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"Just your adverage shoot-at game."

Welcome to the world of centipede, your average shoot-at game. Lose yourself as you submerse your brain in great graphics, realistic sound, and some fun. Centipede provides basic gaming, at an easy price.


The plot of this game is very basic, probably too basic compared to today's games. In this game, you play the role of Wally Gudmunzsun, an ordinary person chosen to fight off the evil centipede, save the ''Wee'' people, and protect the Wee people's homes. You (Wally) are given a shooter, which you shoot at the centipede and mushrooms to destroy them. You (Wally) and the shooter go through a number of different worlds, fighting off centipede, poisonous mushrooms, a bunch of evil and deadly critters, and, of course, saving the Wee people and their homes.


The Audio in this game is not that great. The game's theme song contains about 6 notes, which go over and over again like a broken record. The noises that I hear when I am shooting at the centipede or being eaten by a spider have the same sound quality as they did 15 years ago. The only true-to-life sounds are when you hear the centipede crawling next to your shooter, which sounds very creepy, the emotion that it was supposed to give you. That is the only sound in the game that gives me a feeling, sad to say.


The graphics in this game are the best part. You have 3 ways to look at everything in the game, and, unlike most games, the images look great in all three. None of the images have rough edges, and everything just looks wonderful in 3D. Nothing is blurred, and everything looks realistic.

Fun Level:4/10

Well, it is kind of hard to have fun with this game if you are playing it for a long time, because it is very consistent and boring. All you have to do is point and shoot, point and shoot.
There are 2 modes in this game, adventure and arcade. Adventure is somewhat fun, because it has many different worlds, though it does not fill up to my expectations of being full of ''adventure'', because it keeps going on and on.
The other mode, Arcade, is extremely dull. It is exactly the same format as it is from an arcade machine, though much worse, because you paid $10.00 for this game, not 25 cents. The only high point of the arcade mode is that it is quick and easy.

Buy vs. Rent

I would rent this game, and, if I liked it, then I would buy it. It is not the type of game that everyone can easily like. You have to be the type of game player who enjoys a short, easy game to like this game. Centipede has absolutely no strategy involved, so if you prefer intense thinking games, this game is not for you. If you do like this game, do not continue renting it, because the game is very cheap, and it will save you money if you just buy it.


Once you have finally destroyed all of the many centipedes, you may want to play it again, either in another mode, or over the Internet. If you won the game in both modes and over the Internet, you will probably not want to play this game again. It is hard to keep up interest in this game, because all you do is shoot, and, while that may be fun to play occasionally, it gets tiring after awhile.


I gave this game a rating of six because it is not great enough to receive a 7,8,9,or a 10, because it is so dull, though the graphics were too good for the game to be 5 or lower. If you are looking for a game with good graphics, and just good graphics, get this game. Though if you were looking for a game filled with action and adventure, I would not advise that you purchase this game, because it has neither of both.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 08/19/01, Updated 08/19/01

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