Review by Cerno

Reviewed: 10/18/03

The second addition to Spidweb's Exile series

Avernum 2 is a remake of the game Exile 2. They are both made by Spiderweb Software. Avernum is a massive underground cave that holds many terrifying creatures. It was designed to be a prison for people that didn't like the ruling people above, which is called the Empire. In the last game the Avernum people made a massive blow on the Empire by killing it's emperor. Now they are starting a war with the Avernum people and it's you job to help them succeed by making friends with a group of aliens that are living down in Avernum with you.

You are a group of adventurer/s consisting of 1 to 4 people. It depends on what you choose. It's harder if you use only 1 person though. The story is very original. It can be very difficult if you don't know your way around.

Your main objectives is to find a way to strike back at the Empire, to find a path back to the surface, and to recapture some very valuable treasures of you soon to be allies. This is actually extremely hard. About more than three fourths of the game is actually not even about those objectives but doing things that lead up to it.

This graphics of this game are not good by today's standards. Most people probably wouldn't want to play it since it isn't 3d. There isn't any music at all but there are many sounds depending on the things you do.

This game is very open ended. You will sometimes have about 15 quests at the same time to do. It's a good thing that there's a window that stores all the quests that needs to be done or else you'll forget all the quests that you are trying to do. It'll take you at least 5 minutes to complete the most simpliest quest. Some medium sized quests can take you more than 1 hour to finish and the major quests can take you more than 5 hours. There are vast amounts of quests to do. It'll take you more than 50 hours to complete this game. You won't possibly get all the quests done unless you take the time to do them. There are reqards for completing those quests though so they won't be in vain.

You'll most likely be hooked on this game after you play it for a while. I recommand it to everyone but if you want a game by today's standard graphics then you probably wouldn't like it as much.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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