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    FAQ/Walkthrough by BWoodhouse

    Version: 1.02 | Updated: 11/01/03 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                                    Fatal Relations 
                          Copyright by C's Ware and Himeya Soft
                                     Ben Woodhouse 
                                   November 1 - 2003 
                                     Version  1.02
    You can buy this title at Himeya's website : shop.himeya.com
    Or find it at Jast USA : www.jastusa.com
    *****************************CONTENT DISCLAIMER********************************
    Fatal Relations is an adult bishoujo game, meaning it contains sex, and in 
    this case violence. Therefore it is intended solely for people over the age 
    of 18.  If you are of age and still find such material objectionable, then you 
    probably have no interest in playing this game or reading this FAQ.
      i.     Introduction
      ii.    System Requirements
      iii.   Characters
      iv.    Yuko's Q & A
      v.     Walkthrough
      vi.    Version History
      vii.   Copyright Information
                                  i. INTRODUCTION
    One month ago, Ken Ohsato's parents tragically died in a car
    accident.  His future was unsure, until he received an unbelievable
    offer.  Mrs. Reiko Hayami, the owner of the company where his father
    had worked, offered to adopt him!  Not only was Mrs. Hayami incredibly
    rich, she also had five lovely daughters!  Ken could only dream about
    his new life in the Hayami household... would it turn out to be a
    You take control of Ken, and dictate his actions once he joins his new
    family.  Fatal Relations is a menu driven(click-click) game, much like
    any other bishoujo game you might have played.  You'll choose where
    Ken goes in the Hayami mansion, and how he acts when he runs into
    someone else.  Enjoy the story!
                              ii. SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS
    The game's system requirements :
    ~Windows 95/98/Me
    ~486SX or 33 MHz processor
    ~8 MB RAM
    ~640x480 at 256 color resolution
    ~Microsoft compatible sound card
    ~Microsoft compatible mouse
    ~2x speed CD ROM drive
    According to Jast USA's website, the game will work in Windows XP in
    Windows 95/98 compatibility mode with the sound off.
                                 iii. CHARACTERS
    Ken Ohsato - The story is told from Ken's perspective.  He seems like
                 a decent person, or, at least, he keeps telling himself
                 that he is one...
    Mrs. Reiko Hayami - The matriarch of the the Hayami family, she's also
                        head of her deceased husband's enormous
                        corporation.  Ken can't believe how kind she was
                        to take him into her home.  He might be shocked
                        later, however...
    Reika Hayami - The oldest daughter, Reiko is cold and businesslike.
                   She doesn't seem too enthusiastic about Ken's arrival.
                   Perhaps she just needs some time to warm up to him?
    Shizune Hayami - The second oldest daughter.  Shizune is very delicate
                     and somewhat sickly; Ken is immediately attracted to
                     her fragile nature.
    Yuko Hayami - The middle daughter, Yuko seems to be the typical
                  bookish girl(complete with glasses).  She's much too
                  busy studying to be bothered by Ken's presence.
    Aya Hayami - The fourth daughter, Aya is a total tomboy.  She spends
                 her time playing sports or working out and loves the 
                 prospect of having a guy around to challenge.
    Miyuki Hayami - Miyuki appears cute and innocent.  Being the baby of
                    family, she's used to getting her own way.  What she
                    wants the most is attention from Ken.
    Sayori ???? - Sayori's the maid.  Ken worries about her; she always
                  looks so unhappy.  Perhaps Ken's arrival will bring
                  about a positive change in her.  
                                  iv. YUKO'S Q & A
    Yuko only likes smart men; you have to pass her test before she'll 
    do anything with you.  Try to answer the questions yourself if you 
    like trivia.  Don't worry, the only penalty for missing one is that 
    you have to start back from the first question.  She'll praise  your
    intelligence no matter how many times you screw up.  If you don't want
    to bother, here are the answers:
    QUESTION : Which of the following is the area of a triangle?
    ANSWER   : 2. A = 1/2(LH)
    QUESTION : Which of the following is the Supreme Court under?
    ANSWER   : 3. The Constitution
    QUESTION : A.D. is an abbreviation of which language?
    ANSWER   : 2. Latin
    QUESTION : An airtight box weighs 50 grams.
               A bird inside weighs 5 grams.
               If the bird flies around inside, what is the total weight
               of the box?
    ANSWER   : 3. 55 grams
    QUESTION : What does 'C' in the computer language stand for?
    ANSWER   : 2. It means after 'B'
    QUESTION : Why was the black hitman in "Pulp Friction"(Ha!) not hit
               when shot at from very close range?
    ANSWER   : 3. Can all events be explained by a law of averages?
    QUESTION : How long will it take to solve the Towers of Hanoi problem?
    ANSWER   : 3. Over 50 trillion years
    That's the end.  Yuko is now yours.
                                   v. WALKTHROUGH  
    Okay, I admit, this game doesn't need a walkthrough at all, at least
    not in the traditional sense.  Fatal Relations is completely linear;
    its more a visual novel than a game.    None of the decisions you make 
    in conversation affect the story.  In fact, if you choose
    "incorrectly", Ken will resist and you'll have to go back and choose 
    the other option.  Basically, all you do is move the story along by 
    visiting the correct room in the mansion.
    However, even though there are only eight rooms, I was still greatly
    annoyed at having to uselessly check empty rooms until I triggered the
    next event.  Follow these instructions to save yourself a little time.
    <Day 1 - Introductions>
      1. Visit the daughters' rooms in any order.
      2. Visit Mrs. Hayami's room.
      3. Go to Ken's room.
    <Day 2 - The real introductions begin>
      1. Visit Mrs. Hayami's room.           7. Visit Reika's room.
      2. Visit all the empty rooms.          8. Visit Mrs. Hayami's room.
      3. Visit Mrs. Hayami's room.           9. Go to Ken's room.
      4. Go to Ken's room.                  10. Visit Aya's room.
      5. Visit Mrs. Hayami's room.          11. Visit Yuko's room.(Quiz time)
      6. Go to the entrance hall.           12. Go to Ken's room.
    <Day 3 - The fun continues>
      1. Visit Shizune's room.
      2. Visit Miyuki's room.
      3. Go to Ken's room.
      4. Visit Mrs. Hayami's room.
    <Crazed Day 1>
      1. Visit all the rooms.                5. Visit Shizune's room.
      2. Go to the entrance hall.            6. Visit Aya's room.
      3. Visit Yuko's room.                  7. Go to Ken's room.
      4. Visit Reika's room.
    <Crazed Day 2>
      1. Visit Mrs. Hayami's room.           6. Visit Yuko's room.
      2. Visit Yuko's room.                  7. Visit Aya's room.
      3. Go to Ken's room.                   8. Go to Ken's room.
      4. Visit Miyuki's room.                9. Visit Mrs. Hayami's room.
      5. Visit Reika's room.
    <Crazed Day 3>
      1. Visit Miyuki's room.                4. Go to the entrance hall. 
      2. Go to the entrance hall.            5. Visit Miyuki's room.
      3. Visit Aya's room.
                                vi. VERSION HISTORY
    v1.0 - All material complete.
    v1.01 - Reformatting, no new data added.
    v1.02 - IGN.com is now authorized to host a copy of this document.
                            vii. COPYRIGHT INFORMATION               
    All information and work in this document is copyright 2002 - 2003 by 
    Ben Woodhouse unless otherwise stated and may be not be reproduced under any 
    circumstances except for personal, private use. It may not be placed on any 
    web site or otherwise distributed publicly without advance written permission. 
    Use of this guide on any other web site or as a part of any public display is 
    strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright.  
    Thanks for your cooperation.
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    document, feel free to let me know!

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