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    Hints and Tips by Anonymous

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    It is not possible to use all six party members.  Whenever you disembark 
    three members will be left on the boat.  The three members left on the 
    boat can be used to store items.  You can pick the three members you wish 
    to take with you.  The best playing party is Heimdall, Druid, and Berzerker.  
    Spells needed to complete all three quests are Water, Revelation, Shrinking, 
    Disenchantment and Teleportation.  All others can be discarded if not needed.  
    The main objective of the game is to retrieve Thor's hammer, Frey's spear, 
    and Odin's sword.
    Open all chests and examine all parts of islands.  Make sure to collect a 
    runestone, diamond, and silver coin during your adventures on the islands.  
    You will need these items in order to receive a serpent killer spell.  
    Although this spell is not absolutely necessary, is does make the conclusion 
    of the first quest easier.  If along your way someone asks you for an item 
    you do not have, do not panic.  It is not necessary to give everyone what 
    they want.  If you do not have the item you can attempt to fight the person.  
    Before you go to your last island, please be sure you have a Shrinking spell.  
    To get to the last island (located in the upper right corner of map) you must 
    come from the little island in the lower right corner of map.  As you can see 
    the last island has a serpent protecting it, this is where the serpent killer 
    spell comes in handy.  Although you can fight the serpent and win it is not 
    recommended.  Thor's hammer can be found on this island and you use the 
    Shrinking spell to get it.
    Travel to islands in a southwest pattern.  Island one has a store, and you 
    must get helmet from chest.  On island two, use keys to get Ruby, use Water 
    spell to get Storm Blade in room with two red doors.  On island three, see 
    the three Goddesses to find what they need.  On island four, south of the 
    Goddesses, use Detect Door spell in the room you find it in, and get Dragon 
    Eggs.  Head to center island and place the helmet between the two others on 
    the shelf in the room with the encased key.  Get diamond key after using 
    helmet.  Go east to island that resembles a foot.  Use revelation spell on 
    the book case and you should get a shrinking spell.  Go to north and use 
    mouth peice to blow horn.  This will transport you to the last island.  Freys 
    Spear can be found on this island by using your shrinking spell.  
    Travel to islands in northwest pattern.  Go to island northernmost in center.  
    Use Revelation to cross first bridge and get Water spell.  Use Revelation on 
    second bridge to get bag of stones.  Now head to island directly south of 
    first one.  Use bag of stones in room with enchanted bag.  Get power.  Go to 
    island directly northwest of start.  Walk on pressure plates until silver 
    ring falls.  Get it.  Head to island northeast of start.  Use runestones to 
    find path across water.  Get silver ring from chest.  Go to island directly 
    above the island of large ships.  Use Water spell to enter temple.  Use all 
    three silver rings near the circle in the floor.  You get Odin's sword and 
    will complete the game.

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