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"Excellent and massive RPG"

graphics 5/10
Graphics are limited to a first person view of the halls in a small window and a picture of the monster your fighting against next to it. Also if your in a foggy room or a room with water or quicksand it will show in the first person view.

Storyline 2/10
Background story
1000 years after the mines were sealed and the entrance lost the elders of Marlith began preparations to open the mines. As explorers increased their knowledge of fighting and they entered the mines and eradicating the creatures they encountered forcing the stronger monsters to retreat to the lower levels of the mines. The number of experienced explorers was declining and a decision was made to sent new adventurers into the mines.

References to the storyline while playing are minimal.

Game play 15/10
Massive Game play 15 levels of increasingly powerful monsters. Over 10 guilds and races. Hundreds of items to collect. Hundreds of monsters to defeat. Also can group with up to three other players to increase your chances of survival. There are also a large number of spells. Each level had about 700-900 squares and about 150-200 rooms each packed with monsters. You also can recruit monsters to your side either by charm spells or in rare cases they will be willing to join you.

Only certain races can join certain guilds so to join them all you'll need about 2-3 players. Also if you want to get the rarest items you'll have to play a lot to A. Get down the lower levels B. Find the monsters that carry it, then C. Hope you actually get the item your looking for.

Replay value 10/10
There is no real end to the game there is a boss on every level but you don't need to kill them to get to the next and there's a "final" boss but after you beat him there are still things to do. You can create the ultimate party or try the insanely hard challenge of using a single character.

Sound 3/10
Sounds are very limited to grunts and other small noises. The music isn't too bad but it can get annoying after a while.

Overall 10/10

This game has hundreds of hours of Game play you can easily play for 100 hours and still go looking for more so if your looking for a massive RPG then look no farther then mordor. I've been playing for several years and I haven't seen half of all there is to see.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 07/25/04, Updated 11/15/04

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