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    Walkthrough by Anonymous

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    1. To solve The Secret to Intergalactic Success, you must solve each of 
    the brain lobes.  To solve each lobe, you must gain access to Inner 
    Space, obtain the four essential clues and use those to solve the lobe. 
    2.  The Loonatorium is the central dispatch for finding The Secret to 
    Intergalactic Success.  Play Spot the Loony for hints on solving the 
    secret and to find out which lobe to go to next.  Be sure to play until 
    the hints begin to repeat themselves.
    3. In each of the scenarios or lobes, you gain entry to Inner Space by 
    finding The Spanish Inquisition.  Go to the lobe suggested by the Spot 
    the Loony announcer.  After the Cardinal says Nobody expects the Spanish 
    Inquisition, click on the door, answer the trivia question correctly and 
    you are in.  All of the answers to the trivia questions are found within 
    the title so don’t be afraid to explore. 
    4.  There are four essential clues (clues needed to solve the lobe) and 
    three non-essential clues buried in each maze.  The non-essential clues 
    give you some direction as to what to do with the essential clues to 
    solve the lobe.
    5.  Once in Inner Space, control access to essential clues by using the 
    Shift key on the keyboard in combination with the question number.
    6.  Access to Inner Space from the Exploding TV Room can be gained 
    through the Television.  Pythonvision, which can be brought up by 
    clicking on the right button on the TV, makes a great remote control.  
    Try watching a show about that penguin on top of the telly.
    7.  To solve the Whizzo banners and access the Pinball Game in the 
    corridor, click on the left banner, then the front banner, the next one 
    back, the left one and then the back banner. 
    8.  If you are sure you have the correct answer to a trivia question, 
    try checking for spelling errors or verify.
    9.  One of the trivia questions asks Nobody likes a.... The correct 
    answer for this question is BENEDICT.
    10.  For the 10th hint please see maps upload.  BEWARE-It’s not as easy 
    as it looks!!!!!!

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