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    FAQ/Walkthrough by odino

    Version: 1.2 | Updated: 07/07/08 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

               MMMMMMM         @:ZMM2MMMSWaMM MaMMaWMMMMMM  MMMMMM
     MMMMMMM@@WMWWWWM:  i7iX;rr:i,          MaM MM MM M.MMMMM   MMMMMM
        MMMWWWM@@MMMMM,;rX:ri;;;riiii;:,   MM M:  SMMMB ,        SMMMMMM
         M@@M@MMM@MM0 .;77;Xrr;rrrr;;;;i:i                :;,:i.   MMMMMM
        MMM@W@WWWMMM .Srr;7rrr;r7rSSaa777r:i,::i;:   ::i:i:i:,ii;.   BMBMZMM
       MMMM@MMMMMMMB i;;;;i,::::.., :,i7SSaSXr;;i,:ii;iiii;ii:ii:;:.  MMMMMMW
      WMMMWBWW@MS   :rri;i;;ii,i;:i,:., . iiS2Z2aa27Sr;r;7rir;;;:::i;  ;MWBMW
        MMM@MMMMM. .,i;:i:i;i;rr:i;:iiri:,,.   ,,   ,,,:,,,,i::ii;,ii:  M@WMMM
       MMMM@M@MWMW 7Xrrr::ii::,, .,:r;S2r   ,r;::,i.i:,i:ri,.:i;:iii::, MMWMM
         MMWM@MMi .rX77ri;i;ii:;i:i,,.   :Mr,Z22SXSXa22a22. S  r;;iir,i MM@M
          MMMMMMMMWXS77X77iiii;;rri:   7MMM@  .iXSi;i,:i.  MM   ,i:;i:i MMMM
           MM@MMr  XSX2XrS;rr;i;;;.  :MMMMMa ;:......:,:. 8MMM:  irrrr.MMMM
           MMMMWSX                 :MMMMM.  ,:,::iii,::,.  MMMM8  ir7; ;MM
            @M@MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM8,MMMMW   :rr;i:i,ii::::;r7:ZMMMM      MM
        MX   i7Z2XXM@MM@@WWWW@B@@@W@WBMWMW@WM@MM     MMMM@@@@@@MWM0M@@MM@W@M@MMM
         MM@;  .ri MMMMMMWMM@@WM@WM@@@MWW8W@MMM  :,   MMM@W@00@@@W@@MWMWWMMMWMMM
                   @Wr  aMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM   iraS2;;:,:..   XMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM
                    WS;:.    ,  ;;;.     SrriSX2r;iii.... a   S8MMMMMMMMZ;
                     872XaZ2ZSXii7Xr:, r2Xrr7arr2Xii:i: . i
                     W2ZaSaSSr7i:: . .2SXXr;S2:rSSr:::.... X
                      B7S;;7;i;,:.  ZMW72XSr,air7a8X;i:.. . W
                      BWi:i7Xr;i, Z0i;  i;rr7SXSS;ia2rr:.   :8
                       @M8   ;;;2 MM  ,.i.  ,ii:r  78S7;    r0
                         MMMB ,,, MM    :i :X,;.  ZZi :MMMMM8
                           WMS  i iMMMM    .i   MMS: 7@
                            MM7 : .    XBaXSaS:MM   BW
                             MM: ,i7 ,,. ;iX,i 0   @B
                              MM; ,X .,,....     MM
                                B. .r . . . ;i ,MM
                                 MM  i,:i;27SXaMM
                                  MMX  ,ir;,, 0
                                  Leisure Suit Larry
                   Goes Looking for Love (In Several Wrong Places)
    PC 1988
    Version:        1.2     released on the 7th of July 2008
    Author:         odino   http://www.gamefaqs.com/features/recognition/47976.html
    This guide is EXCLUSIVELY available to GameFAQs.
    | .========================================================================. |
    | |                           TABLE OF CONTENTS                            | |
    | '========================================================================' |
    | 01.) Introduction                                              |   G0100   |
    | 02.) Basics                                                    |   G0200   |
    | 03.) Walkthrough                                               |   G0300   |
    |      Los Angeles                                               |   G0310   |
    |      Cruise Ship                                               |   G0320   |
    |      Island Resort                                             |   G0330   |
    |      Airport                                                   |   G0340   |
    |      Airplane                                                  |   G0350   |
    |      Nontoonyt Island                                          |   G0360   |
    | 04.) Point List                                                |   G0400   |
    | 05.) Maps                                                      |   G0500   |
    | 06.) Copy-Protection                                           |   G0600   |
    | 07.) Items                                                     |   G0700   |
    | YY.) Version History                                           |   GYY00   |
    | ZZ.) Credits & Thanks                                          |   GZZ00   |
    01.)                    INTRODUCTION                                 G0100
    Welcome to 'Leisure Suit Larry Goes Looking for Love (In Several Wrong Places)'
    for the PC, a classic text adventure released by Sierra in 1988. The game was
    also released on the Atari ST and Amiga. Later on the game was included in
    several collections as well.
    This is the second game in the long-running Leisure Suit Larry series. It
    follows directly after the first game although one does not necessary need to
    have played it or even know the story. It does, however, make it slightly more
    fun if you do.
    Suggestions, comments or errors - tell me about it. Enjoy!
    02.)                    BASICS                                       G0200
    Move Larry with the arrow buttons and go diagonally with the Page Up/Down, Home
    and End keys. Alternatively use the NumPad to move around. Type the text and
    press Enter to use it. Make sure you are close to the object/character you
    wish to interact with. You should set the speed to something faster than the
    Save      = F5
    Load      = F7
    Quit      = CTRL+Q
    +         = Increase Speed
    -         = Decrease Speed
    ReType    = F3
    Inventory = TAB
    This game is not very picky about grammar and you can usually forget about
    typing "the" or "a". Also the text input is more advanced so the game is
    paused while you type. Neat for hectic situations where a quick action is
    All commands in the guide are in CAPS. You might notice sometimes the guide
    also lacks grammar. This is intentional because the commands are also lacking
    them and it is easier to get across if ignored.
    Save often and use different slots, you can get stuck at many points in the
    game without prior warning. This is not like modern LucasArts adventures (i.e.
    Monkey Island) where you cannot die nor get stuck. Even if you think you do
    things right you might get screwed (the cruise ship for example).
    The number in the ()s is the amount of points you get during the game. They
    are listed again in the point list for a quick overview. 
    03.)                    WALKTHROUGH                                  G0300
    #.,( LOS ANGELES ),.#                                                G0310
    ___Eve's House___
    You start out with nothing. Go inside the garage and TAKE DOLLAR (3). Go North
    3 times, East twice and LOOK HOLE (1). Go right to the QuikieMart and enter it.
    BUY TICKET (3) and enter any six 3-digit numbers you like. Afterwards leave the
    store and go West three times to arrive at the studio.
    Go inside and SHOW TICKET to the receptionist. Write down the 6 numbers she
    gives you and enter them when prompted (10). You'll go into the green room
    where you should SIT (1). When a guy comes from the left door, STAND and enter
    it. You'll be playing The Dating Connection (20). Input anything when asked the
    two questions. Afterwards you'll be back in the green room and get your ticket
    (6). SIT and wait for the lady to come from the door opposite the Dating
    Connection. STAND and go inside to play the Lottery Show (12). You'll win
    1,000,000 (7)! Leave the studio and go down one screen, then right. Enter the
    ___Molto Lira___
    Go towards the back and TAKE SWIMSUIT (5) then stand in front of the counter
    and PAY (3). You'll end up with lots of change from that million dollar bill.
    Go south into the park and wait for a small jogger to run in the background.
    LOOK JOGGER (1).
    ___Eve's House__
    Go back to Eve's house West and South and LOOK BIN twice to find your passport.
    TAKE PASSPORT (5). Go right twice and enter the barber shop.
    ___Barber Shop___
    SIT and get a haircut (3) then go outside and up twice to the closed shop and
    right to the drug store.
    ___Drug Store___
    TAKE SUSCREEN (9) at the left shelf and PAY the clerk. Exit and go up one
    screen back to the Quickiemart.
    Inside, TAKE SODA (5) at the machine and PAY (3). Leave and go left three times
    and down once. Enter the music shop.
    ___Ye Olde Ethno-Musicology Shoppe___
    TALK GIRL (7) and watch the funny scenes. You'll find yourself in the park. Go
    east and ignore the guy talking to you. Go down to the barber and then east to
    the cruise ship.
    SHOW TICKET (9) to the man here and go up the ramp. Watch the animation.
    #.,( CRUISE SHIP ),.#                                                G0320
    Enter your cabin at the lower right of the ship. Go to the room next door (OPEN
    DOOR) to find the other contest's winner's mother instead. As soon as the
    conversation is done, exit back to your room quickly. Go back to her room and
    make sure it says she's not here nor that she's coming back soon. OPEN DRAWER
    next to her bed and TAKE SEWING KIT (6). Quickly return to your room. TAKE
    FRUIT (3) and go behind the wardrobe to WEAR SUIT. Leave the room.
    ___Swimming Pool___
    Next up is the pool, it is located above your cabin. As soon as you enter you
    should USE SUNSCREEN (3). LIE (3) on the only available chair and wait for the
    woman to come and leave. (For an extensive bad ending, follow her out of the
    pool area) For the walkthrough you should STAND and walk into the pool instead.
    SWIM and then position yourself in the middle of the water. On some modern PCs
    this next part can be tough as you run out of air too quickly. DIVE and go down
    to the bikini. TAKE TOP (7) when you are very close and swim back up. Then swim
    towards the side of the pool and GET OUT. USE SUNSCREEN (3) again. Exit the
    pool area, WEAR SUIT at your cabin and go up to the revolving restaurant.
    (If the mother jumps you after you have returned from the pool you must have
    done something wrong, this could be random as I read somewhere and the solution
    was simply to retry and save often on different slots...reload before having
    boarded the ship.)
    TAKE DIP (2) at the left side of the bar. Leave the restaurant again. Your next
    destination is the lower left side.
    ___Barber Shop___
    You second trip to the barber. SIT (3) to get a wig. Exit and go up the nearby
    stairs onto the bridge.
    ___Control Room___
    Stay away from the captain as they'll throw you into the brig. Also don't go
    too far to the other door or the KGB will kill the captain and you die too.
    Stay close to your position and walk up to the blue lever just behind the
    captain. PULL LEVER (8) and then leave the same way you came in from. Go to the
    lifeboats just below the revolving restaurant.
    JUMP BOAT (2) and the lifeboats will be lowered. When you drift away (5), USE
    WIG (5) and THROW DIP (2). During your 10 days out on sea you will use up a lot
    of things and eventually end up at an island (25).
    #.,( ISLAND RESORT ),.#                                              G0330
    When ready go south into the Jungle.
    The jungle servers as connection between the various locations on the island.
    You only have to get through the whole animation once. TAKE FLOWER (3) the
    second time Larry walks into the screen. From now on the animations get shorter
    but you can just type EXIT to take a shortcut the next time Larry disappears
    off the screen.
    TALK MAN and SIT. Wait for all the rich and famous people to come and sit down
    and you also get a seat. Don't eat the food (kills you as usual) but go to the
    buffet and TAKE KNIFE (3). Exit.
    ___Hotel Room___
    Ignore the maid and TAKE MATCHES (2) near the bed. In the bathroom, TAKE SOAP
    (2) and you can leave this place again.
    ___Barber Shop___
    Wow every place has a barber. SIT (3) and get your hair...done. Leave.
    Go left and TAKE BIKINI (4) from the rock. Go back into the jungle and skip
    the restaurant.
    ___Hotel Room___
    Go behind the washroom and WEAR BIKINI (5). Now PUT SOAP IN BIKINI (12) and
    leave this place for good.
    ___Barber Shop___
    SIT (3) down again to get a full body wax. Ouch. Exit to the beach.
    Go right now and the "Russian" agents won't recognize you (12). Go right and
    down the steep cliff. Just before the end WEAR SUIT (6) and get to the airport.
    By the way, each time you nearly fall off the cliff you get 1 point NOT. Nice
    one though.
    #.,( AIRPORT ),.#                                                    G0340
    ___Terminal Entrance___
    When the two guys in robe approach you GIVE FLOWER (7) so they go away. Go
    left inside and inside the Barber Shop.
    ___Barber Shop___
    LOOK GIRL (3) and SIT (3) to get your old hair back.
    Go west past the infinite queues and SHOW PASSPORT (5) to the customs employee.
    After this go right and TAKE SUITCASE (5) when the green bag comes along to
    clear the queues at the counters (15). Now TALK GIRL to buy a ticket and go
    east. SHOW PASSPORT to the customs agent again and follow this way to the shop.
    ___Rest Area___
    BUY FOOD and GET PIN (7) after it has arrived. BUY INSURANCE  (3) off the red
    machine on the right. Now go up towards the waiting room.
    #.,( AIRPLANE ),.#                                                   G0350
    ___Waiting Room___
    TAKE PAMPTHLET (11) on the left side of the desk. SHOW TICKET (3) to the guy at
    the counter so you'll end up in your seat.
    After take-off, GIVE PAMPTHLET (8) to distract Ken from Lefty's Bar (LSL1).
    Otherwise the flight attendance will block your path when you get up. TAKE BAG
    (5) and STAND. Go to the back of the plane. At the door opposite the toilet
    (with the red light), USE PIN (5), USE HANDLE, WEAR PARACHUTE (4) and OPEN DOOR
    (6). In the air USE PARACHUTE to open it before the 2nd screen and you'll land
    so-so safely on the island.
    #.,( NONTOONYT ISLAND ),.#                                           G0360
    USE KNIFE (8) to get down from the tree. TAKE STICK (4) and go towards the
    bottom of the screen. There is only one opening through the scenery and it is
    blocked by a bush. Just before you reach it, CRAWL (6) to avoid the killer
    bees. On the next screen you can see a snake hiding in the tree. When you get
    between the two rocks it will attack you. Quickly USE STICK (10) to get rid of
    it. On the third screen you must walk on the lighter mud like the monkey did.
    Save often and avoid the quicksand (5). The next part is tricky. Get as close
    as you can to the riverbed and the large rock. JUMP 4x extremely fast to get to
    the other side. TAKE VINE (4) and proceed to the beach where you meet Kalalau
    After a lengthy scene you end up at the chasm (25). Return to the village and
    TAKE ASH (6) from the fireplace as well as TAKE SAND (3) at the beach. 
    Back at the chasm, position yourself in the middle (don't worry if you fall off
    from this point forward, you'll respawn) and USE VINE (11) to swing across.
    Pass the next screen and USE ASH (10) in front of the ice. We are finally at
    the top of the volcano. Stand next to the gap in the middle and PUT BAG IN
    BOTTLE (5). USE MATCHES (5) and DROP BOTTLE quickly (10). Walk into the
    elevator and watch the ending (40).
    04.)                    POINT LIST                                   G0400
    |                                     Points:             Total:        |
    | LOS ANGELES:                                                          |
    |                                                                       |
    | Take a Dollar                           3                  3          |
    | Look through Hole                       1                  4          |
    | Buy a Ticket                            1                  7          |
    | Show the Ticket                        10                 17          |
    | Sit in green room                       1                 18          |
    | Win The Dating Connection              20                 38          |
    | Win a Cruise                            6                 42          |
    | Win the Lottery Show                   12                 54          |
    | Get 1,000,000 dollars                   7                 63          |
    | Take a Swimsuit                         5                 68          |
    | Pay for the Swimsuit                    3                 71          |
    | Look at the Jogger                      1                 72          |
    | Take the Passport                       5                 77          |
    | Sit at the Barber's                     3                 80          |
    | Buy Sunscreen                           9                 89          |
    | Take the Soda                           5                 94          |
    | Pay for the Soda                        3                 97          |
    | Receive the Onklunk                     7                104          |
    | Show the ticket                         9                113          |
    |                                                                       |
    |                                                                       |
    | CRUISE SHIP:                                                          |
    |                                                                       |
    | Take Sewing Kit                         6                119          |
    | Take Fruit                              3                122          |
    | Use Sunscreen (before swim)             3                125          |
    | Lie at Swimming Pool                    3                128          |
    | Take Bikini                             7                135          |
    | Use Sunscreen (after swim)              3                138          |
    | Take Dip                                2                140          |
    | Sit at the Barber's                     3                143          |
    | Pull Lever                              8                151          |
    | Jump on lifeboat                        2                153          |
    | Leave on lifeboat                       5                158          |
    | Wear Wig                                5                153          |
    | Throw away Dip                          2                155          |
    | Survive on Sea                         25                190          |
    |                                                                       |
    |                                                                       |
    | ISLAND RESORT:                                                        |
    |                                                                       |
    | Take Flower                             3                193          |
    | Wait in restaurant                      1                194          |
    | Enter restaurant                        1                195          |
    | Take Knife                              3                198          |
    | Take Matches                            2                200          |
    | Take Soap                               2                202          |
    | Sit at the Barber's                     3                205          |
    | Take Bikini                             4                209          |
    | Wear Bikini                             5                214          |
    | Put Soap inside Bikini                 12                226          |
    | Sit at the Barber's                     3                229          |
    | Get past Agents                        12                241          |
    | Wear Suit                               6                247          |
    |                                                                       |
    |                                                                       |
    | AIRPORT:                                                              |
    |                                                                       |
    | Give Flower to Agents                   7                254          |
    | Look at Barber                          3                257          |
    | Sit at the Barber's                     3                260          |
    | Show passport                           5                265          |
    | Take Suitcase                           5                270          |
    | Empty Queues                           15                285          |
    | Buy Ticket                              5                290          |
    | Take Pin                                7                297          |
    | Buy Insurance                           3                300          |
    |                                                                       |
    |                                                                       |
    | AIRPLANE:                                                             |
    |                                                                       |
    | Take Pamphlet                          11                311          |
    | Show Ticket                             3                314          |
    | Give Pamphlet to Ken                    8                322          |
    | Take Bag                                5                327          |
    | Use Pin                                 5                332          |
    | Wear Parachute                          4                336          |
    | Open Emergency Door.                    6                342          |
    |                                                                       |
    |                                                                       |
    | NONTOONYT ISLAND:                                                     |
    |                                                                       |
    | Use Knife                               8                350          |
    | Take Stick                              4                354          |
    | Crawl                                   6                360          |
    | Use Stick                              10                370          |
    | Avoid quicksand                         5                375          |
    | Jump over River                         6                381          |
    | Take Vine                               4                385          |
    | Meet Kalalau                           10                395          |
    | Get Objective at Village               25                420          |
    | Take Ash                                6                426          |
    | Take Sand                               3                429          |
    | Use Vine                               11                440          |
    | Use Ash                                10                450          |
    | Put Bag In Bottle                       5                455          |
    | Drop Bottle                             5                460          |
    | Defeat Dr. Nonookee                    40                500          |
    |                                                                       |
    05.)                    MAPS                                         G0500
      ------   -----   -------
     | Game | |Room | | Draw  |
      -----    -----   -------
             ---------                       ----------
            |Reception|                     |QuikieMart|
             ---------                       ----------
                |                                |
             ------   ------   -----------   -----------
            |  TV  |-|H-wood|-|Quickiemart|-|Quickiemart|
            |Studio| | Sign | |   Alley   | | Exterior  |
     -----   ------   ------   -----------   -----------
    |Music|   |      /  ------     |         |
    |Store|   |      | |M.Lira|    |         |     ----------
     -----    |      |  ------     |         |    |Drug Store|
         \    |      |    |        |         |     ----------
       --------   ----------   ------     ---------- /
      |Music S.|-|Molto Lira|-|Burger| - |Drug Store|
      |Exterior| | Exterior | | Shop |   | Exterior |
       --------   ----------   ------     ----------
            |        |        /          /                   -----------
          ----   ------   --------   ----                   |Cruise Ship|
         |Park|-|Jogger|-|Downtown|-|Bars|                   -----------
          ----   ------   --------   ----                  /
            |         ------  |     /             --------
            |        |Barber| |    /             |Boarding|
            |        | Shop | |   /              |  Ramp  |
            |         ------  |  /                --------
            |             \   | /               /
          -----   ------   -----------   ------
         |Eve's|-|Studio|-|Barber Shop|-|Harbor|
         |House| | Set  | | Exterior  |  ------
          -----   ------   -----------
                       ----------                              -------
                      |Barbershop|                            |Walkway|
                       ----------                              -------
                           |                                      |
                      ------------   -------   ----   --------   ----
                     |Waiting Area|-|Counter|-|Gate|-|Security|-|Cafe|
                      ------------   -------   ----   --------   ----
     ----------    -------   ------   -----
    |Nude Beach|--| Beach |-|Agents|-|Cliff|
     ----------    -------   ------   -----
         -----     ------   ----------
        |Hotel| - |Jungle|-|Restaurant|
         -----     ------   ----------
     ----       |Chasm|
    |Tree|       -----
     ----          |
       |           |
     ----        -----   ----   -------
    |Bees|      |Chief|-|Fire|-|Village|
     ----        -----   ----   -------
       |                           |
     -----   ---------   -----   ----------
    |Snake|-|Quicksand|-|River|-|Sand Beach|
     -----   ---------   -----   ----------
    06.)                    COPY-PROTECTION                              G0600
    Instead of age questions seen in Larry 1 you get a real copyright protection
    this time around. These are in your manual but if you happen to have lost it
    over the years you can just type in 0724 for any girl to skip it. You will also
    skip the introduction this way. Alternatively, head over to Al Lowe's homepage,
    the creator of this game, and check out the pictures for all the phone numbers
    available. www.allowe.com (last viewed 26th April 2005)
    By the way, 07-24 is Al Lowe's birthday.
    This only works with version #1.002.000 of the game, which is also on the later
    collections. For the original release (#1.000.011) you have to use the pictures
    of the girls after all.
    Because it is already hard enough to identify them from the color chart, there
    is not much point to make ASCII pictures here. Instead I have categorized them
    to describe their features. I still recommend checking out Al Lowe's website
    first if possible.
    White Top - Blonde                                             555-2737
    White Top - Brunette                                           555-2867
    White Top - Wide Black Hair                                    555-3642
    White Top - Tight Black Hair - Setting Necklace + Smiling      555-7448
    White Top - Tight Black Hair - Thin Necklace                   555-8627
    Black Top - Blonde                                             555-5464
    Black Top - Brunette                                           555-3425
    Black Top - Tight Black Hair                                   555-3787
    Black Top - Wide Black Hair  - No Necklace                     555-5633
    Black Top - Wide Black Hair  - Necklace                        555-2868
    Gray Top  - Tight Black Hair                                   555-3825
    Gray Top  - Brunette         - Small Earrings + Smiling        555-5834
    Gray Top  - Brunette         - Large Earrings                  555-6262
    Gray Top  - Blonde           - Gold Necklace                   555-3425
    Gray Top  - Blonde           - Blue Grid Necklace              555-5968
    Gray Top  - Blonde           - Blue Round Necklace             555-8487
    07.)                    ITEMS                                        G0700
    Airline Ticket:
    Requires to board the plane on the island and bought at the ticket counter
    inside the airport itself. The lines will never disappear by themselves so
    Larry will have to find another way to buy one. Once you board the plane this
    ticket is not useful any longer.
    Found: Airport Counter
    Used:  Airport Boarding
    Airsick Bag:
    Every airplane seat ought to have one, and the one Larry is on is not any
    different. Instead of actually using it for airsickness (Larry would never get
    airsick, right!?) this bag is nice and sturdy for building a homebrew bomb.
    Found: Airplane
    Used:  Volcano
    A native village would not be complete without a fire in the center for
    cooking nice foreigners that do not comply with the local customs, oops I meant
    for cooking food. Nevertheless, fires produce ashes and ashes are perfect for
    glacier areas.
    Found: Village Fire
    Used:  Glacier
    Bikini Bottom:
    Not complete without the top, but together they can make a woman out of Larry
    (although his dreams are always to become a real man). The top is found near
    the nude beach resort and part of the disguise to sneak through the KGB agent
    Found: Nude Beach
    Used:  Agents
    Bikini Top:
    Someone must have lost this while taking a dip in the pool on the cruiser ship,
    because it lying on the bottom of it. To get there Larry must dive down, a task
    that sounds easier than it really is. If you stuff this top with soap you may
    even fool someone into thinking you have large breasts, perfect for a woman's
    Found: Cruise Ship Pool (bottom)
    Used:  Agents
    Bobby Pin:
    The cafe in the airport serves food with this included, not on purpose I take
    it. However, this will soon come in handy to unlock the plane's airlock so we
    will forgive the lousy snack bar's food this time around.
    Found: Airport Cafe
    Used:  Airplane
    Cruise Ticket:
    The grand prize for winning The Dating Connection is a cruise with the female
    contestant. The ship will dock at the harbor sometime later and you cannot board
    it without showing to the purser there. Let the relaxing cruise begin...
    Found: Dating Game
    Used:  Harbor
    Dollar Bill:
    Eve's garage is still open after she kicks you out, too bad there is not much
    else in here but a dollar bill. The best way to get money fast is by purchasing
    a lottery ticket at the QuickieMart, at least in this game.
    Found: Eve's House (Garage)
    Used:  QuickieMart
    An exotic flower found in the resort's jungle. Given to the Krishna-loving
    agents waiting at the airport before they try to arrest you.
    Found: Jungle
    Used:  Airport Entrance
    Complimentary with the cruise ship's cabin, it slightly dampens the blow that
    the female contestant from The Dating Connection has decided not to join you
    after all, but not enough to dampen the BLOW that her mother is coming along
    instead. You need this to survive the many days out on sea.
    Found: Cruise Ship Cabin
    Used:  Lifeboat
    Grotesque Gulp:
    This "beverage" is for sale in the QuickieMart back in Los Angeles. You would
    normally never drink this stuff, but when you are out on sea in a lifeboat then
    you are not that picky. Without it you would die.
    Found: QuickieMart
    Used:  Lifeboat
    Hair Rejuvenator:
    After so many failed attempts to get your hair the way you like it in all these
    airport barber shops, you will receive a hair rejuvenator to try out. Instead
    of wasting this stuff on your already-screwed-beyond-repair hair you may as
    well use its toxic to build a little bomb.
    Found: Barbor Shop
    Used:  Volcano
    What would a restaurant be without a knife? Even far-off resorts in the jungle
    still have these on offer, and this is about the only thing you can pick up
    there after getting the worse seat in the place. The use of this knife is the
    usual parachute rope cutting that is already such a cliche in adventure
    Found: Restaurant
    Used:  Tree
    Lottery Ticket:
    This is your lucky day, one lousy dollar buys you this lottery ticket at the
    QuickieMart and you will win all the money you need for the rest of the game.
    To win you first have to run over to the TV studio and convince the
    receptionist that you have the same numbers than the winning ticket. I tried
    that in real life once, did not work...
    Found: QuickieMart
    Used:  TV Studio
    Back in the days when smoking was still a standard habit without being made a
    criminal in the eyes of society, matches were still complimentary in hotels.
    However, Larry would never smoke tobacco so we will have to be content with
    lighting bombs instead.
    Found: Hotel
    Used:  Volcano
    Million Dollar Bill:
    Your winning amount from the Lottery Show, too bad no-one can give you change
    on this. The only person that does is the clerk in Molto Lira which gives you
    enough change to continue your spending spree in the rest of town.
    Found: Lottery Draw
    Used:  Molto Lira
    This is what gets you in trouble as it contains a KGB microfiche and the agents
    start hunting you for the rest of the game. The onklunk does not actually do
    anything else but break.
    Found: Music Store
    Used:  -
    Pamphlets contain tons of interesting information for people that really care
    about it. The airports usually have a lot of these to take so why not just do
    that?! It may keep a talkative person busy later on the plane.
    Found: Airport Boarding
    Used:  Airplane
    The plane you take is so budget that you have to buy your own parachute in the
    case of emergencies. We shall create our own emergency later on so you may as
    well be prepared to jump out of the plane.
    Found: Airport Cafe
    Used:  Airplane
    Eve really hates you so she throws out your passport. This only occurs after
    you win The Dating Show and you prepare of the trip. Before you will not find
    anything, sneaky. You will need the passport for both the airport and the
    cruise ship.
    Found: Eve's House
    Used:  Harbor, Airport
    Sand is a-plenty on Nontoonyt island, and sand is very useful on icy paths.
    Nontoonyt also happens to have these so that just fits perfectly. You can use
    the ashes instead, but you get points for picking up the sand as well.
    Found: Sand Beach
    Used:  Glacier
    Sewing Kit:
    Unfortunately you have to be content with The Dating Show's female contestant
    not coming along on the cruise, and her mom doing so instead. The good news is
    that she is packing a sewing kit in her nightstand and every amateur fisher
    knows this is as good as a fishing pole ever gets when you need to survive out
    at sea.
    Found: Cruise Ship Cabin
    Used:  Lifeboat
    Soap is the perfect size and shape to fill the bikini top for the fake breast.
    Wearing this goes one step further to fool the KGB agents that you are a woman,
    but one step backwards to prove you are a man to any woman you meet.
    Found: Hotel
    Used:  Agents
    Spinach Dip:
    Spinach dip is only useful for points as far I know, as having it once you are
    on the lifeboat actually means you die. Therefore if you want the full score
    you have to pick this up on the cruse ship and then throw it away on the
    Found: Cruise Ship Bar
    Used:  -
    Stout Stick:
    There are plenty of sticks in the jungle of Nontoonyt, and one of these might
    just save your life when fighting off a dangerous snake on your way.
    Found: Bees
    Used:  Snake
    The drugstore sells this in Los Angeles and without it you would get a nasty
    sunburn. So nasty in fact, that you might want to reconsider going into the sun
    at all. Put this one while at the pool and in the lifeboat so you do not crisp
    to death.
    Found: Drugstore
    Used:  Cruise Ship Pool, Lifeboat
    Going on a cruise ship obviously means going swimming. There happens to be a
    nice clothes store in Los Angeles called the Molto Lira. It is also the only
    place that takes your million dollar bill so buying this solves two problems
    at once.
    Found: Molto Lira
    Used:  Cruise Ship Pool
    Larry likes to Tarzan, not only to act as a hunk of a man but also to jump over
    piranha-filled rivers. As you pick this up later you can re-use it for another
    jump over a chasm, all this practice really comes into use.
    Found: River
    Used:  Chasm/Plant
    Wad O'dough:
    Basically lots of money, enough to never go broke through the game. You receive
    this as change from the Molto Lira shop in Los Angeles after giving the lady
    your million dollar bill. You buy pretty much anything with this, including
    paying for haircuts.
    Found: Molto Lira
    Used:  Various
    One barber shop will give you this after a visit. You do not really want to be
    seen with it right now, but it helps prevent sunburns while you are on the
    Found: Cruise Ship Barber Shop
    Used:  Lifeboat
    YY.)                    VERSION HISTORY                              GYY00
    v1.0     First release (26th of April 2005)
    v1.1     Second release, update with copy-protection, maps and format change
             (27th of June 2008)
    v1.2     Third release, included list of items with description. (7th of July
    ZZ.)                    CREDITS & THANKS                             GZZ00
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