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"Astro Chicken: Worst Game Ever"

Space Quest 3 (SQ3) follows the story of what happened at the end of SQ2. Your ship is taken in as scrap metal by a junk freighter and you need to find your way out. This time you get to explore several locations instead of the few in the first two games. The engine is advanced and one can type while the game is paused in the background. This avoids hasty typing/situations from the previous game we know too well.

Gameplay: 4/10

7/10 for SQ3 and 1/10 for Astro Chicken. The latter is the worst arcade game ever and should be avoided like the plague. Too bad we must play it for the story of SQ3 but it gets 1 point for that we only need to finish 10 chicken with plenty of game overs. For the rest of the game, it has too many arcade sequences unfortunately. Solving puzzles is interesting but figuring out how to fly with the ship is not.

Graphics: 8/10

Cute. I like this engine just like Leisure Suit Larry 2 used. The locations are very detailed and the characters have nice animations. A more detailed Wilco would have been nice I guess. For 1989 this was very good and I have seen worse game, including from Sierra) that followed afterwards and didn't reach this level.

Sound: 9/10

Awesome stuff. Even though it sound a little daft on the new music boards the tunes are extremely well done and catchy even after all these years. Obviously the Astro Chicken one not, but that won't bring down the rating for this part. From the start I noticed this game has good music, and it continued to have throughout the game. Sound effects are scarce but they add a nice touch. The creepy music is excellent and combined with some nice animation (such as the rats in their domain) makes this game seem more alive than ever.

Overall: 7/10

Good game, hard to solve puzzles at times and a little bit to arcardy at times especially when you need to play Astro Chicken. I could have done without that, shooting or space battles. In fact I'd like to have the pleasure of firing the person who invented this AC game. It is so bad, so awful, so painfully dreadful that I can understand many people stopping with SQ3 at this point in the game. This game is perhaps the kind of action adventure that would make for a new Space Quest sequel and is not classic like the others at all. However this is surely great for SQ fans and I prefer the more safe adventure where you don't die all over the place, even for innocently walking through the dessert and getting killed by scorpions. No thanks.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 05/09/05

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