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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Pleinair

    Version: 1.00 | Updated: 06/01/06 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

      _____                                          _
     / ____|                                        | |
    | |     ___  _ __ ___  _ __ ___   __ _ _ __   __| | ___ _ __
    | |    / _ \| '_ ` _ \| '_ ` _ \ / _` | '_ \ / _` |/ _ \ '__|
    | |___| (_) | | | | | | | | | | | (_| | | | | (_| |  __/ |
     \_____\___/|_| |_| |_|_| |_| |_|\__,_|_| |_|\__,_|\___|_|
                     _  __                 _____
                    | |/ /                | ____|
                    | ' / ___  ___ _ __   | |__
                    |  < / _ \/ _ \ '_ \  |___ \
                    | . \  __/  __/ | | |  ___) |
                    |_|\_\___|\___|_| |_| |____/
    Commander Keen Episode V: The Armageddon Machine FAQ/Walkthrough
    Written by Pleinair (Pleinair123@aol.com)
    Version 1.00  May 31, 2006
    Notes:      This document contains spoilers for the game
                Commander Keen Episode V: The Armageddon Machine for the PC.
                Read no further if you have a problem with that.
                This document also employs a QuickFind system which allows
                you to locate data by searching for its respective code
                listed in the table of contents.
    Version History               [CKVHISTORY]
    My Intro                      [CKPLINTRO]
    Brief History of Keen         [CKPAST]
    Our Story                     [CKSTORY]
    Controls                      [CKCONTROLS]
    Gameplay                      [CKGAMEPLAY]
    Items                         [CKITEMS]
    Enemies                       [CKENEMIES]
    The Beginning                 [CKPART1]
              Ion Ventilation System        [CKLIVS]
              Security Center               [CKLSC]
    All For An Elevator           [CKPART2]
              Defense Tunnel Vlook          [CKDTV]
              Energy Flow Systems           [CKEFS]
              Defense Tunnel Burrh          [CKDTB]
              Regulation Control Center     [CKRCC]
              Defense Tunnel Sorra          [CKDTS]
              Neutrino Burst Injector       [CKNBI]
              Defense Tunnel Teln           [CKDTT]
              Brownian Motion Inducer       [CKBMI]
    Almost Done                   [CKPART3]
              Gravitational Damping Hub     [CKBMI]
              Korath III Base               [CKBMI]
              Quantum Explosion Dynamo      [CKQED]
    Fun Stuff                     [CKFUN]
    Cheats                        [CKCHEATS]
    Disclaimer                    [CKDISCLAIMER]
    Contact Info                  [CKCONINFO]
    Special Thanks                [CKSPTHANKS]
    No Thanks                     [CKNOTHANKS]
        Version History           [CKVHISTORY]
    Version 1.00 - May 31, 2006:
    Upon the completion and successful posting of maps for every level of this
    game, I've decide that it was time that GameFAQs got itself a REAL Guide for
    Commander Keen 5 as well.  The entire game, which I spent a good portion of my
    youth enjoying and mastering, was fresh in my mind, and every last detail was
    charted out by yours truly.  What more reason is needed?
        My Intro                  [CKPLINTRO]
    It's hard to believe that there has yet to be a detailed guide written for
    this timeless classic.  Commander Keen was an icon of PC gaming in the early
    90s, and was also one of the leading ShareWare giants.  Viewed by many as the
    greatest installment to the series, it's only fair that Billy Blaze gets his
        Brief History of Keen     [CKPAST]
    Billy Blaze, eight year-old genius, working diligently in his backyard
    clubhouse has created an interstellar starship from old soup cans, rubber
    cement and plastic tubing.  While his folks are out on the town and his
    babysitter has fallen asleep, Billy travels into his backyard workshop, dons
    his brother's football helmet, and transforms into...
    COMMANDER KEEN--Defender of Earth!
    In his ship, the Bean-With-Bacon Megarocket, Keen dispenses Galactic Justice
    with an iron hand!
    In the previous trilogy, Invasion of the Vorticons, our hero succeeded in
    defending the Earth from the deadly Vorticon Mothership, and proceeded to
    their homeworld Vorticon VI.  There, with the full knowledge that the Vortions
    were being enslaved by mind control belts, Keen slaughtered entire cities on
    his way to free them from the evil clutches of the Grand Intellect.  Sure, he
    could have just landed on the island with the ominous tower and just saved
    the world, but it was a snow day, and Keen had all the time in the world.  But
    he sure was in for a surprise to discover that the Grand Intellect was in
    fact Billy's long-time nemesis, Mortimer McMire, a rivaling genius from
    Earth!  Upon defeating his foe, and "rescuing" the Vorticons, Keen was then
    slapped with a lawsuit, banning him from the use of all lethal weapons,
    forcing him to use nothing more powerful than a Neural Stunner.
        Our Story                 [CKSTORY]
    In the first installment of the Goodbye Galaxy series, our hero was working
    on his latest invention that allowed him to hear any signal from any distance,
    disregarding that whole Speed O' Light physics nonsense.  After many terrible
    alien sitcoms, Billy Blaze stumbled upon a disturbing announcement that the
    Shikadi plan on destroying the entire Milky Way Galaxy.  Finding that a
    terrible inconvenience, our hero once again dons his brother's football
    helmet to become COMMANDER KEEN, Defender of the Galaxy.  Before blasting off
    to save the day, a scare of his parents discovering his Megarocket was solved
    with quick thinking and a Neural Stunner, and it was on to discover the evil
    plans of the Shikadi!
    In the last exciting chapter, Secrets of the Oracle, Keen discovered that
    the Shikadi made an effort to stop any would-be heroes from stopping them by
    taking out the Oracle, the one thing in the galaxy that would know where they
    are and how they plan on ruining everyone's day in a big way.  The immortal
    council was kidnapped and imprisoned in the Shadowlands of Gnosticus IV.
    Through determination, pogo mastery, and Dopefish evasion, Keen was able to
    reassemble to counsel and discover that the Shikadi are nearing completion
    of the Omegamatic, floating over the unknowing Korath III.  After several
    mid-flight games of Paddle Wars, Keen docked his Megarocket to an exhaust
    port of the massive doomsday device, with one goal: SAVE THE GALAXY!
        Controls                  [CKCONTROLS]
    Many of the in-game controls can be reconfigured in the game menu.  You
    can even set firing so that it triggers by pressing both the jump and pogo
    buttons at once, just like in the original Keen Trilogy.  You can also
    configure the use of another input device, such as a joystick.  Listed below
    are the default settings.
    Up/Down: Move cursor
    Enter:   Select
    Esc:     Quit game
    F1:      Help Menu
    Up:             Up
    Down:           Down
    Left:           Left
    Right:          Right
    Numpad Home:    Up/Left
    Numpad Pg Up:   Up/Right
    Numpad End:     Down/Left
    Numpad Pg Down: Down/Right
    Alt/Ctrl:       Enter Area
    Enter:          Status Display
    Esc:            Return to Menu
    -Area Level-
    Up:       Look Up/Enter Door
    Down:     Look Down/Duck
    Left:     Move Left
    Right:    Move Right
    Alt:      Pogo
    Ctrl:     Jump
    Spacebar: Fire
    Enter:    Status Display
    Esc:      Return to Menu
        Gameplay                  [CKGAMEPLAY]
    Much like the original Keen Trilogy, Goodbye Galaxy is still a tile-based
    platformer.  The graphics and gameplay have advanced so well, though, that it
    it is hard to tell that everything is based off of mere square tiles.
    Keen stands 2 tiles tall, fires from the higher half of himself, and when
    when in the air, can grab onto the ledge of any solid ground as long as his
    pogo stick is not out and the top of himself reaches the ledge.
    Jumping: Keen jumps about 4 and a half tiles high, effectively allowing him
    to reach ledges as high as 6 tiles above the ground he stands on.  In easy
    mode, Keen's jump is increased by about a quarter tile.  While this will not
    affect him height-wise, it does change how far he can jump, or how easily he
    can clear some hazards.  A slight love-tap to the jump button can limit how
    high Keen jumps.  This is useful for avoiding hazards that are above.  While
    the game never requires this of you to progress, some extra points here and
    there need you to do it.  It's more trouble than it's worth, though.
    Pogo: When pogo-ing on the ground, Keen bounces 2 and a half tiles.  When the
    jump button is held, he gets serious air, 6.5 tiles of air.  If you play in
    easy mode, he gets a whole extra tile of oomph in his bounce, putting him 7.5
    tiles in the air.  If you pull the pogo out while on the ground, an extra half
    tile is added to your initial bounce, which leads to...
    The Impossible Pogo Trick: So many sources mislead you on the mechanics of
    this little secret jump.  If you hit the jump button just right after pulling
    the pogo out while on the ground, the extra half-tile gain is added to a full
    pogo jump, giving you a full 7 tiles (8 in easy mode) of air, letting you
    reach ledges as high as 9 tiles above your current ground.  It is easier to
    accomplish while moving left or right, but it can be accomplished while
    standing still.  Master this move.
    Switches and Platforms/Floors: When you see a switch, press it by holding up
    while in front of it.  It will either alter a nearby retractable floor, or
    change the a moving platforms course.
    Shooting: Keep can shoot horizontally, up, and while jumping or on a pole,
    downward.  Each shot consumes ammo, which can be replenished by collecting
    a green neural stunner item.  If you start a level with less than 5 ammo, a
    source of 5 will be supplied near the starting point so that Keen does not
    need to run on empty.
    Poles: Fun to slide down, aren't they?  Certain enemies don't like you taking
    the high ground through, and WILL inform you of it.  While climbing upward,
    it's faster to jump while holding up.  Not much faster, but enough to be worth
    Keys and Locks: Keys in the form of gems are used to open locks of their
    respective color.  To open a lock, all you need to do is simply pass over it
    while holding that key.  Almost every final door in a level requires a card to
    open.  When you find the card, enter the door simply by pressing up.
    Fuses:  In 5 levels of the game, you'll encounter fuses.  To proceed, break
    them by simply jumping on them with the pogo stick.
    Paddle Wars: From the game menu, you can start this fun little minigame.  It's
    like pong, only vertical.  Use the direction pad to move left or right, trying
    to land the ball in your CPU-controlled opponent's zone.  You can use the mouse
    as well, but it's sloooooooow.  Your opponent isn't that smart, so this won't
    awards in terms of challenge.  If you keep a round going long enough, the ball
    will bounce faster and faster.  If a score is made at maximum speed, it will be
    noticeable, as the score line will be broken by the ball.  The first to 21
    points wins the game.  There is no reward for winning, getting a perfect game,
    or anything.  It's just for fun.
        Items                     [CKITEMS]
    The Omegamatic packed to the gills
    Shikadi Gum                   (100 points)
    Marshmallow                   (200 points)
    Chocolate Milk                (500 points)
    Tart Stix                     (1000 points)
    Sugar Stoopies Cereal         (2000 points)
    Bag O' Sugar                  (5000 points)
    Vitalin                       (Collect 100 for 1UP)
    Keg O' Vitalin                (1UP)
    Neural Stunner                (5 Ammo)
    Key Gem - Place in a holder of the same color to open a locked gate
    Keycard - Required to open a locked Exit door
        Enemies                   [CKENEMIES]
    The Omegamatic is full of nasties ready to throw their lives down to stop
    Keen from saving the Galaxy.  Listed below are these menaces.
    There isn't a human being alive who doesn't think "Hamburglar" when looking at
    one of these things.  Mainly because it looks like metal hamburger with legs.
    The game was too busy making electrical puns to give useful info on this guy.
    He patrols his floor, pausing to look around.  If he sights you, he fires his
    legs up and charges at you at top speed.  He can be a pain on angled floors.
    Wait for him to be on an even floor with you and a single shot will kill him
    -Little Ampton-
    These little purple guys seem harmless, until you're on a pole with them.
    They patrol floors, stopping at terminals and occasionally going up or down
    poles, on which they'll destroy Keen if he's climbing them.  Otherwise, all
    they can do is push our hero around, not that this is a helpful thing.
    -Vertical Slicestar-
    There jerks move up and down, making going down a hall a pain.  It takes a
    total of 20 shots to destroy one of these.  Last I checked, you weren't made
    of ammo, so just run by when they're out of the way.  Most of the time, you can
    actually duck under these if you can't get by, even though it looks like it's
    touching Keen.
    -Horizontal Slicestar-
    Another pain.  Often patrolling long floors, or platforms.  Get on and off as
    quickly as possible.  Like its vertical counterpart, it's more trouble to kill
    than it's worth.
    -Bouncing Slicestar-
    The most hated enemy in the game.  Unlike other Slicestars, this one does NOT
    follow a set path.  It travels in diagonal 45 degree angles, bouncing off
    floors, walls, and ceilings... and they move fast.  You can hear a distinct
    thud whenever they leave their mark on something.  Because they don't simply
    travel back and forth like other Slicestars, they're much harder to dodge, and
    on top of that they take ## shots to destroy.  Yes, ##.  Good luck.
    A flying pair of eyeballs with hair.  They travel in a pre-set course, and they
    do it fast.  A shot will render them motionless & harmless for a few moments
    until they regain their senses and continue business as usual.
    These red gem-shamed enemies bounce off the floors and ceilings.  Every third
    bounce, they change between the two.  They're completely invulnerable so just
    watch their pattern and run by when they're on the ceiling.
    -Robo Red-
    Easily the most intimidating foe in the game.  These guys are HUGE, and they
    sport one hell of a machine gun.  If they see you, they shoot.  If you make a
    noise behind them, they'll turn around and shoot.  If you shoot then, you
    better believe they'll shoot.  His shots fire in a V-pattern, limiting his
    range.  Oh, and he can't be killed, stunned, stopped, or be told to go to bed.
    And he Dopefish for breakfast.  If you see one, wait for him to get far, far
    away before you try to get by, or take the high/low road.  There is one thing
    that can be done to get him out of your hair, see the secrets section for
    This little red dude patrols floors.  If he's on a ledge above you, he'll jump
    down in a suicide attack.  If he doesn't kill you, the shrapnel probably will.
    He'll also explode when jumped on or shot.  Your best bet in taking them out is
    jumping over them and shooting them from above, landing where they were.  The
    wreckage where they immediately were will be clear by the time you land.
    Not seen very much in the game, this eyeball with a hand floats up in the air
    and randomly flies off in one of four 90 degree angles.  You can't kill it, so
    just make sure you're out of his way and everything will be just fine.
    A big bouncing ball-o-energy.  It's big.  It's slow.  It's invincible.
    You DESERVE to die if you get hit by one of these.
    -Shikadi Mine-
    This menacing flying black cube deserves more fear than it gets.  If you see
    it, it sees you and follows.  When it's close enough, it explodes, sending
    shrapnel out. The dangerous part is the randomness of the bouncing of the
    shrapnel.  What looks like a safe place may not be.  Unfortunately, the fate
    of the galaxy depends on these things, so just deal with em.
    Yep, they're see-through...
    4 shots takes them out.  They're movements are simple enough, but don't
    hang around poles near them.  They are made of electricity after all.
    Another hated enemy.  First, they're small.  Second, they're fast.  Third,
    they shoot energy out of their mouths.  Stay the hell off any ground they
    occupy, and blast them from above or below.  2 shots are needed to make them
    -Shikadi Master-
    Overrated.  Period.  They shoot energy balls, which explode on the ground,
    sending waves to be jumped over, and occasionally send waves out themselves.
    And they teleport around.  You can neutralize the balls with a shot, but
    it's a waste of time.  Just dodge their easy attacks until they teleport
    somewhere where they won't bother you.  As you may have guessed, they can't
    be killed.  If anything, shooting them makes things worse, for they will
    instantly counter with an energy ball attack, unless they're right in the
    middle of teleporting/shooting waves.
    -Korath III Dude-
    These little guys are harmless enough.  With funky mustaches and hats (no,
    they aren't Mario), the walk along the ground, pushing Keen along if he gets
    in the way.  It actually IS possible for them to kill Keen, but it requires
    him to jump on them in JUST the right (or wrong) way.  While hard to do, it
    isn't much of an achievement.
        The Beginning             [CKPART1]
    You'll start the game at the bottom end of the Omegamatic, with 2 doors
    between you and an elevator shaft.  These doors are our first two levels of
    the game, and will ease you into what's to come.
                      Ion Ventilation System        [CKLIVS]
    This level is simple enough.  With Sparkies and Amptons, there's not much of a
    challenge.  There's a Sphereful near the top if you're in hard mode, but those
    guys are a joke.  You can hug the right wall for an easy trip to the middle,
    while climbing the pole on the left is easier, but takes longer.  The center
    path, consisting of poles and platforms, is full of Amptons.  But the center
    yields the most points, and the ceiling above the top left platform hides an
    additional 1,200 points if you're interested.  At the mid section, there's a
    hidden 400 points in the wall to the right of the right flame hazard.  From
    there, climb the left wall to reach the final bout.  The Sphereful's to the
    right, don't worry about it.  From there, a pull-away platform (approach it
    from directly below) and a drop-away platform get you to the floor from which
    the exit is immediately available.  From there, you can just finish, or take
    the platforms to the left for additional goodies.  If you want to murder this
    level, you can hop onto the mounted platform on the left end of the final bout,
    and reach the wall just to the left of the turret that shoots from above.  Oh
    my, a secret area!  Pogo up and climb to the right, effectively going "over"
    the level, and dropping down the right wall.  Here, you'll find a few floors
    connected by a pole with some Amptons.  The two lower floors have ammo hidden
    in their ceilings to the right.  From the top floor, jump outward and grab as
    kegs of vitalin as you can.  You can get up to 10 1UPs.  At the bottom, head
    right, and you'll find yourself an alternative exit.  This level was easy
    enough, but it can allow you to tackle the rest of the game with some more
                      Security Center               [CKLSC]
    The first level didn't require a Security Card to complete.  Don't get used to
    that.  You'll need one for almost every level from here on out, unless there's
    a way to complete it that doesn't involve walking through a door.
    Make your way past the first Slicestar, and head down the pole, head right,
    through the wall for a hidden 20,000 points.  Nice.  Head left from the pole
    until you reach another, climb it, and activate a switch.  That just opened
    up a retractable floor you'll see later.  On the jump down to the left, hug
    the right wall to find yourself another hidden 20,000 points.  Head left, climb
    the pole, and head right to grab some ammo and a red keygem.  Head right, and
    you'll be near where you started.  In the room above, it seems the red gem is
    needed to unlock the blue.  Good thing you just got that.  Make the exchange.
    Head back all the way left, and head up through the retractable floor.
    Immediately to the right is another hidden 4,000 points.  And above the blue
    gem lock is a hidden passage in the ceiling, with a hidden 30,000 points and
    a 1UP.
    A lot of hidden stuff, huh?  After the locked door, which the blue gem
    unlocked, is the hardest room in the level.  In the upper-left corner is a room
    out of your reach, containing the keycard.  To reach it, you must ride some
    guided platforms, which occasionally run into fire hazards.  Your best bet
    is to get on after a platform clears the right-most hazard, jump over the next
    two, and hop onto the pipe sticking out of the wall.  From there, it's a simple
    jump.  Unless you're playing in easy mode, a Horizontal Slicestar will plague
    the room.  Either some good dodging, or 20 shots will get you through this.
    You can continue riding the platforms from here, but the yield isn't that
    On the right end of the room are 2 holes, which you can jump down into.  The
    has some ammo, the right continues forward.  Hit the switch to activate the
    platform leading up.  After the incline, the ceiling contains yet another
    hidden 40,000 points and a 1UP.  Unless you're playing in easy mode, this
    hall is infested with Slicestars.  You can bypass the horizontal one, coupled
    with a beam hazard with another walkthrough ceiling, which contains another
    8,000 points.  After that, a door.
    Not much here but some ceiling turrets, and Sparkies.  Timing your way through
    is easy enough.  Before heading through the door on the right, go through the
    wall for another 21,000 points.  The final bout can be a pain, you must get
    Sparkies on their way down an incline leading to you, one for each level of
    difficulty.  When you're done, to the right of the security door is 20,000
    more hidden points and you're done.
        All For An Elevator       [CKPART2]
    After the first two levels, you'll find yourself in the center of 8 levels.
    4 tunnels leading to 4 centers, each containing a device that "protects" the
    elevator that leads you to the QED.  We'll start from the left, making our way
    counter-clockwise, as that's how the levels are numbered, and how the
    difficulty is supposed to rise.
                      Defense Tunnel Vlook          [CKDTV]
    Head left.  As soon as you reach your first upward incline, the wall hanging to
    the right contains a massive amount of hidden points and a 1UP.  Further left,
    unless you're on Easy, the lower path has your first encounter with Robo Red.
    There's no reason to pull anything fancy with him.  Just take the higher path.
    The above room contains some ammo and extra points, but that's it.  Further
    left, you'll find a red lock and a pole.  Head down and go right, so you can
    reach what you missed by dodging Red.  This includes a handy dandy keycard, so
    it's worth your while.
    To the left is a yellow lock and a red key beyond some Spindreds. Grab the key
    head back to that red lock.  Behold, beyond it is the yellow key, just beyond
    some Slicestars.  Head back... again, to that yellow lock.  Beyond it is a
    floor full of fire hazards.  If you're playing on easy, there will be some
    fixed platforms for some easy jumping.  If not, you'll have to activate a
    moving platform, and ride it while avoiding turrets, and possibly a Spindred.
    Inside the arch after that, is no ceiling.  Jump up into that area to get
    20,000 points and a 1UP.  From here, it's a clear shot to the exit door.  You
    can go out of your way for some additional points, but they aren't worth your
                      Energy Flow Systems           [CKEFS]
    This place has a lot.  Your first mandatory encounter with Robo Red, your first
    encounter with fuses, your first Shikadi sighting.  Those monitors aren't very
    encouraging, huh?  This place also has bonus areas, marked with a sign for no
    people.  They have extra points, but not enough to be worth the effort.  If you
    are playing for the challenge though, go nuts.
    Head left to grab the red key, and head back to the pole you passed and climb
    up.  Exchange the red for the yellow, then head down the pole to encounter Red.
    He's mean.  And you gotta get by him.  Just wait until he heads off to the
    left and make a run to the pole heading down.  Hit the switch while making the
    exchange of yellow and blue keys.  The wall to the right of the blue can be
    walked through.  Make your way through to find a 1UP.  To the ceiling above,
    you can get to 20,000 points, and a way past Red if you hit that switch.  Ride
    the platforms up, then jump on over to the incline to the left, and go through
    the blue-locked door.  In the room below, you'll meet your first Shikadi.  And
    if you're playing in hard, he'll have his little dog, too.  Apply death from
    above if the latter applies.
    Grab the green key and head back to the mounted platform circle.  When it
    reaches the top right, open the green-locked door to find a device with fuses
    in the center.  Hmm... how to break those... I know! Pogo!  Shatter them to
    finish the level.
                      Defense Tunnel Burrh          [CKDTB]
    First, head up the pole.  If you're in hard mode, the pole is patrolled by a
    Slicestar.  Just head up as it heads down past you.  Now head on right, and
    activate a switch and head on back.  The middle path to the right, leads to
    the floor you just opened up.  In hard mode, the floor below is being hugged
    by an annoying Slicestar.  Jump over it and run like hell.  The ceiling above
    the turret after the incline has 2 1UPs and several thousand points hidden to
    the left.  Afterwards, you'll reach a large room containing several poles and
    Robo Red.
    First, head down into the lower room when Red is to the right, and grab the
    red key.  Then, climb the poles into the above room, minding the Amptons, and
    grab the yellow key.  To the right of the key, is a walk-through wall, so you
    don't need to deal with Red to proceed.  After opening the red-locked door, if
    you jump from the hall, you can grab the pole for 20,000 points and some ammo.
    Proceed right, head down the hole and reach the door to the right.  The ceiling
    above contains a few thousand hidden points.  Inside the door is a blue key and
    a few thousand points in the ceiling above it.
    Past the hole you dropped through, the wall beyond the turret contains a few
    thousand points. Beyond it is a few platforms to drop through while avoiding
    Slicestars.  The ceiling to the right has some more points, and then you'll
    reach a series of floors.  The bottom contains the final door.  The middle
    exchanges the blue key for the green.  The top trades the green for the card.
    Make the trades and exit the level.
                      Regulation Control Center     [CKRCC]
    Immediately head up the pole to active the switch at the top and grab the red
    key.  Then head back down and all the way right, and use the red key to access
    another switch.  Now, head back left, and you'll have a moving platform and
    opened floor.  Head up to find two poles.  Climb the right.  This area has a
    bunch of Slicestars, and on hard, a bouncing one, so watch out.  The upper
    right corner has the yellow key.  Grab it and head to the top left.  Make your
    way onto the wall-mounted pipe over the fire hazards, and drop down to open
    the yellow-locked door.  Hit the switch on your way through the door beyond it.
    Here, if you hold right, you can bypass the need to open a blue-locked door and
    face Robo Red.  If you jump just right from there, head right, through the beam
    hazards, and ride the mounted platforms up to a series of poles patrolled by
    some Shikadi.  You can't get by safely until they're gone.  The room above has
    some annoying Shikadi Mines.  Do whatever the hell you can to make them explode
    with something between you and the shrapnel.  The platform leading up into that
    room works wonders.
    From here on are a series of rooms with Mines in each.  If you jump down into
    and out of them quickly via pogo, you can trigger an explosion with no harm to
    yourself.  This continues into the fuse device room, in which some quick pogo
    work finishes the level.
    Amazingly, this level contained no walkthrough walls.
                      Defense Tunnel Sorra          [CKDTS]
    The floor immediately below holds a hidden passage which holds 52,000 points.
    A good find.  Afterwards, head through the gauntlet of Slicestars.  If you're
    playing on hard, it'll be followed by a bouncing one.  Beyond this, all hidden
    areas are fairly obvious, but contain little of value.  In fact, the one at the
    end is broken.  Stay the hell away from the one next to the last turret, or
    you'll be stuck.  I have no idea why this map is structured this way.
    Anyway, blast your way through some Volte-Faces, then through as series of
    turrets, Slicestars, and Sparkies.  Afterwards, you'll see a Keycard in plain
    sight, guarded by a Face.  To the right is a series of poles, guarded by a Robo
    Red if you're on any difficulty above Easy.  Climb a pole to the top and let
    him pass if he gets near.  The center pole leads to a hall containing a yellow
    key.  Grab it.
    Immediately after the Robo Red hall is the yellow-locked door leading to the
    final door leading to freedom.  If you get stuck in the hidden room above it,
    there's no way out without cheating or quitting.  Sorry.
                      Neutrino Burst Injector       [CKNBI]
    The most hated level in the game for everyone.  You'll see why soon enough.
    Mind the Shellies and follow the Slicestar, dropping into the hole on the way.
    Wait for the Slicestar to come back before continuing.  Head up and to the
    right, following a series of floors that eventually leads you to some mounted
    platforms over fire hazards.  Head on over, grab the blue key, activate the
    switch and head back.  You can drop down, hugging the wall to get 10,000 points
    and bypass the trip.
    Head back to the first Volte-Face you encountered, and go down the poles you
    find there.  Head right and down to grab a red gem.  Head back up the poles and
    take the hall to the left to reach hell, er, I mean the final bout of this
    place.  Beyond the red-locked door is a small room with a Bouncing Slicestar
    and a Shikadi.  If you're playing on hard, you'll find two bouncers.  The trip
    here is simple, but long.  And this is hard to survive.  Understand why people
    hate this place?  Open the blue-locked door, and pray you make it to the fuse
    device alive.  If you do, congrats, you beat the level.
                      Defense Tunnel Teln           [CKDTT]
    Down the pole you immediately see is a few hidden areas with a few thousand
    points.  Above and to the left, a series of hanging poles and Robo Red (unless
    you're playing on easy).  Past him is a red key.  Get it.
    Further left, you can bypass a series of beam hazards by jumping into the
    ceiling, getting 800 points on the way.  After that, head beyond the yellow
    lock to trade your red key for a yellow.  The right wall up there leads to a
    door that leads to a 1UP, pillage it.  Head back and open the yellow-locked
    door and immediately climb the pole to grab a green key.  The lower path
    after the pole gets you some points and ammo.
    Take the higher path beyond and jump into a blue room hiding a blue key.
    Watch out for a Bouncing Slicestar if you're not on easy.  Afterwards, take
    the next higher path to exchange the green key for a card after climbing past
    another Robo Red.  On the lower path, open the blue-locked door.  Right above
    the door is 20,000 points hidden in the ceiling.  Beyond this is a clear shot
    to the exit, but the wall to the right of it hides another 12,000 points to
    grab along the way.  Get them and go.
                      Brownian Motion Inducer       [CKBMI]
    If you jump from the mounted platforms to the pillar at the beginning, you can
    grab 26,000 points, and a 1UP as you bypass the fire hazards.  Climb up the
    pole to reach a hall with 3 rooms above.  Enter the left's door.  Here, you'll
    find some Sparkies, and if on hard, a Shockshund.  Battle to the death and head
    down the pole and jump pole-to-pole to reach the blue key.  Head back to the
    In the center room's door, simply ride the platform to reach the yellow key.
    The room is large enough so that the Bouncing Slicestar you encounter in hard
    mode is no problem.  If you hang on the platform on the way back, you can duck
    under the floor and drop down into a hidden room with a huge ammo cache.
    Ignore the door, it's a diversion from the hidden passage in the ceiling
    holding 11,000 points.  Anyway, make your way back to the hall holding those
    3 rooms.
    The right and last room holds the fuse device, double-locked with the keys you
    got in the first two rooms.  Mind the Shellies if you're on hard mode and
    finish this part of the game once and for all.
        Almost Done               [CKPART3]
    Now that you've opened the elevator shaft, the only thing between you and the
    QED is the Gravitational Damping Hub, and possibly a bonus level.
                      Gravitational Damping Hub     [CKBMI]
    Finally, some new music!  Anyway, meet Spirogrip, an easy-to-dodge enemy, who
    you'll just have to live with in this level.
    Immediately head right, up the pole, and up a series of moving platforms until
    you find a switch to activate.  The wall below it contains 12,000 points.  Head
    left past some Spindreds, and onto some mounted platforms traveling over fire
    hazards and turrets, if you drop into them where there are no hazards and head
    right, you can grab 20,000 points.  Continue left until you reach a switch and
    a keycard.  Now had back down past all those platforms you climbed up, and go
    past a floor a spawned.
    Head up to the left and around to activate a switch, eliminating the floor
    below you to grab the green key.  Now head back to the beginning to open the
    green-locked door to activate another switch.  Head back up that series of
    platforms to go through the passage that switch opened up.  You can head left
    and deal with a Slicestar, or head right, and deal with some Sparkies.  The
    choice is yours.
    After the door, in the right wall, is a hidden 30,000 points.  To the left
    is a clear shot to the exit.  Notice how you couldn't help but get the card
    while doing this all?  It's a trick!  Head to the arch on the way to the exit
    and jump down through the floor.  Head down the left wall to find a secret
    area.  After a series of platforms, Slicestars, Volte-Faces, and an easy key
    and lock, you'll find an odd device.  Walk into it like a door to access the
    Secret Level.
                      Korath III Base               [CKBMI]
    Ahhh, the secret level.  It's only available between the second-to-last and
    last level, so it may as well, be placed here in the walkthrough.  If you play
    this on normal or hard difficulty, you can alter the ending slightly.
    First off, the right wall has a hidden indentation, from which you can jump up
    onto a higher platform, which holds 100,000 points and a ton of ammo.  If you
    are playing on hard, this is the easiest source of points, for there's also a
    Slicestar which you can use to die, and collect the points over and over again
    very quickly.  From that platform, you can jump up and to the right to find a
    fuse which can be broken if you play on medium or hard.  Sorry easy-goers,
    that's the ropes.  Also, breaking the fuse instantly wins the level.
    Anyway, falling between the yellow and red buildings is a long way.  You could
    make a sandwich while waiting.  The objective is to make your way up each
    building, getting the key and the card, and then ride the platforms up out of
    this pit.  Of course, you could activate the platforms with the switch at the
    bottom of the red building, ride up, and simply grab those keys.
    If you're looking for a "manly" way to beat this level.  I advise against it.
    But I will walk you through.  First, the yellow building.  The first room
    contains a Volte-Face going in a figure 8 pattern.  Next, a simple turret.
    Then, some Slicestars.  The next room contains a yellow key behind a
    blue-locked door.  After some more turrets, the blue key and yellow lock.
    Make the exchange and continue.  After some fire hazards, turrets, and some
    moving platforms, you're free to grab the green key.
    Next, the red building.  It starts with a lot of fall-away platforms, then
    hell, oops, I mean some Bouncing Slicestars in a small room.  Fun.  Then,
    a bunch of Amptons and poles.  Afterwards, head up the left path to grab a
    blue key to unlock the door on the right path.  Then, some simple rolling
    platforms.  The final obstacle is simple.  Only you can make it hard.  Simply
    pogo from platform to platform as they become accessible.  From there, grab
    the card.
    When you're done, if you haven't already, turn on the switch at the bottom of
    the red building and ride the platforms up.  Beyond the green-locked door, a
    few Volte-Faces guard the platforms leading to the exit.  There's a 1UP at the
    top of the pole at the door, but it hardly matters with all the Vitalin
                      Quantum Explosion Dynamo      [CKQED]
    Sadly, the final level's hidden areas all contain chump change points, and are
    fairly obvious, too.  The only one worth noting is one containing 2 extra
    Head up and activate the switch, opening the floor to the left, grab the red
    key, while avoiding the Spindreds.  You can close the floor up with the them
    below in order to trap them and make life simpler later.  To the right,
    you'll find a room full of electric death.  Hmmm, better head around.
    Head upward into the purple room and activate the switch to alter the
    mounted platforms' paths so that they allow you to reach the green key.
    Continue right past a series of Slicestars, poles, and Spindreds, until you
    are below the yellow room containing an army of Shockshunds.  Shoot upward
    until they're all dealt with, and grab the blue key.
    Now head left, over a series of odd glowing red lightbulbs.  Avoid them.
    They kill.  Past them, is a series of poles, with some very angry Shikadi.
    Only gray poles lead all the way to the ceiling, so just stay off those, and
    can avoid them all.  Grab the yellow key on your way to the right.
    Up the pole, you'll find a series of locked doors to your left, and a
    Slicestar to your right.  You have no need for any ammo from here on out,
    so if you destroy the Slicestar, you can access the hidden area behind it
    for to 1UPs.  Head past the 3 doors, and past the beam hazards, and if you
    are playing in any difficulty above easy, you'll have an ominous, yet easy
    guest.  The Shikadi Masters are predictable with a capital P, and they'll
    eventually teleport themselves into the nearby purple room where you got
    that green key, and where they'll do no harm.  See the QED?  It's gonna take
    more than a pogo to stop this baby.  To the right is a red-locked door.
    Behind it are 6 Shikadi Mines.  Here's the rundown.  Only their shrapnel can
    save the galaxy.  Lead one over to the QED, make it explode over that globe,
    and hope it works.  You have six chances, so just retry if you fail at first.
    If you do however fail, you have no choice but to die, and retry.  If you do,
    sit back and enjoy the ending.
        Fun Stuff                 [CKFUN]
    There's more to Commander Keen than just meets the eye.  Listed below are some
    fun facts:
    -The Indecisive Robo Red-
    When Robo Red fires, he moves forward a bit, regardless of whether there's any
    floor in front of him or not.  Shoot him so that while he fires outward while
    he's on a ledge, and he'll float there in a state of indecisiveness.  Because
    he isn't facing any direction, he can't see you, nor can he hear anything
    behind him.  The only thing he reacts to is being fired upon.  This is the
    only way to technically defeat Robo Red.
    -What does that letter say?-
    The Standard Galactic Alphabet is translated twice in the keen series.  Oddly,
    the game that uses it the least throughout the gameplay uses it the most at
    the end.  Here is the letter translated:
    Dear Billy
    You fell for my android
    duplicate ploy in the mangling
    machine and now you've fallen
    for it again.
    I'm blowing up the universe, not
    the stupid galaxy.
    This was just a big distraction,
    Tag!  You're it!
    PS: Gannalech is how these dumb
    Shikadi pronounce Grand
    or didn't you notice that, Mister
    Awfully ominous for a game that never had a sequel.
    -Alternate Ending-
    Remember that fuse in Korath III Base?
    Breaking it causes the Shikadi to be arrested for double-parking,
    rather than allowing them to escape in the ship.
    -Fun with sequels-
    Did you know Keen 5 was the last PC Keen game ID made?
    That's right, they actually finished Aliens Ate My Babysitter, commonly
    referred to as Keen 6 first.
        Cheats                    [CKCHEATS]
    Bored?  Frustrated?  Cheat like you know no shame!
    B+A+T = 99 Ammo, all keys, and an extra life
    E+N+D = View the ending
    F9 = BOSS mode.  Hitting ESC returns to the game.  Abuse at your own risk
    -Debug Mode-
    Press A+2+Enter to unlock Debug Mode.  These cheats were not meant to be
    used by the player, and neither the game maker, nor I hold any responsibility
    for any damages that may result.
    F10 + B: Change the border
    F10 + C: Shows active/inactive objects
    F10 + D: Demo Record. Press it again to save.
    F10 + E: Win the level. Careful, it doesn't complete objectives.
    F10 + G: GOD Mode. Be immune to (almost) anything.
    F10 + I: 3000 points, 99 Shots, and all the keys
    F10 + J: Jump cheat.  Look mom, I can fly!
    F10 + M: Displays memory usage.
    F10 + N: No Clipping.  Go through anything (but platforms) including the floor
             to your death!  
    F10 + P: Pause without pause window.
    F10 + S: Slow motion.
    F10 + T: Sprite test.  This allows you to scroll through sprites.
    F10 + V: Add 0-8 VBLs.  This does little, except slow the game down on slower
    F10 + Y: Display solid areas by putting block borders around them, revealing
             hidden areas.
    F10 + Z: Kills Keen. Crashes the game if used on the map.
    F10 + W: Warp to another level.  See command line list for numbers
    -Practice Mode Command Line Parameter-
    Start the game with /TEDLEVEL ## in the command line, replacing ## with one
    of the following numbers in order to enter the corresponding level in
    practice mode. You will play the level at Normal difficulty with infinite
    lives and no prompt to exit. Completing the level will close out of the game.
    00    The Omegamatic             08 Neutrino Burst Injector
    01    Ion Ventilation System     09 Defense Tunnel Teln
    02    The Security Center        10 Brownian Motion Inducer
    03    Defense Tunnel Vlook       11 Gravitational Damping Hub
    04    Energy Flow Systems        12 Quantum Explosion Dynamo
    05    Defense Tunnel Burr        13 Korath III Base
    06    Regulation Control Center  15 High Score Screen
    07    Defense tunnel Sorra
        Disclaimer                [CKDISCLAIMER]
    This guide is copyrighted by Pleinair, with all rights reserved, and  cannot
    be reproduced in any way, shape, or form without expressed written consent
    of the author.
    As of now, this guide may only be hosted by www.gamefaqs.com
    This may change in the future, but until I say, don't ask.
        Contact Info              [CKCONINFO]
    If you have a dire need to contact me, email me at Pleinair123@aol.com
    as listed at the top.
        Special Thanks            [CKSPTHANKS]
    CJayC - Admin of GameFAQs
    SC Board - For making me feel smart
    Various GameFAQs users
    ID Software - For making this game
    Apogee - For publishing it
    Every Commander Keen lover in the Galaxy
    Me - For being awesome
        No Thanks                 [CKNOTHANKS]
    My butt - For being lazy
    MM - You know who you are.
    Copyright 2006 Pleinair

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