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"Clearly aimed toward 7 year olds who can’t tell a good game from a bad one"

When I was seven, about seven years ago, my uncle purchased this game for me for my birthday. I couldn’t get enough of this game. I played it countless hours nonstop, and my mommy even had to tear me away from this game to do other things. Now, on a boring November weekend in 2002, I realized how horrible this game was.

Gameplay 1/10
Pitiful. It’s hard to create as boring a game as Jumanji. First of, I’d like to let you know that this game does not let you play the board game Jumanji. Basically all it is is a collection of five boring, repetitive mini games that let you play out action scenes from the movie. All of the games are too simple and short for an adult gamer to enjoy and most of the games are too poorly made and frustrating for young ones. Some games like the Jumanji Jungle and Alan’s Escape are too confusing and hard to control for anybody to play. Unless you like boring, poorly made and unnecessarily frustrating games, this game is not for you.

Control 2/10
Jumanji’s controls are very plain and simple in all but one of the five mini games, which is great for children. Most games feature two or three simple commands in which you repetitively tap the entire game. In most of the games, the simplicity and easiness of this makes it ideal for young gamers who can’t handle complex controls and start playing the game right of the bat. However some stages are hideous, like flooding house stage where the controls are too notorious for anyone to handle.

Graphics 3/10
Most of the game is 2D. Backgrounds never move, and the foreground characters look pasted on (which they are), and match the backgrounds pretty poorly. Nothing looks like it fits. Some of the 3D models look fairly good however. Too bad there aren’t many.

Sound 3/10
Pretty bad. The sound effects sound horrific and are extremely overused, and the background music will make your ears bleed. The sound from the short movie clips couldn’t have been worse. The only up side in the sound category is some of the small voice samples used are pulled straight from the movie.

Replay Value 1/10
As I seven year old, I enjoyed playing these mini games times and times again. Now, at fifteen years of age, I can’t even enjoy a second of the game. All of the games are much to boring to even consider a second time around.

Story 9/10
The mini games follow the movie pretty well. You can control Alan get through the flooded house, help Julie swat away mosquitoes in the attic, help fight Peter fight the moneys in the kitchen, and even help Alan through the Jumanji Jungles. The small clips from the movie add nothing however.

Buy or Skip?
Unless you have a seven year old child that can’t get enough of the movie, avoid this game like the plague. If you’re over ten years of age, don’t even consider or even think of purchasing this game, even if you see it on the shelf for a quarter. This game isn’t even worth your strength to reach over and pick it up.

Overall 1/10
This is possibly one of the worst games I’ve ever played. Anyone over 10 will hate this game to death. I really hate it when companies make a bad game and slap a popular name on it so it will sell ten times the amount of copies.

Reviewer's Rating:   0.5 - Unplayable

Originally Posted: 11/14/02, Updated 11/14/02

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