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    FAQ/Strategy Guide by MysticWeirdo

    Version: 1.0.2 | Updated: 01/02/06 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Stellar 7
    Faq/Strategy Guide
    Version 1.0.2
    Author: MysticWeirdo
     1.     Introduction
     2.     Version History
     3.     Game Basics
     4.     Strategy Tips
     5.     Missions 
     6.     Briefing Notes
     7.     Slowing the game for modern PC's
     7.     LEGAL
     8.     Contact Information
     9.     Credits
    1. Introduction
    I am MysticWeirdo also known by my real name Warren Grieder.
    Stellar 7 is a combat simulation that puts you in command of the Raven, 
    Earth's most powerful fighting machine.  You'll need to fight through the 
    forces of the Arcturan Empire through seven systems from Sol (Earth's sun) 
    through to Arcturus, where you'll need to defeat the flagship of the Arcturan 
    Supreme Overlord, Gir Draxon, to save the Earth from destruction.
    This guide is based on the PC version of the game.  There were also version on 
    several other systems, of which I've played the C64 version which was quite 
    2. Version History
    Version 1.0.2 January 2, 2006 Note added about destroying some obstacles to 
    reveal warplinks that skip levels.
    Version 1.0.1 November 20, 2005 Some typos corrected.
    Version 1.0  August 13, 2005 Initial Version of this Guide.
    3. Games Basics
    3.1 Controls
    Up Arrow - Forward
    Down Arrow - Reverse
    Right Arrow - Turn Right
    Left Arrow - Turn Left
    Space Bar/Joystick Button One - Fire Cannon
    P - Pause
    Esc - Exit (required confirmation)
    F10 - Preferences
    F2 - Toggle Sound and Music
    Alt-S - Toggle Sound
    Alt-M - Toggle Music
    Alt-J - Toggle Joystick Support
    Alt-C - Calibrate Joystick
    Alt-D - Toggle Mouse Support
    Z - Toggle Zoom
    Tab/Joystick Button Two - Select Power Model
    Enter/Joystick Both Buttons - Active Selected Power Model
    Power Modules quick keys:
    E - EEL Shield
    T - MP Thruster
    I - Inviso Cloak
    S - Super Cannon
    J - Jump Thruster
    C - Cat's Eye
    B - RC Bomb
    3.2 Main Menu
    The are five selection in the Main Menu:
    Begin - starts a new game
    Briefing - view the mission briefing (see transcript in a later section)
    Prefs - change settings including graphic details, mouse and joystick support 
    toggles, music and audio toggles, difficulty select - easy, standard, or hard, 
    and a story panel toggle.
    Score - Display High Scores
    Exit - Exit to DOS
    3.3 Combat Screen
    The largest portion of the screen is a first person view of the current planet 
    where you can see enemies, obstacles, pickups, and incoming fire.  Other 
    elements surround that.
    At the top of the screen is a bird emblem that goes when the inviso cloak is 
    active.  It flashes when the cloak is about to fail.  Below that is the name 
    of the current system.
    In the lower left is a display of the 7 power modules.  Each module has three 
    small boxes that will contain a mark indicating a remaining use of that 
    module.  The module will be grayed out if they are no remaining uses.  
    In the lower center is the radar screen.  Blue dots are obstacles, yellow dots 
    are enemies, and red dots are weapons fire (both yours and the enemies).You're 
    position is in the center.
    Below the radar is a meter of your remaining shield strength. When you get hit 
    it will drop a bit. If you can hit when your shields are gone you will be 
    destroyed.  Easy difficulty allows two continues, and standard difficulty 
    allow one.  Continue reset the score and being in the current system.
    The lower right contains your current score and your cannon indicator.  The 
    indicator will be red when the cannon is ready to fire, and blue when it's 
    reloading.  Each shot damages .1 meters of an enemy unit's armor.
    3.4 Power Modules
    You're capable of carrying up to three of each of the power modules. The 
    inviso cloak starts with 3 uses in all modes, the others have 3 uses in easy, 
    1 in standard, and none in hard.  Destroy 3 of certain enemies in a row cause 
    a module pick to appear, drive across it to get it.  
    EEL Shield (middle left) - Allow you to ram enemies to use their shields 
    against them. Get a pickup by destroying 3 Prowlers in a row.
    MP Thruster (bottom right) - Give you a forward burst of speed. Get a 
    Sandsleds by destroying 3 Prowlers in a row.
    Inviso Cloak (top left) - Make you invisible.  Enemies will know your last 
    visible position and will detect your position when you fire. Recharge by 
    docking at a Fuel Bay.
    Super Cannon (bottom left) - Increase damage done by your cannon fire and 
    eliminates reload time.  Get a pickup by destroying 3 Assault tanks in a row.
    Jump Thruster (top center) - Gives you a brief vertical lift.  Use in 
    conjunction with the MP Thruster to jump over enemies.
    Get a pickup by destroying 3 Skimmers in a row.
    Cat's Eye (middle right) - Detect Cloaked Enemies. Get a pickup by destroying 
    3 Stalkers in a row.
    RC Bomb (top right) - Drop a land mine behind you. Get a pickup by destroying 
    3 Seekers in a row.
    WARNING: The pickups can be destroyed by weapons fire.  
    4. Strategy Tips
    If you go head to head against an enemy vehicle, you'll be heading straight 
    into their weapon fire, thus this practice should be discouraged.  If you find 
    yourself in this situation take a single shot and turn to either side to get 
    out of the way of the incoming fire.
    Turning left or right while tracking an enemy makes you a stationary target 
    for other enemies, keep moving forwards or backward to avoid this.
    Shooting directly at an opponent is almost a guaranteed miss, except at point 
    blank range or in head to head situation (see above).  You'll need to lead 
    your opponent to hit them it they're crossing your path.  The amount of the 
    lead will vary depending on the enemies speed and the angle it's traveling at 
    relative to your own trajectory.
    If you're at point blank range and head-to-head, consider using the EEL shield 
    and ram the enemies if it requires multiple hits.  Or use the MP Thruster, 
    Jump Thruster combo to evade it by jumping over it.
    A red dot on the radar without a corresponding enemy on the screen is probably 
    a cloaked enemy.  Use the cat's eye if available.  Look for these in the sixth 
    and seventh missions.
    Change direction immediately when you hear weapons being fired, if you don't 
    you likely be hit.
    The fuel bays appear in the third and sixth missions.  These are the only 
    places to recharge you shields and inviso cloak.   You can't dock with a fuel 
    bay when cloaked.
    You start off with three inviso cloak charges.  You could consider using one 
    per mission at the begin of each mission to allow you to thin the enemy ranks 
    with reduced risk of being hit, as you'll have a chance to recharge the cloak 
    in the third and sixth missions.  
    Try to go for three kills of the same type in a row to get the power module 
    pickup to drop.  This is especial important when facing the assault tanks in 
    the fourth mission as this will drop the Super Cannon Module which is vital 
    for defeating the guardians in the fourth and seventh missions.  Save one of 
    the charges for the super cannon for each of them, the remain charge (or two 
    if you get another pickup in the fifth mission) can be used elsewhere.
    If there's an enemy following you, try dropping an RC bomb in its path.
    5. Missions 
    There are seven mission in this game.  In each mission you need to destroy all 
    of the enemies to get a guardian to appear.  Destroying the guardian will 
    cause a warplink to appear to take you to the next mission.
    NOTE: (from Sahuagin)  In certain levels, if you shoot the obstacles enough 
    they will be destroyed and reveal a warplink allowing you to skip some levels.  
    (It's either level 1 or 2 that will warp you to the last level iirc). 
    I'll present strategies for the new enemies for each mission as well as the 
    guardian for the mission in the following subsections.
    5.1 Sol
    Enemies: Hovercraft, Sandsleds, Skimmers
    Hovercrafts and sandsleds are typical land units, you'll need to lead them a 
    bit.  If you happen to ram into one, back up at take a shot.  Try to get 
    behind them if you can.
    The skimmers are a flying unit that can only be hit when they are near the 
    ground making them difficult to lead.  You're best opportunity will be when 
    its about to go into a dive, which you can lead, or making an attack run at 
    All of these enemies fall to 1 shot from you cannon.  
    Guardian:  The best way to deal with this large bipedal unit is to back away 
    from it any keep firing.
    5.2 Antares
    Enemies:  Laser Batteries, Seekers, Prowlers, Sandsleds
    If you see a Seeker ahead of you start backing up and shoot it.  If it touches 
    you it will damage your shield and destroy itself (no points for this).
    Laser Batteries and Prowlers both take two hits to eliminate.  The Laser 
    Batteries are stationary, try to line them up from the side to avoid there 
    fire. Prowlers are otherwise typical land units, threat them like the 
    sandsleds and hovercraft in the previous mission.
    Guardian:  Back off a bit while this arachnid unit is beaming down and let 
    loose a few volleys while it does so.  Then pursue it, constantly firing and 
    steer around the webs it drops as this will slow you to a stop and destroy any 
    tiny arachnids that it drops.
    5.3 Rigel
    Enemies: Laser Tank, Pulsar, Stingers
    Laser Tanks require two shots. Otherwise a typical ground unit.
    Pulsars are stationary.  More dangerous than the laser cannons as they fire in 
    multiple directions.  A single shot destroys them.
    Stingers are much like the earlier skimmers.  One hit takes them out.
    Other stuff: Fuel Bay
    Use up you inviso cloaks and take out as many of the enemy units as possible 
    before using the fuel bay to recharge your inviso cloak and shields.
    Guardian: Back away from this flyer when it beams down and fire a few shows.  
    Keep it in you sights will backing up and fire when it drops of a pair of 
    walker.  Destroy the walkers with one shot each and line up the guardian again 
    and repeat.
    5.4 Deneb
    Enemies: Prowlers, Assault Tanks, Guisers, Heavy Cannon Batteries
    Assault Tanks are like previous ground units except that they require three 
    hits to destroy.  Do your best to get three of these in a row to fill up your 
    supply of super cannon power modules.
    Guisers are stationary targets that look like obstacles, a single hit will 
    eliminate that. They don't appear to pose a threat other than being required 
    killed to get to the guardian.
    Heavy Cannon Batteries are stationary target best approached from the side 
    like the laser batteries.  They take four hits to destroy.
    Guardian: This guardian is a two legged walker, the strategy of backing away 
    and firing won't work here.  Hopefully you got stocked up on the Super Cannon 
    module earlier in this system, as it can take the guardian down before it can 
    close with you.
    5.5 Sirius
    Enemies:  Skimmers, Laser Batteries, Seekers, Assault Tanks
    Nothing new here.  Try to replenish you super cannon with three assault tank 
    kills in a row.
    Guardian:  This guardian appears to be a stationary missile launch.  Back away 
    out of its range, firing constantly.  Once out of range, go forward until it 
    just become visible and you can shoot it with impunity.
    5.6 Regulus
    Enemies: Stalkers, Heavy Cannon Batteries, Seekers, Guisers
    Stalkers are invisible tanks.  If you have the cat's eyes you can make them 
    visible briefly. Otherwise you need to rely on the radar, the brief moment 
    when they make themselves visible some guesswork, and a bit of luck.  Two hits 
    destroy them.
    Other stuff: Fuelbay.
    Try to take out as much as you can and use up your inviso cloak before using 
    the fuel bay to recharge.
    Guardian: This guardian looks like a scorpion.  You'll need to get behind it 
    to hurt it.  Watch out for the webs that slow you to a virtual stop and the 
    tiny arachnid that it drops.
    5.7 Arcturus
    Enemies: Stingers, Guisers, Pulsars, Stalkers, Seekers, Prowlers
    The enemies are much more numerous than previous missions, although all of 
    them are enemies you've faced before.  You should have three inviso cloaks 
    left from the fuel bay in the previous mission, use them while you thin out 
    the enemies ranks.  Drop any RC bombs you may be carrying, and use any 
    remaining EEL shield charges for ramming enemies.  Make sure you save one 
    super cannons and maybe an inviso cloak for the final guardian.
    Guardian:  Gir Draxon drives a tank with some powerful missiles.  If you have 
    a super cannon you can take him out with only a few shots.  Defeat him to win 
    the game.
    6. Briefing Notes
    The following is a transcript of the briefing from the main menu:
    Raven Commander--
    The information you are about to view is CLASSIFIED TOP SECRET.  Study it 
    carefully.  When you are ready to view the enemies, press the CONTINUE button.
    Armament: Light Laser  2 shots per round
    Propulsion: Rocket Thrusters
    Speed: 200 kph
    Armor: .1 meters
    The Sandsled's runners allow it to operate only on those planets that have 
    sandy or icy surfaces.
    Armament: Medium Laser 1 shot per round
    Propulsion: Nuclear Powered Treads
    Speed: 128 kph
    Armor: .2 meters
    The Laser Tank is the lease dangerous of the Arcturan front line tanks, you it 
    still poses a serious threat.
    Armament: Light Cannon 1 shot per round
    Propulsion: Jet Turbine/Air Cushion
    Speed: 192 kph
    Armor: .1 meters
    The Hovercraft is operational only on planets with an atmosphere.  BEWARE!  
    This little devil is tenacious.
    Armament:  Light Cannon 1 shot per round
    Propulsion:  Nuclear Powered Treads
    Speed: 160 kph
    Armor: .2 meters
    Speed: 160 kph
    The Prowler's powerful weapons are augmented by the new EEL 
    offensive/defensive shield mechanism.  The Arcturan EEL shield is a copy of 
    our own EEL device.
    Armament:  Medium Cannon 2 shots per round
    Propulsion: Nuclear Powered Treads
    Speed: 120 kph
    Armor: .3 meters
    Caution: We Lost 3 scouts when they were attempting to gather information on 
    this extremely dangerous Arcturan unit.
    Armament: ???  ? shots per round
    Propulsion: Agrav Generator
    Speed: ??? kph
    Armor: .? meters
    We have no holodata file on this top secret Arcturan Agrav unit.  Some 
    unsubstantiated reports indicate the Stalker is equipped with an Inviso Cloak.
    Armament: Heavy Laser 2 shots per round
    Propulsion: None
    Speed: 0 kph
    Armor: .2 meters
    It has been reported that there is a unit similar to the Laser Battery, that 
    is equipped with a heavy cannon.
    Armament: Laser?  ? shorts per round
    Propulsion: None
    Speed: 0 kph
    Armor: .? meters
    Little is known about this recently deployed Arcturan robot unit.
    Armament: Light Cannon  1 shot per round
    Propulsion: Agrav and Rocket Thrusters
    Speed: 240 kph
    Armor: .1 meters
    Federation reconnaissance informs us that there is at least one other type of 
    Flyer in the Arcturan Armada.  All we know is its code name: 'The Stinger'.
    Armament: Fission Bomb  - shots per round
    Propulsion: Agrav Generator
    Speed: ??? kph
    Armor: .1 meters
    Arcturan Seekers will 'home in' on their intended target and detonate.
    The obstacles will obstruct movement and block shells and lasers.
    Colliding with a Warplink will transport you to the next star system.  
    Warplinks appear only AFTER you have destroyed the Arcturan Guardian for the 
    star system.
    Docking with a Fuelbay will replenish your shields.  We are certain there is a 
    Fuelbay in the Rigel System.  There may be Fuelbays in other systems.
    This 'Guardian' was spotted on Sol, controlling the Arcturan units operating 
    there.  Each Arcturan force is believed to have a deadly Guardian Commander.
    The Raven is the most advanced destructive vehicle that mankind has ever 
    developed.  You will have to use all the Raven's powers to stop the horror of 
    Gir Draxon.
    Some of the enemies have thick armor, and will require more than 1 hit to 
    Intelligence intercepted this transmission which originated from Deneb--
    "Status Report: Guisers have been deployed.  The Terrans will not be able to 
    distinguish the from..."
    The rest of the message was garbled.
    You must reach Arcturus and destroy Gir Draxon.  He will be commanding the 
    Flagship of the Arcturan Armada.  Good luck on your mission, Commander.
    7. Slowing the game for modern PC's
    The first challenge is getting the game to run on a modern pc. This game plays 
    a little fast on my 1.8 Ghz machine.  While is not to the point of being 
    unplayable, I still recommend using software to slow it down.
    I recommend using Dosbox, an opensource program available at 
    This software does an admirable job of slowing down old software and emulating 
    the sound cards of the time.  A must have for playing vintage games like this 
    To installing the game under dosbox, assuming you cd is drive D.
    mount c c:\
    mount d d:\
    Select VGA graphics, Sound Blaster DAC for Music and Audio, and Sound Blaster 
    Midi for Sound Effects.  The SoundBlaster settings are necessary to hear the 
    voices in the game.
    Install to C:
    Run the game using
    (the mount command need to be entered first in Dosbox)
    8. LEGAL
    This document is Copyright 2005, 2006 MysticWeirdo aka Warren Grieder.
    All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by
    their respective trademark and copyright holders.
    Permission to host this document is given to the following:
    Sites that DO NOT have permission and never will:
    This file may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for
    personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or
    otherwise distributed publicly without advance written permission,
    except GameFaqs and IGN. Use of this guide on any other web site or as
    a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a violation
    of copyright.
    9. Contact Information
    For suggestions and/or corrections for this guide please email:
    mystic.weirdo [at] gmail.com
    The most recent version of this guide will be on www.gamefaqs.com.
    Please check there before contacting me with additions/corrections.
    Please include Stellar 7 FAQ in the subject of any email
    regarding this FAQ.
    10. Credits
    Thanks go to the following:
    Dynamix for making this game.
    The following sites for hosting this FAQ:
    Thanks to Sahuagin for mentioning that some obstacles can be destroyed to 
    reveal warplinks.

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