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    FAQ/Walkthrough by macCro

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 09/14/01 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    L A R R Y   V A L E S :  T R A F F I C   D I V I S I O N   W A L K T H R O U G H
    (C) Pitchfork Productions - Philip J. Reed 2000 (Sparkles042@hotmail.com)
    Larry Vales: Traffic Division is a freeware.
    Game solved and walkthrough written by Mario "macCro" Zamic (mazamic@inet.hr)
    Version 1.0 written on September the 14th, 2001
    This document (C) Mario Zamic 2001, 2002. Feel free to enjoy it.
    Act 1: Bladerun Like Hell
    - Open the door
    - Look at the message board
    - Talk to the receptionist
    - Walk right
    - Use the key in your inventory to unlock the middle door
    - Get wires from the broken flat screen TV
    - Get candy from pillow
    - Get toilet plunger
    - Talk to the bathroom door
    - Use the wires on the telephone
    - Leave room
    - Walk left till you reach the swimming pool
    - Use the candy on the sleeping fat man
    - Toss the candy in the swimming pool
    - Walk up (click hand on the exit)
    - Talk to the couple
    - Use the toilet plunger on the couple (they give you a box of matches)
    - Get some dried brown grass on the path
    - Go back to your room and unlock it with a key
    - Put the grass in the smoke detector
    - Use matches with the smoke detector and activate the fire alarm
    - Go back to where you met the couple and go up
    - Talk to Charlie
    - Fix the door with wires
    - Examine the bush in the back and get an entrance card
    - Use the card in the card slot
    Act 2: Duct Duct Goose (or "Stuck Inside a Hotel With a Mad Cyborg Again")
    - Use your nightstick in the upper right corner of the screen (it should 
      light the lights)
    - Click hand on the robot
    - Shoot the robot's toolbox with your gun
    - Get scissors
    - Get keys from the dead janitor
    - Get wad of gum from the dead janitor's mouth (yuck!)
    - Put the nightstick into the big toolbox
    - Click hand on the panel
    - Use wad of gum on the blue button
    - Turn the dial
    - Use scissors on dead janitor (you get some of his hair - yuck yuck!)
    - Go through the open grate.
    - Talk to the man
    - Give janitor's hair to him (he uses it as a false moustache - y y y!)
    - Use the flashlight you just got on the dark area of screen
    - You're in the casino, go left and unlock your room
    - Get a hairpin from the corpse
    - Go to the hall left of the reception desk
    - Unlock the middle door with a closet key
    - Get a drill and a screwdriver
    - Go to the entrance where you were at the end of Act 1
    - Get pieces of the broken door from the rubble
    - Go back to the casino and look at Charlie
    - Talk to Charlie
    - Drill the dice with a cordless drill
    - Put door pieces into dice
    - Talk to the man with a tie and ask him to help you, then give him your ID
    - He gives you your new ID (FBI's agent Sculder!)
    - Go back to the hall left of the reception desk and talk to the door on the
    - Click hand on the red surface under the cards
    - Show the man your FBI badge (you get a cell phone)
    - Go to the closet next door
    - Use hairpin on the top right locker (you get a bottle of rubbing
    - Talk to the bald man in casino
    - Pour rubbing alcohol in his drink (you get his drink)
    - Give a drink to Sandy the receptionist
    - Go back to casino
    - Open slot machine's coin box with a screwdriver (you get some money)
    - Go through the reception door
    - Use screwdriver to get the magnet on the fridge
    - Climb the ladder
    - Give money to the bird
    - Use magnet on the key (you open a box)
    - Use cell phone on the box to recharge it and end Act 2
    Act 3: Justice Uses the Crosswalk (or "Shine On You Crazy Patrolman")
    - Use magnet (in your inventory) to get a flashlight
    - Point the flashlight at Rita
    - Get a drill
    - Get a screwdriver
    - Click hand on the control box
    - Slip the janitor's keycard into the slot
    - Blow the whistle into the microphone
    - Press the button #4
    - Drill the pole... 
    And that's it! You have successfully completed this funny game!
    Credits go to: Philip J. Reed and all at the Pitchfork Productions (it means, 
    Philip J. Reed) for making this super adventure.

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