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"Put Larry Back in the Pack!"

This is the last of the Larry Text Adventure Trilogy and came out a year after the first sequel. It is like the first and second game combined with the first one being pure adventure and the second more arcade-like. Whereas the second game disappointed a lot with the lack of filth, this one is high up there. It even comes with a filth level depending on how many questions you can answer at the beginning. The humor of the game is great. The real letdown is the way Larry has become the hero of the game instead of a loser. Sure you fail at many things, especially with women, but apart from the inner monologue there isn't much you get made fun off. The game starts out fair enough, your wife leaves you, your boss and uncle fires you but the rest of the game is aimed at success. Your mission is to woo Patti at the Bar. She has high standards so poor out-of-shape Larry has to improve his image. Get in shape, bring her a present, get divorced. These quests are harder to come by as it seems and will require you please several women on the way. The second part of the game takes you into a totally new perspective: a women's point of view. Patti's part is short, has little puzzles and a lot of arcade sections. The humor is great, however, and the programmers did a good job. The only problem is, we want to play Larry and not Patti, and we want to see Larry made ridiculed and made fun off rather than Patti play the hero.

Gameplay: 8/10

This is the last part of the text adventures and the newer games are better in that aspect. 4000 points might sound like a lot to reach, and makes for a long game, but in reality mere two actions can already give you 500 each and one usually gets 40-50 points for most major events. Point inflation happened to other games in the Sierra series and Larry was not spared. Still, the game is pretty long and a most time will be spent in the earlier parts. The later stages seems easier as choices get slimmer, however, the game also falls under the should-have-done category where if you failed to take something much much earlier it will come to haunt you. It is for a good reason that the programmers tell you to save often and on different slots.

Graphics: 8/10
Not bad but even the second game was better at times. Some naughty parts are available for those who like it and for those that don't they can filter it out. The girls look quite freakish on close-up view apart for Patti of course, and her animation is well done and detailed. The scenery is very idyllic. The rain forests look authentic and it is very funny how they have planted the whole new age tourist attractions into the area. On the negative side I will need to mention that the forests also make for a lousy time to navigate through, and finding your way around to certain locations would be much easier without the many layers of jungle graphics.

Sound: 6/10
Larry uses the music from the earlier games and mixes them some more. I especially liked the tunes used for dances and the gym. The overall game requires more effects, however, as there is not enough to give you the feeling Larry/Patti is really doing what you asked for. A splash of water, a metal clanging in the gym, water rushing down in the shower - all those things are visually stunning, but do not soak the player in thoroughly.

Overall: 7/10
Very enjoyable and at points it makes up for the lack of filth and girls of the second game, but it takes the point score too far and fails in delivering the true Larry aspects. This is what 1, 6 and 7 did so much better.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 08/17/06

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