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"Larry Vales: Programming Division he is not"

Larry Vales is like a mix of Leisure Suite Larry and Sonny Bonds from the Police Quest series combined. This Larry here gets in trouble at a hotel resort, and needs to investigate with his police partner who happens to be busy showering and playing dice at the casino at the times you need him.

Gameplay: 7/10

Some puzzles are average, but overall it is not as much as fun as playing one of the old commercial games by Sierra and of course LucasArts. The humor is what keeps the game alive, with some crazy conversations and insane puzzle solutions. Points are awarded for solving puzzles, collecting items and using them. The point system is well known from the old Sierra games, and it is nice to see this copied, if only it would not be the buggiest in the world. To be fair some Sierra games have had similar instances like PQ1VGA, but a game that has 50% more points than the maximum stated, that is just bad programming. On the other hand, this being the third version released, I have to say there are absolutely no other bugs, crashes or weird glitches. The game is small, so it would surprise me to see much going wrong.

Graphics: 5/10

Quite poor, even for a fangame. They don't come close to even the oldest graphic adventure and worse is that some items are designed too screwy, one cannot even see what it is sometimes. I myself would much rather go back to an old AGI adventure game than ugly designs like this.

Sound: 3/10

There hardly is any, so I'll keep this brief. The acts have a small voiceover, and you get a "Ca-CHING!" sound each time you score. This reminds me of the hidden "waldos" in LSL7, however, let's just say I was glad there are only around thirty situations one gets points, as this gets boring within minutes. I suppose a midi track for the background would be more annoying than nothing, but I feel there is a severe lack of sounds in this game nonetheless.

Overall: 5/10

Fun to play through and it only takes a few hours at most, depending on how well you can solve the puzzles of course. It is a free fangame so checking it out does not cost you a dime, however, do not expect too much as the gameplay alone does not make this a classic adventure game among the others out there. In the age of King's Quest remakes outshining the originals, this is forgotten within minutes.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Originally Posted: 08/17/06

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