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    FAQ/Walkthrough by ASchultz

    Version: 1.0.1 | Updated: 12/21/01 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Phantasie III FAQ(Commodore 64 game)
    Version 1.0.1
    copyright 2001 by Andrew Schultz schultza@earthlink.net
    with notes on the Apple and PC versions
    Please do not reproduce for profit without permission.  This game is 
    part of my effort to help preserve the memory of old classic games.  If 
    you send me a polite note addressing me by name and asking specifically 
    for this FAQ, it will probably be accepted.
    Maps for outside, etc. coming soon, I hope.  Look for them at:
        ****AD SPACE****
    If you found this FAQ tedious, this web site may help cure your insomnia 
    for good:
    If only medieval wanna-be RPGs were as arcane as what's on this web 
        Phantasie III is the smallest of the games in SSI's series.  In 
    exchange for a smaller overworld and smaller dungeons you get easier 
    transportation around a smaller continent(the disk doesn't load once 
    when you change sectors,) more party detail, and the ability to see what 
    items are as you pick them up.  The graphics also seem a bit more 
    refined, especially with towns, and the controls are slightly easier.  
    Overall it's probably a slight improvement although the story is still 
    rather simple.
        This game takes place in Scandor, where Nikademus's army has ravaged 
    the land, starting wars in the north(he's always tearing up the peapatch 
    like that) and it's up to you to go gallivanting to find the necessary 
    items to reach Nikademus's castle in the underworld and defeat him in 
        The Phantasie series is a bit odd in that, in ports from the Apple 
    to the Commodore and PC, the outside maps were rotated a quarter-turn 
    counterclockwise.  This changed in Phantasie III, where there was no 
        One nice feature of Phantasie III, which no longer seems to be in 
    BASIC, is that the game is faster and there is even a time-lag option.  
    Commodore's semi-persistent fighting options are gone, and it would be 
    nice if they'd improved that, but overall the changes are good.
    OVERWORLD   |26*20*16      |26*20*9       |75*50         |
                | =8320        | =4680        | =3750        |
    OTHERWORLD  |26*20*2       |26*20*8       |18*9*2+30*15  |
                | =1040        | =4160        | =774         |
    DUNGEONS    |39*34*10      |39*34*8       |30*24*10      |
                | =14260       | =10608       | =7200        |
    TOWNS       |11            |10            |17            |*
    INNS        |12            |7             |8             |*
    SCROLLS     |20            |14            |15            |*
    TOTAL       |23620         |19448         |11724         |
        On the Commodore the number of player slots was also dropped from 24 
    in P1&2 to 21 in P3.  Three of those are still reserved for elementals, 
    who have changed from Fire/Water/Earth to Air/Mist/Mud.
        So you can see that P3 is the smallest of them all in terms of 
    outerworld size.  That's not all bad as a lot of "white noise" sectors 
    are removed, and with all the towns Scandor really feels like a busier 
    place.  However, the similarity of some dungeons(castle of light/dark) 
    and slight over-simplicity of others(straw hut, dragons' cave, 
    Nikademus's) lead me to believe that imagination may have flagged at the 
    end, as it so often does in a series.
        This document will not attempt to explain basic rules.  You can find 
    manuals at project64.c64.org, www.theunderdogs.org, and likely many 
    other places I don't know about.  I am largely concerned with details, 
    i.e. if you do X, Y happens, or the best/most convenient way to solve 
    puzzle Z is to do W.
        Thanks to www.theunderdogs.org, I was able to garner a PC version of 
    the game.  This made it easier to extract dungeon sayings and 
    description as well as scroll text.  Unlike the previous two, the map is 
    roughly the same across platforms although the C64's outerworld is a bit 
    more detailed than the Apple's, and the PC introduces very subtle 
    wrinkles in the outside.  The dungeons, the meat of the game, are 
    largely the same although typos were eradicated and spawned in the 
    porting.  After extracting raw data for the PC script I compared it tp 
    what I could find on the Commodore.  Many small mistakes will have 
    resulted from this, and I wouldn't mind if someone else pointed them 
    out.  It's not so bad to check, actually.  This document is intended for 
    the Commodore version of the game, with notes where the PC diverges.  As 
    Apple emulators seemed allergic to the Phantasie series, I decided to 
    drop them altogether in writing this.  I have no idea if P3 works on the 
    Apple but it's OK on the Commodore.
        The text map is actually for the Apple, where it is easier and more 
    logical to extract sectors than the Commodore.  Although the PC 
    contained the data on one file it was too detailed to give a good, 
    simple text map.  So you won't see details like bridges and so forth.  
    The dungeon maps are for the PC but when I ran through the game they 
    equated over 99.99% with the Commodore.
        This document tries to explore the details of the game, so it may be 
    light on overall improving your characters.  A brief run-through showed 
    that the Phantasie series is really rather moderate, and it is 
    relatively easy to improve without getting squashed.
        This list is present on www.theunderdogs.org in a different form.  
    They have been generous enough to allow blanket duplication--although 
    this is not the exact same thing and I extracted the data from the file, 
    they were there first, and without them I would have had no checks or 
    inspiration to include this.  I would also like to thank 
    Project64.c64.org for writing it up originally and allowing 
    theunderdogs.org to pass it on as reference.  Check either site out for 
    details on what the items do and who can use them.
        There are also sixty items that can just be sold(of course, you can 
    read scrolls before you sell them.)  You can substitute plain items with 
    these values if you wish to hex-edit as well.
    Begin shields.
      1(hex 0x01). Glove
      2(hex 0x02). Wooden Shield
      3(hex 0x03). Wooden Shield +1
      4(hex 0x04). Small Shield
      5(hex 0x05). Small Shield +1
      6(hex 0x06). Small Shield +2
      7(hex 0x07). Small Shield +3
      8(hex 0x08). Medium Shield
      9(hex 0x09). Medium Shield +1
     10(hex 0x0a). Medium Shield +2
     11(hex 0x0b). Medium Shield +3
     12(hex 0x0c). Large Shield
     13(hex 0x0d). Large Shield +1
     14(hex 0x0e). Large Shield +2
     15(hex 0x0f). Large Shield +3
     16(hex 0x10). Giant Shield
     17(hex 0x11). Giant Shield +1
     18(hex 0x12). Giant Shield +2
     19(hex 0x13). Giant Shield +3
    Begin armor.
     20(hex 0x14). God Shield
     21(hex 0x15). Clothing
     22(hex 0x16). Robes
     23(hex 0x17). Leather
     24(hex 0x18). Hard Leather
     25(hex 0x19). Ring Mail
     26(hex 0x1a). Scale Mail
     27(hex 0x1b). Chain Mail
     28(hex 0x1c). Splint Mail
     29(hex 0x1d). Banded Mail
     30(hex 0x1e). Plate Mail
     31(hex 0x1f). Cloth +1
     32(hex 0x20). Robes +1
     33(hex 0x21). Leather +1
     34(hex 0x22). Leather +2
     35(hex 0x23). Ring Mail +1
     36(hex 0x24). Ring Mail +2
     37(hex 0x25). Chain Mail +1
     38(hex 0x26). Chain Mail +2
     39(hex 0x27). God Robes
     40(hex 0x28). God Armour
    Begin bows.
     41(hex 0x29). Self Bow
     42(hex 0x2a). Self Bow +1
     43(hex 0x2b). Self Bow +2
     44(hex 0x2c). Short Bow
     45(hex 0x2d). Short Bow +1
     46(hex 0x2e). Short Bow +2
     47(hex 0x2f). Medium Bow
     48(hex 0x30). Medium Bow +1
     49(hex 0x31). Medium Bow +2
     50(hex 0x32). Compound Bow
     51(hex 0x33). Compound Bow +1
     52(hex 0x34). Compound Bow +2
     53(hex 0x35). Gnome Bow
     54(hex 0x36). Long Bow
     55(hex 0x37). Long Bow +1
     56(hex 0x38). Long Bow +2
     57(hex 0x39). Crossbow
     58(hex 0x3a). Old Bow
     59(hex 0x3b). Crossbow +2
     60(hex 0x3c). God Bow
    Begin weapons.
     61(hex 0x3d). Knife
     62(hex 0x3e). Dagger
     63(hex 0x3f). Club
     64(hex 0x40). Mace
     65(hex 0x41). Small Axe
     66(hex 0x42). Staff
     67(hex 0x43). Short Sword
     68(hex 0x44). Flail
     69(hex 0x45). Hammer
     70(hex 0x46). Spear
     71(hex 0x47). Axe
     72(hex 0x48). Sword
     73(hex 0x49). Heavy Mace
     74(hex 0x4a). Trident
     75(hex 0x4b). Large Spear
     76(hex 0x4c). Large Axe
     77(hex 0x4d). Pike
     78(hex 0x4e). Long Sword
     79(hex 0x4f). Bardiche
     80(hex 0x50). Halberd
    Begin magic weapons.  Note that the magic weapons have been partially 
    scaled down to fit in the new bow feature for Phantasie 3.
     81(hex 0x51). Dagger +1
     82(hex 0x52). Dagger +2
     83(hex 0x53). Club +1
     84(hex 0x54). Club +2
     85(hex 0x55). Flail +1
     86(hex 0x56). Flail +2
     87(hex 0x57). Spear +1
     88(hex 0x58). Sword +1
     89(hex 0x59). Sword +2
     90(hex 0x5a). Sword +4
     91(hex 0x5b). Sword +5
     92(hex 0x5c). Sword +6
     93(hex 0x5d). Halberd +1
     94(hex 0x5e). Halberd +2
     95(hex 0x5f). Sword +10
     96(hex 0x60). Halberd +5
     97(hex 0x61). Halberd +6
     98(hex 0x62). God Knife
     99(hex 0x63). God Mace
    100(hex 0x64). God Sword
    Begin healing potions.  Number X heals X^2 hit points.
    101(hex 0x65). Healing Potion 1
    102(hex 0x66). Healing Potion 2
    103(hex 0x67). Healing Potion 3
    104(hex 0x68). Healing Potion 4
    105(hex 0x69). Healing Potion 5
    106(hex 0x6a). Healing Potion 6
    107(hex 0x6b). Healing Potion 7
    108(hex 0x6c). Healing Potion 8
    109(hex 0x6d). Healing Potion 9
    110(hex 0x6e). Healing Potion 10
    Begin magic potions.  Number X heals 3X hit points.
    111(hex 0x6f). Magic Potion 1
    112(hex 0x70). Magic Potion 2
    113(hex 0x71). Magic Potion 3
    114(hex 0x72). Magic Potion 4
    115(hex 0x73). Magic Potion 5
    116(hex 0x74). Magic Potion 6
    117(hex 0x75). Magic Potion 7
    118(hex 0x76). Magic Potion 8
    119(hex 0x77). Magic Potion 9
    120(hex 0x78). Magic Potion 10
    Begin scrolls.
    121(hex 0x79). Scroll I
    122(hex 0x7a). Scroll II
    123(hex 0x7b). Scroll III
    124(hex 0x7c). Scroll III
    125(hex 0x7d). Scroll III
    126(hex 0x7e). Scroll IV
    127(hex 0x7f). Scroll V
    128(hex 0x80). Scroll VI
    129(hex 0x81). Scroll VII
    130(hex 0x82). Scroll VII
    131(hex 0x83). Scroll VII
    132(hex 0x84). Scroll VIII
    133(hex 0x85). Scroll IX
    134(hex 0x86). Scroll X
    135(hex 0x87). Scroll XI
    136(hex 0x88). Scroll XII
    137(hex 0x89). Scroll XIII
    138(hex 0x8a). Scroll XIV
    139(hex 0x8b). Scroll XV
    140(hex 0x8c). Scroll XVI
    Begin treasures.  Note that some of these are important items and some 
    are just ones you find as treasures.  I don't want to spoil anything, so 
    I'll just leave things be.
    141(hex 0x8d). Quartz
    142(hex 0x8e). Pearl
    143(hex 0x8f). Crystal
    144(hex 0x90). Gold Ore
    145(hex 0x91). Statuette
    146(hex 0x92). Jade
    147(hex 0x93). Onyx
    148(hex 0x94). Statue
    149(hex 0x95). Sapphire
    150(hex 0x96). Azurite
    151(hex 0x97). Coral
    152(hex 0x98). Turquoise
    153(hex 0x99). Topaz
    154(hex 0x9a). Jacinth
    155(hex 0x9b). Burnt Gem
    156(hex 0x9c). Sweet Bottle
    157(hex 0x9d). Foul Bottle
    158(hex 0x9e). Black Jar
    159(hex 0x9f). Ruby
    160(hex 0xa0). Nice Gem
    161(hex 0xa1). Opal
    162(hex 0xa2). Star Ruby
    163(hex 0xa3). Emerald
    164(hex 0xa4). Blue Opal
    165(hex 0xa5). Diamond
    166(hex 0xa6). Amethyst
    167(hex 0xa7). Fire Opal
    168(hex 0xa8). Gem of Light
    169(hex 0xa9). Black Urn
    170(hex 0xaa). Dark Key
    171(hex 0xab). Black Vase
    172(hex 0xac). Light Key
    173(hex 0xad). Golden Chalice
    174(hex 0xae). Silk Tapestry
    175(hex 0xaf). Painting
    176(hex 0xb0). Golden Belt
    177(hex 0xb1). Old Crown
    178(hex 0xb2). Old Coin
    179(hex 0xb3). Old Wine
    180(hex 0xb4). Wand of Nikademus
        There are minor variations between the two versions.  Although the 
    monster names seem to be the same, some statistics aren't quite.  Most 
    of this is due to the way data is stored;  BASIC-like storage on the 
    Apple II(numbers stored as strings) vs. byte-storage on the PC.  So for 
    instance you can't get more than 65535 experience for a kill on the PC, 
    but you can on the Apple.  Although I haven't been able to track down 
    the exact data for Commodore monsters, their pattern seems to follow 
    that of the PC so I am assuming Commodore=PC.  In any case you are 
    unable to acquire over 65535 gold on the Commodore as well.
        This list of attributes, although it covers the main stuff, is also 
    incomplete, as I am not sure which data stands for which attributes.  If 
    any brave soul wants to help out, drop me a line and I can send you the 
    .dat and .c files I'm using to process the data.  I'd be grateful.  For 
    instance, I don't think the wolf has zero hit points.
                 |   |   |ITM|ITM| |     |     |
    NAME         |MAX| HP| 1 | 2 |U|TREAS| EXP |
    Skeleton     | 5 |  3| 66| 67|U|   20|   77|
    Sniverling   | 5 | 10| 65|  8|N|   35|  150|
    Drip Slime   | 5 |  1|  0|  0|N|    0|   97|
    Undead Gnome | 3 | 15| 65|  6|U|   90|  406|
    Wild Cat     | 5 |  4|  0|  0|N|    0|  108|
    Giant Bee    | 5 |  3|  0|  0|N|    0|   73|
    Viper        | 2 | 20|  0|  0|N|  200|  731|
    Wild Dog     | 4 | 11|  0|  0|N|    0|  164|
    Orc          | 5 |  6| 23| 66|N|   25|   87|
    Kobold       | 5 |  5| 22| 65|N|   15|   52|
    Ranger       | 5 | 12|  9| 67|N|   65|  234|
    Scribe       | 5 |  3|103| 22|N|   30|   87|
    Small Devil  | 4 | 20| 69|  8|U|  200|  336|
    Zombie       | 4 | 12| 68| 23|U|  111|  245|
    Ghoul        | 5 |  5| 66| 23|U|   70|  133|
    Dark Elf     | 5 | 10| 43|  8|N|    0|  290|
    Sting Beetle | 5 | 10|  0|  0|N|    0|  199|
    Constrictor  | 2 | 16|  0|  0|U|    0|  616|
    Panther      | 4 |  8|  0|  0|N|    0|  339|
    Troll Baby   | 5 |  5| 66| 12|N|   70|  136|
    Goblin       | 4 | 20|  0|  0|N|  100|  752|
    Barbarian    | 5 |  9| 69|103|N|  100|  192|
    Illusionist  | 5 |  6|112|103|N|  150|  325|
    Lesser Wizard| 4 |  7|113| 23|N|  200|  416|
    Undead Dwarf | 4 | 22|  8| 69|U|  600| 1393|
    Wight        | 4 | 20|116| 82|U|  200| 1414|
    Death Fly    | 4 | 56|  0|  0|N|    0| 2600|
    Beeping Blob | 5 | 14|  0|  0|N|    0|  920|
    Killer Bee   | 5 |  8|  0|  0|N|    0|  633|
    Cobra        | 5 | 12|  0|  0|N|    0|  794|
    Baby Dragon  | 5 | 16| 83|148|N|  300| 1613|
    Wolf         | 5 |  0|  0|  0|N|    0|  878|
    Gremlin      | 5 |  8| 71| 23|N|  225|  507|
    Dwarf        | 5 | 13| 72| 12|N|  325|  731|
    Dwarf Lord   | 5 | 12| 73| 25|N|  250|  934|
    Priest       | 5 | 10|  9|106|N|  350|  759|
    Devil        | 3 | 30|118| 88|U|  500| 4424|
    Wraith       | 4 | 32|147| 24|U|  800| 3605|
    Giant Wasp   | 4 | 63|  0|  0|N|    0| 5197|
    Hissing Skuz | 5 | 14|  0|  0|N|    0| 1473|
    Viper Moth   | 5 | 10|  0|  0|N|    0| 1753|
    Asp          | 4 | 56|  0|  0|N|    0| 3958|
    Small Dragon | 4 | 37| 33|153|N|  325| 3552|
    Valley Giant | 2 | 40| 25| 76|N|  400| 3335|
    Dark Gnome   | 5 | 34| 74| 16|N|  500| 3377|
    Dark Dwarf   | 5 | 72| 26| 87|N| 1600| 5477|
    Gnome Mage   | 5 | 22|109| 46|N|  550| 3825|
    Gnome Lord   | 5 | 23| 75|118|N|  775| 3384|
    Demon        | 4 | 39| 26| 77|U| 1200| 8666|
    Vampire      | 2 | 70| 27|118|U| 1800|12957|
    Giant Ghost  | 5 | 18| 34|153|U|  700| 4305|
    Creeping Skum| 4 | 38|  0|  0|N|  800| 4266|
    King Cobra   | 2 | 77|  0|  0|N|    0| 8557|
    Mud Elemental| 2 | 77|  0|  0|N|    0| 8529|
    Dragon       | 2 | 87|153|162|N| 2200|17006|
    Forest Elf   | 5 | 18|109| 90|N|  500| 2824|
    Troll        | 4 | 42| 17| 78|N| 1300| 6478|
    Undead Lord  | 4 | 20| 89|153|U|  700| 9996|
    Illusion     | 4 | 24|  0|  0|N| 1000| 9789|
    High Ranger  | 5 | 27| 17|109|N|  800| 6968|
    High Demon   | 4 | 96| 36| 94|U| 1800|18515|
    High Devil   | 2 |110| 35| 79|U| 2000|20300|
    Creeping Mold| 2 | 83|  0|  0|N|    0|11042|
    Leopard      | 3 | 97|  0|  0|N|    0|13016|
    Spirit       | 5 | 25|  0|  0|U|    0| 5663|
    Sludge       | 3 |101|  0|  0|N|    0|12932|
    Dragon King  | 2 |133|165|175|N| 2200|23593|
    Storm Giant  | 2 |115| 19| 79|N| 1800|14472|
    Cloud Giant  | 2 |122| 28| 92|N| 2000|19827|
    Great Troll  | 4 | 98| 18| 91|N| 1300|10783|
    Wizard       | 5 | 24| 36|119|N|  700|11098|
    Overlord     | 5 | 37| 27|109|N| 1000|11602|
    Guagle Beast | 1 | 90|  0|  0|N|    0|25000|
    Great Beast  | 1 |150|  0|  0|N|    0|36000|
    Ancient Beast| 1 |200|  0|  0|N|    0|60000|
    Light Fairy  | 1 |204|  0|  0|N|    0|64150|(150K on Apple)
    Boo Boo Kitty| 1 |203|  0|  0|N|    0|64100|(100K on Apple)
    Nikademus    | 1 |212| 98| 39|U|    0|64999|(300002 on Apple)
    Nikademus    | 1 |209| 98| 39|N|64099|64300|(999999 on Apple)
    Lord Wood    | 1 |209| 97| 38|N|64099|64500|(500000 on Apple)
    Nikademus II and Lord Wood also give 99999 treasure on the Apple.
    "LIGHT FIARY" is a typo on Apple as well but not C64.
        Below you have a list of scroll text that tell you what's written on 
    each one.  There are a lot of huge hints here so don't look through this 
    unless you're sure you don't mind spoilers.
    ******BEGIN SCROLL TEXT******
        SCROLL I:
    I, Kilmor, am writing this account of my last days for posterity. Months 
    ago I led my Dwarven people in battle against the great army of the evil 
    Nikademus with little success. In our final battle we were defeated and 
    I was captured and imprisoned here in the Hall of Giants, far to the 
    south where no one would suspect. Nikademus himself then came and took 
    me to a dark and evil place, the exact location of which I cannot guess. 
    There I was tortured and he attempted to brainwash me. I was told of the 
    great power I would receive if I betrayed my people and joined 
    Nikademus. Proudly, I never gave in, so I was returned here and left to 
        SCROLL II:
    The History of Scandor
    Scandor is known to be the center of the civilized world. It is also the 
    largest known land mass. To the south of Scandor lie the much smaller 
    islands of Gelnor and Ferronrah and the Pookney Islands. These areas are 
    generally inhabited by the more intelligent humanoids including Humans, 
    Dwarves, Elves, Gnomes, Orcs, and to a lesser extent Halflings, Kobold, 
    Ogres, etc. To the north of Scandor lies the great northern continent 
    which is generally occupied by Trolls and Giants. They have occasionaly 
    been known to invade Scandor in crude boats or to cross on ice bridges  
    which form between the two continents during the winters. Other lands 
    are rumored to exist but little is known about them. Though there have 
    been small skirmishes between the different races in the Scandor area, 
    for many thousands of years, nothing could prepare the citizens for the 
    most terrifying period in their history which began just a few years ago 
    and continues today. A great army of men, beasts and even undead 
    creatures invaded the island of Gelnor. They came in thousands and 
    thousands of ships from lands unknown and waged war upon the better 
    trained but hopelessly outnumbered Gelnorians. Though Gelnor is said to 
    have the most powerful mortal wizards alive, and its citizens fought 
    heroically, the island fell. Nikademus, who is the leader of of the 
    terrible army, then moved his troops on to the smaller island of 
    Ferronrah. Within a matter of days Ferronrah too fell to Nikademus who 
    cast a great curse on the entire island which prevented anyone from 
    easily leaving. This feat established him as the greatest mortal wizard 
    of all time. Nikademus then moved to invade Scandor. He was joined by 
    thousands of its citizens who were tempted by bribes or were simply 
    afraid of opposing his evil army. He has taken the north, including the 
    mountains of the Dwarves who made a fierce charge at him, led by the 
    great Kilmor, but made no real progress. Everyday now the evil army 
    makes more progress and the future of Scandor seems more in doubt.
        SCROLL III:
    Departed Souls
    Whenever a mortal from the Material Plane dies, his soul begins the 
    journey to the Astral Plane for judgement. The journey can take years 
    and a resurrection spell cast during this time may recall the soul to 
    the body. If the soul arrives at the Astral Plane it will be judged, and 
    if deemed unworthy of existence, it will be destroyed. The soul may be 
    judged as premature and be returned to its resurrected body. If the soul 
    belonged to an outstanding being, it may be accepted into the Olympic 
    Planes if good, or deep into the Netherworld if evil. Those souls that 
    are left are returned to their bodies as 'undead' and left to roam the 
    Material Plane or lower levels of the Netherworld.
        SCROLL IV:
    The Wand of Nikademus
    The origins of the infamous wand are uncertain, but it is believed to 
    have been created by Pluto or another evil god and given to Nikademus. 
    Some say that it is the wand itself which turned Nikademus to evil by 
    corrupting him with power. The wand is so powerful and compelling that 
    no person or group of people could willingly part with it. Once Pluto 
    had to take it from Nikademus so he would not become overpowered by it. 
    The wand can only be used with the aid of Pluto. Thus if it did fall 
    into the hands of good beings, it would be useless to them. Nikademus 
    would locate the wand and eventually a confrontation would occur.
        SCROLL V:
    The Great Gnome Bowmakers
    It is said that many years ago the gods in Olympus looked down upon the 
    Material Plane and saw that the Gnomes were not equal to the other 
    humanoid races. They decided that to help the Gnomes they would send the 
    god Aries to teach them the art of making bows. It is rare that the gods 
    will make such direct intervention in mortal affairs. Aries taught the 
    Gnomes how to make bows with magical qualities. It takes an elder Gnome 
    many months of work to make a good bow. It is rumored that Gnomes will 
    give these bows to great warriors who can prove themselves.
        SCROLL VI:
    The universe is divided up into many planes. The Material Plane is that 
    upon which mortal creatures dwell. Occasionally mortal creatures can 
    leave the Material Plane or other creatures can visit it. The Planes of 
    Olympus are the homes of those gods and minor dieties who are bent 
    towards goodness. These planes lie above the Material Plane. The exact 
    number and extent of the planes are not known. The first plane is the 
    closest to the Material Plane, the second is the one above that, and so 
    on. The planes of the Netherworld are the homes of evil gods and other 
    immortals bent toward chaos. These planes lie below the Material Plane. 
    The river Styx is a magical river which surrounds and connects many of 
    the planes. It was created many ages ago during the Age of Harmony, as a 
    means of transportation between the planes. It is not accessible by 
    mortals and does not connect with the Material Plane. Powerful magic is 
    the only other means of transportation between the planes. The Astral 
    Plane consists of all the "empty" space not used by the other planes. It 
    is filled with light from the other planes. The Plane of Light lies 
    adjacent to the Material Plane. It provides light, warmth and other 
    energy to the Material Plane. It is a place of extreme goodness. The 
    Olympic gods select only the purest of mortals to live there and watch 
    over it. The Plane of Darkness lies opposite to the Plane of Light and 
    is the antithesis of it in every way. It is inhabited by some of the 
    most evil mortal beings.
        SCROLL VII:
    The Pendragon Town Archives
    The Town of Pendragon is known throughout Scandor for its scholars who 
    contribute so much to the current knowledge of nature, history, etc. 
    Most of the work of these men has been collected at the town archives 
    which are said to be among the most extensive in the world. The 
    organizer of the archives is the wise old sage Filmon. Some say he is 
    the most learned man alive, others say he is an old fool who knows only 
    of flowers and trees. Some areas of the archives are said to contain 
    sacred items and are so heavily guarded that it would take a small army 
    to reach them.
        SCROLL VIII:
    The Hall of Giants
    The Hall of Giants lies in the southern part of Scandor. The Giants who 
    live there are said to be very unfriendly and some people even say that 
    they have sided with Nikademus. This is probably just a rumor. It is 
    true, however, that many of the visitors to the hall have been thrown 
    into the dungeons and left to rot. The dungeons are not well guarded but 
    they are solidly locked.
        SCROLL IX:
    The Dwarven Burial Grounds
    Whenever a great Dwarven leader dies, a funeral is held at the Dwarven 
    Burial Grounds. Such events are traditionally attended by the greatest 
    leaders or worthy representatives from all of the races in Scandor, 
    Gelnor, and Ferronrah. Even the Elves have been known to send 
    representatives in the past. Being invited to a Dwarven burial held 
    there is considered to be one of the greatest of honors and attending is 
    a somber but unforgettable experience.
        SCROLL X:
    The Gnomes of Eastern Scandor
    There is a large section of eastern Scandor which is covered with rock 
    strewn hills. This is where most of the Gnomes on the continent make 
    their home. The capital of the Gnome community is the town Rocky Hills. 
    The Gnomes are a peaceful and jolly people. They are content and safe in 
    the hills. They are very seldom invaded because there is a general 
    agreement that the Gnomes have nothing of great value. The most sacred 
    place of the Gnomes is a series of catacombs dug out of the rocks 
    thousands of years ago by the Gnomes. It is here that the most respected 
    elder Gnomes go for deep undisturbed meditation.
        SCROLL XI:
    The Chambers of Chronos
    Chronos is the keeper of all time and dimensions. He is perhaps the 
    oldest being alive except for the gods. He keeps extensive records on 
    the history of the entire universe. His records are kept in a large set 
    of chambers. They are all made in magical writing which only he can 
    read. Chronos has the ability to move the chambers around magically to 
    any plane. He is equally welcome in all places from the Netherworld to 
    the Olympic planes. He will help those who have what he deems to be a 
    worthy cause, but since his chambers can be anywhere he might be 
    difficult to find.
        SCROLL XII:
    The Plane of Light
    When the gods created the Material Plane they also created the Plane of 
    Light next to it. It provides light and heat for the mortal beings who 
    live on the Material Plane. The most pure and innocent mortals are 
    selected by the gods to watch over the Plane of Light. The Castle of 
    Light was placed in the Plane of Light for its occupants to stay in. The 
    castle contains many very precious items and is watched over by the 
    gods. In spite of this it is often invaded by evil beings. The Light 
    Fairy, the most pure of mortal beings, watches over the castle while her 
    servants are sent out to inspect the Plane of Light.
        SCROLL XIII:
    The Darkness
    When the gods created the Material Plane and the Plane of Light, they 
    instantly saw the need for another plane to "balance" the other two and 
    created the Plane of Darkness. At first the Plane of Darkness was empty 
    but it was soon used as a place of exile for the most evil and vile 
    mortal creatures. After thousands of years, a community of great power 
    grew there. The greatest wizards of the plane created a Castle of 
    Darkness and there created the most evil and powerful mortal imaginable, 
    Nikademus. His power was great enough to open a portal to the Material 
    Plane and the entire community went through, led by Nikademus on a 
    campaign for bloody vengence.
        SCROLL XIV:
    News About the Great War
    When Nikademus brought his army to Scandor he surprised everyone by 
    landing on the northern shores. With the element of surprise behind him, 
    he was able to take the northern part of the continent, all the way down 
    to the Great Forest, in a few months. Nikademus then took a break to 
    reorganize his troops and set up military rule in his newly gained 
    territory. When Nikademus finally began to move further south he was 
    disturbed to learn that Lord Wood was leading a counter attack against 
    him on the northern shores near Lansing. This move has slowed Nikademus 
    considerably since he has had to divert troops to the north where the 
    fighting is still heavy to this day.
        SCROLL XV:
    The Fortress of Nikademus
    Nikademus is one of the very few mortal beings ever to achieve the power 
    to freely teleport between any of the planes. When Nikademus first 
    perfected this power he frequently visited his favorite place, the 
    Netherworld. Though most gods do not care to dwell near mortals the gods 
    of the Netherworld found Nikademus so delightfully evil they made an 
    exception and gave him a small plot of land on the third level of the 
    Netherworld. He constructed a fortress there and now uses it as a 
    conference place to meet with his highest ranking officers and discuss 
    plans of his assault on the Material Plane. Nikademus was also given 
    undead servants and guards for his fortress.
        I think that the stuff you really need can be listed as follows:
        1.  Heal spells 1-4
        2.  Transport spell
        3.  Fireflash spells 5-8
        4.  Turn Undead spell
        5.  Flamebolt spell 37-40
        The old trick of not resetting the dungeons works quite well in 
    general.  Early on, though, you can create a bunch of characters you'll 
    immediately dismiss and hit them up for their gold.  That will allow 
    your party to start out with the best equipment available.  As for 
    starting out, I like the following party:
    --2 dwarf fighters
    --2 elf priests
    --2 elf mages
        A dwarf in your party will allow you into certain places necessary 
    to win the game.  High constitution and intelligence seem to be the best 
    conditions for a good character starting out and if he's no good you can 
    of course always take his gold.
        You really won't have that many traps to disarm but maybe for the 
    first few levels one of your spellcasters can work on that.  Of course 
    fighters will want to develop attack and parry and probably spellcasters 
    should develop bow.  Everyone should become a decent swimmer as swimming 
    often helps create shortcuts and a critical dungeon is across the water.
        Be sure to visit the straw hut as well.  It's only a one-off but it 
    will improve critical stats;  I'd go with intelligence.  The giants will 
    also help your constitution if you win a certain fight.
        Pretty much every dungeon works good for resets although specific 
    ones have specific items you may want to get six of.  Lord Wood's camp 
    has a great treasure trove if you can win four combats.  The dragon's 
    den has a ton of gold.  The giants don't have much reward for all that 
    fighting, and the castles don't require much fighting either, but even 
    the Pendragon Town Archives can be useful for lower-level characters;  
    it's so close to a town that you won't be wasting a lot of character-
    years traveling around and building up.
        Also keep track of lowering hit points.  If you get too low, you 
    really risk breaking something.  That's not cool.
        It's so convenient to be able to transport to a town and quickly 
    visit a dungeon.  A quasi-mass transportation system aids this.  I'll 
    list the dungeon and the town it's closest to.  In the underworld there 
    is only one town on the same map as each dungeon, so I ignore that.  
    Some are very close indeed.
    DUNGEON                |NEAREST TOWN(#, distance)
        ARCHIVES           |PENDRAGON(1, 2S1E)
    GIANT CAVES            |TIRITH(6, 6E2S)
    GNOME CAVES            |ROCKY HILLS(4, 4N1E)
    LORD WOOD'S CAMP       |LANSING(12, 4E3N)
    STRAW HUT              |LANSING(12, 25E2N)
    DRAGON CAVES           |TIERRIN(7, 4W3N)
        So basically there are six towns that are really important(Tierrin 
    being borderline as the Dragon Caves aren't critical to the game,) 
    although the other ones are fun to visit, too.
        I won't include tricks to build your party up here.  Just the blow-
    by-blow account.
        You don't need to stop at the Pendragon Town Archives, but they're a 
    good place to get your bearings.  With the layout a bit different you 
    may need to get used to the new dungeon view a bit.  The wand of 
    Nikademus is well-guarded in the door in the northwest of the entry 
    room, but if you go through the northeast there's a secret door that 
    leads to treasure and then to Filmon's through another secret door.  You 
    can also go through the lower right main door and all the way down.  
    Filmon fills you in on what you should be doing next.  Be sure to pray 
    at the altar each time you enter as that gets you a spell the first time 
    and gold thereafter.
        The next place to go is south to the Giants'.  You'll get thrown in 
    a cell but should be able to escape.  The lower left part should be left 
    for later.  Right now you want to visit all the cells where you were 
    locked up and find Kilmor.
        Once you've found Kilmor you will be invited to a dwarven funeral.  
    It is juuust west of Pendleton and if you want exercise you can walk 
    west of Pendragon.  By now you really should have town transport, 
    though, so just cast a spell to get there.  It's fairly straightforward 
    to view the funeral, but you can knock around a bit and win some fights.
        The next stop is the gnome caves.  While the monsters there may be 
    tough, it shouldn't be too bad to get through the whole mess.  A 
    southeasterly pattern gets you to the dining room, but first take a 
    secret door off to the right and follow the passage into the corner.  
    Take the foul smelling bottle.  From there you want to go back up and 
    west to get the viper from the egg.  Distract the viper for an awesome 
    item.  Repeat if necessary by not resetting the dungeon.  The divine 
    spell is also in here--it's off to the east as you go to the dining 
        By now you're quite ready to go to Chronos's.  There aren't a lot of 
    combats there.  Bash around until you get the key of light and figure 
    out how to operate the machine.  Left spiral, set the settings, right 
    spiral, pull the lever, and if you do it right, BINGO!  You're in the 
    plane of light.
        There's a minor puzzle in the Castle of Light.  Map it well as you 
    go to find the fairy who will give you more advice.  Get the gem of 
    light and leave.
        Cast a town transport spell from the Town of Light to re-enter the 
    overworld.  Tirith is the best place to go, as you'll need to revisit 
    the giants' cave where you didn't go before.  They're some tough ****'s, 
    so hit them hard with spells.  Valley giants are relatively weak but 
    Storm and Cloud Giants are nasty indeed.  In the southwest corner you 
    will find the Key of Darkness.
        Now a brief detour before you hit the home stretch.  In Lord Wood's 
    camp(teleport to Lansing to short-cut there) you want to go west then 
    south a lot.  That will let you into Lord Wood's tent.  On the right 
    side you have some very good weapons.  If you can hack through the four 
    encounters several times, your party will be the better for it.  Also be 
    sure to stock up on healing potions and magic potions.
        Back to Chronos's.  Set the settings to go to the Plane of Darkness, 
    and enter the castle there.
        In the Castle of Darkness, you can destroy stuff.  Doing so will 
    reveal a message from Nikademus to you.  If you haven't gotten the wand 
    yet, and you need it to finish this castle, it will be in the upper left 
    but if so that space will be blank.  Take the mirror-image path to that 
    you took in the Castle of Light.  Be very careful as one false step will 
    seriously injure your party.  Once you get to the room at the end of the 
    maze, try to break the wand.  You'll be sucked into a location by a new 
        Now you're in the underworld.  Watch your party's hit points before 
    they go through each lava patch.  Damage will occur.  You'll need to go 
    in a sort of spiral and eventually you'll see the castle.
        Nikademus's castle is not too tough to navigate.  In fact, you can 
    get to the center without tripping over any of the set encounters.  Just 
    beware of secret walls.  Zigzagging from the northwest corner of the big 
    building will land you safely at the bottom(SSSSWSSSSESSSSWSSSSE) and 
    then after the second-bottom secret door to the east you need to find 
    two more secret doors on the east walls.  A long passage north has a 
    secret wall to the west after which there's a passage that will get you 
    to the center of the maze and Nikademus.
        There are several ways to win the game here but the easiest seems to 
    be to cast a spell and then say #57 when the computer asks you.  
    Nikademus should now be undead, so dispell him.  Although it is a bit 
    harder to fight Lord Wood, you certainly can win the game that way.  
    It's an alternate ending, and the text and graphics have slight but cute 
    s = start(in underworld)
    t = town(generic)
    # = inn
    L = lava
    " = underworld terrain(mist)
    [space] = underworld terrain(darkness, gloom et al)
    . = grass
    + = road
    * = forest
    M = mountain
    ^ = hill
    Town locations are listed below.
      a : Pendragon.  Center of the map.
      b : Sandy Shores.  First on the road west of Pendragon.
      c : Pendleton.  The second town on the road west of Pendragon.
      d : Rocky Hills.  WSW of Pendragon, along the road.
      e : Deltor.  Past Rocky Hills on the road, on the east coast.
      f : Tirith.  By the mouth of the river in the south, by a bay.
      g : Tierrin.  On the west part of the south coast.
      h : Asmith.  The town north of Pendragon on the road.
      i : Seirion.  On the southern part of the west coast.
      j : Xanador.  On the southeast island.
      k : Flagler.  In the extreme northeast.
      l : Lansing.  In the north nook of the huge mountain range.
      m : Scanport.  In the far northwest.
      n : Sciattica.  Northwest of Pendragon, where the coastline curves.
    Inn locations and names are listed below.
      1 : Deadly Inn.  Directly west of Tirith.
      2 : Crown Inn.  On the center part of the east coast.
      3 : Portal Inn.  North of the Crown Inn.
      4 : Mystic Inn.  On the island surrounded by mountains.
      5 : Desert Inn.  West of Sciattica, on the central west coast.
      6 : Kanpai Inn.  One west and two south of Sciattica.
      7 : Jolly Inn #1.  Directly north of Pendragon.  [it appears this 
    might be a mistake;  the PC and C64 version have "The Royal Inn" in its 
    data, which does not appear on the C64.  As Pendragon is the capital I 
    suspect this one is the bogus Jolly Inn.]
      8 : Jolly Inn #2.  On the road south of Pendragon.
    Dungeon locations are listed below.  I had to use some weird characters 
    since I ran out--oh well.
      S : Giant Caves
      T : Gnome Caves
      U : Dragon Caves
      V : Pendragon Town Archives
      W : Chronos's tower
      X : Lord Wood's camp, a bit northeast of Lansing.
      Y : Dwarven Burial grounds, just west of Pendleton.
      Z : Straw Hut, in the northeast corner.
    The town here is the Town of Light.  The dungeon is the castle of light.  
    You can probably flee from any combat.  Cast transportation to return to 
    the mortal plane.  Don't think you need any tips to guide you through 
      The town here is the Town of Dark.  The dungeon is the castle of dark.  
    You can probably flee from any combat.  Cast transportation to return to 
    the mortal plane.  Don't think you need any tips to guide you through 
    **L""  **********"""""  ******
    **L"" " ********L""""     ****
    *LL*"t***   ****L""***    LLL*
    *LL*****     ***L"***  *  LLL*
    *LL""""       *LL"********LLL*
    *LL"""""   *  *LL"***"*"  LL**
    **L"***" ****  LL****"""  ****
    ************** LL****"" ******
    *LL"""  D***** L*****"" LLL***
    *L********** ********** LLLL**
    *L**""* ***   ****""""***LLL**
    *LL"""         LL""""   LLLL**
    ***""""*    ** LL"     ***LL**
      The way through is pretty obvious.  You'll enter at the Town of Death 
    in the upper left.  The passage then winds;  there's nothing tricky 
    except remembering to heal your party after each time it goes through 
    lava.  You can heal while on the lava and not get burned twice doing so.  
    Of course you want to heal up before you enter the final dungeon, 
    Nikademus's castle.
        There are some basic rules for the dungeon ledger.  The more 
    obviously acceptable ones are used throughout, but the more specific 
    ones are listed with that dungeon.
    X = wall
      = secret door
    | = door
    - = door
    ! = planned combat
    : = trap
    ; = character hears monsters, go back?
        Dungeon maps may not have borders on all sides, but I wanted to keep 
    the dungeon's original dimensions(24x30.)  And I was too lazy and 
    worried about mistakes to convert everything anyway.
     J XI   H XlX   I I I   
     X X XXXX X X           
     X X X  H X X           
     XXXXX1 |     | IXXXXX~X
     XR  XXXX     XXXXZ  X X
     X   ;  ;     ;  gB  X  
     XS  X     Xo  ; XR  X X
     X$    X   X   X ;   X  
    KX   X XXXXXXXXX X   XX ww
     XZ  X     X$  ~ XY  X X
     X  B  X   X   X ;   X X
    LX   X XXXXXXXXX X   X  
     XX;XX           XX-XXX 
    LX$  XY  XR  X   X  $X  
     X   X   X   X   X   X X
     XXXXX   X   X   XXXXX X
    XXXXM   N  XA   ~  H  H 
     X   O   N X X   X 3 XXH
     XXXXXXXXXXX f   X   XX 
     P   P   Q X X  2X   XXb
    Xr    Q  Q X XXXXXXbXX  
      OVERVIEW:  There's a hard part and an easy part.  The easy part(east 
    and center) is where you get scrolls, a spell and even advice from 
    Filmon.  You also get to beat up a lot of kobolds, which helps very low-
    level adventurers.  The left side features a winding passage where you 
    get increasingly more difficult fights.  In places like that it may be 
    worthwhile to save the dungeon status after each one.  At the end is the 
    Wand of Nikademus.  If you can get it now it will save you a lot of work 
      You start off in a clean marble hallway.  It opens onto a large stone 
    room with four wooden doors although the bottom two go back to the 
    hallway.  Treasure on the left includes scrolls II and III.  Damp, dark 
    stone passages head off from the upper left and right exits although 
    there is a waste disposal area in the northeast if you go right.  Weapon 
    storage room in southeast.  Special archives room, then Filmon's, next 
    to it.  The back hallway has no description.  Before the upper secret 
    door there's a room with wine and cheese on a table.
    A : trap, fire arrows from ceiling
    B : trap, moulten[molten on PC] lead poured from ceiling
    [ceiling -> roof on PC for A, B]
    H : encounter with kobolds/orcs
    I : encounter with scribe/ranger/wild dog
    J : encounter with kobolds/barbarians
    K : encounter with dwarves
    L : encounter with valley giants
    M : encounter with dark dwarves
    N : encounter with forest elves
    O : encounter with undead lords
    P : encounter with storm giant
    Q : encounter with great troll
    R : Small room with many useless scrolls
    S : Small room with table in back
    Y : small room with desk and writing equipment
    Z : Empty room
    1 : A sign reads: Warning Danger lies beyond
    [quotes but no WARNING in PC version]
    2 : Filmon.  He gives you progress reports and tells you what to do 
      [first time:]  Filmon the wise old sage speaks, "Greetings ye intrepid 
    [if you transferred the characters:]
    who defeated the Black Lord of Gelnor,/who could not defeat the Black 
    who destroyed the orb of Ferronrah,/who could not destroy the orb,
    prepare yourselves for the greatest challenge of all, to defeat 
    I choose you because you have proven yourselves worthy of the task.
    [if untransferred:]
    I choose you because Nikademus would never suspect you.
    You must begin by rescuing Kilmor who is imprisoned in the Hall of 
    Giants tothe south, then return to me."
      [2nd time through:]
        "Listen to Filmon of Pendragon" , etc.
      [after finding Kilmor:]  You must go to the dwarven burial     
    grounds, to the west, to attend the   funeral of Kilmor. Return to me 
    after you attend the ceremony and meet with the guests."
      [after going to the funeral:]
      "You should go to the east where the Chamber of Chronos, keeper of all 
    timeand dimensions, can be found. He will take you to the plane of light 
    where  you can find the Castle of Light.
      "You should visit the castle but not harm anything there, unless you 
    are attacked, for it is a place of great  goodness. Talk to the 'Light 
    Fairy' and return to me. Remember it is terribly evil to destroy 
    anything in the Light Castle."  
      [once you have the light key:]
      "You should return to the Chambers of Chronus, to the east, but this 
    time seek the way to the Castle of Darknesswhich is a place of great 
    evil where Nikademus was created. Return to me once you find it."
      [after visiting the Town of Death:]
      "You must go to the north where the warbetween good and evil is 
    heaviest. Youshould meet Lord Wood at his camp there."
      [after visiting Lord Wood in battle:]
      "You must now meet Lord Wood in the Fortress of Nikademus, in the 
    Netherworld which can be accessed from the Castle of Darkness."
    3 : Here is a strange altar.
      1) Inspect it
      2) Destroy it
      3) Leave
      4) Pray on it  
      [choose 1:]  it is strange.
      [choose 4:]  A minor diety appears and grants you the spell of Divine 
    Aid, to be used in dungeons. 
      [if you do it again, you get some gold.]
    4 : A metallic pedestal stands here, with a beautiful wand upon it.
      [If you take it:]  The wand is cursed. You cannot get ridof it now.  
    X    ;    X XXX    IXXXX
    X    X    X XXX H  XXXXX
        X   k    BH   J     
        k   XXXLXXXXXXXXX I 
        X   XXXKXXXL  XXXX X
    XXXXXXXXX  M  X   X  X X
    X   X   X     X   X  X X
    X   o   M   M XX-XX  XHX
    X   XeeeX     L   |  X X
    XX  X  XX L   X  X  X   
        X  XX    KX  ;  X   
        B   X     X  X  X H 
               MX   X  J  IX
     .......... XX-XX XXXXXX
     ...    ... X   ~ = ~   
     ... w  ... X XXXXX XXX 
     ...    ... X XXXXX XXX~
     ...    ... X X  |   |4
     .......... X X  XX XX 9
                X XXXXX XXXX
    XX6XXXX-XXX X ~  | 2 |  
        X  A  X-XXX  XX XX  
        X     X   XXXXX XXXX
        X     X   X1 |   |  
    7   X 8 8 X   X  XX3XX  
      OVERVIEW:  The southwest part is tough to get to, what with three 
    giant fights in a row to bash through.  You might even consider saving 
    this dungeon when you leave so that you don't have to fight all over 
    again several times.  You're thrown into location 9 once you walk in, 
    and you need to leave through the secret door.  Push all the buttons, 
    visit all the cells, exit through cell 3 and another secret door, then 
    leave.  The second time through you can concentrate on going after the 
    monsters.  The guagle beast by all the dots is worth fighting and I 
    don't know if resetting the dungeon gives everyone an extra constitution 
    point again.
      "The Walls are wooden and the floor is dirt." --entrance and 
    miscellaneous halls.  When you slide down to the cells, they will be 
    numbered 3-6 with cell full of bones and prison cell above them.  Behind 
    the secret door the brick hallway continues until you get to where you 
    started.  First room to the side is the weapons room and then there are 
    some guard rooms before you reach the main intersection.  Four rooms of 
    slave quarters in the northwest.  Great Hall south of the main 
    intersection with guest rooms off to the east side(note a lot of fixed 
    giant encounters, so watch your step.  In fact, don't try to get in here 
    until you're fairly good.)  To the west of the hall you have a tasting 
    area and then a kitchen area and a room full of dead bones.  The 
    wrestling area is to the south.  The dark lifeless room is in the 
    southwest, the chiefs room in the south, and the captains room is in the 
    . : although this usually indicates something special, in this case, 
    it's just blank.  Probably there for effect to make the place look like 
    a wrestling ring.
    = : unbreakable lock
    v : you're sent to a cell--cell 2.
     [script:]  You fall down a chute and slide down a narrow passage until 
    you land on a hard floor in a small cell. The hole that you fell from is 
    closed off by a trap door.        
    1 : "Kilmor was here."
      [been here before:]  You see bloodstains on the floor here.
      [if not:]  You have found the gaunt body of the  once great dwarf 
    Kilmor who has apparently died of starvation. Clutched in one hand is a 
    scroll written in blood.
    2 : [if you haven't pushed the buttons:]  You hear 2 horrible beasts 
      [if you have:]  You see two dead beasts here.     
    3 : There are 6 buttons here. Push 1-6 or 7 to leave the buttons.  
      [push 3 or 4:]  You see a terrible beast come out of a cell to the 
    north. It looks as if it may rip you to shreds if you approach it.
      [push the other:]  Another beast comes out of a cell to the north and 
    immediately attacks the one in the hall. After a long battle both lie 
    4 : Through the door you see another cell.
    5 : A giant here says, "If you wrestle theancient Guaggle Beast without 
    spells  it will give you all +1 constitution."
      1) Okay
      2) No
    [WARNING:  your magic gets zapped to zero if you fight here.]
    6 : [without key of light] A dark force extinguishes all of your lights 
    and pushes you out of the room.
      [with it:]  A dark force engulfs the party and ex-tinguishes all of 
    your lights except the key of light which is glowing. The party can 
    continue into the room.
    7 : In the corner of the room floating in the air is a black skeleton 
    key. [take the dark key]
    8 : There's a large chest here.
      1) Burn it
      2) Carefully open it
    [choose 1:]  In the ashes you find 2 tarnished gems.  
    [choose 2:]  You set off a poison gas trap! You find 2 nice gems.
    A : trap with a slab falling if you trip it
    B : spear trab
    H : encounter with lesser wizard/viper
    I : encounter with boa constrictor/giant bee
    J : encounter with giant bee/elf
    K : encounter with valley giant
    L : encounter with storm giant
    M : encounter with cloud giant
    Miscellaneous unused:
    Room full of dead gnomes. 
    "Avoid the Giant's living area until  you are strong enough to fight 
    XXXX   X   XxX $ X   XXX
    XXXX   X   X X   X   XXX
    XXXX   X   X X   X   XXX
       XX-XXX-XX XX-XXX-XX  
       Q CB        B   B|PC$
       XX-XXX-XX XX-XXX-XX  
    XXXX D X   X X   X   XXX
    XXXX $ X   X X   X   XXX
    XXXXX              XXXXX
    XXX X              X XXX
    XX FX              X CXX
    X   X              X   X
    E   F  a  b  c  d   B   
    X   X              X   X
    XXC X              X FXX
    XXX X              X XXX
    XXXXX  e  f  g  h  XXXXX
    XXXXX              XXXXX
    DXXXX              XXXXE
        X              X    
        X  i  j  k  l  X    
        X              X    
        X              X    
    CXXXX   XX====XX   XXXXG
    XXXXX   X      X   XXXXX
    XXXXX   X      X   XXXXX
    XXXXX   X   m  X   XXXXX
    XXXXX   X      X   XXXXX
      OVERVIEW:  This dungeon is a cute reunion from former Phantasie games.  
    You'll find a lot of side encounters with dwarves but this won't turn 
    the main dialogs against you.  The best treasure is the one in the east 
    and the one in the west is actually an empty chest.
      You can't actually get anywhere here until you complete the giants' 
    dungeon, because they won't know Kilmor is dead, and they can't hold the 
    funeral for him.  After the funeral there's not much to do here, but you 
    might as well have a few low-level fights and some treasure, 
    particularly in the northeast.
      There is an elegant gold hallway north of the Large Cathedral Area.  
    The small rooms in the north are small dark Dwarven Burial Tombs.  The 
    northeast exit from the cathedral area leads to a small ornate side 
    temple and the rest are empty rooms.
    B : encounter with dwarves
    C : encounter with dwarves, dwarf lords
    D : encounter with undead dwarves
    E : encounter with kobolds, dark dwarves
    F : encounter with priests
    G : encounter with BEEPING BLOBS, my favorite monster.
    Q : I was unable to open this lock, but there's nothing behind according 
    to the disk info.
    = : To the south lies Kilmor in a small casket
    a : Turak the Cleric and his party are sitting here
    b : The Wood Elf Princess Charista and her court sit here.
    c : Lefrod, Elf Prince, and his men are here.
    d : High Lord Argon & his entourage sit here.
    e : Filmon and some other wise aged sages are sitting here. "I am glad 
    you made it here" he says.
    f : Lord Wood of Gelnor and Lady Katherine sit here.
    g : Pedaloe and other halflings are here.
    h : Here sits Pelzer and other important gnomes.
    i : Kilmor's parents and immediate family are sitting here.
    j : Kilmor's friends Clindroy and Lord Corin Stonepoint sit here.
    k : Your seat.
        This area is reserved for your party.
        1) Take your seat
        2) Look around
      [choose 1:]
        The ceremony begins. An aged dwarf walks to the front of the room 
    and speaks.   
        Suddenly a huge, black robed figure appears next to him and begins 
    to cast powerful flamebolts and other spells on the guests.   
        The aged dwarf and many of the guest liecharred and burned, 
    scattered about the room. The rest of the guests are fleeing the room. 
    The figure speaks...       
    "I, Nikademus, warn those who dare oppose me. I am unstoppable! What I 
    have done here today is mere child's play. Only those who turn to evil 
    can succeed in the society I am creating."
        "I will ultimately destroy every last shread of decency and good on 
    earth. But those who turn to evil and join me will be rewarded."  He 
    begins to cast more spells.
        Nikademus laughs long and hideously as his image slowly fades away.  
      [now all you see is:]There are many twisted, burned bodies here./There 
    are many empty chairs here.  
    l : Here sit an odd collection of peoples from many races and many lands 
    who Kilmor met in his famous travels.
    m : In this casket lies the highly decorated body of the Dwarven hero 
      [after the ceremony:]
        This casket contains ashes.
    n : An usher says, "Welcome to Kilmor's funeral you may meet the guests 
    if you wish before the ceremony begins. It will start when you take your 
    X   XxXX XXXX  X    XXX 
        X ~   X   XX  X   X 
        X X    X  X  XX X   
       XX1XX X       X     X
     X@X   XXXX X   X   XX X
     XX    XXX    uYXY  XX~X
     |    XX X XXXXXXXX X   
     X   XX  | |      X b   
    tXXXXX   X X      ~ X   
     XX@     X X XXX  X XXXX
    X     XX   XX   XXX b2  
    XXXXX    X  |    XXtX   
    X   XX !XXX XX   XX XXXX
         XX X X  XX  XX XXX$
          XKX XX  X  XX |3 #
    9    8X ;! XX XX  X X   
         XX X  XX  X  X XXXX
    X   XXu X %$XX X^ X X   
    X   | X           X X   
        XXX   ~ ~ ~   XYXXXX
          X           X4    
    X     X ~ ~~~~~ ~ X     
    X    XX           XX-X-X
    XX   XX   ~ 7 ~   X  X  
    XXX   X           X5 X 6
      OVERVIEW:  there's some nice treasure in here, although the best stuff 
    comes when you get the egg from the viper.  Secret doors will allow you 
    to look around quite a bit, and there's a good test fight in the jail 
    cells(a great beast who hides a rather good bow.)  Yes, it's only one 
    item you get from the viper, but the Old Bow is the best non-God bow in 
    the game, so it counts extra.  It's worth shuttling back and forth, 
    resetting the dungeon, etc.
      The gnomes won't turn unfriendly even though there are all sorts of 
    encounters with them, so don't worry about that.  The main object here 
    is to pick up spell 57 although if you can get the gnome bows that are 
    lying around, more power to you!
      A secret door to the east of the main entry leads to a cavern.  The 
    main hallway is a "stone lined hallway."  Guard room is to the 
    northwest.  Below that is a gnome temple where you find Scroll VI.  To 
    the east are two sleeping areas and below them is a wizard's lab.  The 
    big room in the south is the dining room.  Prison cells are on the right 
    wall.  The records room is in the far southeast with the sweet smelling 
    room to the left and the foul smelling one to the right.  Storage room 
    is west of wizard's lab, with the viper room west of that.  Training 
    area in the southwest.
    t : poison gas trap
    u : rocks-from-the-ceiling trap
    Y : huge immovable iron door
    1 : When you approach the door a covered  slit is opened.  
    [dwarf/gnome in party] A voice from the slit says, "Welcome, weary 
    travelers, to the catacombs.    Food will be served soon in the 
    diningroom". The door opens.   
      [no dwarf/gnome in party] A voice from the slit tells you that  only 
    dwarves and gnomes are welcome.  
    2 : An elvin[sic] maiden warns you of the beastin the next cell.  
    3 : There is a great ferocious beast in the cell.          
     [if you won the fight:]  The remains of a great beast lie in   the 
    4 : Here are many boxes marked "records"   
    5 : On the table are several bottles of sweet smelling liquids.
    6 : On the table are several bottles of foul smelling liquids.
    7 : [script]
      You are greeted by a portly gnome at  the head of the table. "Sit and 
    eat," he says as several servants bring some food. Throughout the meal 
    he tells you stories about gnomes and the catacombs, their holy place. 
    [and=& on PC]
      Of all his stories, you remember the one about a great and terrible 
    beast he has locked in his dungeons. He also tells you that the gnomes 
    here are thegreatest of bow makers. When you ask about obtaining one, he 
    issues a challenge.
      "You must take an egg from my giant viper without attacking it or 
    being attacked" he says, "the viper room is west of here, meet me 
      [passage to viper room opens]
    8 : A gnome says, "Remove the egg without force"
    9 : the viper [script]
    You have approached an enormous viper nesting a single egg.
      1)Try to snatch the egg quickly
      2)Distract the viper from the egg
      3)Ask the viper for the egg
      [choose 3:] The viper says nothing.
      [choose 1 or 2:]
        [you have the foul bottle:]
      The viper backs off.    You take the egg.The gnome chief congratulates 
    you for using the monster repellant and not the monster attractant.  
      The gnome chief presents you with an  ancinet, powerful bow.
        [you don't have it:]  The gnome says, "The air was bad, try later" 
    ! : Gnome Mage/Gnome Lord encounter
    @ : Dark Gnome encounter
    # : Great Beast encounter
    $ : you find a magnificent bow(Great Bow) behind the Great Beast 
    encounter--don't confuse this with "Old Bow" you get for tricking the 
    % : Gnome Lord encounter
    K : encounter(?)
    ^ : talk with old wizard
      There is an old human wizard here.
        1) Attack
      [face overlords and wizards]
        2) Talk
      [choose 2:]
        [you've seen him already:]  He says, "I see you have the powerful 
    ancient spell of summoning. It will be useful someday."
        [you don't have the spell yet:]  He says, "For all your gold and 
    some  experience, I'll give you an ancient  powerful spell"
        [choose 2:]  "It is done", he says.
    Miscellany not used:  "Find the prison area. There is some- thing 
    powerful in the air there."  
           XXXX.XXXX$      X
          XXXXX.XXXXX      X
         XXX   5   XXX     X
        XX           XX    X
       XX             XX   X
       |               |   X
     XXX    X     X    XXX X
    XX.|               |.XXX
    XX.XX             XX.XXX
    XX.XXX          4XXX.XXX
      8  XXX      3XXX     X
         ~9XXXXXXXXXXX     X
         XXXf X  XXe X$    X
    h | |g X-XX-XXX-XXX  Xa 
      X X  |  |  |  X |  X  
      | |dIXIcXX-Xb |  X  X 
      XXXIIXIIXX |  X  |  | 
      OVERVIEW:  there aren't a lot of combats in here so it should be 
    pretty simple sailing, and the ones here aren't tough.  The main thing 
    is to pick up and decipher Chronos's cryptic notes strewn across the 
    bottom.  Also you'll find an important item in a side room to the main 
    place.  You can even find two scrolls.  Using the arrows to steer your 
    party is highly recommended here, as you'll be traveling down lots of 
    long corridors you already know are safe.  Chronos may give helpful 
    advice after you've progressed a bit, although he sleeps a lot, too.
        The circular room in the center is "large domed room with many 
    tapestries."  To the upper left is "Dragon's room full of rags, bones 
    and hay."  To the upper right is "The bedroom of Chronos."  To the lower 
    right is "Room with a large chair, a desk and many books."  In the 
    southern area you have all "empty room" except where marked.  The 
    hallways turn to "A narrow stone hallway."
        The object here is pretty simple.  Figure out how the transport 
    machine works and use it.  You can probably see from the text below how 
    it works out.  You'll want to pick up the Light Key first, though.  
    Combat is relatively rare here and you can zip around the place with the 
    arrow keys even in the spirals that contain the transportation 
    . : A large black stone hallway.
    1 : adjust settings to leave
      There is a machine here with many but-tons. Push them?
      1) Yes
      2) No
      [if Yes:]
      The first three buttons are labeled A,B and C.
      1) Push A
      2) Push B
      3) Push C  
      The next buttons are labeled 1-9. Push which?  
      The last two buttons are labeled '+'  and '-'.
      1) Push '+'
      2) Push '-'
    2 : pull lever to activate leaving to a different plane
      There is a large lever here marked,   "Activation Lever" Pull it?
      1) Yes
      2) No  
      [if 1:]
      You here(sic) a noise in the distance.
    3 : Chronos's Dragon[script:]
        There's a small green dragon here eat-ing cookies and dried lizards.
      2)Scratch his neck
      3)Talk to him
      (choose 1:)
      The dragon curls up and sleeps.
      (after which you always see:)
      There is a sleeping dragon here.
      (choose 2, random between these:)
        "A little higher please," he says.
        "A bit to the left," he says.      
        "Ah, that's good", he says.
      (choose 3:)
        "Remember Chronos takes long naps", hesays.  
    4 : Chronos[script:]
      [first meeting:]
      An old man here says, "Welcome to the Chambers of Chronos, Keeper of 
    Time and Dimensions. What are you here for? Matter-Energy Transference? 
    No, no, that was Tuesday. Space Deletion? No, that's not it either."
      "Ah yes," he says, "Interdimensional Travel, that's it, the Astral 
    Pl...   No, which plane was it?"
      "The Plane of Light," the dragon replies, "you set  the coordinates 
    this morning."
      "Ah yes," says Chronos then he curls up and takes a nap.
      Chronos sleeps.
      [leave and return:]
      Chronos says, "I've been watching you"
      [been to neither castle:]
      "Now, go and find the Castle of Light.The key is in my chambers."  
      [been to Castle of Light:]
      "You found the way to the Castle of Light"
      "Now, go and find the Castle of Darkness, opposite of the Castle of 
    Light. The key is not around here."
      [been to Castle of Darkness:]
      "I cannot do anything else for you"
    5 : you see a man and a dragon to the southeast
    a : Here are many scrolls on the age of light.
    b : Here are many scrolls on the age of chaos.
    c : Here are many scrolls on the age of harmony.
    d : "Age of Beasts" scrolls.
    e : Scrolls on the "First Age of Man"
    f : Scrolls on the "Second Age of Man"
    g : Scrolls on the "Age of Desstruction"[sic, fixed in PC version]
    h : This room has scrolls about the current age
    6 : The following is written on a paper onthe wall:   Monday-Time Space 
    Deletion  Tuesday-Matter Energy Transference  Wednesday-Plane of Light        
    7 : Written on the wall is the following:  Monday A7+  Tuesday B7-  
    Wednesday C2+
    8 : Light comes from a crack in the east wall
    9 : There is a bright glistening key floating in the air.
    $ : treasure.  Scroll VII in Chronus's bedroom, scroll V in his study.  
    "There is a scroll pinned to the wall."
    * : very important treasure(light key)
    [the text is a bit different in the PC version.  "Scrolls on the Age of 
    X are here," and you often do not have quotes.]  For practical purposes 
    these differences are negligible since the rooms contain nothing of 
    value anyway.
    Miscellaneous script: "Light is opposed by darkenss"
      X X  X  X1XX  X  X X 6
      | |  X  X  X  X  | |  
      X X3 X        X  X X  
      | |  X  X  X  X  | |  
      X X  X        X  X X  
      | |  X        X  | |  
      X XXXX        XXXX X  
    XXX                  XXX
      X XXXX        XXXX X  
      | |  X        X 5| |  
     4X X  X        X  XXX  
    XXX XX X          X2    
    X +8#  X XXXXXXXX X     
    X XXXXXX    +8# X X     
    X X   XXXXXXX X X X     
    X X#X X     X XXX XXXXX 
    X  7XXX XXX#X X +8# XXX 
    XXX+X XXX  7X X XXX   X 
    X   X   X X+X X   XXXXX 
    X XXXXX#X X   XXX XX X  
    X X+   7X XXXXXX+8#X X X
    X  7XXX+X +8#  X X   X X
    XXX   X     X  X       X
      OVERVIEW:  There's not a lot to do here, although you'll probably want 
    to go through the maze to visit the fairy.  She doesn't have a critical 
    item but getting there does allow you to draw the map, which will be 
    useful later.  There are also statues you probably don't want to break 
    unless you want to try the evil ending, which you really can achieve any 
    time you want anyway.  There aren't many encounters here.
      The Draw Bridge is the introductory room.  Then there is a white 
    marble courtyard with the passages to the east and west leading to the 
    guard rooms.  Further down the passages(bright glowing hallways) lead to 
    several bright white rooms.
    1 : There is a huge crystalline gate here with a large keyhole.
      [have key of light:]
      You cannot pick the lock or break down the gate.
      [don't have it:]
      The "Key of Light" opens the gate.
    2 : There is a small delicate fairy sitting on a glass mushroom.
        1) Leave her
        2) Attack her
        3) Talk to her
      [choose 3, and this happens even if you have committed evil acts:]
      "Ho wanderers!" says the Light Fairy, "Chronos told me you would be 
    coming. It is nice to see such adventurers as yourselves fighting to put 
    down evil. It is sad that you must now go to the Castle of Darkness, a 
    place of pure evil." 
      "You can reach it through the Plane ofDarkness just as you reached 
    this Cas-tle through the Plane of Light. Usual-ly only creatures who 
    have displayed  extreme evil can get in, but you may  get in with the 
    Key of Darkness from  the Hall of Giants."
      "Remember to do just the opposite of  what you did to reach here & you 
    will be okay. Good luck." She flutters up into the air and waves 
    goodbye.  "It is a mirror image of the Castle of Light."
      "Remember your steps"
    3 : Here is a large crystalline statue of a dwarf.
      1) Leave it
      2) Break it    
      (choose 2:)  It shatters into white dust.
    4 : There is a large crystalline statue of an elf here. (see above)
    5 : Here is a large crystalline statue of a man. (see above)
    6 : [script]
      [got the gem of light:]  On a glass table here lies a clear gem
      [don't have it:]  There is an empty glass table here.
    7 : You see a glowing arch to the north & south
    8 : You see a glowing arch to the east and west
    + : You feel a warm glowing feeling walking under the arch.
    # : The arch begins to glow brightly and a scorching heat fills the air.
    [you take a bit of damage here.  It's nowhere near as much as you take 
    in the Castle of Dark, but check your characters just in case.  
    Unfortunately the glowing feeling doesn't heal you.]
    @ X X  X  XX1X  X  X X  
      | |  X  X  X  X  | |  
      X X  X        X 4X X  
      | |  X  X  X  X  | |  
      X X  X        X  X X  
      | |  X        X  | |  
      X XXXX        XXXX X  
    XXX                  XXX
      X XXXX        XXXX X  
      | |2 X        X  | |  
      XXX  X        X  X X3 
         X          X XX XXX
      e  X XXXXXXXX X  #5+ X
         X X #5+    XXXXXX X
    d    X X X XXXXXXX   X X
    cXXXXX XXX X     X X#X X
    bXXX #5+ X X#XXX XXX6  X
    aX   XXX X X6  XXX X+XXX
     XXXXX   X X+X X   X   X
      X XX XXX   X X#XXXXX X
    X X X#5+XXXXXX X6   +X X
    X X   X X  #5+ X+XXX6  X
    X       X  X     X   XXX
      OVERVIEW:  This place is very similar to the castle of light.  In 
    fact, it's almost a mirror image, with that area in the upper left 
    notwithstanding.  You can break whatever you find here, and you'll get 
    some hints from it, but you do have to be careful about walking on to a 
    wrong square.  It will seriously damage(80+ hit points) each party 
    member.  At the end of the tunnel there are a few set fights before you 
    approach a pedestal.  The right choice will lead you to the second level 
    of the underworld.
    The opening room says "Draw bridge" and then you move to the "Black 
    marble courtyard."  There are guard rooms in the first east/west 
    corridors and then a dull black hallway after that.  It leads to several 
    black lifeless rooms.
    a : zombie/vampire encounter
    b : giant ghost encounter
    c : high demon/viper moth encounter
    d : "a circle on the floor is drawn in blood"["on the floor here" on the 
    e : You are in the center of the room.    Nikademus is not here.
        2)Place the wand on the floor
        3)Turn around 3 times & wave the wand
        4)Break the wand
        5)Throw the wand at the wall
        6)Wave the wand & say 'Straticon uble'
    You do not have the wand.
      [choose 2, 5:]  The wand will not leave your hands.
      [choose 3, 6:]  A terrible explosion!!! [teleported back to lifeless 
    room east of gate]
      [choose 4:]  As you start to break the wand you hear a terrible 
    ripping sound and a black void appears before you and sucks you in.  
    [teleport to ?]
      [choose 7:]  Nothing happens.
    "Don't use the wand until you're ready to withstand its terrible power."  
    y : exit to 2nd level of underworld
    ? : void(I think)
    @ : if you haven't gotten the wand from the Pendragon Town Archives yet, 
    you will have a bunch of fights to go through to get here.  Otherwise 
    there will seem to be nothing in this area.  [script:]
        There is a black statue of Nikademus here holding a wand.
        1) Destroy the statue
        2) Take the wand
        3) Leave 
      [choose 1:]  You cannot even scratch it. 
      [choose 2:]  The wand seems to overpower you. You  feel as if you 
    cannot get rid of it.
    # : All your light is extinguished as you are totally engulfed by a 
    soul-sucking black cloud. [you went the wrong way and took a lot of 
    + : A cold empty feeling overcomes you.
    1 : There is a black gate here.
      1) Leave
      2) Knock
      [script:]  A slit opens in the door and two beadyeyes peek out at you.  
      ..."You haven't done enough evil deeds toenter here," a voice says.
      ...A voice says, "You are not quite evil enough to enter here."  
      ..."Enter evil ones," a voice says, "Welcome to the Castle of 
    Darkness.  Nikademus is not in."    
      3) Try the lock
      [no key of darkness:]  You cannot pick the lock. 
      [have key of darkness:]  Your "Key of Darkness" opens the lock.As you 
    enter a voice tells you that Nikademus is not in.  
    2 : There is a black vase on a pedestal
      1) Break it
      2) Take it
      3) Leave it
      [choose 1:]
        On the pedestal where the vase sat these words are written:
        "Welcome     in   will    wand
         adventurers my   be      in
         to          evil greatly the"
    3 : There is a black urn on a pedestal
      1) Break it
      2) Take it
      3) Leave  
        On the pedestal where the urn sat these words are written:
        "My     ways    rewarded magic
         castle and     to       circle
         if     destroy find     in"
    4 : There is a black jar on a pedestal
      1) Break it
      2) Take it
      3) Leave      
    On the pedestal where the jar sat these words are written:
        "You  Lord me    my
         join Wood break room
         me   you  the"
    [Obviously there is a secret message here.  Noting things such as how 
    "Lord Wood" probably should be kept together and "Welcome adventurers" 
    is the combination whcih makes the most sense, you can see that you pick 
    out every fourth word.  The following messsage appears:]
        "Welcome adventurers to my castle if you join me in my evil ways and 
    destroy Lord Wood you will be greatly rewarded to find me break the wand 
    in the magic circle in my room."
    5 : There are dark ominous arches east and west
    6 : There are dark ominous arches north & south.
    ......X  X  X  X........
    aaaaaaX        Xdddddddd
    ......X  X  X  X........
    ......XXXX  XXXX........
    ......X  X  X  X........
    ......X        X........
    bbbbbbX4 X  X $Xaaaaaaaa
      OVERVIEW:  This is a very nasty place to work through despite its 
    simple appearance.  If you poke around too long the random combats will 
    probably overcome you.  However, the place can be reloaded to pick up 
    all the treasures inside the tent a second time if you can make it 
    through.  There are four rather tough encounters you must survive to 
    leave, and I heartily recommend leaving the same way you came, so you 
    walk over squares where the encounter has been completed.  So, one west 
    of the center exit, go south, and remember when you go north from the 
    tent to be on the right side of the exit.  This is a good place for 
    finding items to boost your party, but the fights may be too tough for 
    experience building.  See the gnome or dragon caves for that instead.
      There are prisons full of monsters in the south, and they are only 
    good for extra training if your party is so good you don't need it.  
    Walking around is bad enough as you can get random combats with dragon 
    kings and the like.
      Inside the tent there are several descriptions.
        Hallway: Inside the tent
        NW room: Food storage room
        NE room: Medical room
        SW room: Lord Wood's
        SE room: Munitions room
    $ = very good treasure indeed!
    . : In the midst of a huge battle
    1 : You have entered the tent. It is quiet inside.
    2 : There is a large tent to the south
    3 : A large prison full of monsters.
    4 : Lord Wood is here.  
    I believe it says "There is no one here." if your party has turned evil.
    **Script follows for good party:**
        Lord Wood is sitting here. When you approach he stands up and turns 
    to greet you. "Welcome," he says.
    [If you've been here before, he throws in the following paragraph:]
        "I cannot tell you anymore than I already have. I will repeat the 
    plan  for you."
        "The first thing I should do is give you these two scrolls so you 
    will know what we are dealing with", he says as he hands you two 
    [party receives scrolls V and XIV]
        "I apologize if you had any difficultygetting here. As you can see 
    we are under heavy attack here today. I could keep the enemy at bay with 
    my magical powers but I am saving them for our confrontation with 
        "It seems we must find Nikademus in the Netherworld and destroy him 
    there. If I engage him in a battle of psychic energies while you attack 
    him, we may have the strength to defeat him."
        "You must find the Fortress of Nikademus in the Netherworld. Go 
    there and confront him. Cast the 57th spell, it will open a portal 
    through which I will come."
        "This will surprise Nikademus and he will not have his psychic 
    defenses ready. If this plan works we will have a chance to overpower 
    [If you don't have spell 57:]
        "If you don't have spell 57, go to theGnome Catacombs."
        "Go now my friends, do not forget the plan. The gods will be with 
    a : encounter, overlords/cobras & wizards
    b : encounter, great trolls
    c : encounter, priests & overlords
    d : encounter, wolf & high devils
    x : exit
     0=X    1=~    8=A    b=B   12=C   13=D   80=E   81=F   82=G   83=H   
    84=I   8.=J   d6=K   d7=L   dd=M   
    1.X    X       X     X5.
    ..XXXX ~ XXX~XX  XXX ~..
    ..~  X X X X~XX XX X X..
    ..XX X X X ~~XX XX X X..
    .2X  X X X XX X     XX.4
    ..X XX X   X   XXXX XX..
    ..X    XXXX  X ~~~~ XX..
    ..XXXXX     XX XX~XX ~..
    3.~     XXXXX  X     X3.
    ..XX~XXX     XX XX~XXX..
    ..K  XX 8XXX8 X XX  XX..
    ..K  X  X   X   XXX XX..
    .4XXX  XX 9 XXXX X X ~.2
    ..~   XXXX XXXX  ~ X X..
    ..XXXX   X   7  XX X X..
    ..~  X X 8XXXXXXXX X X..
    5.XX   XXX   X   X X ~1.
    ..~ XXX XXXX  XX    XX..
    ..X     XXXXX ~~~XXX ~..
    ..XXXXX ~   X XXXXX  X..
    ..X   X XXX   XX   X X..
    ..X X  X   XXX   XXX X..
    ..~ X~XX X     XX    X..
    ..XXX~~~ XXXXXX   XXX~..
      OVERVIEW:  This is not such a bad place to explore unless you are 
    without spell 57.  If you know where to go it's a relative breeze except 
    for the fighting Nikademus bit.  From the square NW of the building's NW 
    corner, take the following steps:
    should meet up with Nikademus.  Cast a spell at him(57) and when Lord 
    Wood appears, fight Nikademus, who is easier than Lord Wood.  There's a 
    clue elsewhere in this FAQ that tells a weakness of his(doesn't happen 
    in regular combat) but I don't want to spoil it in an overview.
    . : outside a large black building[the building is big on the PC]
    [space] : narrow black passage.
    On the other side of 7, the description is "terrifying lifeless area"
    1 : viper moth/high demon encounter
    2 : small devil/spirit encounter
    3 : great troll encounter
    4 : dragon king encounter
    5 : wolf/high devil encounter
    6 : nothing here.  It is marked as a special square but I only fought 
    two leopards the second time through.
    7 : A cold lifeless feeling overwhelms you
    8 : Through the crack you hear a hideous laugh
    9 : this is of course the endgame encounter.  [script:]
        You see the hideous figure of Nikademus lurking in the corner. He 
    steps out of the shadows and looks at you in a casual, unsurprised 
    manner. He seems to be concentrating on something else.
      2)Talk to him
      3)Cast a spell  
    [choose 2:]
    Nikademus turns towards the party and addresses you,  
      [little or no evil:]  "I have been watching you for months," Nikademus 
    says. "You are too pure and good for me. Prepare to die fools!"     
      [some evil:]  "I have been watching you for months,"Nikademus says. 
    "You have shown some  evil tendencies. If you prove yourselves to be 
    truly evil by defeating  Lord Wood, I will reward you greatly."       
      [very evil:]  "I have been watching you for months," Nikademus says. 
    "You have proven to be totally evil in your actions. You may join me if 
    you pass one test first, defeat Lord Wood."        
    [choose 3:]
    Cast which spell?
    [don't choose 8:]  Your spell has no noticable effect at this distance.  
    [choose 8:]
      [if you don't know it:]  "You do not know that spell stupid."  [STUPID 
    is eliminated in the PC version.  Heh--PC, PC.  Pun, there.]
      [if you know it:]  A black gate suddenly appears and Lord Wood walks 
    through it into the room.  He looks at the party and shouts, "Attack 
    him! Attack Nikademus now!"       
      His voice trembles slightly saying, "No, attack Lord Wood and I will 
    give you true greatness."    
    Lord Wood stretches both hands out toward Nikademus. Suddenly an arc of  
    blue energy forms between them as theyengage in fierce psychic combat.  
    Nikademus casts a spell creating a large ball of flames and smoke. 
    Seconds later you can distinguish the figure of Lord Wood, choking and 
    confused in the middle of the smoke.  You momentarily watch in awe of 
    the spectacle as the combat continues. A sickening charring odor fills 
    the room and jars you back to reality.  You realize you must now take 
      1)Fight Lord Wood
      2)Fight Nikademus
      Note that NIKADEMUS IS UNDEAD if you cast spell 57.  Otherwise he is a 
    normal monster.  This helps you hugely in combat.
    (Stray stuff : "Have courage mighty warriors.")
    XXX     X     XXXXXXXXXX
    XXX           XXXXXXXXXX
    XXX     X     XXXXXXXXXX
    XXX     X1    XXXXXXXXXX
    1 : old man gives you two attribute improvements
      This dungeon, the Straw Hut, is very easy to get through.  All you 
    have to do is walk to point 1, increase your attributes, and leave.  
    Unfortunately you cannot double-dip this improvement even if you reset 
    the dungeon.  I don't believe there are any combats in this dungeon.
      All squares are described as "Inside a small straw hut."
      There's only one dialog, at (1).  I list it below.
      A venerable man in the corner of the room says, "Sit & rest my 
    friends, you look weak and tired."    
      "I have some soup that will make you feel better. You may drink two 
    bowls of soup but you must all drink the same type if you are here at 
    the same time." 
    The old man suddenly grows into a hugedark shadowy figure. "I am 
    Nikademus," he snarls, "You have seen my power and how it can benefit 
    you. You would not like to see how it can harm you. If  you join me you 
    will never have to."    
    "In order, the soups are: soup of strength, soup of intelligence, soup  
    of dexterity, soup of constitution, and soup of charisma. They will help 
    you very much."
    "You may drink now or later but you will only drink two bowls total. 
    Whichdo you choose?"
      6)We will drink later
      Incidentally this dungeon was merged with the Dragons' Cave in 
    Apple/C64 versions, but they are separate and duplicate on the PC.  This 
    was probably to save memory, and the PC did not need it.  You just 
    entered in different places--the only other dungeon in the series that 
    did this was Pluto's Smallest Dungeon in Phantasie II.
     0=X   80=~   81=A   82=B   83=C   8b=D   8c=E   d7=F   d8=G   dd=H   
    e0=I   e1=J   e2=K   e3=L   
    X    cbXXXXba  XXbaXXXXX
    X$   Xccba  XX XXXb XXXX
    XXX   XX  a    XXXXXXXXX
      There are a lot of combats here, and they are of four different 
    magnitudes.  The tunnels are fairly straightforward to work through, and 
    there's a stash of gold in each actual room.  As you would expect, the 
    further you go into the cavern, the better the treasure.
      The description is always "Cavern which smells of sulfur" and at 
    treasure the game notifies you "You have found a dragon's hoard."
    a : baby dragons(give club+1, statue)
    b : small dragons
    c : dragons
    d : dragon kings
        *SIGH* well, I suppose I'm more guilty than you are for looking 
    here.  I put time into writing this section, after all.
        First of all I should mention that cheating attributes up to a 
    ridiculous level can backfire.  You may not be able to learn spells, and 
    training may cost 15000 gold for the first level;  cost of training 
    varies with the abilities you've acquired.  Improving attributes to 99 
    and skills to 255 also frequently caused the Apple version to flip out 
    when I went into encounters.  I recommend 40 across the board and giving 
    one person 255 skills.
        I wasn't able to start an Apple game reasonably.  Therefore I will 
    refer you to my Phantasie II and Phantasie FAQs for that information.
      The duplication tricks that worked in the previous games worked here.
      Shay Addams's "Quest for Clues" describes the process as follows, 
    although first you will need to make a backup "dummy" disk.  If you have 
    an emulator, this is not hard, and in fact you can try this trick with 
    two backups first so you don't ruin your main game if something goes 
        1.  enter town A
        2.  sell off the items you want to duplicate
        3.  teleport to town B
        4.  remove main disk, insert dummy
        5.  teleport to town C
        6.  remove dummy, insert main disk
        7.  teleport to town A
        8.  buy the new items that have mysteriously appeared in the town 
    armory's inventory!
      This also would work for the Apple but probably not the PC.  However 
    it is easy enough to manipulate the PC town data files anyway.
        For the Commodore editing characters can be tricky.  If going back 
    from the name offset would cause you to skip a boundary you have to, in 
    addition to changing sectors, move backwards another two bytes.  That is 
    because in each 256-byte block the Commodore has two initializing bytes 
    at the beginning.  Alternatively you can just move up from the start.  
    In any case numbers appear to be ac/54 away from each other instead of 
    aa/56 away.  In addition, the sectors jump around a bit more randomly 
    with the Commodore.  I created a bunch of characters named "AA01" 
    through "AA18" and was able to produce the byte values with a hex 
    Here's where to start the hacking if you can remember the slot names.
     # | NAME | START
     1 |15487 |15404
     2 |15e33 |154ae
     3 |15edd |1555a
     4 |15589 |15f06
     5 |15f35 |15fb0
     6 |15fdf |1565c
     7 |1568b |16008
     8 |16037 |160b2
     9 |160e1 |1575e
    10 |1578d |1610a
    11 |16139 |161b4
    12 |161e3 |15860
    13 |1588f |1620c
    14 |1623b |162b6
    15 |162e5 |15962
    16 |15991 |1620e * - note : may be 15a91
    17 |1633d |159b8 * - note : may be 15ab8
    18 |163e7 |16374
    19, 20 and 21, which should be elementals, aren't easily visible here.  
    But you don't need elementals to win the game, so hacking is not a big 
    Here are the bytes to hack in a hex editor.  Search for the name if you 
    forget the slot.  Note the "from name start" negative values.  I've 
    sometimes put notes there but if there aren't any just change the hex 
    byte to the desired value.  I'd generally advise not giving more than 
    99(x63) as three-digit numbers could goof up the display slightly.
                | FROM | FROM
                | NAME | SLOT
    Strength    |-0x82 | 0x01
    Intelligence|-0x81 | 0x02
    Dexterity   |-0x80 | 0x03
    Constitution|-0x7f | 0x04
    Charisma    |-0x7e | 0x05
    Luck        |-0x7d | 0x06
    Age         |-0x7c | 0x07 This is actually Age - 17.
    Max SP      |-0x7b | 0x0a
    Cur SP      |-0x7a | 0x0b
    Max HP      |-0x79 | 0x0c
    Cur SP      |-0x78 | 0x0d
    Gold        |-0x77 | 0x0e [this is 2 bytes, high/low]
    Attack cur  |-0x6f | 0x14
    Attack pos  |-0x6e | 0x15
    Score       |-0x49 | 0x2a [on 1...100 scale]
    Experience  |-0x50 | 0x33 [this is 3 bytes, high->low]
    Race        | 0x20 | 0xa3 (see below for values)
    Item 1      | 0x15 | 0x98 [NOTE:  The C64 has a convention
    Item 2      | 0x16 | 0x99 [where 0's(no item) are first, then
    Item 3      | 0x17 | 0x9a [item number appears in
    Item 4      | 0x18 | 0x9b [increasing order.  This doesn't seem
    Item 5      | 0x19 | 0x9c [to upset game play but you should
    Item 6      | 0x1a | 0x9d [probably abide by the rules.]
    Item 7      | 0x1b | 0x9e [see item section of FAQ for which
    Item 8      | 0x1c | 0x9f [value gives which item.  Values over
    Item 9      | 0x1d | 0xa0 [0xb4 may cause an array overflow.]
    RACE:  A value from 0x00 to 0x0f defines the race.  Here's the table.
    0 = HUMAN
    1 = DWARF
    2 = ELF
    3 = HALFLING
    4 = GNOME
    5 = PIXIE
    6 = SPRITE
    7 = OGRE
    8 = GNOLL
    9 = TROLL
    a = KOBOLD
    b = ORC
    c = GOBLIN
    d = LIZARD MAN
    e = MINOTAUR
    f = UNDEAD
    To change a special item(less risky than outright editing) you can do 
    the following:
      1) buy scroll 1(easy to find)
      2) open up the image in a hex editor.  Just after your character's 
    name there should be the number x79 with descending numbers after it.  
    That is scroll 1.
      3) add to that number.  To see scroll 14, add 0xd, i.e. put 0x86.  
    Save the game.  You can now read scroll x86.
      See my section on special items to get any other item you want.  Of 
    course you can do this to more than one item at a time and even get ring 
    nine this way.
        Data is stored as in the Commodore, by bytes, only some items that 
    took up one byte on the Commodore take up two bytes in the PC save file.  
    That file is GAMESAVE.DAT.  Each character gets a separate 0x104 bytes 
    of data and all of a character's data comes after his name.  Again look 
    for hex values of attributes and gold and experience to modify them.  
    Relative locations of data seem about the same although some will 
    obviously be allotted more bytes in the PC version than the Commodore.
        You can make the computer do something silly in the giants' lair.  
    Pull lever 3 or 4 and go north.  Kill the great beast that has come out 
    from the cell.  Then pull lever 4 or 3.  You'll notice that the monster 
    that appears is killed by the beast in the other cell--which you already 
        Demons are listed as undead but aren't in most RPG's.
        Depending on what you do Nikademus may or may not be undead.  
    Although Lord Wood appears in one game version and starts a big ol' 
    fight, you never see him kill Nikademus, so this is inconsistent.
        You can bring a fighter over to the underworld and back with only a 
    penalty of two months if you add him to your party at an inn.  If he 
    doesn't have any keys or gems this would seem very hard.
        The world of Phantasie is very modern.  Not only do you have roads 
    well in advance of other RPG's, but there are banks.  And they even have 
    bank fees!  That's right.  Every time you distribute the gold(which you 
    must do when you enter a town) the gold gets rounded down to the nearest 
    multiple of the total number of shares.  In fact you may even find that, 
    if you try to split up 6000 gold equally among 6 people, you wind up 
    with 999 gold each.  Too bad society isn't advanced enough to have 
    consumer advocacy!
    1.0.1 submitted to GameFAQs.com on 12/21/2001 after sending in a dud 
    copy the night before.  Added some info about items.
    1.0.0 submitted to GameFAQs.com on 12/17/2001.  I believe this is a very 
    adequate first draft although I imagine errors always seem to leak 
    Thanks to theunderdogs.org for the manual and PC images, 
    project64.c64.org, ftp://arnold.c64.org, ftp://ftp.apple.asimov.net, 
    Evin's Apple Emulator Page(which is sadly part down now) and Delorie GPP 
    freeware that allowed me to extract information from the files.  Also 
    kahei's hex editor(www.kahei.com) helped me to locate lots of data.
    Shay Addams's _Quest for Clues_ book was invaluable when it came to 
    checking my work.  I frequently referred to it and although I have not 
    directly quoted anything from it besides the duplication cheat, it has 
    still been a huge help and has probably influenced my solution in ways 
    unimaginable.  At the very least it saved me a lot of time as a great 
    reference guide.

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