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    FAQ/Walkthrough by BWoodhouse

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                                 Paradise Heights 2 (PC)
                        Copyright 1996, 1998 by Foster and Otaku
                                     Ben Woodhouse 
                                   November 1 - 2003 
                                     Version  1.02
    ******************************CONTENT DISCLAIMER*******************************
    Paradise Heights 2 is an adult bishoujo game, meaning it contains sex. 
    Therefore it is intended solely for people over the age of 18.  If you are of 
    age and still find such material objectionable, then you probably have no 
    interest in playing this game or reading this FAQ.
      i.     Introduction
      ii.    Characters
      iii.   Walkthrough
      iv.    Version History
      v.     Copyright Information
                                  i. INTRODUCTION
    I guess video game love doesn't last forever.  At the end of the first
    installment of Paradise Heights, Keigo Nakadai seemed happy with his
    chosen girl, but time has passed and they've grown apart.  Oh well,
    that just means he's back on the prowl again...
    Keigo's love life isn't all that's changed, however.  Kayo and Ayako
    are the only holdovers from the first game, but that just means Keigo
    will have a chance with a few new women.  Also, he's no longer the
    caretaker of the apartment complex; his new job is as a toy designer
    for a major corporation.  Of course, there's also many great women
    working at the company.  How can Keigo manage the demands of both work
    and play?  You'll see...
    Paradise Heights 2 is a point-and-click bishoujo adventure game.  This
    means that the player's main duty is to guide Keigo in conversation
    with the ladies, and occasionally  move him about the apartment
    building.  In reality, this is extremely simple; Paradise Heights 2 
    is an almost linear game, there's only a couple of paths to the story
    and its impossible to lose.  If you've played the first Paradise
    Heights, you might feel like you have even less freedom in the sequel;
    a good deal of the movements are automatic, but in this game, some of
    your decisions actually matter.
                                  ii. CHARACTERS
    Keigo Nakadai - The hero of the game, and the player you control.
                    Keigo may have grown more responsible with his career
                    since the first time you saw him, but he still has a
                    weakness for the ladies... and fortunately, they also
                    have weakness for him!
    Kayo Shimazu - Not much has changed with Kayo.  She still lives in
                   Paradise Heights and has her job in the red-light
                   district.  She and Keigo continue to be friends... in
                   more ways than one. 
    Ayako Ito - Ayako's the same energetic, assertive girl we saw in the
                first installment of Paradise Heights.  She's still in
                college, but most of her energy seems to be concentrated
                in other activites.
    Tamami Aso - Tamami's a new tenant in Paradise Heights, in fact she
                 just moved into Miyuki's old place.  She's young, and
                 seems innocent and shy.  She also turns out to be Keigo's
                 new assistant at work.
    Miki Takashima - Miki lives in apartment 203, Misa's old room.  She  
                     works at the coffee shop Keigo frequents, but he has
                     to keep his hands off; Miki has a boyfriend.
    Saeko Aso - Keigo's boss, and seemingly a real bitch.  She cracks down
                on him often at work.  Combine her natural character with
                the fact that she's also Tamami's older sister, and you
                know she'll always be keeping an eye on Keigo's movements.
    Harumi Sasaki(Inoue) - Her last name is listed differently in the game
                           and the profile provided with the game, so
                           choose the one you like best.  Harumi works at
                           the toy company and is a friend of Tamami's.
                           She dresses provocatively, and she's taken a
                           liking to Keigo.
    Suzuko Katagiri - Suzuko is also a friend of Tamami and Harumi,
                      together they form a rather odd group.  She works as
                      a receptionist at the toy company, but don't be
                      fooled, she's actually the daughter of the company
    Shiro Tamura - Keigo's friend and the new caretaker of Paradise
                   Heights.  He's a little strange, and seems to have a
                   fixation of trying to look debonair.
                                 iii. WALKTHROUGH  
    Okay, I admit, this game barely needs a walkthrough.  Paradise Heights 2
    is more a visual novel than a game. Only a few of the decisions you
    make in conversation affect the story.  If you ever do choose
    "incorrectly", Keigo will resist and you'll have to go back and choose
    the other option.  Basically, all you do is move the story along by
    choosing the correct options.
    Since the game mostly directs you where to go and cues you as what
    options to pick, its unlikely you'll this synopsis.  However, in the
    slim chance that you might need help, or if you just want to know what
    happens, here's a walkthrough.
    ---------------------------<Day 1 - Monday>------------------------------
      1. (Optional) Go back to your room.
      2. Choose to go out, you'll run into Tamami - 1 panty shot.
      3. Automatically guided to the coffee shop, meet Miki and Ayako.
      4. Automatically guided to work, meet Saeko and Tamami.
      5. Automatically return to the apartments, run into Tamami, Harumi,
         and Suzuko.  Tell them you're free later.
      6. Automatically run into Shiro.
      7. Go to Ayako's apartment - 5 pictures of sex with Ayako.
      8. Go to Tamami's for the party - 1 shot of Harumi's panties
                                        1 picture of Suzuko soaked.
      9. Go to Kayo's room - 3 pictures of sex with Kayo.
    Tip : Save at the end of the day; there are two versions of Day 2.
    ---------------------------<Day 2 - Tuesday>-----------------------------
    Choose one, scenario A features Miki, B features Harumi.
            \Scenario A\
      1a. Run into Tamami outside.
      2a. Choose "I'm going to have something to eat, so please..."
      3a. Automatically guided to the coffee shop - 1 picture of Miki sad.
      4a. Automatically taken to the office, run into Suzuko, Harumi,
          Saeko, and Tamami.
      5a. Automatically go to the coffee shop - Same picture of Miki sad
                                              - 1 normal picture        
                                              - 1 picture kissing Miki.
      6a. Automatically at the apartments - Tamami gives you a keychain
                                          - 1 nervous picture of Tamami.
      7a. Suzuko comes by your room - 4 pictures of sex with her.       
            \Scenario B\
      1b. Run into Tamami outside.
      2b. Choose "Sure, let's go together."
      3b. At the office - 1 picture of Saeko giving a bj.
          Run into Harumi, Saeko, Tamami, and Suzuko.
      4b. Dinner with Harumi - 1 picture of her sitting
                             - 3 pictures of sex with Harumi.
      5b. Return to apartments to talk to Miki and Tamami.
    ----------------------------<Day 3 - Wednesday>--------------------------
      1. Automatically run into Shiro.
      2. Automatically go to the office, you'll run into Suzuko, Saeko,
         and Tamami - 1 picture of Harumi bringing you lunch.
      3. Automatically go to the coffee shop, and then Paradise Heights.
      4. Go to Miki's room(203) - 1 picture of Miki crying
                                - 3 pictures of sex with Miki.
      5. Choose to go downstairs.
      6. Go to Tamami's room(201) - 1 picture of Harumi crying.
      7. Automatically go to your room, Tamami will show up.
      8. Go to Ayako's room(202) - 2 pictures of Ayako and Risa(random girl).
      9. Automatically return to your room - 1 picture of Tamami crying
                                           - 1 picture of Tamami changing.
    ---------------------------<Day 4 - Thursday>----------------------------
      1. Automatically go to the office, run into Saeko and Tamami.
      2. Automatically return home and bump into Tamami.
      3. Visit Kayo's room(102) - 4 pictures of sex with Kayo.
      4. Automatically return to Keigo's room.
    ----------------------------<Day 5 - Friday>-----------------------------
    Day 5 features two similar versions: scenario B features an extra
    picture of Tamami.
      1. Automatically walk to Saeko's house - 1 picture of Saeko in a robe
                                             - 4 pictures of sex.
      2. Automatically go to work.
      3a. Choose "Go to Tamami's place."    3b. Choose "Attend the meeting."
         -Normal visit to Tamami.              -Picture of Tamami sick in bed.
      4. Automatically return home, choose to read the email.
      5. Automatically visit the coffee shop.
      6. Automatically back to your place, Miki stops by - 3 pictures of sex.
      7. Tamami will drop by - 1 picture of Tamami asleep.
    --------------------------<Day 6 - Saturday>-----------------------------
      1. Automatically whisked to work - 4 pictures of sex with Harumi
                                       - 1 picture of a sad Saeko
                                       - 1 picture of Tamami and Suzuko.
      2. Automatically run back to Keigo's - 1 picture of Tamami crying
                                           - 3 pictures of sex.
      3. Choose to read the email later, then Tamami and Keigo will
         declare their undying love for each other.
    <The End>
                                iv. VERSION HISTORY
    v1.0 - All material complete.
    v1.01 - Reformatting, no new data added.
    v1.02 - IGN.com is now authorized to host a copy of this document.
                              v. COPYRIGHT INFORMATION               
    All information and work in this document is copyright 2003 by Ben Woodhouse 
    unless otherwise stated and may be not be reproduced under any circumstances 
    except for personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or 
    otherwise distributed publicly without advance written permission. Use of this 
    guide on any other web site or as a part of any public display is strictly 
    prohibited, and a violation of copyright.  
    Thanks for your cooperation.
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    document, feel free to let me know!

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