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Reviewed: 02/26/02 | Updated: 08/26/02

Water Closet takes toilet humor to a whole new level.

Quick Summary: Water Closet, by Will and ported into english by Peach Princess, is a different sort of game. Enjoy potty-humor? Well Water Closet is filled to the brim with it.

Storyline: Water Closet tells a story in a very interesting way. The story revolves around five different girls, and their interactions with a local urology clinic. From Juline, the nurse who works there, to Ikumi, a shy girl who has trouble holding her bladder when in large crowds of people.

Thoughts: A different sort of game. If you wanted a game where it takes a completely different twist, then Water Closet is that game. Water Closet is actually the 2nd game in this series by Will, the first being Used Condom.

Be warned that the humor in this game is very different. I would say it's akin to the types of jokes that Woody Alan uses, some very obvious and crass, others very subtle, yet still as crass. Also the themes of this game, scatology, toilet fetishes, and the like, may affect your enjoyment of the game.

That being said, Water Closet is an interesting game. From a gameplay-standpoint, the way it tells the story is very unique. You shouldn't save it at all. Just keep playing it, cycling through the various stories of the characters, and how the interact with each other, and with the clinic. In this regards, I've never played anything done in this manner before, so it gave a new feel to how the story is told. This biggest downside to telling the story this way is, it can lead to some confusion when players wonder why they're not getting any deeper into the game, and it's not very well documented in the instructions that you need to play in this manner.

Good graphics, a bit on the fetish side. Game creator Will definitely has a very distinct art-style. It uses a lot of sharp, bold colors which give it a very lively feel.

Good translation, with very good liner notes from Peach Princess to help you notice some of the more subtile toilet humor of the game. And, more importantly, the translators kept the feel of the comedy as well. For example, they translated the name of the nurse as ''Juline'', and... if you say it just right the nurses name can sound like ''urine''. This really is attention to detail. You keep not only the situational humor, but some of the more subtle jokes as well.

Pretty good music and sound effects. Not the best I've heard, but still pretty good.

Excellent Voice acting. The voice actors really add to the humor of the game. I think that they knew what this game was like, and just went with it. Sometimes they sound super-serious during really ludicrous moments, which makes the situations even more funny. The Seiyuu also added life to the characters as well. Reika, who is pretty, well... bitchy, has a very haughty-arrogant sounding voice, which fits with the character.

A decent number of extras too. A viewing room, so you can see all the pics, and story segments you've unlocked, as well as those that still need you to unlock them.

A different sort of etchi gal-game, if you're looking for something different. I would recommend it, as the humor and comedy of Water Closet is very funny. However, it's art and settings can be a bit intense, and it might make some players not find it that enjoyable. If you like the sort of jokes they use on South Park, or the style of wit and humor of Woody Alan, then you'd enjoy the laughs of Water Closet.

Story: 7
Graphics: 7
Translation: 8.5
Sound/Music: 6
Voice Acting: 10.0
Gameplay: 7.0
Extras: 6
Personal Slant: 7
Overall (the Overall Score is not an average): 7

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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