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    FAQ/Walkthrough by GameJunkyJim

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 01/04/06 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                  ___________                  __
                 /\_________ \                 \/
                            \ \                ||
                   __        \ \  []           ||
                   ||         | | __  _ _._    ||
                   ||         | | ||  |V _ \   || __
                   ||         | | ||  | / \ |  | V/
                  / |        / /  ||  | |  ||  | {
                 -   \______/ /   ||  | |  ||  ||\\      Smallwood
                {/¯¯---------/    ¯¯  ¯¯¯  ¯¯  ¯¯ ¯¯
    Dink Smallwood
    Walkthrough Version 1.0
    by: GameJunkieJim (James Triche) <gamejunkiejim@yahoo.com>
    Dink Smallwood Full Release is Copyright (c) 1999 RT Soft, Inc.
    This Walkthrough is Copyright (c) 2005 GameJunkieJim (James Triche)
    It is not to be Altered or Sold, in whole or in part. It is intended for use as
    a gameplay guide only, and may be Reproduced at will providing it is complete,
    with this notice intact.
    Table of Contents
    0- Intro to the Walkthrough
    1- The Premise
    2- The Interface
       2.1 The Inventory Menu
       2.2 The Status Bar
           2.2.1 Stats
           2.2.2 Magic Slot
           2.2.3 Life Bar
           2.2.4 Coins
           2.2.5 Experience Points and Level
           2.2.6 Action Box
       2.3 The Menus
       2.4 The Map
    3- Controls
       3.1 Keyboard controls
       3.2 Joystick/Gamepad controls
    4- All the Stuff
       4.1 Items
       4.2 Weapons
       4.3 Magic
    5- The Walkthrough
       5.1 Stonebrook
           5.1.1 A Single Mom, and a Lost Duck
           5.1.2 Nuts to your Farm!
           5.1.3 Burning Bridges
           5.1.4 Those Men aren't Merry!
       5.2 Terris
           5.2.1 There's No Place Like Home...
           5.2.2 What's yours is Mine
           5.2.3 Bustin' Out!
           5.2.4 Oh! THAT'S what it's for!
       5.3 Kernsin
           5.3.1 They're awful shady...
       5.4 Windemere
           5.4.1 Famine Fortune
       5.5 The Edge of the World
           5.5.1 Pathways
       5.6 The Darklands
       5.7 The Showdown
       5.8 Epilogue
    6- Side Quests and Secrets
       6.1 What kinda herbs are these?
       6.2 Joppa Isle
       6.3 Koka Isle
       6.4 Burn, Baby, Burn!
       6.5 Ice, Ice, Baby
    7- Tips and Tactics
    8- DinkMODS
    9- Acknowledgements and Credits
    0. Intro to the Walkthrough:
    Hello and Welcome! This is my first attempt at a walkthrough, so I decided to
    do it on a shorter game. I will be slightly vague with details, so that you
    will still get the benefit of exploring the game and filling out the plot. One
    thing I don't like about some walkthroughs is that they get so verbose with the
    descriptions you might as well not play the game. I try to be detailed with the
    actions, without describing the full effects. I do this in order for the player
    to still get a good experience out of the game.
    Please excuse my quality, as I said before this is a test ground.
    I invite criticism and pointers, and indeed that was part of the reason I chose
    this game to do my first walkthrough on. Dink Smallwood is availiable as
    Freeware now, from the creators themselves at http://www.rtsoft.com. It's the
    full version, and it's only missing the CD soundtracks and the intro movie. The
    soundtracks that are missing were removed for space constraints, but have been
    replaced by wonderful MIDI tracks. The intro movie was really cool, but didn't
    have anything to do with the story anyway, and was also removed for space
    So, download the game and test out the walkthrough, then write me and curse me
    out or laud me. Whichever.
    Robinson Technologies Software is an indie developer, and their website
    (http://www.rtsoft.com) has not only the full version of Dink Smallwood, but
    many other games availiable for download.
    1. The Premise
    Dink Smallwood is a Zelda-esque RPG/Adventure game that offers between 9 and 15
    hours of play. Of course, you can stretch the game out quite a bit longer if
    you wish, and the graphics are wonderful and I would suggest taking your time.
    The game is not intended for children, and while it doesn't have any wanton
    sexual innuendo or graphic nudity, it does have some violent aspects that are
    not appropriate for younger audiences.
    Dink aspires to more than a Pig Farmer.
    2. The Interface
    Dink Smallwood is played with the Arrow Keys for direction, the CTRL key for
    Actions (including Attacks) and the SHIFT key for Magic. The ENTER key brings
    up an Inventory Screen, in which you can assign Magic and Actions. Examinations
    and Dialogs are brought up with the SPACEBAR. All menu choices are made with
    the CTRL key, which means be careful when interacting with others, or you may
    give them a cheap shot. The fighting is action based, so no menu driven
    battles. The environment scrolls one screen at a time.
    2.1 The Inventory Menu
    MAGIC    WEAPONS/ITEMS                  The inventory menu has spaces for 8
    magic spells, and 16 "Action Items"
    ¦ · ¦ · ¦¦ · ¦ · ¦ · ¦ · ¦               The items in the Magic section are
    ¦---+---¦¦---+---+---+---¦               non-expendable, and are all used in
    ¦ · ¦ · ¦¦ · ¦ · ¦ · ¦ · ¦               the game with the SHIFT key.
    ¦ · ¦ · ¦¦ · ¦ · ¦ · ¦ · ¦               The items in the Weapons/Items area
    ¦---+---¦¦---+---+---+---¦               are expendable, and are used in the
    ¦ · ¦ · ¦¦ · ¦ · ¦ · ¦ · ¦               game with the CTRL key.
    You must equip what you want to use in the ENTER menu, by highlighting it with
    the Arrow Keys, and pressing CTRL to set the item or spell.
    *NOTE* The game designers were ambitious, and there are more magic slots than
    you will need for the game. Don't worry about having missed anything if you
    don't fill it up. Only one spell is not required to complete the game, but
    we'll get into that later.
    2.2 The Status Bar
    ¦ Attack  ##  +---+ Life ¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦        +---+¦
    ¦ Defense ##  ¦ M ¦                                   ¦W/I¦¦
    ¦ Magic   ##  +---+ Coins  99999   Exp.Points  Level  +---+¦
    This friendly neighbor sits docked at the bottom of the screen.
    2.2.1 Stats
    Attack, Defense and Magic rating on the far left all reflect on the
    effectiveness of Dink in any given situation.
    Attack most directly reflects on damage dealt when fighting monsters, generally
    the higher the rating, the more pain you bring.
    Defense reflects on the ability to soak physical damage.
    Magic affects three things; the refresh rate of your magical energy, the
    effectiveness of your spell, and the ability to absorb magical damage.
    2.2.2 Magic Slot
    The first box shows what magic spell you currently have ready. This slot is
    surrounded by a colored bar that reflects the current charge time for the
    spell. When casting a spell, the border will drain of color, and refresh based
    on the strength of the spell, and the Magic Stat.
    2.2.3 Life Bar
    This handy dandy device shows you just how long you have until the Big
    Adventure in the Sky. This will extend with the gaining of levels, and
    power-ups located throughout the world.
    2.2.4 Coins
    Yeah, it's money makes even Dink's world go round. Gold is scarce early on, so
    spend wisely.
    2.2.5 Experience Points and Level
    The experience point counter shows your current total for the level, and the
    ceiling you must reach to go up to the next level. This will reset with a new
    ceiling after each level.
    2.2.6 Action Box
    All weapons and items are equipped in this box. Pay attention to this box! If
    you use a one time item, the box will remain blank, and you will have to
    re-equip your weapon or hand to do any damage to anything.
    2.3 The Menus
    The dialogue and Main Game menus are all controlled by using the UP and DOWN
    Arrow Keys, and pressing CTRL on the choice you want to make.
    2.4 The Map
    The map (once you get it) is called up by pressing the 'M' key. It will show
    your position as a flashing cross.
    3. Controls
    Now that the interface has been explained, here is a concise chart. I will
    include the default gamepad buttons, for those of you that have one (I don't).
    3.1 Keyboard controls
                    ARROW KEYS   Makes Dink walk/push
                    CTRL         Attack/Use equipped item/Select option
                    SPACE        Talk/Examine/Manipulate
                    SHIFT        Use equipped magic
                    ENTER        Inventory Menu
                    ESC          Main Menu
                    M            Display map (if you have one)
             Inventory Menu
                    ARROW KEYS   Highlight Item/Weapon or Magic
                    CTRL         Select highlighted Item/Weapon or Magic
                    ENTER        Exit inventory screen
    3.2 Joystick/Gamepad controls
                    D-PAD        Makes Dink walk/push
                    BUTTON 1     Attack/Use equipped item/Select option
                    BUTTON 2     Talk/Examine/Manipulate
                    BUTTON 3     Use equipped magic
                    BUTTON 4     Inventory Menu
                    BUTTON 5     Options
                    BUTTON 6     Display map (if you have one)
             Inventory Menu
                    D-PAD        Highlight Item/Weapon or Magic
                    BUTTON 1     Select highlighted Item/Weapon or Magic
                    BUTTON 4     Exit Inventory Menu
    4. All the Stuff
    4.1 Items
    Name         Buy      Effect                            Where
    Pig Feed      -       Feeds Pigs                        In your house
    Alk Nut       -       Regenerates a tiny bit of health  East of Stonebrook
    Elixer*     25-100    Regenerates lots of health        Any Clinic
    Bomb**        20      Blows shit up.                    Terris
    *The word Elixir is misspelled in the game, so I presented the spelling here as
    it was in the game. Don't yell at me.
    **The Bomb is theoretically a weapon, but the fuse ensures that you won't be
    hurting anything with it without anticipation, timing and luck. It really only
    has one use.
    4.2 Weapons
    Name          Buy   Effect (Damage)                       Where
    Fist           -    Hits things (Attack+0)                End of the forearm
    Long Sword    400   Pokes Things (Attack+4)               Terris
    Bow*         1000   Flings pointy sticks (Attack+0)       KernSin
    Claw Sword   2000   Stabs Things (Attack+13)              Windemere
    Throwing Axe 3000   Chops Real Fast (Attack+0) Ranged     Joppa Isle
    Light Sword  4000   Impales Things (Attack+25)            Edge of the World
    Massive Bow  5000   Hurls pointy Sticks (Attack+8)        Edge of the World
    Flame Bow   25000   Catapults sharp sticks (Attack+15)    Koka Isle
    Herb Boots*   500   Sprint, rabbit punch (Attack+0)       Northeast Plains
    Bow Lore**   1500   Allows you to use Bows (Attack+0)     Southwest Beach
    *The Herb (or Hyper) Boots are listed in with the weapons because they allow
    for you to attack when equipped. The provide no bonus to the attack stat, since
    you are using your fists, but they allow you to make multiple attacks in the
    time it normally would take you to make one.
    **Bow Lore is not a weapon, but without it a Bow is useless.
    4.3 Magic
    Name       Buy  Effect                            Charge   Where
    Fireball    -   Burn stuff (Single Hit)           Quick    North of Stonebrook
    Acid Rain   -   Melting Fountain (Multiple Hits)  Medium   Kernsin
    Scroll*     -   Pass Magic Barriers               Quick    Abandoned Mine
    Hellfire   1500 Incinerate Stuff (Multiple Hits)  Slow     Edge of the World
    *The Scroll is not a combat spell, and only useful in one area.
    5. The Walkthrough
    5.1 Stonebrook
    5.1.1 A Single Mom, and a Lost Duck
    Talk to Mom for a bit. She gave you a job boy! Get to it. The Feed is in the
    Upper Right corner of the room. You can eat the pie now, but I suggest waiting
    on that.
    ~ Item : Pig Feed
    Go to the Pig Pen and equip the bag of feed. Feed the pigs. Now who's this?
    What a jerk! Oh well, time to tell Mommy that your chores are done. Ask her
    about the town. Now, find the old lady. A duck? Are you serious? Well, since
    you can't leave the town yet, the duck must be around here somewhere... Once
    you find the duck, DON'T hit him. Talk to him. Yeah, ducks don't understand
    politeness. Life Lesson.  Go back to the old woman and receive praise. Bask in
    your Glory. See Mom.
    5.1.2 Nuts to your Farm!
    Mom needs Nuts for dinner. First go and talk to the Farmer, ask to see his
    daughter. Denied! But he needs help with his farm. See if you can help! You can
    leave the town now, so leave. A funny little man wants you to come to his
    cabin. Ignore the advice your parents gave you and make your way to his cabin
    (east then north) You gotta kill somethin' for him to teach you, so go
    exploring. You may see a man in a duck field being accosted by a couple guards,
    but ignore them for now. Start beating up on the gigantic Pillbug things. If
    you get hurt much, bash open some barrels and grab some hearts. To the
    southwest there is a small plot overrun with pillbugs. Most of them are normal
    critters, but one is an obvious ringleader. Stay away from his charge and ping
    away at him. Once they're all dead, go back to the farmer's house and he'll
    thank you and let you see his daughter. Groovy.
    Continue to venture out and kill a few things, grabbing hearts and whatnot to
    stay alive, and make good use of the Save Point just north of the village. You
    should be able to gain a level or two fairly easily. If you're hurt really
    badly, eat the pie on the table. Go to the southeast to the odd looking tree.
    ~ Item: Alk Nut(s)
    Apparently your mother is a Squirrel. As you're bringing the nuts back, look in
    on Milder and Co. This guy is so sweet! Time to go home.
    *                SPOILER!                                                    *
    *     Son of a bitch! The house! Mom! Oh whatever shall Dink do?!            *
    *     Well, talk to the guard, then grab your mail. In it is - a             *
    *     Map! Now you can see roughly where you are.                            *
    *                                                                            *
    5.1.3 Burning Bridges
    Despite the note from your Aunt, you cannot cross the bridge yet. That dude is
    awful greedy! Oh well, maybe the Wizard's quest will work for now.
    If you've made it to level 3, then jaunt on up to the cliff face and shove that
    oddly positioned rock. Inside is a T shaped cave, to the Left, Prizes! To the
    Right, certain death! Not really. Go in to the creature and sock him in the jaw
    a few times, dodge away from his tail, then repeat. Once he dies, grab the rest
    of the stuff and be careful on the way home. Go north to the Wizard's shack.
    Hmm! He's buggered off! Oh well, he left a note and some loot.
    ~ Magic Acquisition: Fireball
    5.1.4 Those Men aren't Merry!
    Now that you have the fireball spell you can attack enemies from a distance,
    and burn dry trees. Test it out just south of the Wizard's shack. There is a
    path there to a Life extending Heart. Once you're healthy and confident in your
    guerrila tactics, you can keep running through the west path until you see the
    man being accosted. Help him out if you want to, it's a big experience boost,
    and sometimes you get lucky and they attack each other (although if they get
    the death blow on the other, you don't get the XP), you will receive a piece of
    gold from the grateful (but really poor) farmer.
    *            SPOILER!                                                        *
    *       Those two gentlemen in the armor were your first encounter           *
    *       with The Cast. I think they look like guards because of the          *
    *       limited sprites in the game, but they worked it into the             *
    *       story, so it's all good!                                             *
    *                                                                            *
    Pay the man his exorbitant toll, or the game will be very short.
    5.2 Terris
    5.2.1 There's No Place Like Home...
    Use the map to find Terris. Explore a bit until you find your Aunt's house.
    Ignore the Redneck for now, if you pick a fight with him he'll likely stomp a
    mudhole in your ass. Go upstairs and save, then search for some things to do.
    The gossip at the bar is your first lead to a quest! Talk to Nadine, and she'll
    ask for help. Search the countryside and build up levels.Hmm, Mary isn't
    anywhere! Search all you like, the tot has up and vanished. Well, maybe that
    one will be put on hold for now.
    5.2.2 What's yours is Mine
    Continue to build levels, and then venture down into the abandoned mine. The
    mine introduces a new feature to your gameplay experience, the Screen Lock.
    This means that before you can leave the screen, you gotta whack all the
    critters. Go to the East and you'll see a dude in a tiny cell. Your Fireball
    Spell isn't up to the task, so head up to town. The Bar is your best bet for
    help, so ask around about magic. Find the guy, and he'll teach you a new spell.
    ~ Magic Acquisition: Acid Rain
    5.2.3 Bustin' Out!
    Make your way back into the Mine, and use your spell to bust the guy out.
    You'll have company when you try to leave. Whatever this guy was trying to do,
    it ain't gonna be done unless you do it.
    ~ Magic Acquisistion: Scroll
    5.2.4 Oh! THAT'S what it's for!
    *           SPOILER!                                                         *
    *          The Scroll is only useful for one thing, passing the shield       *
    *          behind Goodheart Castle. This area is full of critters, and       *
    *          the screen lock is on each screen. Make sure you've gained        *
    *          some levels before going through here. Work your way around       *
    *          to the northeast path and spy on a truly freaky ceremony.         *
    *          Looks like there's a new recruit! Lo and behold! It's the         *
    *          missing girl! Break up the party, and their attention turns       *
    *          to you. The cultists show their true colors, and it's up to       *
    *          you to take them out. Watch for Nelson, he's tough.  After        *
    *          the baddies are vanquished, you'll automatically go back to       *
    *          Nadine's house. Nadine is grateful, but more importantly...       *
    *          You have a reputation! The passage to Kernsin will be open        *
    *          as well, and they're planning a parade!                           *
    *                                                                            *
    ¦  SPOILERS ¦      Most of the rest of this walkthrough is      ¦  SPOILERS  ¦
    ¦  SPOILERS ¦      hard to do without spoilers, so from here    ¦  SPOILERS  ¦
    ¦  SPOILERS ¦      on out, assume there are a few major plot    ¦  SPOILERS  ¦
    ¦  SPOILERS ¦      spoilers in the general text. Be Careful!    ¦  SPOILERS  ¦
    ¦  SPOILERS ¦      But I will do my best to avoid Spoilers.     ¦  SPOILERS  ¦
    5.3 Kernsin
    5.3.1 They're awful shady...
    On the road to Kernsin are a few unsavory types. Eavesdrop on their
    conversation. You gotta tell someone! Finding the necessary people to notify is
    easy enough, the hard part is getting proof. Well, it looks as if you'll have
    to get Mog to talk. Hah, easier said than done. The guard won't even let you in
    to ask for Mog without a bow. Why a bow? I don't know. The bow is entirely
    useless without the Bow Lore skill, so go look for that. Remember to burn the
    dry trees. The guard will let you in now. The guys inside the sanctuary aren't
    really friendly, they won't attack you unless you hit them first, but any
    contact with them is apparently so repulsive it hurts. Grab the loot in the
    northeast corner of the sanctuary, it will make it easier to deal with the 4
    guards outside of Mog's house. Mog is most easily dealt with by using hit and
    run tactics. Once you finish him, he'll turn stool pigeon.
    *         SPOILER!                                                           *
    *        Time for a little espionage! However, you aren't really a           *
    *        very good spy. Time to beat up on a few more Cast members.          *
    *        Once you are done, show the plans to the young woman and to         *
    *        the Mayor. Enjoy the parade. The bridge to Windimere should         *
    *        be rebuilt by now, so saunter on over there.                        *
    *                                                                            *
    5.4 Windemere
    5.4.1 Famine Fortune
    On your way back to the bridge, stop in the Terris store and buy a Bomb. Cross
    the bridge and try to visit a few people. This Cult of the Duck really needs to
    work on their priorities! Very well, venture around and look for something to
    do. They all want food, but the ducks are sacred, and unlike your mother they
    don't have squirrel genes - so the nuts won't work either. Well there is a lot
    of ground to cover. Explore and build levels. Careful, because the clinic here
    is expensive. Look for the Apple Tree. The townsfolk won't eat apples either
    (they sure are picky for starving people!) but the Apple tree gives you a
    cryptic message. You know what to do with the Bomb now? There's a couple of
    chests next to the statue, so grab the loot first. You know you're tempted to
    start the bloodbath.... Do it.
    *         SPOILER!                                                           *
    *        Once you've finished the slaughter, the townsfolk will soon         *
    *        adopt a new false idol to worship. Now you have made a name         *
    *        for yourself, and the King will grant an audience. It looks         *
    *        like the douchebag Milder has gotten himself into a bit of          *
    *        a pickle. Well, looks like you have a new quest. And it's a         *
    *        biggie.                                                             *
    *                                                                            *
    5.5 The Edge of the World
    5.5.1 Pathways
    The golems here are some tough SOBs, so try to keep your best sword equipped.
    *         SPOILER!                                                           *
    *        The Axe is completely useless against the Golems.                   *
    *                                                                            *
    Your ultimate goal is the Mansion and Church to the East. Drop a coin or two
    into the font at the church, if you'd like, then take a sip. Ahhh!
    *         SPOILER!                                                           *
    *        In all the other sections I've let you make your own weapon         *
    *        decisions, but go in the house, and BUY THE MASSIVE BOW!!!!         *
    *        (Unless you have a better Bow already)                              *
    *                                                                            *
    She said she got that stuff where? Hmm. Let's go check it out. Shiny! I wonder
    what happens if I push...
    5.6 The Darklands
    You can wander around, there are plenty of baddies around. Be careful of the
    brambles, they hurt. There is mad loot to be had, but the screens lock so be
    careful. Dragons hang around here as well, so dodging won't always work, they
    fling magery. You will find a stairwell down. Make sure you're locked and
    loaded, this is it.
    5.7 The Showdown
    *         SPOILER!                                                           *
    *        The final confrontation. You'll have to have a Massive Bow          *
    *        to harm the final enemy. Hellfire Magic also helps.                 *
    *                                                                            *
    5.8 Epilogue
    Finish looking around and talking to people. Save the King for last.
    6. Side Quests and Secrets
    NOTE: The word Secrets implies that this section is one big spoiler, in one
    sense or another. Nothing here is essential to the game, or the plot, but most
    of it helps in some way (some are actually almost indispensable), and some of
    them could allude to the plotline.
    6.1 What kinda herbs are these?
    To the northeast of Stonebrook, in the fields there is a man in a lone house
    selling a pair of boots. The boots make travel much quicker, and give you the
    ability to rabbit punch.
    6.2 Joppa Isle
    To get to Joppa Isle, you must go through the basement in the house in
    Windemere. There's a family here being terrorized. Save them. The man has an
    axe he can sell you. It's a neat toy, and wicked fast, but relatively weak.
    6.3 Koka Isle
    Getting to Koka Isle is a trick. Search the Southern beaches for an odd
    configuration of seashells. Once you find them, walk south through the middle
    of them. Looks like there's a sandbar there! Once you're there, you can meet
    the inhabitants, play a game with the bookie, and see the Bowyer outside of the
    town. He's got a REALLY nice bow for sale (After you've talked to the King).
    There are a few critters along the island as well, and all the way on the
    northernmost key is much loot.
    6.4 Burn, Baby, Burn!
    There is a small staircase along the southern edge of the cliff plateau in The
    Edge of the World. The gentleman inside offers a bit of Arcane knowledge for a
    small fee. Pay it. It's not necessary to have this to complete the game, but
    it's a damn sight harder without it. Try the spell out on the Golems.
    6.5 Ice, Ice, Baby
    There isn't much to be had at the Ice Castle, but the true completist will want
    to go anyway. To get there, follow the southern edge of the plateau all the way
    to the west. Ease north and you'll see a cave. That isn't it. Burn all you can
    to the west then sneak through whatever path you make. There's some critters in
    there, and a man that gives you a lot of plot filler.
    7. Tips and Tactics
    Examine everything you can.
    Burn every tree you can.
    There is hidden loot to be found in a lot of places, explore thoroughly.
    Talk to everyone.
    The AI is basic for the enemies, practice hit and run tactics.
    Improve your statistics to reflect your play style.
    Don't rush, enemies may be easy in one section and brutal in the next.
    Try to average 2-4 levels per area. The more you gain, the easier the rest of
    the game will be.
    Try different choices when talking to people to see the various responses.
    Whenever you see a new weapon, save up for it. Having better weapons is never a
    bad idea.
    If you're having issues staying alive, buy a few elixers. They're great in a
    SAVE, SAVE, SAVE! Save at every opportunity. Even if you just saved 3 screens
    before. You can die abruptly, and it sucks doing the same thing over again.
    Make use of the multiple slots in case you're thinking about doing something
    8. DinkMODS
    This game literally has infinite replayability, due to the DinkEdit tool and
    the multitude of budding programmers making new adventures for Dink. There are
    multitudes of these "DMODS" availiable, so making a walkthrough for each would
    be a career. Instead, follow the general Tips in section 7 and when in doubt,
    remember the multiple save slots.
    If you're decent with C++ you should give the editing tool a try.
    Warning! This game may have a few sly snickers and jokes, but some of the DMODs
    availiable are downright raunchy. (Those are the ones I like!)
    9. Acknowledgements and Credits
    Thanks to Seth Robinson and RTSoft for making a great game, and for making it
    Thanks to my wife for putting up with my late night playing, and helping me to
    Thanks to Coca-Cola for supplying my veins with caffiene.
    And thanks to the reader for taking a look.

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