Review by odino

"A Very Larry Sequel"

This sequel came out just one year after the original Larry game. It features an improved engine but is still text based. Pretty much everything about the game seems improved and it also boasts a higher point score. Or does it? First off the filth level meter doesn't do anything. The game is less filthy and has more black humor instead. This is most likely the cleanest Larry game outside the Casino games. The score is a cheat because instead of 222 hard earned points from the first game you now get a bunch of points thrown at you for any little task. In fact it's hard to find any action that gives you 1 or no points for something. So 500 is hardly more than double the adventure. On the other hand, it is longer than the original game. The locations are bigger and each area is a mini-quest to get out of. The overall story is very good and funny at that.

Gameplay: 8/10
This is great. What's best is that the text input stops the game now so you can take your time and respond to rapid changes in the game. There are very few arcade spots to get around to. Most annoying must be the huge amount of ways Larry can die. Even the most innocent things will get you killed, like taking a drink from the bar. I guess what doesn't get you killed gives you points. And when you do die you know more about what you are supposed to do. Strange philosophy. Some puzzles are hard, extremely hard to solve and can take you back all the way to the beginning of the game where you forgot to do something. Not fun. You get stuck way too often and that combined with the multiple traps and arcade ways to die: just way too much folks. You can also control Larry with the mouse now, but who wants to do that? He'll get stuck in every scenery.

Graphics: 8/10
Good, especially for 1988. Sometimes you can feel the limitations of the hardware but they've done a good job. Cut and paste is often seen over the place, with characters looking very much alike or even identical, and the objects way too similar.

Sound: 6/10
Still the same old story with the PC speakers. They just don't cut it. Annoying tunes through your computer that wake everyone up at home. I guess one can be happy the new operating systems don't support many DOS sound games.

Overall: 8/10
I personally like this game a lot. The story is great, humour is hilarious and it takes you through a wide range of areas with many nice puzzles to solve. At times you feel it's been rushed and cheated its way with the point scale but a very solid sequel nonetheless.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 04/27/05

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