How do I use the Hidden Supers activation code?

  1. As far as I found, the code to activate the hidden Tide Turners is by pressing Start+SP+LP+LK+SK as soon as the "Go!" sign appears on the screen. The last time I had my character's name turned green was while using Hon-Fu and I don't remember I pressed anything. My main questions are as followed - 1: does the "as soon as" say I need to press all buttons when the "GO!" sign is in its smallest state? 2: I read in wikipedya that if I go for the supers tide turners the lonng way I need to use a Tide Turner comand 1,024 time. Does it mean in general or 1,024 time with each character alone?
    3: Is the code of pressing Start+SK+LK+SP+LP meant to be for all platforms?

    User Info: JadonK9

    JadonK9 - 6 years ago

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