Harmony is an Action game.

From the author:
Harmony is a standalone game using the zdoom engine but can also be viewed as a true TC. It contains 11 maps, high resolution monsters, all new textures and an MP3 soundtrack.

After 8 years it is finally finished!

From TigSource:
Harmony is a new FPS made with the ZDoom game engine. It is 8 years in the making. 8 years wow, that is some dedication!

The game features original graphics and music. The monsters in the game were modeled from clay figures that the author rigged with wires so that they could be animated. Overall, Harmony looks fairly drab, but the character designs certainly lend it a unique and creepy look. The music is pretty good, too I especially like the track thats all drums.

Its a challenging FPS that hearkens to the early days of shareware theres no jumping or swimming here (there is mouse-aiming, though)! Unfortunately, the weapon selection is not as interesting as the monsters, and youll mostly be playing with variants of the standard Doom line-up. But the level design is good 11 large (and I do mean large) maps make you backtrack a lot, but are intuitive and have lots of shortcuts and secrets. The item placement feels right to me, too ammo is valuable but not too scarce.

An original and complete game based on the Doom engine doesnt come around that often, and Harmony is an impressive effort, if somewhat rough around the edges. Its definitely worth a look for fans of old FPSs.

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