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    Boss FAQ by AUNAO

    Version: 1.30 | Updated: 09/06/05 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

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                                (_/         : Plague of the Darkfall
    Boss FAQ
    Version 1.30
    Written by: AUNAO
    Table of Contents
    I. Version History
    II. Introduction
    III. Copyright Information
    IV. The Bosses:
                   a)The Panorpid Queen
                   b)The Great Mutrizzba
                   c)The Theyld Queen
                   d)Cirrae and Company
                   e)The Distillery
                   f)The Arena
                   g)Marix and Company
                   h)The Mutalid King
                   i)The Scarab Queen
                   j)The T'Urthrax Mata
    V. Recognition
    VI. Contact Information
    I. Version History
    v. 1.30 - 09/06/2005 - Visual Improvement
    v. 1.20 - 08/11/2005 - Minor Text Revisions
    v. 1.10 - 08/04/2005 - Final Boss Info. 
    v. 1.00 - 08/03/2005 - Initial Boss Information
    II. Introduction
    Entomorph is much more complex game than some might realize.
    I've always enjoyed reading boss strategies, especially
    to compare methods. When it comes to Entomorph, there is
    basically no discussion. Entomorph also has a variety of
    difficulty settings, making some of the bosses extremely deadly.
    III. Copyright Information
    This guide is copyright (c) 2005 for AUNAO. 
    Just drop me a line beforehand if you want to use it.
    Entomorph: Plague of the Darkfall is copyright
    (c) Strategic Simulations, Inc.
    IV. The Bosses
    There are nine bosses you'll need to defeat to win the game,
    and a single optional boss you can take on near the end
    of the game if you're looking for a challenge.
    If you're solely interested in completing the game, skip
    boss g) and go from there. 
    a) T H E   P A N O R P I D   Q U E E N 
    The Panorpid Queen is the first boss you'll have to face,
    and the conditions are less than optimal.
    For your starters, you're still controlling the Rogue
    Panorpid, so you're unable to use both your own magic,
    and your restorative items. Luckily, the Queen is
    a stationary opponent, and isn't packing too much heat.
    When you enter her chambers, she'll utter some vague 
    threats and then you'll gain control. It's imperative
    to kill off her three cohort Champion Panorpids, otherwise
    they'll tear you apart while you go for the queen. 
    Lead them away from the Queen and pick them off at your
    leisure, they're not much of a threat when alone.
    The Queen herself can be far more troublesome, especially
    on higher difficulties. The most important thing to 
    watch for are the spells she'll be slinging at you.
    She'll use weaker spells like Mana Bolt, and can also
    laungh a volley of up to five Lightning Bolts, which 
    will bounce off the walls. Her most deadly spells are
    Acid Bolt and Fire Ball, which will annihilate you
    rather quickly if they connect. She can also cast
    Slow, but it's a rarity.
    The easiest way to defeat the Queen is in a spot
    just above her. If you're on a low difficulty, you can
    just stand there and keep jabbing her with your horns
    until she dies. There's a good chance none of her 
    spells will connect while you're standing there, and
    all she'll be able to do is counter with a weak wave
    of her arm.
    On a higher difficulty, you'll want to be near the
    same spot, but not nearly as close. Her counter will
    do much more damage, so use the same strategy, but use
    your spit attack when you're out of range of her counter.
    When the Queen dies, you'll be able to go on and
    undergo your first transformation.
    b) T H E   G R E A T   M U T R I Z Z B A
    Yipes. This thing freaks me out.
    The Great Mutrizzba is a giant mosquito with a severe
    case of split personality. She'll start up a deranged
    conversation with you, and absolutely ignore everything
    you say while switching between a high falsetto and
    an extremely angry rasp. She'll inject her egg into your
    shoulder, and the battle will begin.
    You start at a huge disadvantage in this fight, as 
    the Great Mutrizzba is directly to your right, and there
    are four human guards behind you.
    Take to the left immediately to get away from the Great
    Mutrizzba, and slay the human guards. In your transformed
    state, they're absolutely no challenge unless they are
    able to gang up on you, so take them out quickly.
    As for the Great Mutrizzba, she's able to zip around
    the room when you approach her, so projectile attacks
    are the best way to go. 
    Like the Panorpid Queen, the Great Mutrizzba will
    also use weak magic like Mana Bolt and Lightning Bolt.
    That isn't the only similarity they share, as the 
    Great Mutrizzba can also launch a volley of Lightning 
    Bolts. However, she'll sent out many more, extremely 
    rapidly, and usually follow up with a rapid fire of
    Ice Missiles, which can leave you with no place to hide
    and feeling extremely dead. She can rapid fire Mana
    Bolts as well, but this is a rarity, and also not 
    much of a threat.
    Her only melee attack is a very quick, unavoidable
    body slam which thankfully won't do much damage.
    Thanks to her speed, you're limited to spells and spit
    to win, but while she has a vastly improved offense
    compared to the last battle, her defense is lacking.
    The strongest spell you'll have at the moment is Acid
    Bolt, and a few high power castings of it will take
    most of her health down, which you can then mop up
    by spitting at her.
    It's worth noting that the game can glitch if you spit
    too quickly at her. If you're still midway through 
    the spit animation when she dies, the game won't freeze
    up, but you'll be unable to move. Just only start to spit
    again until your first volley hits her.
    Once you win, you'll be able to consume her royal
    jelly and undergo your second transformation.
    c) T H E   T H E Y L D   Q U E E N 
    Evidentally, the Theyld Queen is a giant floating brain
    with mandibles and an oddly sexy voice.
    This is probably one of the easiest bosses you'll have
    to face, with the possible exception of the Mutalid King.
    Sometimes, the Theyld Queen simply won't try to attack
    you, bt this may be a glitch.
    Mostly, she'll attempt a quick tackle and then return to 
    her spot in the upper middle part of the room.
    Magic wise, she's the most lackluster boss yet.
    She'll cast Fire Ball and Whirlwind the most, the former
    being weaker than the Panorpid Queen's version and the
    latter being a mere annoyance due to it's weak damage
    but huge attack radius. Sometimes she'll cast
    Disintegration, which does low damage but can cause
    instant death very rarely. This attack is almost never
    used, and it's easy to avoid, so don't stress it too much.
    The Theyld Queen can also cast Magic Barrier, but
    physical attacks are the easiest way to dispatch her.
    Take a position on either side of the Queen, and use
    your normal attacks to tear her to shreds. She'll go
    down in seconds.
    Once you defeat her, she'll utter a gasp and you'll
    be able to get at the final pile of nectar, and your
    final transformation. Eat it, and you'll become
    a full Mutalid.
    d) C I R R A E   A N D   C O M P A N Y  
    A wholly unpleasant fight, indeed.
    You're up against three Mutalids, two lesser Nobles,
    and the head Noble himself, Cirrae.
    Once you open the door, you'll have to step in a little
    and Cirrae will tell you, in essence, that the jig is up.
    However, the easiest way to prevail in an otherwise
    extremely difficult fight is a little underhanded.
    Open the door, but instead of walking in, fire a fully
    charged Fire Ball through the door. It will connect,
    and the dialogue will progress as normal, and you'll
    have a considerate advantage. Once dialogue ceases,
    fire another fully charged Fire Ball and the three
    Mutalids and both Nobles should die.
    You'll be left with Cirrae to contend with, and without
    his cohorts he's not too tough. He can cast Healing
    and Magic Barrier to prolong his existence. He has but
    a single offensive spell, but it's quite a doozy. He'll
    be using the Death spell liberally, which launches
    a flaming skull and erupts for massive damage with a 
    large radius of effect. 
    Despite his offense, he's merely a human type enemy, 
    and will go down after a few swipes of your claw.
    Once he's defeated, you can enter the chamber and
    receive the Death spell for yourself to use.
    e) T H E   D I S T I L L E R Y
    Not exactly a true boss, but I would consider it
    along the same vein.
    After defeating Cirrae, you'll have to destroy the
    Distillery before exiting.
    The Distillery consists of five metal vats containing
    bright neon liquids and designed to look like bugs.
    The problem is that a hole appears in the wall as you
    enter, and you'll be attacked by the elite red-striped
    Theyld Warriors as you destroy the vats.
    Luckily, each time you destroy a vat, it's contents
    will spill out. The contents are apparently fatal to
    Theyld, as when they walk over the ruins, they will
    immediately die.
    Simply destroy each vat while luring the Thelyd to
    their doom when they get too close.
    Once all five vats are destroyed, head to the King's
    Palace for the final parts of the game.
    f) T H E   A R E N A
    Upon entering the King's Palace, you'll be forced to 
    fight in the Arena.
    This is an easy win, really, as all you'll combat
    are fixed waves of regular enemies. The only somewhat
    dangerous opponents are the Theyld Warriors, and
    the Urthrax, due to their poisonous spit attack.
    You'll be attacked in three identical waves consisting
    of an Urthrax Male, Urthrax Female, Theyld Warrior
    and a Golden Muncher. 
    Take them all out and you'll be able to leave
    the arena.
    g) M A R I X   A N D   C O M P A N Y (optional) 
    For an optional battle, this is an extremely satisfying
    victory. Immediately after winning the Arena battle,
    rather than leaving, head to the left.
    You'll find Marix and the spectators behind the blue
    barrior. You can talk to them, and either challenge
    them all to a fight to the death, or leave.
    Naturally, we're gonna have some fun and take them on.
    Your opponents are four normal Mutalids, three
    darker green, superior Mutalids, and Marix.
    Marix is basically a dark green enhanced Mutalid, but
    his strength and health rival your own. He's also the only
    enemy in the game with speed about equal to yours, making
    him a dangerous opponent.
    They're standing in two vertical rows of four, with
    the weaker Mutalids in the back, and the stronger ones
    in the front, with Marix in the right row at the bottom.
    You start very close to them, so you'll have to back
    off to the right for quite a ways, since you won't
    be able to shake off Marix easily.
    Once you're able too, though, use a fully charged Death
    spell to your advantage. Two firings will kill whatever
    it heads, Marix including. It will also drain your mana
    something fierce, so don't be frugal today.
    It'll take about 4 - 5 castings to take them out, but
    it's rather nice to see eight corpses of the most
    powerful enemies in the game.
    If you'd rather take the fight claw to claw, simply hit 
    and run, and seperate a mutalid from the crowd, take him
    out, and rinse and repeat.
    h) T H E   M U T A L I D   K I N G
    An easy boss with a strange layout.
    The Mutalid King rests upon a throne, and is stationary
    for the entire battle.
    If you get too close to him, either in front or
    to the site, he'll slash with his claws and knock you
    back. This hurts quite a bit, so ranged attacks are
    again the best way to claim victory.
    His magical abilities aren't too dangerous.
    He'll cast Magic Barrier at the beginning of the fight,
    and recast when it wears off. Aside from that, he'll only
    use a very weak Fire Ball, along with single castings of
    Poison Dart.
    Poison Dart does virtually no damage, but the poison
    duration lasts for awhile.
    He can also cast Acid Rain, but for some reason his
    version is extremely weak compared to yours.
    A good strategy is just to stand in front of him and
    sidestep his magic attacks while launching your spit 
    until his Magic Barrier subsides. When it does, let loose
    a barrage of fully charged Death spells, and use a Mana
    Potion when you run out of mana. About four or five
    castings of Death at it's strongest will make short
    work of the Mutalid King.
    Once he's defeated, you'll meet the REAL King of Phoros,
    and he'll take you to meet the Queen.
    i) T H E   S C A R A B   Q U E E N 
    The former Queen of Phoros has been transformed by the
    power of the Golden Scarab into a monstrous, five-armed
    red blob. The Queen begs of you to remove the Scarab
    and save Phoros, despite knowing the removal will
    cause her death.
    Getting into melee range of this gal is suicide.
    There are also two chests on the sides of her, both empty,
    which exist solely to lure you into her reach and get
    torn apart by her arms.
    Keep at a range, and let loose with your spit attack
    and fully charged Death or Acid Rain spells.
    At first, she'll cast Fire Ball and Acid Rain periodically.
    Once you do some damage, she'll let loose with the
    strongest spell and the weakest spell, Death and Mana
    Bolt, respectively. She has a slow recover time, and 
    only launches a single spell at a time.
    Considering she's one of the final bosses, she's not
    too much trouble. 
    When defeated, you'll receive the Golden Scarab, and it's
    a race to reach the chest at the center of the island,
    lest you become the creature you just killed.
    j) T H E   T ' U R T H R A X   M A T A
    You encounter the T'Urthrax Mata at the beginning of the 
    game, and help her destroy the Theyld defenses and her
    own T'Urthrax forces simultanously.
    A hideous, giant black widow spirit with a skull face
    and skeleton hands, the T'Urthrax Mata is the final boss
    and a master of time and space.
    Thanks to the Sleeping Bug item, you'll be unaffected
    by her time travel abilities, and this time you can
    engage her in combat without being hurled back in time.
    Unfortunately, I'm having compatability issues with 
    Entomorph running on XP. For some reason, the T'Urthrax
    Mata does not appear on the mountain near the chest,
    so there's nothing to hind my progress and complete
    the game. If anyone has information on this, I'd
    appreciate it greatly if they could e-mail me and 
    give me some insight into the problem.
    V. Recognition
    - El Sabotender, I love this guy!
    - SSI for creating Entomorph, of course
    - <3 Themroc 
    VI. Contact Information
    If you find any errors, or have something to say, let me know at:

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