"Keen Must Die because he taking HALF OF THE PLANET with him!"

Commander Keen 3 - Keen Must Die is the last of the trilogy when Apogee and ID were still together. This game takes place on the Vorticon planet.

Simply put, this game is based after the events of CK2. The Vorticon ship was crippled and had to return home. Keen snuck back into bed. When it was morning, it snowed. There's enough snow to give him a day off. While most kids his age would just sleep in and play in the snow afterwards, he decides to take a trip to the Vorticon planet for a small invasion. (6/10)

He's also packing some pretty powerful firepower in his little pistol. In this game, though, there is a ''clip'' that gives you one charge and the standard gun pickup that gives you five charges. This, in turn, gives you more chances to find the clip version then the gun version. This can pose as problems, but it also provides you with more ammunition at times. There are plenty of hard enemies to fight (most of them requiring more than one charge to take down). Not only is he invading this planet, he's taking down its populace in his rampage. The standard ''jump/pogo-jump'' thing that Keen did in the last two games are still there. The Anhk power-up, though, is the best feature. With 20 seconds of invulnerability, what better way to spend it than high-tailing it out of there? (7/10)

The sound? Still the same, give or take a new sound. Nothing really special for this game (not even for defeating the boss of the game). (6/10) Well, there is no music to speak of as well.

They did improve on some graphics, though. The backgrounds are a bit more varied and better than the first two. The enemies are also a bit more varied. That's all I'll give them. It's nothing spetacular or neat. It's just the same with a few new things here and there. (7/10)

This game still has the quirky kind of fun found in all Keen games. It's not something that will make you laugh or anything, but it's just somewhat fun in its own matter. It could have used something more. Like something to do. Searching for someone can be quite boring when you have nothing else to do. (7/10)

After beating the game, though, there's nothing more to do, except explore some side paths. That's it. (6/10)

This odd little game gets ******* out of 10 asteriks for its work. Could have been better but it wasn't.

One last thing...

Billy Blaze has an IQ of 314. We know that this number is just impossible, but we like him anyway...


Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 06/25/03, Updated 06/25/03

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