HOW to use Robot Ride?

  1. press wat butter to use Robot Ride?

    User Info: alvinalien

    alvinalien - 5 years ago


  1. Make sure you find the 'N' (Chimera) ride armor. It locates at:
    Blast Hornet's stage, there's an area with a
    series of warehouses connected by bridges. Destroy the second set of
    boxes on the rooftop, and drop down to the ground through the hole
    created. Use a Tornado Fang to destroy the left wall of the warehouse,
    and slide down the side to find the Chimera Ride Armor suspended in a
    containment machine. Destroy it and claim your prize (courtesy by: Item FAQ (SNES)-Tarrun).
    Now, go to a large pad and your ride armor you found is yours. You can find another ride armor (there are 4 total including "N" armor) if you wish. Once you found the others, go to a large pad, and select your ride armor you've founded.

    User Info: black_head77

    black_head77 - 3 weeks ago 0 0

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