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       DAN by Lord Hollow Danc
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    Table of Contents:
     2. PROFILE.
     6. COUNTERS.
     7. STRATEGY.
          This is an extensive faq on one of the most underated characters in any
    fighting game in history.  Who, you say?!?   Dan.   What?!  You mean someone
    actually took the time to put out a faq on Dan,  let alone play him?   Yes.
    My name is Kevin M. Hicks.  I am nineteen yrs old, and have often been
    fascinated by gaming faqs, especially those that elaborate on individual
    characters.  I have often thought of putting out a faq of my own, but on
    what?  On who?  Then, after months of hearing incessant praising, my uncle
    suggest I let everyone know how I feel.  I have found Dan to be a
    surprisingly solid character, who isn't prone to leave himself open to
    opponents.  He's a very compact character.  The main problem I had was that I
    was  playing him like I play the other Shotokan fighters.  That is the
    mistake many people make in using Dan.  You must develop your own style when
    playing him. It's not just a fireball/dragon punch technique.  It takes skill
    to win with Dan. Let's face it people, don't you get tired of using Ken and
    Ryu?  I know I do.  Hell, My little sister can throw a fireball.   Keep in
    mind this faq was written for those who have a general to extensive knowledge
    of Street Fighter Alpha II,  as well as general knowledge of Ken and Ryu in
    particular.  So I challenge all of those Ryu/Ken masters(Please, no
    disrespect) to master someone who is, in some ways, more powerful,  and alot
    more fun.   So, enjoy the faq, I encourage any feedback, letters and such.
                    Not much is really known about Dan.  Apparently he trained
                    with Ken and Ryu for a time, but left before he could perfect
                    his fighting technique.  He obviously left before Ken, and
                    well before Ryu,  to find the man who killed his father in
                    battle. That man was Sagat, who also lost an eye in that
                    fateful battle.  Dan is now one a quest for revenge.  Being
                    exceedingly arrogant (even more-so than Ken), Dan feels he is
                    completely prepared for the fight to the death with Sagat.
                      Standing, ducking or jumping, this is a quick punch with
                      the back of his hand.  Nothing special about this.  I
                      mostly use it to irritate the opponent.  Can always be
                      followed up with a fireball.  It can interrupt alot of
                      regular moves, but you're better of going with the short
                       or forward.  O.K., it just looks cool, I mean he just
                       nonchalantly throws his hand out like he really doesn't
                       give a....
                      Standing, its a vicious punch to the mid-section. Its
                      like Dan is gutting his opponent.Decent range and can
                      be followed up with a fireball.  Definitely best if used
                      to jump in on your opponent, as opposed to the fierce.
                      This is without a doubt one of the most embarrassing basic
                      moves to ever get hit with. It seems to overule alot of
                      regular attacks.  Has unseen range, meaning its range is
                      never as short as you remember it, and hits when the
                      opponent thinks he's out of range.  Dan steps forward,
                      bringing his hand down in a hard, quick motion.   He kinda
                      just flops, (for lack of a better word), his hand at
                      you.  Ducking, its a standard punch up to the sky, ala
                      Ryu/Ken.   Avoid jumping in with this punch unless you hit
                      the button early.
        II. KICKS
                       Standing, its a nice knee to the nuts.   Not much range,
                       but I use it just for cool points.  Ducking, it can
                       stretch much farther than alot of regular attacks.  Use
                       this to irritate the opponent, since it overules alot.
                        Can also be used to open them up for a super move.
                       Dan's standing forward kick is beautiful.  It is faster
                       and has more range than the lesser Shotokan fighters,
                       (heh, heh).  Dan swings his foot up, and out.  At times,
                       I have used it to take people out of the air, or when
                       they walk in.    I use this most frequently to jump in,
                       seeing that the range is one of the best he has.    Dan's
                       crouching forward is slightly shorter than standing,  but
                       still has nice range.   Can be followed up with a fireball.
                         Noticable damage, excellent counter.
                         This move more or less shows the coolness of Dan.   He
                         violently spins backwards, bringing his back foot across
                         the opponent's face, his arms up.  A beautiful reverse
                         cresent kick. Excellent counter.   Highly stylish.
                         Hard to knock someone out of the air, but has the same
                         range as Ryu's roundhouse.  Does nice damage.
                         Crouching, its a standard roundhouse, like Ken and Ryu's.
               SELF-TAUGHT PUNCH  (GADOKEN)      D-F + P
         O.K. Its a fireball.   This is the aspect of Dan's arsenal that many
         say puts him at a disadvantage.This is, in fact, a half-truth.  Gen,
         Birdie, Adon and Sodom don't have projectiles, yet they are not at
         any less disadvantage than Dan.  And furthermore, a disadvantage
         compared to who? You can't compare him to the "others".   Dan's
         "fireball" has a different purpose.  I use it to "lock the opponent
         down".   This means you use it to keep your adversary where you want
          him.    It is very hard to keep Dan off of you.   Dan walks in, you
          throw a fireball.  Dan either negates your projectile with his, hops
          over it, or Alpha counters it.    His recovery time is slightly less
          than Ryu's, and has a much faster release.   It is highly unlikely that
          your projectile will be jumped over.   It is a solid projectile.
          There is not much risk in throwing it.   Just don't become predictable
          with it.
               GALE "GUCHI" KICKS  (DANKUUKYAKU)   D-B + K
        This is more or less an exact replica of Mizoguchi'skick from Fighter's
        History. (how many out there remember that one?).    Using the
        roundhouse, Dan jumps forward with his knee,kicks  with the alternate
        leg, and follows up with the first leg.  Be warned, all but the big
        fellas can simply duck under the kicks, with the exception of the short
        kick. This serves well, not as a means of attack,but as a counter method.
        The short Gale kick can be used to get over some projectiles.   On
        occasion, I have use it to take opponent's out of the air.   It should
        be the most frequently used gale kick.
               TAUNTING DRAGON  (KORYUKEN)   F,D,DF + P
        Well, you can call it what you want.   It's my faq, and I'll call it what
         I want. Dan's dragon can't be used as well as the "others".    This is
         because he has a delay in his.   It doesn't come out as fast.   I tend
         to use it when the opponent jumps in, and I have ample time to execute
         the move.    In order to hit someone with it, you must perform the move
         when the enemy is roughly an inch above your head.    This will ensure
         you will get, at lease, a trade-off.   Because it isn't as "invincible"
         as someone else's dragon, you aren't as prone to use it to save your
         proverbial ass all the time.   Dan forces you to use other means to
         take your adversary out of the air.   After all, who needs
         invincibility??? (seriously)
                      LEVEL 1: 3 HITS   LEVEL 2: 4 HITS   LEVEL 3: 5  HITS
         This is by far the super you should use the most, especially Level 1.
         This inflicts heavy damage.    I use it primarily as a counter.
         This super is perfect for a trade-off.    If you have an opportunity
         to use it, yet run the risk of getting hit, go for it.   Use the higher
         Levels at your discretion.  Use the fireball unpredictably, and there's
         virtually no risk in throwing it.
          DAN'S "DEMON"     (HISSHO MURAI KEN)  D-B, D-B + K
                     LEVEL 1: 5 HITS   LEVEL 2: 7 HITS   LEVEL 3: 11 HITS
         Dan blocks, the screen dims, then goes into a beautifully orchestrated
         display of nearly every punch and kick in his arsenal.   With any Level,
         he ends with a Taunting Dragon to the top of the screen.    Its like
         a Raging Demon you can see.   Use this move sparingly; at any Level Dan
         leaves himself open, and you will be punished severily if its blocked.
         But      when it hits, it hurts.The damage inflicted is more than
         moderate.  Anytime you have an opportunity to use this super, take it.
         You won't see it often, but when you do...  I will elaborate on every
         punch and kick ASAP.
                     LEVEL 1: 4 HITS   LEVEL 2: 5 HITS   LEVEL 3: 6 HITS
        Contrary to popular belief, this super is very effective.   You simply
        have to know when to use it.   It has one redeeming quality; it doesn't
        push the opponent back as much as other supers.   This super is highly
        effective when the opponent jumps over your head.    If contact is made
        in the air, the opponent is knocked into the air, but not away from Dan.
        They actually go straight up.   Levels 2 and 3 enable Dan to slide out
        on the initial attack, increasing his range.     Did I mention it hurts?
        If this super hits, it takes a substantial amount of damage(nearly half
        at Level 3), and on top of that, it looks nice.    Be warned, if you miss
        its a free hit(s) for the opposition.   
       My definition: A counter is any attack that enables you to attack your
       opponent after you block their attack.
       Alpha Counters are the attacks in Alpha II specifically designed to
       counter the opponent's onslaught.   They're attack varies depending
       on the character.
    ALPHA COUNTER          B-D + P
      With the arrogance of Ken, and the power of Ryu, Dan breaks his block
      stance, and defiantly gives his trademark forearm taunt as the enemy
      is tossed back from whence he came.   This is primarily used for
      jumping opponents.     It makes them think twice before jumping again.
      It doesn't leave you as open as "other" counters.    Dan doesn't
      unnecessarily go up to the top of the screen like some.    It can also
      be used for close projectiles, but your much better off going with...
    ALPHA COUNTER         B-D + K
      Dan breaks his block stance, and executes a low roundhouse. I can't
      think of any situation where you could possibly be at risk while using
      the counter.      "Yeah, what ever.  Alot of people have a low roundhouse
      as a counter."     But what sets Dan apart from the rest??      Dan
      executes his kick in reverse.    If you look closely, you will se Dan
      swings backward, which looks ten times better, with no animation after
      the kick.  This is perfect for close projectiles, any punch or kick,
      some super moves, and quick jumpers when they come down. eg, Chun Li,
      Rolento, Guy....
      Yes, you can use super moves like Alpha Counters!!
      You must be extremely fast, and think faster.     Block, and
      immediately perform the super.    Dan will interrupt his block
      stance, and do the super move.   This works best if your
      opponent jumps in.     I have often blocked a jump kick then
      performed a super dragon punch before they hit the ground.
      It shocks the hell out of them.  A Shinkuu Gadoken after
      blocking a low roundhouse really deters them from attacking.
      Here is a list of Dan's best counters, that do and don't interrupt (DI)
      the block stance.   Some are more effective than others.   Some are just
      to look good.    Well, here they are:
           Gadoken: No risk, weak damage, nice range  (DI)
           Shinkuu Gadoken: no risk, beautiful damage, nice range
           Low roundhouse: Everybody does it, oh wow!  (DI)
           Standing roundhouse: nice range, nice damage, no risk (DI)
                                cool points
           Dan's Demon: high risk, beautiful damage, nice range
           Dan's Dragon: high risk, nice damage, no range (DI)
                                cool points
           Dan's Super Dragon: little or no range, beautiful damage, high risk
           Standing Fierce: no risk, nice damage, interesting range (DI)
              makes them look stupid when you "smack" them and then walk away!!!
      All of these should become second nature to you.   Use them at your
      discretion.      And remember, have fun.
       "There are no useless characters, just those you can't play with yet."
       That is the philosophy I live by, and its true.    Until you attempt to
       find out what he is good for, you can't say he sucks.     Even you
       people from the "gaming" magazines.   I'm talking to you, too. People,
       You can judge Dan by what others say.    How many of you out there,
       who say Dan is weak, have actually played him???    Probably not many.
       You can't pass judgement on him until you have walked a mile in
       his....umm, feet.  I have found a strategy that suits Dan remarkably
       well.    If there are any other strategies out there, or any other
       people who see the potential this character has, write me.    Let me
       know you're out there.  My overall strategy with Dan is to "shut 'em
       down", meaning keep you opponent wherever you want him to be.   Dan
       is extremely capable of controlling the match.   He doesn't leave
       himself open.    Contrary to his personality, Dan is a highly
       disciplined character.    Do nothing unnecessarily.   when you
       attack, make sure it hits, or is blocked. No projectiles from across the
       screen here.     Dan is neither offensive nor defensive.  He defends with
       indifferance.    He attacks nonchalantly.    When there is an opening,
       Dan hits his adversary with the most damaging attack that requires the
       least effort.      Dan doesn't strain  himself.     Dan's patience is
       tempered to block an attack until hell freezes over, taunt the opponent,
       then destroy them.    I have a habit of using nothing but regular attacks,
       and Level 1 supers (gadokens, mostly), and it usually works. Never
       rush through a round.   Every round must be carefully planned out.Your
       ongoing goal should be to stay within a half-screen at all times.
       Here, Dan is in his element.
     8. TAUNTS  (Saturn: 3p+ 3k buttons. PSX: Select. Arcade: Start)
       Yes, I am devoting an entire section on taunts.   Why?   I have found when
       I get away with a taunt, the opponent has a habit of attacking
       relentlessly to ensure I don't do it again.    It's all psychological.
       Dan's whole personality is defiant no matter what, and its constantly
       displayed in his taunts.     Unlike every other character in the game,
       Dan is capable of taunting indefinitely.   Not only that, he can taunt
       in many different ways!!!       Dan has the standard standing taunt, a
       ducking taunt, and can taunt in the air.   He also can taunt after he rolls
       back or forward.    Simply do a fireball motion in the direction you want
       to roll, and hit the corresponding buttons.     Last, but certainly not
       least, Dan can do a "super taunt."    This takes one Level, and lasts
       about 15-20 seconds.    Dan proceeds to do every taunt in his arsenal,
       ending it with a jumping taunt, then a "thumbs up."     It is highly
       unlikely you will get this off in combat unless the opponent lets you.
       Once executed, it can't be interrupted by you in any way.     The
       opponent can hit you out of it, though.  I once got away with it in
       combat, because the person I was playing had never seen it, and thought
       I cound hit him with the "forearm."
       1. People tend to underestimate Dan, which makes it easier to annihilate
       2. He's seeing Eliza on the side
       3.Unlike some people, actually takes skill to play
       4. Too cool for invincibility
       5. Its just something about a fireball to thte face that really
                   irritates your opponent
       6. Just try to jump over his fireball
       7. Doesn't need to hide behind his projectile
       8. Its really fun to taunt them endlessly
       9. When you win with Dan, you feel you have actually earned the victory,
                   unlike some characters
      10. Using Dan forces you to rely on other aspects of your game, thus
                   strengthening them
      11. Many won't think of playing Dan, which will help you stand out in a
      12. I know your tired of boring fireball fights
      13. No irritating fireball/dragon punch matches
      14. Super moves look way cooler
      15. [insert your favorite Ken/Ryu flame here!]
      16. Dan vs. Dan matches are way more fun to watch
      17. Dan's special moves don't leave him as open as the "others"
      18. Dan can manage, in close, alot better than Ryu and Ken
      19. He's quicker than Ken and Ryu
      20. Chances are, he's a lot cleaner than Ryu

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