"The Earth Explodes because you hit the SWITCH, Keen!"

You know what? I'm sick of getting my dates wrong on these PC games. Never mind when they were made, it's not important.

Commander Keen 2: The Earth Explodes, made when ID and Apogee were still together, has some interesting elements to it, but overall was very short.

First, you know that Commander Keen has stopped the Vorticons from taking you out. When you returned home, the mothership has its guns pointing at this planet. You know, you would think something that massive would be spotted by someone. Anyway, Commander Keen heads into the ship to stop the Vorticon's plans to destroy the Earth. (6/10)

When you look at your new weapon in your inventory, you will realize that now you can deal damage to the Vorticons. That's good, because there are plenty of Vorticons to deal death to. The weaponry on this ship are separated into (I believe) eight different rooms. You must find and destroy each and every one of them. If you decide to do so instead, you could flip the switch in one of these rooms and turn Earth into a pile of space rubble. That's bad. As you travel, you will find the normal Vorticons and then there is the guard Voritcons. They take three shots to go down. (7/10)

Of course, the graphics are about the same quality. Now there are more. And that's about it. More are used for things like the walls. Not much more. (6/10)

The game still has its old sound effects. Nothing has been changed, except for one here and there. That means the old sounds are still there along with one or two new ones that are just not needed to be noted. (5/10) And there is no music. None at all. No needs to worry about that.

Then, there always is the strange fun that is in every Keen game. Of course, the main enjoyment is the first time you realize that you must shoot the globe and not hit the switch (which is indicated with the shake of the whole ship and a small little ''Oops'' from Keen). It's halfway between having you laugh and having you tell everyone that you are sorry that you just killed them all. Kid genius, indeed. Common knowledge states that you should never touch a switch connected to a weapon. You can turn out the lights as well. This can offer you an advantage. As long as the lights are out, the Vorticons can't spot you easily. It's a bit like stealth, but not quite. (8/10)

There is still not much to do in this game to continue playing it, except to beat it as fast as possible or skip unneeded areas. And then, there is the Oracle in this game telling you that the mindless slaughtering is wrong because the Vorticons are being controlled. It's a bit of a ''whoops'' because now you realize that killing the last 100 Vorticons was not such a great idea at all. (6/10)

What's the score? Six out of Ten.

This game is short and quick, so it's good for about an hour... if you can get past all of the Vorticons. It's not as good as the first, in my opinion. It could have been better, but the speed of the game is too quick for me to play and thoroughly enjoy.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 06/25/03, Updated 06/25/03

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