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    Dan by IKlunk

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           Street fighter alpha 2 for PC Dan Hibiki FAQ version 1.0
    	    Please do not copy this FAQ or use it for
      	    any commercial or promotional purposes of
    	    any kind.  If you borrow anything from 
    	    this then make sure proper credit is 
    	    given to me.  This FAQ (c) 1999 Isaac 
    		      Klunk.  Thank you.  
    	Welcome to my FAQ of the great Dan for street fighter alpha 2.
    It is the first Frequently asked Questions list that I have ever
    written, and I tried to make it as in-depth as possible so that
    people would be able to actually learn something from it.
    Why Dan, you might ask.  Because Dan is, contrary to many people's 
    belief, actually a good player.  Why do you think
    that, you might ask.  Well, I have a few reasons.  ONE:  The taunts!
    Oh boy, the taunts.  He has the most taunts of any person, and can
    taunt infinitely.  This makes him the most fun character, especially 
    when you're fighting against a real person.  He's so wildly funny,
    made even more so because of his over-inflated ego.  
    	TWO, it takes skill to learn how to play Dan effectively.  
    Now, I'm not saying that he is a bad player--he's not, if you use
    him properly.  So that's one of the reasons I'm writing this--so
    that all those people that think Dan is a waste of space on the
    character selection screen will come to realize that Dan is just
    as good as any other player.
    	You're probably also wondering-- Why street fighter alpha 2?
    Well, because Street fighter alpha 3 isn't out for PC yet, 
    unfortunately.  I really hope Capcom decides to make it for computers,
    but they probably won't.  Anyway, I believe (I'm not sure) that this
    is the first FAQ written for one of the computer street fighter 
    games.  Basically, the computer version of alpha 2 is  an exact port 
    of the playstation version, so you could also treat this as a 
    playstation FAQ.  And I also guess not many people are playing Street
    fighter alpha 2 much anymore, but for those of you who are playing SFA3, 
    I hear that Dan hasn't changed much, so I guess that you could use most 
    of the moves strategies and combos in it.  I haven't played it as of 
    writing this, so I wouldn't really know.
    Note:  This FAQ assumes that you already know all the basics of SF,
    such as alpha blocking, jumping, etc.  For information on this if
    you don't know anything about this, I suggest that you see Kao Megura's
    SF alpha FAQs.
    			    -*Dan's story*-
    	Dan's father, Go Hibiki, was a Muay Thai (The same style as 
    Sagat) master, and one day fought Sagat.  He put out Sagat's eye,
    which is why he wears the eye-patch, but Sagat ended up killing him.
    When Dan received word of the news, he grew very angry and vowed to
    avenge his father's death.  He went to teach under Gouken along with
    Ryu and Ken, however, Gouken saw that Dan did not have as much 
    potential as Ryu and Ken.  Dan grew angrier and more uncontrollable
    every day, until one day he found out about the deadly killing power
    of Akuma's, Gouken's brother. 
    	Dan confronted Gouken and tried to force him to teach
    him the deadly killing power, which Gouken had left out of his,
    Ryu's, and Ken's training.  Gouken realized that Dan was too 
    filled with rage, and refused.  Dan left, developing his own
    style, Saikyo-ryu, which means strongest style, by blending
    together some of Ryu & Ken's Shatoken Karate, his father's 
    Muay Thai, and a little touch his own.  Then Dan set out to defeat
    Sagat to avenge his father's death.
    	  	    -*Dan's real life story*-
    	After the original, good ol' street fighter 2, SNK, a
    rival game company of capcom's, created a game called art of fighting.
    One of the characters, Ryo, was a total rip-off of Ryu, right down to
    the name.  So Capcom took Ryo's costume and the face of Terry Garcia,
    the other player in Art of fighting, to get back at them by making
    him a sucky character.  However, this sort of backfired because Dan
    has now become a great character!
                	       -*Dan's Bosses*-
    Dan's mid-boss is Guy.  Here is the dialogue exchanged between him
    and his opponent, pre-fight:
    Guy:  You have some cute moves.
    Dan:  Whatever!
    Guy:  I'm wandering the earth to become stronger.
    Dan:  Well grasshopper you asked for it.
    I thought that grasshopper was a pretty good nickname for Guy with
    his gigantic jump height, so I usually call him that.
         Don't know how to fight mid-bosses?  You must get 5 super 
    finishes (They don't need to be in a row) and not lose any rounds.
    on the person you fight after the person you got the fifth 
    Super finish, it will say 'Here comes a new challenger!' and your
    midboss will come in to fight you.
    Dan's Boss is Sagat, his father's murderer.
    Dan:  Nice eye, sagat!  Would you like the other one to match?
    Sagat:  The fool who took my eye paid with his life.
    Dan:  That was my father, you murderer!
    Sagat:  Tsk!  So young to be without a father.  Prehaps you should 
    join him.
    Entrance pose:  Dan quickly rolls in, does a taunt, 
    and says 'Yoshya!'  which is like saying 'Whoo!"  basically.
    Entrance pose V.S. Sagat:  Dan quickly rolls in and yells 'Oyaji!'
    Which means 'Father', while doing a taunt.
    To see character's win poses, hold select and any button right when
    you win.  Each button is a different pose.
    Win pose #1:(Jab punch) Dan says 'Yoshya!' and does his basic taunt.
    Win pose #2:(Strong punch) Part of Dan's suit falls off of his 
    shoulder and he does a taunt, saying 'Ratchoo!'  Which means pretty
    much the same thing as 'Yoshya!'.
    Win pose #3:(Fierce punch) Dan does a taunt while crying and yells
    "Oyaji!".  He automatically does this when you beat Sagat.
    Win pose #4:(short kick) Dan faces the screen, gives a huge smile,
    and says "Yoyush!"  Which means 'Yeah!', while giving a thumbs up.
    This is another rip-off from SNK, this time taken from Yuri, Ryo's
    little sister, who does this exact pose when she wins.
    Taunt pose:  Dan raises his forearm and shakes it, saying 
    'Doshta Doshta!'  This means 'What is wrong?'.
    Ducking taunt pose:  Dan does the same forearm pose, except this
    time he ducks and says 'Jodan Ja Ne zo!'  That means 'Is this a joke?'
    Jumping taunt pose:  Dan sticks his forearm out while leaping and
    says 'Yahoo!' which I am pretty sure you don't need translated.
    		|<-Keyboard Configuration->|
    	Here's the keyboard configuration that I like to use...
    Jab (W.Punch)= Q
    Strong (M.Punch)= W
    Fierce (H.Punch)= E
    Short (W.Kick)= A
    Forward (M.Kick)= S
    Roundhouse (H.Kick)= D	        
    Left= F
    Jump= T
    Crouch= G
    Right= H
    3x Punch= Z
    3x Kick= X
    Start= 1
    Select= 2
    There, a nice little compact key setup.  I find that the direction
    keys put together like this takes a bit of getting used to at first,
    but later on you can manage to do more complex motions, such as that
    of the final atomic buster, easier like this.  
    Now, here's how my  little brother likes to have his keys...
    Jab (W.Punch)= L
    Strong (M.Punch)= ;
    Fierce (H.Punch)= '
    Short (W.Kick)= ,
    Forward (M.Kick)= .
    Roundhouse (H.Kick)= /	        
    Left= left arrow key
    Jump= up arrow key
    Crouch= down arrow key
    Right= right arrow key
    3x Punch= O
    3x Kick= P
    Start= 9
    Select= 0
    There ya have it.  Personally I don't like my directional keys to be
    spread out like that since I find it makes my motions for specials or
    supers tougher to do, but you might like this better.
              	 -\|/-The many moves of Dan-\|/- 
    Here's the list of the basic attacks.
    Jab punch, A.K.A. quick punch, A.K.A weak punch, A.K.A W. Punch,
    A.K.A. the great tick setup
    Jab is a quick punch which does little damage but is very safe to
    use as it does not leave you open at all.  Many people can chain
    ducking jabs together by tapping crouching and tapping jab quickly.
    You will usually get two hits but sometimes can get 3 if close enough.
    Strong punch, A.K.A. Medium punch, A.K.A. M. Punch, A.K.A. Strong punch
    Strong is a medium punch which can leave you open for a short time,
    but not too long, so it's fairly safe.  Does decent damage.
    Fierce punch, A.K.A. Hard Punch, A.K.A. Strong Punch, A.K.A. Hard punch
    Fierce is the most powerful punch, but a missed fierce may leave you
    vulnerable to attack from the opponent.
    Short kick, A.K.A. Weak kick, A.K.A. quick kick, A.K.A. another good
    tick setup, A.K.A. W. Kick.
    A quick kick which does not much damage but doesn't leave you open
    with most characters.  This, like jab, can usually be chained together
    by doing many ducking ones while close, but not as frequently as jab.
    Forward kick.
    An in-the-middle attack which is rather quick and yet rather powerful.
    This is, on most characters, fairly useful to use every once in a while
    like all the other moves.
    Roundhouse kick, A.K.A. H. Kick, A.K.A... I guess you get the idea by
    A powerful kick which, when ducking, will knock your opponent down if
    it connects.  It is a bit slow so be careful where you use it.
          -=Now, for Dan's powerful variations of these attacks.=-
    Weak Punch 
    Standing:  A palm attack which is VERY useful as an Anti-air against
    the computer, and prehaps against human opponents depending on their
    personal jump-in-strategy.  Some people consider this somewhat cheap
    however, so you might want to watch it while playing against your 
    friends.  It also can't be air blocked, so Yahoo.  Use this when an
    opponent does a raging demon and watch them go insane when you hit
    them!  However this cannot be chained into itself.
    Ducking:  You can also use this against the computer as an Anti-air,
    but it's kind of goofy and you will get hit more often then when
    you use the standing one.  This is useful for chaining into itself.
    Jumping:  A downward fist, nothing special.
    Strong punch
    Standing:  A gut-punch, VERY short range, but it really does look
    cool.  Try using it and then jumping backward with air taunts!  What
    fun.  So it's useless for attacking, but good if you want to look 
    Ducking:  A sort of slap-punch, he does his Gadoken motion except
    he's ducking, it comes out quicker, and of course no fireball comes 
    out of his hand.
    Jumping:  Another downward fist, although it looks different from
    the jab.  Looks exactly like Akuma, Ken, or Ryu's jumping fierces.
    Seems fairly useful as an air to air.
    Fierce punch 
    Standing:  A downward chop, not especially useful for anything but
    can (Not should) be used to counter air attacks with good timing.
    I countered Birdies grab super with this once.  Taunt time!
    Ducking:  Looks like ARK(Akuma Ryu and Ken for all of you who
    don't know)'s ducking fierce, a rising uppercut that should be used
    as Dan's main Anti-air.
    Jumping:  A HORRIBLE move.  Dan pauses for a while as he holds his
    arm back and then finally brings it down with a chop.  Can be used
    as a jump-in-combo starter, but most certainly should not be.  I
    guess it looks sort of cool though.
    Short Kick
    Standing:  A low kick, can't chain into itself.  Fairly useless.
    Crouching:  A sort of long range ducking kick, can't chain into itself.
    also fairly useless.
    Jumping:  A weird looking kick that looks like it should be called the
    donkey kick.  Not especially useful for anything but it does look real
    funky though.
    Forward Kick
    Standing:  Uh, hard to describe.  It's a sort of chest level kick
    with rather good range that you can use to keep attackers away from
    you.  But don't think it's anything special, just use it every once
    in a while.
    Ducking:  Looks exactly like his ducking short except it obviously is
    slower and does more damage.  Also rather unuseful, but it does have
    decent range.
    Jumping:  A great jumping-in combo starter.  Actually, it's his only
    truly useful one, so use it for that purpose.  Has good air range too,
    overall a good air move.
    Roundhouse Kick
    Standing:  Another weird-looking kick.  I have heard this is called an
    Ax-Kick.  It is sort of useful as a surprise if both you and the enemy
    are walking back and you whip this out.  Basically, he turns around
    with a high kick while inching forward.  This looks very funny, and
    is kind of useful against jumping-in computer opponents, but not so
    much against humans.
    Ducking:  Dan's sweep, knocks down opponent if it hits.  Let me go
    on to describe a weird problem in the computer version of this game...
    on some characters, you can sweep them, and then immediatly as they
    get up, sweep them again and keep going over and over again.  Of 
    course this only works on the computer as a human opponent would
    catch on immediatly and block.  Usually the computer also blocks
    after a while, especially on the later characters.  Anyway, this has
    good range and is useful, especially if the opponent lands from a jump
    a few paces ahead of you.
    Jumping:  A slight pause before this long kick is released, but not
    as bad as the jumping fierce.  Fairly useful for air to air against
    the computer, but not much against humans.  Not a good air to ground
    combo starter, but i've managed to use it for that purpose once or
    		    |(<Dan's Alpha counters>)|
       To do an alpha counter, press back, down-back, down and then punch
    or kick IMMEDIATLY after you block any attack.  Your person will
    counter their attack with an attack of their own.  Uses one level of
    the bar.  Personally, I hardly ever use these unless the opponent is
    trying to kill me with a super's chip damage, or if I feel like 
    annoying my enemy, which this does.  Unless it's the computer of
    course.  Anyhow...
    Punch:  Dan quickly counters with his normal Taunt position, but
    this time it will hit.  This has very short range for a counter
    so it should be used only against jump in attempts when you block
    a deep jumping attack.  However, I use this more often than the
    kick because it's just more amusing.
    Kick:  Dan does his basic ducking roundhouse sweep attack.  This has
    good range and should be used against standing opponents, not jumping
                            (O)>Dan's Throw<(O)
    	To do a throw, press toward and punch when close.  They are 
    unblockable.  Some people have kick throws, but this FAQ is about Dan, 
    not them.  Dan's throw will toss them over his shoulder in a basic 
    throw motion.
    		.:'Dan's superb Special moves':,  
    	Special moves are moves which require a certain motion to
    preform.  They usually have longer ranges than normal moves, or
    will do more damage, or have some other special trait.  They  
    also will do small amounts of damage when they are blocked.
    Here are Dan's.
    down, down-towards, towards + Punch
    	Gadoken means 'Self-taught punch.'  Dan pauses for a split-
    second with his hand back, and then stretches it out, says 'Gadoken!'
    and a fireball comes from his hand.  However, it goes only a very short
    distance from his hand.  The distance it travels is determined by the
    punch button pressed...
    Jab:  It goes only a very small distance out of his hand
    Strong:  Goes a small bit farther than jab
    Fierce:  Goes far enough that you can actually see the fireball for
    a moment before it disapears, but only a little farther than strong.
    The Gadoken is not useful for much, other than as a combo finisher.
    Be careful when using this, as it will leave Dan open for a while
    when he does it.  it can be used to hit jumping opponents, but you
    should not rely on it for that purpose.  It makes a good surprise
    attack, though.  If both you and your opponent are walking backward
    and you are in range, quickly pop off a Gadoken in their face and
    retreat.  The fierce one is the most useful to end combos, since
    the other one's ranges are too short to hit in most cases after the
    opponent has been pushed back by the first hits.  It can also be used
    as a fireball stopper if you time it right, but I would personally 
    prefer to just jump over them.
    	Towards, down, down-towards + punch
    		Kouryuken means 'Shining dragon punch'.  Dan 
    outstretches his arm, jumping while his fist is out, an says,
    'Kouryuken!' Similar to ARK's dragon punches, with a few differences.
    One, he is not invincible unless he flashes white (1 in 8 chance that
    this will happen), when he does he is invincible as long as he is 
    white.  However, don't count on him turning white (although it does
    sort of seem like he flashes more often when the opponent is attacking
    you...), because he usually won't.  The second difference is that,
    while ARK have their arms straight up in the air, Dan's arm is 
    stretched out, with only his forearm in the air.  Maybe this makes his
    range slightly better than Akuma's or Ryu's, but I'm not certain 
    about that.  This move will knock down an opponent if it hits.
    The punch button pressed determines the height of the jump he does
    while rising with his fist out...
    Jab:  He goes about an inch off the ground
    Strong: Goes almost the full screen height
    Fierce: Goes the full screen height 
    So a missed Jab kouryuken leaves you open, a missed strong leaves you 
    very open, and a missed fierce kouryuken means prepare to be hit with
    a level 3!  So you should usually use only the jab.
    	This is not a useful move as an anti air as you will usually
    have a hard time doing the motion as soon as you see them jump
    (Unless of course your fingers are faster than mine) and anyway it's
    not invincible so you'll usually trade hits.  Besides, they can air 
    block it as long as it's not in the first couple frames.  It doesn't
    really have much of any logical use, but you can use it on a standing
    opponent, but if they block then they can get you with a super or
    combo if they're quick.
    Gale Kick, A.K.A. Dankuu Kyaku
    	Down, Down-back, back + kick
    		Dankuu Kyaku means Dan's air slicer kick.  Everyone
    talks about this move as though it is Dan's best move.  Well, I
    can't decide but I personally don't use this all that much because
    of two things:  One, the large startup delay and Two, the small 
    ending delay.  The startup makes it very hard, although not impossible,
    to use in combos, and the ending delay will usually let them throw you 
    if they time the grab right.  Depending on the kick pressed, Dan will
    do different things...
    Short:  Dan hops in the air with a knee, saying 'Hah!'.  
    Can go over fireballs if timed right.  Basically pretty useless.  
    Knocks opponent down.
    Forward:  Dan hops up with a knee, saying 'Hah, hah!' 
    and then continues to move toward them with a kick that looks like his 
    jumping medium for a two hit combo, knocking them down on the last 
    kick.  I believe this is the quickest coming out.
    Roundhouse: Dan hops up with the knee, then does the second kick, 
    then goes into a third and final kick which looks like his jumping
    roundhouse and will knock them down for a three hit combo.  This
    does good damage but like all the others is hard to combo with.  
    It does have good range though.  While he does these he says 'Hah!'
    for the first kick, then 'Hah!' again for the second, then
    'Hay-yah!' for the last one.
    	An interesting strategy with this is to do the roundhouse
    version, and if they block it immediatly do the Hisshu Buraiken
    when you land.  This will not always work and should not be used
    often as the opponent will learn to predict it, but if they try to 
    throw you you can hit them with all the hits.  Yahoo!  An
    alternative, and safer strategy is to try to throw THEM when you
    land.  Works like a charm most of the time.
    Rolling taunt
    down, down-toward, toward + select OR down, down-back, back + select
    	The first motion will make Dan roll forward slowly and then
    end with a taunt, the second one will make him roll backward and then
    taunt.  The forward rolling one goes under most fireballs.  Um...
    Not much else to say here.
         			<<Dan's mighty supers>>
    	Supers are moves that require you to preform a certain motion,
    usually a double fireball and then an attack button, to do.  You
    also need at least one level.  If you have three, you have the
    option of using a level two or level three super, which are more
    powerful thana level one.  to use a level one, do the motion and
    then press one of the punches or kicks, whichever is specified.
    For a level two press two of the punches or kicks, for a level 
    three press all three of them.  What I personally prefer to do is
    use the 3x punches button for all my supers, unless I want to
    only use a level one when I have 2 or 3 levels.  I mostly just
    use the highest level that I currently have, but always try to be
    fairly certain that my super will connect.  Supers do damage when
    blocked, and most hit many times.
    	As soon as you do any super, the screen darkens for a moment
    in which everything pauses while your character gathers energy.  Then
    your character does that super and for a small moment the opponent 
    can't do anything, so if the opponent is not blocking while you're
    standing right next to them and do a shinkuu gadoken, they will not
    be able to start blocking for a small moment.
    Shinkuu Gadoken
           Down, down-toward, toward, down, down-toward, toward + punch(es) 
    	Shinkuu Gadoken means 'Vacuum self-taught punch'.  Dan quickly
    does a Gadoken motion and yells 'Shinkuu... Gadoken!'
    but this time the fireball will go farther, hit multiple times, and do 
    more damage.  Here are the differences between the levels...
    Level 1:  The fireball goes a little bit less than half the screen's
    distance, does three hits, and about the same amount of damage as
    two Gadokens.
    Level 2:  Goes about half screen distance.  This does only an 
    incredibly small bit more damage than the level one, so it's not
    even worth the extra level.  Just use the level one instead.  This 
    does 4 hits.
    Level 3:  Goes a bit more than half screen distance, prehaps 2/3 
    the screen's distance.  It does 5 hits, and weak damage for a level
    3 like all super fireballs.  It does do a rather significant amount
    of damage over the level 2 and 1, but that doesn't really matter
    unless it's a tight battle.
    	The Shinkuu Gadoken is Dan's weakest super, but it has the
    most range, but most opponents block supers when they're far away
    anyhow.  Useful if you're trying to keep the opponent away from you.
    Hisshu Buraiken
    	Down, Down-back, back, down, down-back, back + kick
    	Dan releashes a flurry of attacks which does good block damage
    especially at level 3, but is very vulnerable to alpha counters.
    Hissu Buraiken means 'True victory with unreliable punch' and I'm not
    sure what that's supposed to mean.  Anyway, here are the differences
    between the levels...
    Level 1: Does 5 hits, Dan does four attacks while saying 
    'Rububububububububah!'  Or something like that.  Every time he does
    a hit, he says 'Hah!' like when you do the weak kick Dankuu Kyaku.
    and then finishes, saying 'Kouryuken!' at the end while doing a 
    vertical dragon punch.  Does average level 1 damage.
    Level 2: Does 7 hits, 6 normal attacks and then a Kouryuken to finish
    it off.  Does about average level 2 damage, but has short range like
    all the levels of this move do.  He says the same things as he does
    with a level 1.
    Level 3: Does 11 hits, 9 of them normal attacks and then a two-hit
    Kouryuken.  Dan says the same stuff as with the other levels, except
    for at the end instead of saying 'Kouryuken!' he says 'Yahoo!' except
    when he's fighting Sagat, where he says 'Yattaze!' (I did it).  
    A nice little addition, I think.  This does good chip damage but 
    it's very very easily alpha countered though.  
    	All of these moves leave Dan open at the end if blocked because
    he does a dragon punch, so be careful how you use this.  I personally
    use this super less than his other ones because of it's very short
    	Down, down-toward, toward, down, down-toward + kick
    	During the super move pause when the screen turns dark, Dan
    says 'Ikuzora!'  Meaning 'Let's go!' when you do this.  Then, he does
    two dragon punches in a row, saying 'Kouryuken!' on the second one.  
    Here are the level differences.
    Level 1: The shortest super range of all, and probably his most
    useless super (Only at this level though).  He does two Dragon
    punches in place, not moving at all.  The first, his feet stay on the
    ground, and on the second, he does a very high one.  This hits 4 times
    if all the hits connect.  Not very useful as an anti-air unless the
    enemy is right above you.
    Level 2: Getting better... Dan does one dragon punch while sliding
    forward a short distance, then does another one, vertical this time.
    This does good damage for a level 2 and can juggle an enemy quite well.
    This can hit up to 5 times.  
    Level 3: Alright!  Dan does one dragon punch while sliding forward
    that goes pretty good distance, a bit less than half the screen.
    then he does another one, vertical as usual.  This also juggles very
    well and does good damage for a level 3, about half a life bar.  Hits
    up to 6 times, but usually will only hit 5.
    	This is my personal favorite of Dan's supers, but only at
    level 2 and 3, because of it's great juggling power and it's great
    damage.  It also seems to be the most invincible of his supers--If
    the enemy has their foot out for a kick right when the screen pauses,
    The Hisshu Buraiken will usually hit once and be stopped by the kick,
    doing tiny damage.  The Shinkuu Gadoken will probably get hit with the
    kick, but you usually will hit them with the fireball for at
    least 3 of the hits.  However, the kouryurekka seems to, in most cases,
    pass straight through their kick to hit them.  Also, when I use the
    kouryurekka and it is blocked, if the opponent tries to alpha counter
    me I just about always will hit them out of the counter with the last
    hits of the super!  The hisshu Buraiken is very prone to alpha 
    counters, and there's not really any point in ACing the shinkuu 
    gadoken.  Also, if they jump right before you do the super, you will
    maybe miss the first or first two hits with this, but you will still
    hit them for good damage.  With the Hisshu Buraiken you will hit with
    the first hit and then the opponent will fall to the ground, causing
    the rest of the super to miss.  The shinkuu Gadoken will hit three
    times and miss with all the other hits (if you used level 2 or 3).
    	To use the Kouryurekka to stop jump-in attempts, it is 
    probably best to use level 2 since a level 3 will usually slide
    straight under them because of it's long range.
    Super Taunt
    	Down, down-toward, toward, down, down-toward, toward + select
    	Dan pauses while the screen turns dark, gathering energy into
    his forearm while in his ducking taunt pose.  Then he rolls forward
    and does a standing taunt, saying 'Yoshya!' then rolls again, does
    another taunt and says 'Doshta Doshta!' meaning 'What is wrong?' like  
    'why haven't you hit me out of this yet?' does another roll, then a
    taunt, and says 'Ratchoo!' another roll into a taunt, and he says
    'Yahoo!'  This time.  Then, for the last one, he rolls once again
    into a taunt and says 'Oroaraoraoraoaroara!' meaning 'Comon'!' like 
    'Hurry!  Hit me now, while there's still time left!' or something 
    similar to that.  Actually i'm not sure about this, maybe he 
    says 'Rububububububububah!'  anyway, then he does another roll into
    a jumping taunt and says 'jodan ja ne zo.'  that means 'Is this a 
    joke?' as in 'Are you kidding me?  You _STILL_ haven't hit me?!'   
    When he lands, he says 'Yoyush!' with his big thumbs up taunt.  
    	You can absolutely never do this move without being hit!
    Some people (My brother)  will let me do this without hitting me
    until the last part (Yoyush) and then will do his raging demon or
    whatever that he's been saving up for this occasion.  This move 
    doesn't have any different levels.  If you do this, then you are
    basically saying that you just wish to insult you opponent, forget
    winning.  I do this only when I don't care about winning, or sometimes
    when I have a lot more life than my opponent and am pretty sure I'm
    going to win anyway.  A weird feature about this move is that if you 
    start it and they jump over you, Dan will turn around to continue 
    the Super taunt.  So this basically has absolutely no use other 
    than to annoy the enemy. 
    			=-_Dan's combos_-=
    	Combos are, in case you are new to street fighter, attacks
    that, when preformed correctly, will string together, keeping the
    opponent from blocking them if the first hit has connected.  They
    will hit multiple times and usually do lots of damage, plus they
    look nice and, when you complete one, you should usually taunt.
    Here are all of the ones I have discovered which are fairly useful.
    There may be more, so start searching!
    	To preform combos correctly, you will usually need to hit
    deep if the combo is started with a jumping-in attack.  This means
    that you must do the move late in your jump so that it will not
    hit the opponents head, giving them time to recover before you land,
    but hitting them in their chest or lower, keeping them in the hit
    stun until you do your next hit.
    1. Jumping forward, ducking Roundhouse--2 hits
    	This is a good and simple combo which is quite easy to do,
    plus it will knock the opponent down giving you time to set up your
    next attack.
    2. Jumping forward, ducking jab, ducking jab--3 hits
    	Another simple combo, but it does three hits this time.
    However it does not knock the opponent down.
    	There are many more of these (jumping forward, ducking short
    or jumping forward ducking fierce) but I think you get the basic idea
    of this.  Now it's time to move on to...
    1. Jumping forward, ducking forward, Gadoken--3 hits
    	This is prehaps the most classic special move combo for ARK.
    To do this properly, when you do the ducking forward, you are already
    holding down, the first motion of the gadoken.  Just move your fingers
    into the down-toward, then toward + punch motions.  It takes a while
    to get the feel for these--Go into training mode, a delightful little
    feature in this game, to practice your combos.
    2. Jumping forward, ducking fierce, Gadoken--3 hits
    	Another combo which is similar to the one above but does more
    damage.  For all of the combos ending with a Gadoken, it is wise to
    use the fierce version as it has the longest range and will hit
    enemies who have been pushed back from you.  Use this one if you land
    close to the enemy, and the version above if you land farther away.
    3. Jumping forward, standing strong, Gadoken--3 hits
    	This is a bit different.  Since you are not holding down
    already before you do the motion for the Gadoken, you must be quick
    and do the Gadoken motion as soon as the strong connects.
    4.  Jumping forward, standing forward, Gadoken--3 hits
    	The same as #3, but a forward is substituted for the strong.
    5.  Jumping forward, ducking short, strong, or jab, Gadoken--3 hits
    	You can use either one of these ducking attacks to chain into
    the Gadoken.
    6.  Jumping forward, standing jab, Gadoken--3 hits
    	Yet another of the many Gadoken combos.
    7.  Jumping forward, standing strong, Kouryuken--3 hits
    	It's best to use a jab Kouryuken because if you mess up then
    the strong or fierce versions will leave you open.  To do this,
    just hold towards while you do the strong, then finish the motion
    for the kouryuken by pressing down, down-toward + punch.
    	These combos require a bit more skill than the easy combos 
    for you to pull off.
    1. Jumping forward, ducking jab, ducking jab, Gadoken--4 hits
    	You can substitute a ducking short for the second ducking jab.
    2. Jumping forward, ducking forward, Kouryuken--3 hits
    	I would rather just use the easier Easy combo #7, but here
    it is anyway.
    	Not too many medium combos.
    	These combos won't work most of the time unless you are a
    combo master or something (Unlike me).
    1. Jumping forward, ducking fierce, Roundhouse Dankuu Kyaku--5 hits
    	Very tough to do.  You must be in the corner for this to work.
    2. Jumping short, ducking jab, ducking short, Gadoken--4 hits
    	This is harder to do than if you do a jumping forward to start
    it, but it goes quicker and as a result looks better.
    3. Jumping forward, ducking forward, forward Dankuu Kyaku--4 hits
    	Also quite tough to do, and does not do as much damage as #1.
    4. Any previously mentioned combo starting with a jumping forward,
    do a jumping fierce instead.  Most opponents will see Dan draw his hand
    back and immediatly retaliate.  However, if your combo actually works,
    it does slightly more damage than if started with a jumping forward.
    	These are, as the name suggests, combos that have Supers put
    in them somewhere.  Of course, you need at least a level 1 for most of
    1. Jumping forward, ducking roundhouse, kouryurekka--4 - 6 hits
    	You can use any level Kouryurekka here, but it is probably
    wisest to use the level 1 as you won't get all the hits of any of
    them in this combo either way and the level 1 only uses 1 level. Okay?
    1.  Jumping forward, ducking fierce, Level 3 Kouryurekka--8 hits
    	If you substitute a ducking forward for the ducking fierce,
    you can substitute a Level 2 for a level 3 kouryurekka.
    2.Jumping forward, ducking fierce, Shinkuu Gadoken--5 - 7 hits
    	You can also use a ducking forward intead of the ducking 
    3. Jumping forward, ducking roundhouse, shinkuu Gadoken--4 hits
    	This is only listed as Medium because I constantly get a
    normal gadoken instead of the shinkuu version.
    4. Against a jumping opponent, standing jab, Level 2 or 3 
    kouryurekka--4 - 5 hits
    	For this to work the opponent has to be at about the level
    they would need to be at to land a deep jumping in attack, and
    then you must cancel the jab into the kouryurekka.  Looks stylish.
    The kouryurekka will hit 3 - 4 times, depending on how well you
    timed it.  A bit risky though, because you might screw up the
    timing and end up missing every hit except for the jab.
    1. (Enemy in corner) Jumping forward, ducking jab,
                  Hisshu Buraiken--7 - 13 hits
    	The only reason I listed this as hard is because usually I
    end up doing a Short kick Dankuu kyaku instead of the super.  This
    really does look awesome.   
    Those are Dan's more useful combos.  Of course there are more, but
    I didn't list them mostly because they are basically the same as
    the other ones.
                          [{(<Taunt Strategies>)}]
    	Yup, a whole section devoted to how and when to taunt your
    opponent.  Why?  Because I GOTTA.  No, actually because taunting is
    the main thing that sets Dan apart from all of the other characters.
    Without it, he would be just another player and I wouldn't like him
    Nearly as much.
    	Keep in mind that you can always taunt any normal ground move
    Into a standing or ducking taunt.
    	I already wrote what Dan does for his taunts back in the poses
    section, but this will be a bit different.
    Standing.  Dan outstretches his forearm and shakes it, saying 
    'Doshta Doshta!' (What is wrong?).  A good use for this would 
    be if your opponent just sits there for a while, it would be 
    like saying 'Why aren't you doing anything?'  But chances are
    that they don't know what it means anyway.
    Ducking.  Dan does basically the same pose as the standing 
    Taunt, but this time he is ducking of course.  He says
    'Jodan Ja ne zo!' (Is this a joke?).  A good use for this
    might be if your opponent makes a stupid waste of a super,
    it would be like saying 'Are you trying to make me laugh
    with this pitiful display of yours?'.  I read somewhere, I
    forgot where, that the ducking taunt is longer than the
    standing one, but I don't notice any difference.
    Jumping.  Dan stretches out his forearm above his head
    and says 'Yahoo!' (Yahoo).  This is the quickest taunt and
    you are unlikely to be hit while doing it if you are careful.
    	These are methods of using taunts that will most of the
    time keep you from being hit by the enemy.
    1. Ducking roundhouse, cancel into ducking taunt.
    	The opponent is floored by the ducking roundhouse and 
    Therefore will not be able to hit you since Dan recovers a
    TINY bit before they can get up, so you will be able to block
    whatever they throw at you.  
    2. Ducking roundhouse, cancel into standing taunt
    	Exactly the same as #1 except with a standing version.
    3. One thing that I like to do is, if I have done a standing
    taunt on somebody after a particularly damaging combo and
    I beat them later on, I will use Dan's jab pose which looks 
    like his standing taunt, the only difference is what he says.
    This just sort of would help them remember that crushing
    attack that you shamed them with.
    4. Any knockdown move, jumping backward taunt.  
    You will be able to land before they can get up 
    probably every time you do this.  You can also keep jumping
    backward with taunts after you do this until you feel like
    stopping or get hit (Then you can keep doing it, showing
    that you have real audacity).
    5. Punch alpha counter, standing taunt
    	His standing taunt looks exactly like the alpha counter,
    so this is a clever little insult.
    	These are methods of taunting that will usually leave 
    You a bit open to attack, especially if you use them too much,
    and some will just leave you ready to receive a level 3 
    super move combo, but they are still fun to do if you don't 
    care whether you win or lose.
    1. Ducking roundhouse from far away range, cancel into 
    	backward rolling taunt
    You will usually be safe except for opponents who have long
    range dashing attacks or projectiles.  You may be hit by a
    fireball super if you are not careful, to be safe try to 
    trip them from as far away as possible.
    2. If opponent jumps at you, forward rolling taunt to roll
    under them.  Dan will taunt from the other side, but you
    are wide open to attack after this.
    3. Super taunt
    	That's it.  It is basically just asking for the enemy
    to please hit you, and therefore is a big insult.  It's
    also funny for you to watch.  But beware, this is 
    the most vulnerable attack in the game.
    4. 4 hit or above combo, taunt
    	You can also use the jumping backward and air taunting
    method described before in this situation, or you can just
    do a rolling backward taunt or even just a normal one.
    5. When opponent throws a fireball from far away, rolling
    forward taunt to roll under it.
    	This is pretty funny in my opinion.
    6. When close, forward rolling taunt
    Dan rolls behind the opponent and does a taunt from the 
    other side.  Leaves you very open.
    7. Combo of 6 or more hits, super taunt
    	Keep in mind that you WILL be hit unless your
    opponent has not seen Dan before and thinks that the
    super taunt can hit them.  That's always funny.
    Well, that's all that I can think of, and of course
    these are only suggestions, you may like other 
    methods more.  Make up your own, it's a lot of fun.
    		-=*VS STRATEGIES*=-
    	This section is devoted to trying to help you beat the
    computer opponents with Dan.  Since human opponents all have 
    different styles of fighting, I have written no section for
    fighting against them.  Remember, the computer will always 
    do more damage than you will, so don't try to trade hits with
    it, no matter who you're fighting.
    	Note:  I tested all these strategies in the seven-stars
    difficulty level.  In different levels the computer may use 
    slightly different tactics.
    V.S. RYU
    	From the start, advance on Ryu.  He will usually begin
    to walk straight backward.  Don't get in sweep range while you
    are doing this.  When he gets to the far corner he will throw
    a hodoken, jump over it and then do a combo.  Watch out and
    always time your jump-ins well when fighting him, if you hit
    too high he will dragon punch or throw you right when you
    recover and you won't be able to do anything about it.  Don't
    try to jump in on him if he's on the ground, or he will do a
    dragon punch right when he gets up.  Instead, try to jump over
    him.  He will miss with the dragon punch, and will be vulnerable
    for a second where you can hit him.  If he jumps backward with
    an air hurricane kick, he will do a fireball, so be prepared
    to jump it and combo him.  Watch out because he will try to 
    trick you by jumping toward you at a distance where you can't
    tell whether he will land behind you and in front of you so
    that you don't know which way to block, and then do a shinkuu
    tatsumaki senpuu kyaku which just does ridiculous block
    damage at level 3.  
    V.S. ADON
    	A pretty easy fight for Dan.  Stay defensive, waiting
    until he does a jaguar kick.  Block it and then sweep him or do
    a combo.  if you have at least a lavel 2, when you block 
    immediatly do a kouryurekka.  Watch out for his overhead, which
    he will do every once in a while, and he also tries to do a tick
    every once in a while.  Don't jump in at him when he's on the floor
    or he'll do one of his many Anti-airs, probably a jaguar tooth.
    V.S. CHUN LI
    	Advance towards her at the beginning and she will walk back.
    When she gets into the corner, she may do a kikoken, so jump it and
    do a combo.  If she begins jumping backward, she will do a kikoken
    after a few, usually two, jumps.  If she ducks, then don't jump at
    her, even though it's tempting, she will do her verticle spinning
    bird kick.  Try not to stay too close to her, if you do you will
    give her a chance to do that flipping attack and you won't know
    which way to block.  She will try to tick you if you stay defensive
    for a while, also, so watch for that.
    V.S. GUY
    	I used to have a lot of trouble with Guy, Dan's mid-boss.
    But then I discovered this great strategy.  Just duck in a defensive
    position and when he jumps at you, do a ducking fierce.  He may
    also try three other things:  His overhead, which goes, in my 
    opinion, unfairly fast, his dashing and then kick overhead, which is
    easy to counter in most cases, and his dash and then grab strategy.
    For his overhead, keep a sharp eye for it and then block high if
    you see it, then immediatly go back to your position.  For his dash
    and then kick overhead, block high and then, if you have a level 2 or
    3, do a kouryurekka, if you don't just sweep him, then go back to the
    position.  Try to sweep him or do a ducking fierce, gadoken combo
    if you see him run at you to try to throw you.  You can also 
    counter his jumping cannonball attack with a ducking fierce.
    V.S. KEN
    	It seems that Dan is ALWAYS the second to last guy that you
    fight, why, I have absolutely no idea.  This is a fairly tough fight,
    but you should come out victorious if you use these strategies:
    Stay defensive against Ken.  He likes to throw a bunch of dragon
    punches around, so keep blocking until you see an opening and then
    hit him.  If you block a fierce dragon punch, try to do a ducking 
    fierce into a level 1 shinkuu gadoken or into a level 3 kouryurekka,
    if you don't have any levels just do the ducking fierce into a 
    gadoken.  Try jumping at him with a high-hitting medium kick and then
    blocking.  He will sometimes do a ducking medium kick into either
    a shoryureppa or a fierce dragon punch and you will manage to land in
    time to block either of these, which both leave him wide open for a
    	Not an especially tough fight, actually rather easy.  If
    Dhalsim does a standing strong or a standing fierce, he will almost 
    always follow them up with a yoga fire in which case you should jump
    over it and do a combo on him.  When he does a teleport and lands 
    next to you, he will not block right when he comes out of it so
    you can sweep him or do a combo quite easily.  Every once in a while
    he will keep doing his yoga drills so quick that you will not get a
    chance to stop them with any normal attack.  If you have any levels
    when he does this, keep blocking and then do the punch alpha counter
    when the time is right and you think it will hit him.  If you don't
    have any levels, then you should keep blocking until he does a yoga
    fire or his roundhouse slide, both of which leave him vulnerable
    for a sweep.  He should stop after you do either one of these.  You
    CAN alpha counter his yoga inferno, however I don't recommend it
    because you might just end up getting hit by the rest of it if you
    time your AC wrong.
    V.S. GEN
    	Usually a fairly easy fight for Dan.  In Gen's first style,
    So-Ryu, he can do chain combos.  Sometimes the old fool, when standing
    the screen's distance from you, will preform one of these.  If he
    does, try jumping in quickly with a combo before he finishes it and
    is still vulnerable.  In his second style, he has slower moves and
    is vulnerable to quick sweeps.  Try not to jump at him too much when
    he is in either style, because he can use either his ducking roundhouse
    or his kick special where he can hit you up to 8 times with it.  Just
    try to hold back until he does something stupid and then sweep him
    and repeat.
    	Another easy fight.  All of Sakura's special moves will leave
    her open, and she uses them a lot.  First, advance on her and she will
    back away into the corner, then probably throw a hadoken.  Jump over
    it and do a combo, then back off.  She will probably try to take the 
    fight to you.  If she does her spring breeze kick, block it and sweep
    her as soon as she lands.  If she does a ducking forward, she will
    do a Dragon punch EVERY TIME.  Block it and then do a dragon punch of
    your own, or a kouryurekka the second that she lands.  If she starts
    shooting off hadokens then jump at her and do a combo.
    	Rolento is prehaps the easiest computer opponent to beat, no
    matter who you are.  Just block until he does a mekong delta escape
    or mekong delta air raid and then sweep him as soon as he lands.  
    Seriously, this is all you have to do.  If he does a patriot circle,
    he will ALWAYS do all three motions, leaving him WIDE WIDE open for
    the super of your choice.
    	Get just in range of a standing medium kick and keep doing it, 
    then walking up to get just in range and doing it again.  If he jumps,
    do a standing jab to get him out of the air and keep doing this.  If
    you get a chance, sweep him with the ducking roundhouse and keep
    doing it right when he gets up.  The big fool hardly ever blocks this.
    Try not to let him get you in the corner or you will be killed with
    his spinning piledrivers.
    	Stay offensive against Charlie, keep trying to jump in and
    do the Easy combo #2 if you hit with a jumping-in forward.  Charlie
    will sometimes do a jumping fierce, docking strong, flash kick combo--
    most of the time, the flash kick will only hit once and he will keep
    going up, leaving him vulnerable for a sweep.  If Charlie jumps from
    far away and lands in sweep distance, do one as soon as he lands. 
    When you manage to knock him down, do a jump the will go over his head.
    If timed right, he will try to counter with a ducking fierce, but by
    this time you'll be behind him, which will give you the opportunity
    to just do whatever you want.
    	Stay away from Birdie, as he will keep grabbing you with his
    chain grabs and quickly drain your life.  Stay away from him in the
    corner.  If he does a standing fierce or jumping fierce from far away
    for no logical reason, chances are that he will use a Bullhorn right
    after it, although sometimes after the jumping one he will use a jab
    bullhead to take you by surprise.  When he does a bullhorn, jump 
    straight up.  He should stop right under you, and then when you fall
    you can do a combo.  If you manage to block a bullhead, he is wide
    open for a level 1 shinkuu gadoken or a level 2 or 3 kouryurekka.
    You can also keep him away by using ducking mediums from just the 
    right range that you will hit him but he can't hit you with most of
    his attacks.  Counter his jump-in attempts with standing jabs. 
    V.S. ROSE
    	Keep offensive against her and this will be an easy fight.  You
    hhould just keep jumping in with the medium kicks.  If she blocks on 
    the ground, finish with a ducking forward to push her away from 
    you.  If she jumps at you and tries to hit you, she will probably
    get hit, and if she jumps and then blocks, sweep her as soon as both
    of you land.  Jump over her soul sparks and do a combo.  Every once
    in a while when she is the full screen's distance away she will do
    a jab soul throw, and then a fierce one which will leave her wide open
    for a kouryurekka.  I really have no idea why she does this-probably
    the same reason that Ken will inexplicably do shinryukens from the
    full screen's distance away.
    V.S. SODOM
    	Sodom is very vulnerable to ducking attacks, so cut loose with
    ducking roundhouses.  If he jumps at you from far away and lands 
    within sweep range, then you should do one immediately.  If you
    knock him down, sweep him again right when he gets up.  Watch out
    though, because he may do his tengu walking.  Always watch him to
    see if he grabs the floor with his sais when he lands.  If he does,
    either immediately do a ducking roundhouse if you have good reaction
    time, or block and try to do a ducking roundhouse when he finishes
    it.  Try to be defensive as most of his moves will leave him open
    if blocked.  Also, avoid jumping in at him as he will do a throw or
    his super move throw on you when you land.
    V.S. SAGAT
    	Beware of his deadly tiger uppercut, because it does just
    RIDICULOUS damage when the computer uses it, more than a level 1
    super.  You will probably have to jump in since you can't 
    just sit there blocking tiger shots all day.  When you jump at 
    him, try to wait until he does a tiger shot and then jump over 
    it at him.  Don't worry if you hit him high, you 
    should actually try to since if he does a tiger uppercut, you will
    trade hits and he will only hit you with one hit of the tiger uppercut.
    If he blocks or is hit by your jumping forward, he will probably do
    a standing strong.  When you do the high-hitting jumping forward 
    always hold down back in case he does this.  The standing strong will
    go straight above you, and you can do a super or a ducking fierce,
    gadoken combo.  If he gets you in the corner and does tiger shots at
    you, try to sweep him.                    
    V.S. AKUMA 
    	If he does a teleport and lands near you, then you should
    immediately sweep him.  Try to do a ducking forward into a Gadoken
    on him right when he gets up.  Sometimes he will try a flaming
    fireball from screen distance, if you see him going into that weird
    pose with the energy coming from his head, start walking forward
    and when he releases the fireball, jump over it at him.  He is very
    vulnerable now because of the huge lag, so do whatever you want to
    do to him.
    V.S. M. BISON
    	If you try to jump at him when he's knocked down right before
    he gets up, he will either do a standing roundhouse or a teleport,
    one which will result in you being hit, both resulting in him not
    losing any life.  When you block his slide, he is incredibly vulnerable
    so pick a super, any super.  He goes for the head stomps a lot and
    misses about 70% of the time, so if he just floats over your head 
    walk over to him and trip him.  He will sometimes duck for a little
    while, if he does he is going to do a psycho shot, so get sort of
    close, then wait till the second he does it an jump at him to start
    a combo.  Watch out though, this projectile is hard to jump over
    because of it's large size.  So you should be defensive against him
    and try to mostly react to his moves that he misses, rather than 
    being aggressive, although it's good to try jump in combos some of the
    V.S. DAN
    	You will never fight Dan while playing as him in arcade mode,
    so this is for if you are playing as Dan and fight against a friend
    who also is playing as him.  You should try to discourage the other
    player's jump-in attempts with ducking fierces, or if you're quick,
    a Kouryurekka.  The standing roundhouse can be used as a good 
    surprise attack, but be careful your opponent isn't ducking or
    it will go over them and you will be vulnerable.  Also, if you want 
    to be cheap then jump in with a forward, and then walk up and throw
    them while they're blocking.
    	Don't know how to fight Shin Akuma?  You must choose your
    character's one punch color if you are player one and the one kick
    color if you are player 2 (I'm pretty sure anyway).  Then you 
    must get 3 perfects, not lose a round, and get at least 5 super or 
    custom combo finishes (I think it's 5).   
    <:>)Miscellaneous Dan stuff(<:>
    I'm starting to run out of ideas for those things
    around the edges of the different sections.
    	Anyway, these are a few random things 
    that have to do with Dan which you may find
    		-Dan's colors- 
    	Dan has 6 different colors.  
    1. Press any punch, pink Gi
    2. Press any kick, green Gi
    3. Press any 2 punches, orange Gi
    4. Press any 2 kicks, yellow Gi
    5. Any punch, auto block mode, magenta Gi
    6. Any kick, auto block mode, cyan Gi
    	I like the cyan one the best, but you can
    Only get it by playing in auto mode which I 
    never ever do.  So the one I use most often is
    yellow, followed by green.
    		     -Dan's Stage-
    	Dan's stage is set in Hong Kong, in a 
    Crowded marketplace where a few people watch the 
    Fight.  On the left side of the screen there is
    A person wearing glasses who holds a basket of
    Fruit or something.  Whenever you do a special
    move (or a taunt, with Dan) the man draws back
    like he's afraid of being hit if you are in 
    front of him.  If you are in front of him and
    hit the opponent with a super, he will lean back,
    drop something out of his basket, and then pick it
    up while still watching the fight.  Fei Long from
    Super Street fighter 2 makes a guest appearance
    Here (His home is also in Hong Kong).  He is on
    The far right side of the screen, a bit far in 
    The background, and has a towel over his 
    Shoulders.  Every once in a while he yawns.  Also
    On the far right is a guy in a store that waves
    Some sort of stick at the fighters, probably 
    telling them to go fight somewhere else. 
    		-The ending-
    	Finally, you win with Dan!  I'm not absolutely positive
    about the dialogue, but it's basically the same thing as what is
    actually said.
    First Picture:  Dan, doing a taunt well yelling and crying.		
    Dan:  I did it... Yahoo!
    Dan:  I've finally avenged your death.
    Dan:  I'm the strongest now, and the best!!
    Second picture:  Outside of a Karate school
    Narrator:  Back in Hong Kong, Dan opens a karate school to teach
    others his style.
    Dan:  (For you, my father...)
    Dan:  (People all over the world will soon learn my powerful moves!)
    Third picture:  People practicing punches, Dan standing behind them,
    next to a table filled with trophies, is smiling.
    Dan:  What is wrong?
    Dan:  You must train to be a saikyo style fighter!
    Narrator:  With blind ambition, Dan pursues worldwide fame.
    Narrator:  Is this his destiny?
         -Random Facts-
    	-If you do a level 3 Hisshu Buraiken
    while fighting Sagat, Dan says 'Yattaze,'
    when he does the Kouryuken.
    	-Dan will always do his 'Yattaze, 
    Oyaji,' Pose after beating Sagat on the
    second round.
    	-When you play as Ryu and fight the
    computer Sagat, Sagat is holding Dan, who
    is dressed in his orange Gi and wearing
    sandals, then laughs and throws him off 
    the screen.
    	-I once saw a picture of Sagat in
    a strategy guide for Street fighter 2
    and Street fighter 2:Championship edition that had a picture of Sagat
    holding Dan by his head.  This was before Street fighter alpha, or 
    even Super street fighter 2, for that matter, had even come out.  This 
    shows that Capcom must have been planning to use Dan as a character
    for a long time, but had only gotten around to doing it when they made
    street fighter alpha.  By the way, this picture can also be found at
    since I don't think you'll be able to find the strategy guide  
    because it's a couple years old.
    	Well, that's it.  I hope that you will
    try some of the things in this and come to
    use Dan as one of your regular characters,
    or at least to learn to respect him for the
    funny guy that he really is.  If you have 
    any comments, questions, or whatever my
    E-Mail address is IsaacNK@cs.com.  Thank
    you for reading.
    	-My brain, without it I could never have completed any of this
    	-Capcom, for creating this great game and this great character
    	-SNK, for creating Ryo so that 
    Capcom could rip them off and make Dan
    	-Stephen Morrissey, for putting
    this FAQ on his site, the only PC
    street fighter site that I know about, and
    is also a nice page so go and check it
    out if you like the PC versions of these 
    games at http://dogbert.mathcs.wilkes.edu 
    /~morrissb/sf/main.htm.  Also has a pretty good art section.
    	-Shinji's Street fighter battleground,
    for being another nice page with a great 
    message board.  It is found at 
    	-My little brother Stephen (SJKlunk) for helping me test a
    couple strategies and stuff and playing this great game with me
    even though I beat him nearly every time.
    	-A guy named G0UK1, whose Taunts FAQ I learned most of
    the translations for stuff Dan says from.  I think you can get his
    FAQ at www.Gamefaqs.com, go give it a try.  Lots of translations
    of what the different players say are in his FAQ.
    	-A street fighter alpha FAQ of which the most current
    version was written by someone called Min sub kim, I got the
    translations of Dan's special and super moves from this. 
    	-This guy named lord hollow that wrote a Dan FAQ for
    street fighter alpha 2 with a list of 20 reasons Dan is better
    than Ryu, Ken, or Akuma.  It's at www.gamefaqs.com, go check
    it out because some of the 20 reasons are pretty funny.
    	-All those other people who realize 
    that Dan is actually a good player and take
    the time to write FAQs and help others realize it too.
    	That's everyone I can think of, thanks For reading this!

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