• Passwords

    All armor parts,all enemy skills,all sub-tanks,all heart tanks,all ride armors and no enhance chip aquire, so you can still have the change to obtain the gold armor in doppler stage.The stage start at where Doppler stage just shown out at the selection MAP

    7357,5363,6462,7841Bit=Beaten ,Byte=Beaten,Vile=Beaten
    6414,4155,6872,3356Bit=Beaten,Byte=Beaten,Vile=Not Beaten
    5464,4155,6872,3158Bit=Beaten,Byte=Not Beaten,Vile=Beaten
    6464,4155,6872,3358Bit=Beaten,Byte=Not Beaten,Vile=Not Beaten
    3317,1153,6772,3827Bit=Not Beaten,Byte=Beaten,Vile=Beaten
    2357,5163,6462,7747Bit=Not Beaten,Byte=Beaten,Vile=Not Beaten
    5464,4355,6872,3156Bit=Not Beaten,Byte=Not Beaten,Vile=Beaten
    6464,4355,6872,3356Bit=Not Beaten,Byte=Not Beaten,Vile=Not Beaten

    Contributed By: Ggundam.

  • Zero's Status

    Depending on Zero's status in the game, you can have different endings and a different charge on your Buster.

    6464 4355 6878 7356Alive
    6464 4355 6878 7355Defeated
    6464 6355 6878 7355Z-Saber Accessible

    Contributed By: RandyPandy.


  • Golden Armor

    First, collect all of the Heart Tanks, Sub-Tanks, Ride Armors, and Armor parts, but DO NOT take one of the enhancement chips offered by the pink capsules. Head to Doppler Stage 1, and make sure you have full energy (use the Ride Armor if you think you won't be able to keep full energy). Somewhere in the stage, there will be some balls with spikes falling into a pit. Jump to the left side of the pit and you will go inside a secret room. Inside this room is a capsule that contains the Gold Armor. Like its name, this armor will turn X's suit a golden color, and it also gives him the abilities of all four enhancement chips.

    Contributed By: RandyPandy.

  • X-Buster with Beam Sabre as final charge level

    If you do the following, a green charge level will replace the red charge level of the X-Buster, which fires 2 charged shots and a beam sabre shot. The Beam Sabre will take away half of any given boss's health, including the Sigmas.

    During the second stage of the Doppler fortress, switch to Zero. There is one gate that he can pass through: the one that leads to the mini-boss fight with the "bug." If Zero defeats the bug, it will fall on him and explode. X will teleport in, and Zero will pass the Beam Sabre to X before he dies. Note that this means that you cannot use Zero again, since he's dead.

    Contributed By: neothe0ne.

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