen right and one north
    and use the harp to
    warp back to the Fates. Talk to the Fates and tell them of Maab. The Fates
    will tell you to talk to the
    “Lady of Spring” . So go south and then left and jump down the bottom right
    rainbow to warp back to
    “The River Of Life”. Walk one screen left and talk to Lady Ceres. She will
    tell you that you need a crystal
    filled with the purest of sunlight to thaw Maab. Use the HORSEMANS FIFE to
    warp back to Etheria and
    use the bottom left rainbow. Walk right to Malicia’s house and go to the back
    through the hole.
    NOTE: This follows the same rule as earlier. If the dog is still barking
    before you go through the hole go
    back south in front of Malicia’s house and right to the woods. Walk back to
    the back of Malicia’s house
    and it should then be safe to enter. Once inside you will hear Malicia
    entering the house with her stupid
    dog. Go back down the floor and when Cuddles comes up give him the AMBROSIA.
    Malicia and Cuddles
    will leave so now enter the room. Once inside, examine the lamp at the bottom
    right corner to get the
    CRYSTAL SHAFT. Leave the room through the floor and walk back to the front of
    the house and use the
    HORSEMANS FIFE to warp back to Etheria. Jump down the top left rainbow to warp
    back to the desert.
    Walk 2 screens north and one right and enter the building. Use the CRYSTAL
    SHAFT on the sunlight
    coming from the eye of the statue to get the CRYSTAL SHAFT WITH SUNLIGHT.
    Leave the building
    and use the HORSEMANS FIFE to warp back to Etheria. Walk one screen right and
    one north and use
    the harp to warp back to the Fates. This time the Fates will give you a DREAM
    CATCHER and they will
    tell you of their nephew -- The Weaver of Dreams. Walk one screen south, one
    right and climb the
    mountain. Use the DREAM CATCHER on the cave entrance and when the nightmare
    appears use it on
    it. Enter the cave and talk to The Weaver of Dreams. Show him the DREAM
    CATCHER and he will give
    you the TAPESTRY OF DREAMS. Use the TAPESTRY OF DREAMS on Valanice to warp to
    the Land of
    Dreams. Use the DREAM CATCHER on the nightmare and they will kill each other.
    Walk south and you
    will swim to the Isle of Dreams. Enter the building and use the CRYSTAL SHAFT
    Maab to free her. Maab will give you the MAGIC BRIDLE and she tells you that
    you must ride Sorroco
    the Wind to the top of the Wind Mountain to seek the Lord Wind for help. Climb
    the mountain and stand
    behind the cave. Use the MAGIC BRIDLE on the wind. It will take you to the top
    of the mountain. You will
    discuss your problem with the King and Queen thus ending Chapter 5. 
    You should now have the following items in Valanice’s inventory: GOLDEN COMB,
    	Chapter 6 -- “Ready, Set... BOOM!”
    	This picks up right where Chapter 4 left off. Examine the MAGIC WAND and
    twist it around until
    you can click the button at the bottom of the wand. Click the button and when
    the king throws the other
    one to the back of the room use it on the one at the back of the room. Malicia
    will appear and put the real
    king to sleep and she will put Rosella into the Volcano. Use the SHOVEL on the
    Volcano to dig a hole
    back to the area outside of the control room. Walk one screen north and use
    the SHOVEL on the
    boulder. Climb on the boulder and get the FRAGRANT FLOWER. Use the following
    functions in this
    order to open the door: Use the left eye, the right eye, and then the nose.
    Enter the doorway and use the
    MYSTERIOUS DEVICE on the socket at the back of the room. When the MYSTERIOUS
    DEVICE begins
    flashing different colors take it and use the FRAGRANT FLOWER on the sleeping
    king. He will awake
    and deactivate the Volcano. Malicia will appear. Use the MYSTERIOUS DEVICE to
    turn her into a baby.
    Use the EXTRA LIFE on Edgar to save him. This ends Chapter 6 as well as the
    This strategy was written by Kellen Greenhill aka GreenElf13

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