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"If you want to try something that little different then buy this"

By now, you've probably heard of the hit TV quiz show: Family Fortunes and at some point screaming “I know the top answer” you can now play yourself to see if you really know the top answers.

GRAPHICS: (8) It almost like the TV show with good visuals things like les Dennis an the board where the answer come up when you get one

SOUND: (9) The music sounds exactly like the show and with les Dennis's catchphrase when you come up with a silly answer “If that's up there I will give you the money myself” and when you lose a life the sound of the X is spot on.

GAME PLAY: (8) The object of the game is to get the top answers based from a survey of 100 people on a question. They are 2 families competing for the top prize. After the question is asked a family buzzes if they think know the top answer and if not it goes to the other family to try and get it. Whoever got the highest out of the 2 families get to choose whether to play or pass. The family that plays that question has to get all the answers, you have 3 lives to try and get them all if not then it goes to the other family to try and steal the points by getting a answer. Near the end of the game the points are worth double. The wining family is the one who as the highest amount of points from all the rounds. Then you play the round for the top prize, you pick two members of you family and you will be asked series of questions and you have to get the top answers in order to win the prize.

RE-PLAYABILITY: (8) There are plenty of questions and lots to do like create your own family so it has a lot of re-playability and it very addictive so you will keep going back for more and you learn lots of things.

WILL I LIKE THIS GAME? If you like trivia and the TV show then you will like this game and also you need to be a good speller and want to have something totally different from anything else.

OVERALL: (8) This game takes the sound, the graphics of the show so if you like games shows and trivia then this is a must.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 09/20/04

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