Can you unravel the mysteries of this master-level adventure game before the Revuss of Time runs out and it's too late?
The Kingdom of the Blue Rocks is in peril. The Great Eclipse will come in three days and the evil wizard Kraal has plans to take over. The prophecy proclaims that Ween can save the kingdom if he can find the missing pieces to put back in the Revuss of Time.
The Prophecy pulls you into a magical, sometimes frightening, adventure where you'll encounter extremely challenging puzzles, fast-paced threats to your life, and a cast of creatures, friends, and fearsome foes.
Smooth, fluid animation, digitized actors, astounding fantasy backgrounds, and full-motion video make this the most visually stunning adventure available!

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#1124 highest rated PC adventure game (#8615 on PC, #28434 overall)


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#866 hardest PC adventure game (#7339 on PC, #27872 overall)


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#840 shortest PC adventure game (#2706 on PC, #12593 overall)


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