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"For a 1991 Adverture Platformer, It's Terrible!"

Commander Keen returns in this adventure platformer game released in 1991. Even for a 1991 release, this game makes a few improvements but these improvements aren't balanced out and what you're left with is a really flawed game with alot of cheap shots up it's sleeve.

Don't be surprised if you were suckered into playing this game, as Episode 1 was simple enough to be liked, this episode assumes that you like them to the point where you'll accept this difficult challenge, expect it really isn't much of a challenge.

Keen enters a spaceship only to uncover that Planet Earth is in danger. You take control of Keen as he enters area to simply take part in. You'll find that to stop the threat, you have to complete the levels to pass a machine with a lovely picture of a city. Apparently just walking pass this machine completes the level however apparently Keen has to apparently shoot the glass dome on top of some giant white box thing but this is often found by accident.

Apparently for a game in 1991 which wants you to explore and find what to do and rewards you for finding these mechanics, it's really tedious!

The game isn't really clear about how to interact, you'll find the ingame documention isn't helpful to how to interact with the world as sometimes I find that I would hit the Alt key by mistake when I'm next to an object like a light switch (which looks like the interface of HAL from the Space Oddessy) and a level which sometimes is the wrong switch getting an instant game over.

The combat is the worst aspect of the game. The unbalanced nature compared to the first epsiode makes completing each level and getting past stages hell. Keen get caught in one kill deaths while the new enemies can withstand three shots before getting fried. Sometimes you'll enter a really closed and locked off area where you cannot really run around that much and you'll get up getting killed over and over again.

While it is an adventure platformer, there isn't much the game offers to help you complete the challenge and for a DOS game, it can be chunky but with platformers like Sonic being released around this time, Keen simply looks lazy and isn't the kind of character you want to get to know as you take part in this game.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.0 - Poor

Originally Posted: 03/30/12

Game Release: Commander Keen Episode II: The Earth Explodes (US, 08/03/07)

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