Review by krillin4553

"Its craptacular!"

GEEZ! This game is annoying. Its not hard or anything but to explain how craptacular it is let me get on with the review. You can still download this game if you have 3 minutes, patience, and no temper.
Graphics 3/10
The character art and models are nice. They look and act like the real Simpsons. Then why only a 3. That's because of the frame rate and reaction time. For example playing as Homer your attack is punch. Simple huh. Not quite. It takes about 5 seconds for him to go from stand, punch, stand. Its the same with any other character. Besides that it looks great for a old dos game. It even has cut scenes. Technically. Pictures, with moving characters, are cut scenes in this game.
Sound 0/10
AH! I hate the sound on this game. All it is, is a bunch of bleeping sounds. The sad thing is you can't play with the sound off. When you start it has the intro. Which shows a Bart skateboarding like a picture in a Christmas light show. Like the same picture being cut and pasted many times. The sound is what really makes me annoyed. It plays the Simpsons theme in bleeps. Like so, bleep, bleep, bleep, bleep, bleep. But to make it where you can easily hear the sound in your head is by if you have Windows XP hold so many buttons and hear that sound that comes from the tower. Also the setup doesn't recognize any newer sound cards so play it on a low end computer.
Story 2/10
I love the Simpsons. And the story isn't typical of it. Maggie catches a flying diamond from a robbery. Somehow Mr. Burns is tied in with it but I can't remember how. Then Mr. Burns steals her and now its up to the Simpsons to get her back.
Controls 6/10
Not to terrible. You only use two buttons and your arrow keys. It does get annoying with the slow reaction time which is typical with some dos games this old. Also, if I remember correctly, you can set them up the way you want them. But after it's installed I don't think you can change them.
Overall 2/10
Rent, Buy, Download?
NO! I will say it again, NO! Its like the words of Bart Simpson in the Christmas episode Grift of the Magi, ''It's craptacular.'' That ends this review of a highly recommended to be avoided game.

Reviewer's Rating:   1.0 - Terrible

Originally Posted: 01/07/04

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