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When you go for a game, what do you look for in it? The plot? The graphics? The gameplay? This time, I was infuenced by curiosity. So, when I saw this game called 'Water Closet' on the shelves, curiosity overcame my rational thinking. I momentarily overlooked the toilet bowl smack right in the middle of the cover. When I gave it to the cashier to purchase it, he lifted an eyebrow and looked at me. With a grin on his face, he took my cash. I would see why later. Ladies and gentlemen, this game is not for the faint-hearted, or for the typical h-game connoisseur.

Wookay... I'll start this off with a lowdown on the plot. You control the lives of 5 unsuspecting women through a day of utter depravity. Throughout the day, they experience many new fetishes, covered in graphic detail. They include: scatology, exhibitionism and bondage. There may be a few more, but I don't know the terms to them. How do these women take it? With pleasure written on their faces. Soon, they come to realise that abnormal fetishes are enjoyable! Damn, what a meaningful lesson! That makes me want to have a fetish too! I hunger for pleasure!

I'm starting to hate myself for buying this game.

The drawings are decent, but not very well detailed. Thank god for that. Its because there are some scenes where the protagonist(s) takes a crap. And you know what crap looks like, right? Voice acting is also done quite well, although they censored off some dirty spoken words (they are still in the subtitles) by *beeping* them out. Weird decision. Maybe the creators of this game thought that since this game is already so dirty, they should tone it down a bit? Nahhhh.

There's a scene viewer for those who weren't disgusted enough after watching the scenes for the first time. The only thing I liked in this game was Nicholson, the self-proclaimed toilet expert guy. He had some funny parts in the game, but he's still a pervert with a toilet fetish after all. Come to think of it, I didn't like him at all....

For heaven's sake, please don't buy this game if you are remotely normal. It will affect you forever. I'll never look at a constipated person the same way again. To make me forget this game, maybe I'll get a lobotomy after I boil my eyeballs in curry.

PLOT - 1/10
SOUND - 5/10
OVERALL - 2/10 (Not based on score average)

Reviewer's Rating:   1.0 - Terrible

Originally Posted: 05/21/03, Updated 05/21/03

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