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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Captain K

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    Valkyrie Fight FAQ/Movelist
    by Captain K. (shibakev@earthlink.net)  Copyright 2001
    This FAQ has been submitted to www.gamefaqs.com and nowhere else. If you wish
    to post it on another website or in a publication, please email the author
    11-19-01 Version 1.2 Lots of new methods to evade attacks added.
    11-1-01 Version 1.0  All movelists are complete at this point.
    Things to do in future revisions: Add damage for all attacks. Add more strategy
    comments and combos.
    Valkyrie Fight is a fan-written fighting game for the PC designed by Amaginz of
    Japan. It is based on the Enix/Tri-Ace RPG Valkyrie Profile for the
    Playstation. It is a fairly standard 2-D fighter similar to Capcom's games.
    Although the game is in Japanese, I've used the U.S. names in this FAQ. Each
    character will be presented with their U.S. name followed by the Japanese
    equivalent in parentheses. Where possible, I've used the same attack names as
    the Valkyrie Profile game. For moves that are not in Valkyrie Profile, I've
    just made up names with my artistic license. :)
    The default controls for player one:
    Up: up arrow
    Down: down arrow
    Left: left arrow
    Right: right arrow
    Light attack: Z
    Medium attack: X
    Heavy attack: C
    The default controls for player two:
    Up: I
    Down: K
    Left: J
    Right: L
    Light attack: Q
    Medium attack: W
    Heavy attack: E
    These controls can be changed on the Config menu.
    In this FAQ I will refer to "back" as pressing the direction key that moves you
    away from your opponent and "forward" as pressing the direction key that moves
    you towards your opponent. Obviously this direction will change depending on
    your position on the screen. but it will always be either Right or Left.
    The Main Screen
    There are seven options on the main screen. Use the up and down arrow keys to
    move the pointing hand and press Z to make your selection.
    Arcade - This is the regular game. You fight several different enemies for 2
    rounds each. Then you fight the powerful boss Hrist.
    VS Battle - This is for two players to fight against each other.
    Survival - You fight unending one-round battles. Your charge time carries over
    from fight to fight, and you regain some health between fights.
    Time Attack - This is identical to Arcade, except there are no credits at the
    end and your progress is timed.
    Practice - Here you can practice your moves. It's identical to VS Battle except
    that a killed person just revives and the computer tells you how much damage
    your moves do.
    Config - This is a submenu where you can change the settings for the game. Use
    the up and down arrow keys to move between options and the left and right arrow
    keys to toggle the settings.
    Exit - Quits the game.
    Config Sub Menu
    (Japanese letters) This lets you set the difficulty of the game.
    (Japanese letters) This is the number of rounds a normal fight takes.
    Time - Select how long each round lasts.
    SE - Turn the sound effect on or off.
    BGM - Turn the background music on or off.
    Autoguard - Select which players Autoguard is active for. Autoguard will block
    for the character if the player does not press any buttons during an enemy
    Turbo Mode - You can increase the speed of the game. This feature must be
    (Japanese letters) This is a submenu where you can change the default controls.
    Press Z to access it.
    Record - This shows various high scores for the different characters.
    Exit - Returns to the main screen.
    Record Sub Menu
    Press the left and right arrow keys to scroll through the characters.
    (Japanese letters) This is the number of times the character has been selected.
    Includes all modes including Practice.
    (Japanese letters) I'm not sure what this is. It may be a score of some sort.
    Maybe it's the number of crystals you've obtained?
    Survival - Best number of wins for that character in survival mode.
    Time Attack - Best time for that character in Time Attack.
    HIT - Largest number of hits you've done in a combo. My best is 197 with Janus.
    (Japanese letters) - Most damage you've done in a hit or combo. My best is 2280
    with Freya.
    From the Japanese website comes this information for unlocking various options.
    I don't know if it's correct or not because when I got the game Autoguard and
    Hrist were already selectable and I got Janus when I beat Arcade mode with all
    the other characters. I unlocked Turbo Mode also, but I had much more than 8000
    in the "score".
    to get Auto Guard mode: get 500 score in Arcade Mode
    to get Hrist Playable : get 2000 Score in Arcade Mode
    to get Jake Linas Playable : get 4000 Score in Arcade Mode
    to get Turbo Mode : Get 8000 Score in Arcade Mode
    Moves Standard to all Characters
    Hold back to block an enemy attack. You can also block while in the air. If you
    block too many attacks in a row you will suffer a "Guard Crush". In this case
    you will be stunned and open to attack for a significant period of time.  You
    can see how close you are to being Guard Crushed by looking at the middle bar
    at the top of the screen.
    Tap back, then hold back to do a quick move backwards. The length of the move
    and the way it looks will vary depending on the character.
    Tap forward, then hold forward to dash or run forward. The length of the move
    and the way it looks will vary depending on the character.
    While blocking an attack, press down, down to dash out of the way. This is
    called an "Avoid". Lucian and Brahms dash backwards, Arngrim hops in place
    (useless?), and the other characters roll/teleport/surf forward.
    Tap forward, forward when an attack is about to hit you to step into the
    background and dodge it. This is only for a brief moment, so it won't help much
    against multiple-hit moves.
    Tap back, down when an attack is about to hit to do a roll/dash similar to the
    Avoid above. This is rather difficult to do on command, so I'm not 100% sure
    that's the right buttons to hit.
    When knocked to the ground, press back, back or forward, forward to escape in
    the direction pressed. Each character does this in a different way. Arngrim
    hops, Valkyrie rolls, Lezard telports, etc.  The forward escape can be used to
    move through the opponent.  Lucian CANNOT escape forward.
    Press up to jump. You can also press up along with the left or right buttons to
    jump diagonally. Once in the air, you can jump a second time.
    Hitting an opponent who is on the ground will release a gem. This gem will
    float to your character after a few seconds. Each gem reduces your Charge Time
    by one.
    Hitting an opponent who has been knocked into the air releases a crystal. I'm
    not sure exactly what the crystals do. They may be for scoring purposes.
    The Characters
    For each character I will list some story information, followed by their moves,
    some general strategy, and a strategy to beat Hrist, the last boss of the game.
    I also will provide a rating on how good I think the character is overall. Note
    that Hrist as a final boss is considerably stronger than the playable character
    version. It is not currently known if the boss version is playable.
    Moves that are marked with an asterisk (*) add Charge Time (CT) to the gauge.
    If the gauge is full, doing these moves will produce the previous move listed
    instead (the medium button version)
    In order to use Purifications, you must have no Charge Time. (the meter will
    say "charged")
    Valkyrie (Valkyrie)
    Lenneth Valkyrie is one of the three Goddesses who govern the souls of dead
    humans. She takes the souls of those who may prove to be heroic fighters and
    trains them. Those that are worthy are sent to Valhalla, where they serve in
    Odin's army.
    Jump Kick: (while running) medium
    Sweeping Slash: (in air) hold down, heavy
    Air Dash: (while jumping) forward, forward or back, back  -  dashes in the air.
    She can dash once in each direction each time she jumps.
    High Shield: down, back, light - produces a shield that absorbs attacks
    Low Shield: down, back, medium - produces a shield that absorbs attacks
    *Double Shield: down, back, heavy - uses 2 CT. produces two shields that rotate
    around Valkyrie. These shields last until destroyed.
    Arrow Shot: down, forward, light - fires an arrow forward
    Tri-Blast: down, forward, medium - fires three arrows in a wide pattern
    Low Shot: down, forward, heavy - fires an arrow that bounces off the ground
    Leg Cutter: forward, down, forward, light - swings sword at enemy's legs
    Vertical Raid: forward, down, forward, medium - an upward sword swing
    *Spear Raid: forward, down, forward, heavy - uses 3 CT. knocks the enemy into
    the air and impales them with three spears
    Crystal Shot: (while jumping): down, forward, any attack - shoots a
    short-ranged crystal. The button pressed determines the angle.
    *Nibelung Valesti (Purification): back, down, forward, heavy - uses 6 CT. does
    a sword combo, then knocks the enemy into the air and impales them with three
    spears, followed by a giant spear.
    Use the Double Shields! They're great for absorbing attacks. Activate them,
    then rush down your opponent. Any counterattacks they make will hit the shields
    instead. Just watch out for multi-hit moves like Arngrim's Fire Blast. They can
    blow away the shield and hit you also.
    Strategy vs. Hrist
    A tough fight for Valk. Your best bet is to hit her from the air. That keeps
    you above her deadliest moves. Try to keep your shields going, but don't expect
    them to last long.
    B+. The shields make her difficult to kill, and she has a strong air game. Good
    up close or at a distance.
    Arngrim (Aluze)
    Arngrim is a knight of Artolia, and is considered to be one of the greatest
    fighters in the world. His friends call him the "Genius of the Battlefield."
    After uncovering a conspiracy and slaying the Royal Advisor Longrim, Arngrim
    took his own life rather than raise his sword against the Knight Captain. Now
    his soul belongs to Valkyrie.
    Hilt Smash: (while running) light
    Spinning Back-knuckle: (while running) medium
    Tackle: (while running) heavy
    Arrow Stream: down, forward, light - fires a short stream of arrows
    Rapid Stream: down, forward, medium - fires a longer stream of arrows
    *Fire Blast: down, forward, heavy - uses 3 CT. Fires an explosion that covers a
    large area and hits many times
    High Wind: down, back, light - swings sword in a downward arc
    Wrenching Swing: down, back, medium - a backhanded swing with the sword
    *Gut Wrencher: down, back, heavy - uses 3 CT. Impales the enemy and tosses them
    over his head
    *Final Blast (Purification): back, down, forward, heavy - uses 7 CT. Rushes
    through the enemy with his sword, then drives them into the air.
    Spinning Back-knuckle, heavy, Wrenching Swing
    The main thing is to stick with the normal sword swings. Arngrim has pitifully
    few special moves, and most aren't that great. Use the Fire Blast if you can
    corner your enemy. It's great for getting a Guard Crush. Other than that, just
    stay in close and keep pounding away.
    Strategy vs. Hrist
    Pray. Arngrim is horribly suited to fight Hrist. She's better at both long and
    short range than he is.
    C+. While his normal attacks are great, they're just not enough to give him the
    edge in this projectile-crazy game. His slow movements make it difficult for
    him to close with the enemy.
    Brahms (Bamuth)
    Brahms is the King of the Vampires. A brutal yet calculating undead combatant,
    he wages an unending war against the forces of Asgard. He currently holds
    prisoner the soul of Silmeria, sister of Lenneth and Hrist.
    Jumping Knee: (while running) light
    Gut Punch: (while running) medium
    Tornado: (while running) heavy - dives into opponent while spinning
    Terror Claw: down, forward, any attack - dashes across the screen and stabs
    enemy. The heavy version uses 4 CT.
    Deadly Raid: forward, down, forward, light or medium - does a jumping uppercut
    to enemy
    *Immortal Blow: forward, down, forward, heavy - uses 3 CT. Does multiple
    jumping uppercuts
    Darkness Wave (short): down, back, light - a blast of flame at close range
    Darkness Wave (long): down, back, medium - a blast of flame at long range
    *Power of Darkness: down, back, heavy - Uses 2 CT. A blast of flame that
    travels along the ground and hits multiple times.
    *Bloody Curse (Purification): back, down, forward, heavy - uses 6 CT. Does a
    combo on opponent then blasts them with flames
    Brahms is best in close. His running attacks are great and his Uppercuts are
    deadly. The Terror Claw moves you across the screen almost instantly, so use it
    to punish those pesky spellcasters.
    Strategy vs. Hrist
    Do not fight her hand-to-hand. Stay across the screen and block. After she uses
    her Energy Fountain, do the Terror Claw to hit her. Then back off and repeat.
    It's slow, but it works.
    B. The best of the pure hand-to-hand fighters, Brahms is a solid package. He
    can be dangerous in the right hands.
    Mystina (Meltina)
    Mystina was an exceptional yet vain student at the Academy of Magic in
    Flenceburg. Her talent was exceeded only by her self-love and boredom with
    everything. Her former schoolmate Lezard killed her while she was using a
    device to travel in Astral form. Now she accompanies Valkyrie while she
    continues her studies of the mythological world.
    Kick: (while running) heavy
    Dark Savior: back, down, light - three spears surround the enemy and strike.
    Easily avoided by moving
    Poison Blow: back, down, medium - a ball of poison appears beneath opponent's
    *Super Poison Blow: back, down, heavy - uses 3 CT. A multiple hitting Poison
    Mystic Cross: down, forward, light - fires four crosses across screen
    Sacred Javelin: down, forward, medium - five javelins appear over enemy's head
    and strike
    *Super Sacred Javelin: down, forward, heavy - uses 4 CT. A stronger version of
    Sacred Javelin
    *Celestial Star (Purification): back, down, forward, heavy - beams of light
    strike from the sky. More effective at close range.
    Stay at range and mix up your different spells. Sacred Javelin is excellent and
    very difficult for the enemy to avoid. Mystina is very fast, so occasionally
    surprise your opponent by dashing in and comboing them in their face.
    Strategy vs. Hrist
    Stick with the Sacred Javelins, but watch out for her Energy Fountains. Block
    them before you attack.
    A. Like the other mages, she's ridiculously easy to use (and hard to fight
    against). Her speed is her secret weapon and a dangerous one.
    Freya (Frey)
    Freya is the right-hand Goddess of Lord Odin. She governs life, but is also
    capable of dealing death. As beautiful as she is, her heart can be cold and
    icy. She loves Odin, and follows all of his commands faithfully.
    Double Kick: (while running) light or medium
    Move Through: (while running) heavy
    Teleport: (in air) back, back or forward, forward, or down, down - teleports
    int the direction pressed. Each direction can be used once per jump
    Ether Shot (ground): down, forward, light or medium
    *Thunder Sword: down, forward, heavy - uses 5 CT. Fires a powerful beam
    Ether Shot (anti-air): down, back, light or medium
    *Critical Flare: down, back, heavy - uses 3 CT. Fires a fan-shaped blast of
    Ether Shot (air): down, down, light or medium
    *Aerial Blast (from ground): down, down, heavy - uses 3 CT. Teleports into air
    and fires multiple Ether Shots at ground
    Ether Shot (in air): down, forward, light or medium
    *Aerial Blast (in air): down, forward, heavy - uses 3 CT. Fires multiple Ether
    Shots at ground
    *Ether Strike (Purification): back, down, forward, heavy - uses 9 CT. Teleports
    into air and fires a powerful blast
    Running light, medium, heavy, Thunder Sword
    Stick and move, stick and move. Critical Flare is your best general purpose
    weapon. Teleport constantly to confuse and annoy your opponent.
    Strategy vs. Hrist
    Stay in the air and fire Aerial Blasts at her. Don't let her get in close on
    B+. While possessing the most powerful attacks in the game, Freya is extremely
    dependant on her Charge Time gauge and is somewhat lacking in the close combat
    Lucian (Rucio)
    Lucian was a young man living as a thief in Gerabellum. When he was a child,
    his friend Platina died in a valley of poisonous flowers. This happened while
    Lucian was running away with her so that she would not be sold to slavers.
    After being killed by the city guards in a raid on the dens of thieves, Lucian
    is taken to serve Valkyrie. Yet he sees something familiar in her. Could she
    really be his childhood playmate Platina?
    Impale: (while running) medium
    Crash: down, forward, light or medium - runs quickly forward and tackles enemy
    *Triple Crash: down, forward, heavy - uses 3 CT. Tackles enemy three times
    Air Slash: forward, down, forward, light - a short jump with an upward swing
    Slanting Blow: forward, down, forward, medium - a second slash after the jump
    *Lightning Blade: forward, down, forward, heavy - uses 3 CT. Two jumping
    slashes, followed by two projectiles from his sword.
    Shining Bolt: down, back, any attack - a small burst of lightning that hits
    many times. The *heavy version uses 3 CT.
    *Round Rip Saber (Purification): back, down, forward, heavy - a 5-hit sword
    Use the Crash a lot. It's very fast. Watch out for counterattacks. Shining Bolt
    doesn't do much damage but it'll make sure you have plenty of CT.
    Strategy vs. Hrist
    Get in close and use Shining Bolt over and over. It's really all you can do
    against her.
    C. Although he's fun, he's really the worst character. As hand-to-hand guys go,
    Arngrim's got better normal attacks, Brahms has better special attacks, and
    everyone else is just better period. The fact that he can't roll forward will
    leave you victim to many a corner trap.
    Lezard (Rezard)
    Lezard Valeth was the premier student at the Flenceburg Magic Academy. But he
    was expelled by his headmistress Lorenta for practicing dark arts. Now a master
    necromancer, Lezard adds to his power by discovering the Philosopher's Stone,
    the legendary repository of all knowledge. With all the forbidden magics of the
    world at his command, Lezard expands the scope of his plans considerably. What
    does he have in store for Valkyrie?
    Round Kick: (while running) heavy
    Fire Lance: down, forward, light - fires two streams of fire horizontally
    Mystic Cross: down, forward, medium - fires four crosses horizontally
    *Prismatic Missile: down, forward, heavy - uses 3 CT. After a brief delay,
    several colored missiles shoot out. These home in on the enemy
    Dark Savior: down, back, light - three spears surround the enemy and strike.
    Easy to avoid if you move
    Frigid Damsel: down, back, medium - a woman made of ice surrounds the enemy and
    strikes three times. Slightly harder to avoid than Dark Savior
    *Shadow Servant: down, back, heavy - uses 4 CT. Skulls of darkness rise from
    the ground and push the enemy upwards. This attack covers the whole screen
    *Cosmic Spear (Purification): back, down, forward, heavy - uses 6 CT. A giant
    spear forms in midair and strikes diagonally downward.
    Crouching light, standing medium, crouching medium, running heavy, crouching
    heavy, running medium, light, jump, light, medium, heavy, make a second jump in
    the air, light, medium, heavy.
    Lezard has the best ranged game of anyone in the game. Both Prismatic Missile
    and Shadow Servant are excellent moves and can't really be avoided. Combine
    that with conventional projectiles and tracking spells and he can beat you down
    without you even getting close to him.
    Strategy vs. Hrist
    Block her semi-predictable Energy Fountains and start your Prismatic
    Missile/Mystic Cross barrage. When she goes down, rush in and combo her for
    more gems or add a Shadow Servant for more pain.
    A+. He basically has the best spell selection of all the mages. Call him cheesy
    if you like, but he is darned good.
    Yumei (Yumeru)
    Yumei is a mermaid, living off the coast of Hai-Lan. She comes from unusual
    parentage. Her father was Shogun Koh, leader of Hai-Lan, who led a war against
    the merfolk. When Koh fell off his ship, he was rescued by a mermaid who he
    fell in love with. Yumei grew up with the merfolk, but her mother was
    ostracized for consorting with a human. When her mother died, Yumei went to
    search for her father. Finding that he was already dead, she hurled herself
    into a whirlpool to kill herself. Through the intervention of a young human boy
    named Fuyuki, her soul was rescued by Valkyrie.
    Yumei Punch: (while running) medium
    Tail Smack: (in air) hold down, heavy
    Dolphin Leap: down, forward, light or medium - a dolphin flies across the
    screen in an arc
    *Dolphin Call: down, forward, heavy - uses 3 CT. Eight dolphins leap across the
    Icicle Edge: down, back, light - three ice spears form in the air and strike
    the ground. This attacks appears about half a screen's length in front of
    Frigid Damsel: down, back, medium - a woman made of ice attacks the enemy three
    times. Can be avoided by moving.
    *Lightning Bolt: down, back, heavy - uses 4 CT. Fires a stream of lightning
    *Crystal Strike (Purification): back, down, forward, heavy - uses 7 CT. A
    pyramid of ice forms around the opponent.
    Use the Icicle Edge to stop opponents that you expect to rush in. Use the
    Dolphin Leaps frequently. When in doubt, use Dolphin Call!
    Strategy vs. Hrist
    Your best bet is to use Dolphin Call to blow through her shields and knock her
    down. Then rush in and combo her.
    A. While her spell selection isn't as good as the other mages, her Dolphin Call
    and surprisingly good hand-to-hand attacks still make her one of the strongest
    Janus (Jake Linas)
    Janus was a knight in Crell Monferaigne. He loved his country, and to make his
    father proud he followed all the orders the king gave him, even those that were
    illegal or unethical. After the public discovered that he took part in an
    assassination, Janus was exiled from Crell Monferaigne. He returned ten years
    later to seek his father, but was killed by conspirators who needed a
    scapegoat. Now in Valkyrie's service, he seeks to recover his lost honor.
    Dashing Elbow: (while running) light
    Hidden Dagger: (while running) medium
    Restrain Flame: (while running) heavy
    Bolt Shot: down, forward, light - fires a bolt horizontally
    Triple Shot: down, forward, medium - fires three bolts horizontally
    *Tri-Stinger: down, forward, heavy - uses 2 CT. Fires three stronger bolts in
    direction of opponent.
    Assassin Roll: down, back, light or medium - rolls and fires an arrow. Light
    rolls backwards, while medium rolls forwards.
    *Killing Slide: down, back, heavy - uses 3 CT. Slides under opponent and blasts
    them into the air.
    Arc Shot: forward, down, forward, light or medium - fires a bolt that arcs
    *Bolt Hail: forward, down, forward, heavy - uses 3 CT. Fires dozens of bolts
    into the air.
    Raven Slayer: (in air) down, back, light - a single shot downward
    Mage Slayer: (in air) down, back, medium - three shots downward
    *Foul Slayer: (in air) down, back, heavy - uses 3 CT. A barrage of bolts
    *Guilty Break (Purification): back, down, forward, heavy - uses 5 CT. A series
    of shots that lift the opponent into the air
    Infinite combo. You must have very little Charge Time to pull it off. Jump,
    Foul Slayer. When you land, jump diagonally forward (don't double-jump), do
    Foul Slayer again. Repeat. You'll start getting gems before the third time you
    do it, so you can keep doing it indefinately. You can also tack on just about
    any other move you want after a Foul Slayer connects, even a Guilty Break!
    Killing Slide, then quickly do Bolt Hail. This one's tricky because you
    directions will be reversed if you slide all the way under.
    Foul Slayers and rolls will both serve you well.
    Strategy vs. Hrist
    Just keep using Foul Slayer. She won't even get a hit on you.
    A+. Not only does he have the infinite, it's ridiculously easy to do and can be
    done from anywhere on the screen. Even if you choose not to use that, his
    rolling moves can frustrate an opponent in no time. Sure his moves don't do
    much damage, but that just means it'll take a little longer to polish them off.
    Hrist (Early)
    Hrist Valkyrie is one of the three Goddesses that govern the dead souls of
    humans. She is sister to Lenneth and Silmeria. Older and more brutal than her
    sisters, her loyalty to Odin is unmatched. When Lenneth begins to question
    Odin's motives, Hrist is reactivated to take her place.
    Punch: (while running) light
    Stab: (while running) medium
    Power Slash: (while running) heavy
    Sweeping Slash: (in air) hold down, heavy
    Air Dash: (while jumping) forward, forward or back, back  -  dashes in the air.
    She can dash once in each direction each time she jumps.
    Energy Fountain: down, forward, any attack - a burst of energy from the ground
    below the enemy. The *heavy version uses 4 CT.
    Counter: down, back, any attack - blocks an incoming attack and stabs the enemy
    in the gut. The light version counters jumping attacks and the medium and heavy
    versions counter ground attacks. Doesn't seem to work against special moves.
    Leg Cutter: forward, down, forward, light - swings sword at enemy's legs
    Vertical Raid: forward, down, forward, medium - an upward sword swing
    *Spear Raid: forward, down, forward, heavy - uses 3 CT. knocks the enemy into
    the air and impales them with three spears
    Spear Hurl: (in air) down, forward, any attack - hurls a spear to the ground.
    The button used determines the angle.
    *Nibelung Valesti (Purification): back, down, forward, heavy - uses 6 CT. Does
    a sword combo, then knocks the enemy into the air and impales them with three
    spears, followed by a giant spear.
    Spear Raid, jumping medium, Sweeping Slash, Spear Hurl, and an Energy Fountain
    when you land.
    Use your maneuverability in the air to avoid enemy attacks. Learn how to do air
    Strategy vs. Hrist
    Just jump and throw spears. It's slow, but effective.
    B. While her air game is excellent, she just doesn't have any oomph. Don't use
    the Counter - it sucks.
    Squall_Inverse for the Lezard combo and providing info from the Japanese site.
    Lint Rides Again for the Arngrim combo
    CjayC for providing such a tremendous service to the gaming community

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