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"Zoom! Swoosh! Pow!"

JumpJet is a rather simple, and somewhat old, game for DOS. You are the pilot of a fighter plane. In order to proceed to the next level of the game, you must complete certain objectives. These objectives involve tasks such as shooting down other planes, without getting hit yourself. It's a fairly repetitive game, for the most part.

The graphics of this game are pretty bad, when compared with more modern games. In the end, they are not horrible, though. They are simple 2D graphics, with a minimum of animations. You can tell what is a plane, what is an airport, and so on. I believe that the game supports both VGA and EGA adaptors, so chances are it will run on any system today capable of running DOS. I myself have never used it with EGA mode graphics, so I cannot really comment on that aspect of the game. Using VGA graphics, the graphics should be acceptable.

When it comes to the audio aspect of this game, there is nothing spectacular. The sounds are all produced through the standard internal PC speaker, and only really consist of beeps and tones. There is not any music, per se. Eventually, the sound effects do get somewhat annoying. Luckily, they can be disabled.

The first mission is not very difficult. Your task is to shoot down three transport planes. In your fighter plane, you are able to fly through the sky at varying speeds, shoot bullets, and drive along on the ground. While in the sky, you have to be aware of the other planes that are around you. They are capable of shooting your plane down. If you happen to collide with another plane, both planes are destroyed. That means you lose a life. Lose too many lives, and you will have to start the game over again. There are also tanks on the ground that you need to be aware of, and avoid if possible. If you collide with a tank while driving along the ground, your plane will be destroyed. Also, while driving along on the ground or flying at a very low altitude, the tanks are able to shoot you with their projectiles. Get hit once, and your jet will either crash to the ground, or explode, resulting in a loss of a life. Get killed a certain number of times, and you are done. Game over.

JumpJet is not an overly challenging game. I find it to be an okay way of spending a couple of minutes, if I have some to spare. JumpJet is not a game that will provide you with endless hours of entertainment, by any means. In fact, if you are used to modern games, you will probably get bored with JumpJet after a few minutes. It is not a resource-intensive game, so it should run on nearly any DOS system that one might have today.

I doubt that a copy of the game could easily be legally found or bought today. It was released as shareware around a decade ago. It was around that time period when I happened to obtain my copy of the game. If you do with to try it out, you would probably be best off looking on older DOS shareware discs from before 1993, or possibly searching the Internet. Currently, I do not know of any sites that have a copy legally available for download, as I have never really had any reason to search for such downloads.

If you have a few minutes to spare, JumpJet can be a semi-fun way to spend that time. If you do not want to get caught playing a game for a long amount of time, then JumpJet should do just fine. You will get bored, after a short while. But otherwise, it is a fairly decent game, and should provide you with some entertainment.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 10/30/01, Updated 10/30/01

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