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    Guy by Genj

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                       | SFA2/SFA2G Guy FAQ v1.0            |
                       | By WCLAM (GENJ)                    |
    Please send any corrections, informations, comments and flames to:
                  |Table of Contents:                          |
                  |                                            |
                  |1. History                                  |
                  |2. Introduction                             |
                  |3. Legends                                  |
                  |4. Moves list                               |
                  |5. Combos                                   |
                  |6. Misc, ending, midboss, not so faqs, etc. |
                  |7. Credits                                  |
                  |8. Misc. Misc.                              |
    Cleaned up FAQ.
    Cleaned up FAQ.
    Fixed more spellings, fixed some chain combos, fixed ending dialogue, added
    introduction, added Misc. Misc, added Genj's Notes.  
    Fixed a bunch of spelling errors, fixed some chain combos, plus other minor
    I noticed that there aren't many SFA2 Guy FAQs out there, so I decided to
    write one.  This is my first try on writing a FAQ, please excuse any
    unprofessionalism.  I am just writing this for fun! :)
    SECTION 2: Introduction
    Guy first appeared in the 1989 Capcom hit, "Final Fight".
    Height 5.87 feet
    Weight 158 lbs
    The commands I will use is the "jab, short, forward, strong, fierce,
    roundhouse" system.
    jab = weak punch
    short = weak kick
    strong = medium punch
    forward = medium kick
    fierce = hard punch
    roundhouse = hard kick
    u = up
    d = down
    f = toward
    b = backward
    qfc = quarter circle forward
    qfb = quarter circle backward
    hcb = half circle backward
    j. = jump/jump-in
    s. = standing
    c. = crouching
    sc = super combo
    cc = custom combo
    I used Tyler Oswald's SFA2 FAQ as a reference to the name of the moves.
    D,DB,B + K
    Commonly known as the Spinkick, good priority and speed, anti-air also.  
    Short version hits low 1 time, forward version hits high 2 times, roundhouse
    version hits high 3 times.
    D,DF,F + P then P again when appropriate
    AKA Bushin Roll.  A fast air roll that catches a ground and jumping opponent.
    After executing the air roll, push P again when Guy is near the opponent.
    [Ground opponent]
    If Guy is in front of the opponent, he will do a high priority, but weak
    elbow. If Guy is on top or slightly behind the opponent, he will do flip grab 
    that does around 15% damage.  Bushin Roll's Grab _DOES NOT_ work on a cornered 
    or crouching opponent!
    [Jumping opponent]
    Same idea, except that it is harder to grab a jumping opponent with the
    strong and fierce version, the jab version works best.  It is easier
    to grab when the opponent's jump is at its apex; Guy will usually elbow if
    you try grabing during the descent or ascent of the opponent's jump.
    D,DF,F + K then K again when appropriate
    Guy's "running" moves.
    Short version runs, then stops. 
    Forward version runs, then slide kick. 
    Roundhouse version runs, then overhead 2hits Cresent kick.
    **HOU ZAN TO**
    D,DB,B + P
    A 1 hit turn pounch that goes through projectiles at startup, good for pressure 
    and combo.
    **ELBOW DROP**
    Jump, D+Strong
    Straight from Final Fight, this long-lasting elbow drop has high priority,
    but it does mediocre damage.  Good for pressure, air-to-air counter and
    jump-in combo.
    **FLIP KICK**
    A 2 hits flip kick with high priority and a good safe distant recovery.
    I really can't find a good use for it except to counter crouching attacks and
    --Super Combos--
    D,DF,F,D,DF + K
    "Bushin Strong Thunder Kick"
    Lv1 - 4 hits
    Lv2 - 6 hits
    Lv3 - 7 hits
    A ground SC that does OK damage, use it in the same situation you would use
    Charlie's Crossfire Blitz.  Easy to combo after s.jab, c.jab, s.short,
    s.strong, s.fierce or s.forward.
    D,DF,F,D,DF + P
    "Bushin Eight-Double Fist"
    Lv1 - 4 hits
    Lv2 - 5 hits
    Lv3 - 6 hits
    This super has an awkward hit-angle. It hits standing opponent up to 2 steps
    in front of Guy and jumping opponent about 40-46 degrees in front.  If the
    jumping opponent is too high, Guy will miss or hit only once.  Don't use this
    super as you would with Gen and Rose's airgrab supers, the angle is different.
    Don't use this super against a crouching opponent!
    HCB, QCB + P (HCB, HCB + P perhaps?) 
    Lv3 - 10 hits
    Guy's Lv3-only super does pretty good damage, but it only catches very close opponent, 
    and you can't combo it.
    **Alpha Counters**
    P - c.fierce (elbow)
    K - c.forward (1 hit)
    **Normal moves**
    s.jab - fast backfist
    s.strong - gut punch (f+strong is a 2 hit elbow overhead)
    s.fierce - uppercut (elbow in Bushin chain)
    s.short - high kick
    s.forward - "poke", hehe :)
    s.roundhouse - windmill kick
    c.jab - backfist
    c.strong - straight punch
    c.fierce - elbow (cancelable by everything-- cancel with running moves!)
    c.short - fast.... kick. 
    c.forward - 2 hits trip
    c.roundhouse - slide, knocks down if close
    j.jab - A downward punch
    j.strong - Same as j.jab, only a bit more startup delay  (air suplex)
    j.fierce - backfist  (air suplex)
    j.short - high kick
    j.forward - straight jump kick (The Final Fight jump kick)
    j.roundhouse - jumping spinkick
    f + strong - 2 hits overhead elbow
    j.strong or j.fierce - air suplex
    j. d + strong - elbow drop
    df + roundhouse - flipkick
    You can add an jump-in or crossup attack to most of these combos.
    *Bushin Chain*
    s.jab, s.jab, s.short
    c.jab, s.strong, s.fierce (regular uppercut)
    s.jab, s.strong, s.fierce (special elbow)
    s.jab, s.strong, s.fierce, s.roundhouse OR
    s.jab, s.jab, s.strong, s.fierce, s.roundhouse OR
    s.jab, s.jab, s.jab, s.strong, s.fierce, s.roundhouse (Crossup or VERY close)
    The Classic Final Fight combo:
    j.elbow, s.jab, s.jab, s.strong, s.fierce, s.roundhouse
    s.jab or s.short, Weak or Med Spinkick
    1 hit c.forward, Weak or Med Spinkick
    s.strong, Weak or Med Spinkick
    s.fierce, Weak or Med Spinkick
    s.jab, s.jab, s.strong, Weak or Med Spinkick
    anti-air s.fierce, juggle with Med Spinkick
    *Turn Punch*
    s.fierce, Turn Punch
    c.fierce, Turn Punch
    s.strong, s.fierce, Turn Punch
    c.jab, s.strong, s.fierce, Turn Punch
    *Bushin Slide*
    s.fierce, Bushin Slide
    c.fierce, Bushin slide
    s.strong, s.fierce, Bushin Slide
    --Super Combos--
    ***Thunder Kick***
    You can pretty much combo TK with any standing and crouching normal move,
    except for s.roundhouse and c.roundhouse.
    s.jab or s.short, TK
    s.strong or s.forward, TK
    c.strong or 1 hit c.forward, TK
    s.fierce or c.fierce, TK
    s.jab, s.jab, s.strong, TK
    s.strong, s.fierce, TK
    c.jab, s.strong, s.fierce, TK
    ***Eight-Double Fist***
    Because of the startup delay and awkward angle, E-DF is trickier to combo.
    s.strong or c.strong, E-DF
    s.forward or 1 hit c.forward, E-DF
    s.jab, s.strong, E-DF
    Near corner, Bushin Roll Grab, juggle with E-DF during rebound.
    At the corner, grab with kick (Knee bash), juggle with Lv2 or Lv3 E-DF
     immediately after the release.
    --Outfit Color--
    SFA2			SFA2G
    Jab - Red		Fierce - Dark Red
    Short - Blue		Roundhouse - Purple
    Strong - Gray
    Forward - Green
    --Win Pose-- (Start + button after winning)
    Jab - Folds arms, looking calm.
    Strong - Holds 2 fingers in front of his face, and says something about
             "Bushin-do" or something. :P
    Fierce - Turns his back, rises 2 fingers, then does a sweeping motion with
             his arm.  (Taunt)
    Same as the Fierce win pose.
    Guy's stage has the most of the characters from Final Fight in it.  It is a
    truely worthy background for a classic Capcom character.
    Inside the alley: (left to right)
               Bred <waving fist>
               Bill Bull <eating>
               Abigail <big guy in white outfit>
               Two P <mohawk>
               A Dog <dog>
               Eddy E <policeman>
               Damnd <sitting on drumcan>
    Outside the alley: (left to right)
               Andore Jr. <standing on drumcans>
               Cody <white shirt, blue jeans>
               Jessica <girl in red dress>
               Haggar <big guy in green pants>
               J <getting headlocked>
               Poison <girl in tantop>
               El Gato <peeling apple>
               Axl <black jacket, black pants>
    --Required opponents--
    Sodom is the 6th opponent.   (Final Fight boss)
    Rolento is the 7th opponent. (Final Fight boss)
    --Special Challenger--
    I really don't understand why Rose is Guy's challenger/rival. :P
    Rose: I see there is a hole in your mind.
    Guy: There is nothing in my mind.
    Rose: So strong, yet so stupid.
    Guy: Can't you see, this will be your final fight!
    --Final Boss--
    Don't ask me why Bison is Guy's last opponent. 
    Bison: Bushin style ninjas are no match for my Shadoloo soldiers.
    Guy: I've fought your soldiers, now I've come for you.
    Bison: My soldiers are skilled, but I am supreme.
    Guy: Yea, a supreme fat-head!
    --Shin Akuma--
    Same as everyone else.
    <Guy clutches his fist.>
    Guy: I've got it!!  I've found the inner secret!
    Narrator: With driving force, Guy brings new life into the old Bushin style.
    <Guy's Master "warps" in.>
    Guy: Master.
    Master: You have tapped the power, my pupil.
    Master: Remember my son, Bushin style is only a name, do not be impressed by
            its label and you will be truely strong.
    Master: Fighting style is not something handed down, but something created.
    Guy: Master, you once told me... 
    Guy: ...to be a master, I must over come everything. The time has come!
    Guy: Do you stake your life on it?
    Master: Of course!
    <Pause for a few seconds>
    <Guy and his Master j.forward at each other.  Nice artwork. :P>
    Guy/Master: YAAAA!
    Narrator: There is no hatred in the faces of the master and his disciple.
    Narrator: Only the spirit and fighting power from facing a worthy opponent.
    NOT So Frequently Asked Questions
    Q: Why are there some combos that start with "c.jab, s.strong, s.fierce" and 
       not "s.jab, s.strong, s.fierce"?
    A: The fierce in "s.jab, s.strong, s.fierce" is a special elbow that is ONLY
       cancelable by s.roundhouse and nothing else.  To prevent the special elbow
       from executing, we use c.jab instead of s.jab.  The fierce in "c.jab,
       s.strong, s.fierce" is the regular uppercut, which is cancelable by
       almost every special and super moves.
    Q: What does "Bushin" mean?
    A: Bushin means "Martial Art God", sort of.
       Bushin is 2 Kanji, Bu means martial art or fighting art.  Shin means god.
       Bu Shin.  You can see the Kanji BuShin on Guy's outfit in his SFA3
       artworks.  Bushindo is the Ninjitsu art Guy practices I guess.
    Q: What does that CC finish icon mean?
    A: That's "Bu", meaning martial art.
    Q: How should I use Guy's short Bushin Run (run, then stop)?
    A: 1)You can use it as a dash or run, but you have to be careful because Guy
         doesn't stop on a dime. :P
       2)"Short run, stop, throw" is one of the obvious application of short run,
         but always be creative and mix up your attacks!
       3)I use it to "catch up" to the opponent once I hit him with a Turn punch,
         Roll Grab or E-DF, Guy fights better when he can pressure his opponent.  
         You should short run whenever you feel is safe because it adds to the 
         super bar.
       4)You can use it to run under close jumps or high jumps or even roundhouse 
         Jaguar Kick, it just looks cooler than just walking under.  HEHE. :)
    Q: What jump-in attack should I use with Guy?
    A: I HIGHLY recommend j.forward, j.elbow or j.roundhouse.
       j.forward has good range, good priority and great for cross-up.
       j.elbow has super high priority and it lasts long.
       j.roundhouse has good range, it hits harder than j.forward, but it is a
       bit slower.
    Q: Does Guy have any good anti-jumpin moves?
    A: Yup.  Short and forward Spinkicks are great anti-jumpin moves; C.fierce
       is good also, high priority and fast.  After c.fierce counters, follow up
       with a Bushin slide or Cresent kick as the opponent lands.
    -Me, for spending 5 hours of my life writing this cheesy FAQ/moveslist. :P
    -Capcom for making one of best SF ever. 
    -Tyler Oswald's Street Fighter Alpha 2 FAQ v1.7 for being my moves list
    -#Capcom of EFnet and alt.games.sf2 people
    -[radon] of DALnet for telling me about the kneebash to E-DF "combo".
    -kayin of DALnet for proof reading. 
    This is the section where I do my mindless rambling about things you should
    already know. :P
    -Guy can bounce off walls. :)
    -s.forward is a great poke move, it may not be as good as SFA1's s.forward,
     but it is still nice.
    -Learn to use c.fierce.
    -Guy has one of the best airthrow in the game, it is very consistant and it
     has very good range.  Guy's airthrow is as good as Charlie's if not better.
     (You can actually airthrow Dan's Gale Kick if you time the jump correctly!)
    -Cresent Kick goes over a crouching opponent if Guy does it too close.
    -"s.fierce, Bushin Slide" combo is great for dizzying the opponent, it only
     takes around 2 of those combo to dizzy.
    -It seems that it _MAY_ be possible that Guy can juggle with an E-DF after
     a near-corner airgrab or a Turn Punch. I have tried it but still no luck. 
     (The "launch" is not high enough.)
    -Cresent Kick is actually a pretty good long range attack, you can chip off
     block damage from 3/4 of a screen away, which is a good safe distant.
    -You can actually catch a jumping opponent with the Musou Ren Ge, but the
     opponent has to be very close to the ground.
    End of FAQ Stuffs
    Please send all corrections, informations, comments, flames to:
    | SFA2/SFA2G Guy FAQ v1.0            |
    | By WCLAM (GENJ)                    |

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