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    FAQ/Walkthrough by StorymasterQ

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    Viper V-16 RISE Walkthrough v1.00
    by: Arsen Dawn a.k.a. StorymasterQ (storymasterq@yahoo.com)
    WARNING: Viper V-16 RISE is an NC-17 rated game (if it can be called a game at
    all) This document will guide you through this interesting game, but I would
    have to remind you that you shouldn't be playing it if you're under 18 or the
    legal age where you are.
    Welcome to my Viper V-16 RISE Replay Solutions Walkthrough. Mind you that there 
    are 2 versions of Viper V-16. One is V-16 RISE while the other is Viper V-16
    IMAGINATION. I don't have IMAGINATION, so I don't know if there's any
    difference, but I'm writing this for the V-16 RISE. This walkthrough will get
    you all the replays without even trying. After you get all the replays, just
    save them into the 10 slots available and you can watch them as you lay down
    and...do something else...Of course, since there's only 8 endings while there
    are 10 slots, 2 slots is free for saving the Second Forks, from where you can
    click your way to endings regarding the boss.
    Version History
    v1.00 - 02/02/2002
     First installment. Great date, huh?
    v1.01 - 19/02/2002
     Reviewed the language...Nothing changed much, though.
    In this WT:
    1. V-16 Story
    2. Akira's fighting moves
    3. V-16 Enemy guide
    4. V-16 Walkthrough
    5. Legal crap
    1. V-16 Story
       Okay, my Japanese is pretty limited. I can only read 5 or 6 letters of
    Japanese and know somewhat enough words if I hear it, which is why I love the
    Viper Series for their voice actors! From my limited Japanese, I can tell that
    three girls, Akira (the red hair), Saki (the blue hair), and Karin (the blonde
    with the braids) are kidnapped (have no idea why).
       As they conversate in the cell where they're held, Akira talks big about es-
    caping (nigeru [read: nee-gay-roo]= to escape). Both Saki and Karin are pes-
    simist with the idea since they are under heavy guard and have no idea where
    they are let alone the exit. But then Akira lets out that she's a fighting ex-
    pert or some sorts (Judo 3rd Level, Karate 4th Level, Aikido 4th Level [from
    the intro]). Saki frowns at her for not using her skills before they're cap-
    tured, but Akira says she was panic at the time. Saki's now into escaping as
       Their escape starts from here...
    2. Akira's fighting moves
       At the face of any enemy, Akira will have 70HP and 2 levels of action. The
    first level is choosing between 'Attack' or 'Skill' (or so I suppose). Choosing
    attack will take you to 3 more choices, 'Kick', 'Punch', and 'Chop' (again, I
    presume so). Choosing skill will also take you to 3 choices, 'Kick Combo',
    'Punch Combo', and 'Chop Combo' (listen to her voice actor, you'll know what I
       The successfulness of your attack depends on the enemy's action. I have com-
    piled a pretty good way to beat all the enemies with perfect HP. Check out be-
    low. Be advised that if I mention 'Attack: 1, 2' means to choose 'Attack' and
    then 'Punch'. 'Attack: 2,1' means 'Skill', 'Kick Combo'.
    3. V-16 Enemy guide
       There are only 3 enemies, but I will tell you about them anyway...
       > The Blue Guard - HP: 60
         Found in the 'Right' path from the first fork.
         To defeat, use Attacks: 1,1 then 1,2 then 1,2 then 1,1. He should be down
         while you're totally unscathed.
       > The Green Guard - HP: 80
         Found in the end of any path before the boss.
         To defeat, use Attacks: 1,2 then 1,2 then 1,1 then 1,2 then 1,1. Ditto...
       > The boss - HP: 120
         Found after the Green Guard.
         To defeat, use Attacks: 2,1 then 2,2 then 2,3 then 2,1. Down...
       REMEMBER, for some Replays, you're obliged to LOSE from them. There are only
       2 'good endings' in V-16 RISE. The others are 'Game Over' replays. How to
       lose to them? For the guards, use entire reverses (i.e. if I told you to use
       1,2 use 1,1 and if 1,1 use 1,2) You'll have a perfect loss. For the Boss,
       use 2,2 then 2,1 then 2,1 then 2,2 and TADA! Perfect loss.
    4. V-16 Walkthrough
       When you choose 'Replay' instead of 'Start' at the beginning of the game,
    you will find 8 pictures of the 8 possible endings of Akira, Saki, and Karin's
    adventure. I number them like this.
       1 2 5 7
       1 3 5 7
       1 4 6 8
       I have no trouble getting them all but number 7 (I missed something so si-
    mple...Ack!) but now I have them all. Here's what you have to do.
       After Akira tells Saki and Karin about her ability, they devise a plan to
    escape. There will be 2 choices. Have no idea what they are, but the left one
    lead to a Game Over where Akira was down. This gets Replay no 1.
       The next choice seems to involve Saki agreeing to The Boss' demand and she
    asks the guard to take her to him. The guard gets into the cell and Akira dis-
    ables him.
       The girls then run away. A pretty funny scene with Akira's...assets...jug-
    gling all over, not to mention if you can understand her. I seem to get the im-
    pression that Karin asks where to go now (while running). Akira replies with 'I
    have no idea, just keep running!'
       They then arrive on a fork. Saki asks where to go now. From this everything
    evolves. The endings will be totally different depending on which way you
    choose. I'll cover them one by one. I suggest you save here since this is cru-
    cial to get the other ones without having to go through the long cell scene a-
       First Fork: Left
        After a few feet running, a guard comes from nowhere to captures Saki. Aki-
    ra and Karin spend no time in trying to save her (now, why is that...?) and a
    moment later they arrive on another fork. Karin asks where to go now. She
    sounds desperate (she sounds desperate on both Second Forks).
        Second Fork: Left (Path: Left - Left)
        They continue left and bump onto The Green Guard (enters battle mode). Af-
    ter Akira kicks his ass, they continued running and arrive at the Boss' cham-
    ber. He's there, ****ing Saki's brain out. Akira confronts him and fights him.
        Game Fork: Lose (Path: Left - Left - Lost to Boss)
        Akira falls to the ground. She finally admits her inferior power and be-
    comes the boss' slave. This unlocks Replay no. 4
        Game Fork: Win (Path: Left - Left - Win to Boss)
        The boss falls to the ground. Akira turns to Saki(she somehow looked dazed)
    and she asks her to come home with her. Saki rejects (GREAT MUSIC FOLLOWING!).
    She says (speculation, once again), she is sure that she's now pregnant with
    his child. She wants to stay with him.
        Akira understands, as with Karin. Saki then asks them to wait for her since
    she will return after the child is born. Akira nods, "I understand. I'll wait."
    (I'm sure this is what she says...)
        The scene fades into Akira and Karin doing some chores like when they were
    kidnapped. Akira turns to answer a coming customer and widens her eyes at Saki
    and the boss. Saki is holding a cute baby. The game ends at Akira's wide smile.
    This unlocks Replay no. 6
        Second Fork: Right (Path: Left - Right)
        They continue right and then another guard comes out of nowhere and grabs
    Karin. Akira keeps running and she bumps onto the green Guard (enters battle
    mode). After kicking his ass, she arrives at the boss' chamber. She confronts
    him and asks where Saki and Karin are. The Boss shows her just where they are.
    They are next to him, with the guards who got them slamming their ****s into
    them (you get the idea, right?). Akira then fights the boss.
        Game Fork: Lose (Path: Left - Right - Lost to Boss)
        <Same as L-L-Lost above. The replay will show events from whichever you fi-
    nished first (I think...)>
        Game Fork: Win (Path: Left - Right - Win to Boss)
        Akira asks Karin and Saki to come home with her but they look odd. They
    then walk to her and began to caress her. Akira is in a swirl of pleasure and
    confusion when she notices the Boss saying something like he has them under his
    control. Saki and Karin are preparing Akira to be ****ed by the Boss. And that
    is just what he do after he said that. This unlocks Replay no. 5
       First Fork: Right
        After a few feet running, they bumped onto the Blue Guard (enters battle
    mode). They then arrive to another fork.
        Second Fork: Any (Path: Right - Any)
        They continue and bump onto The Green Guard (enters battle mode). After A-
    kira kicks his ass, they continued running and arrive at the Boss' chamber. He
    is there, sitting on his chamber. Akira confronts him and they battle.
        Game Fork: Lose (Path: Right - Any - Lost to Boss)
        The boss demands Akira to **** him now that he had beaten her(speculation).
    But then Karin says she'll take Akira's place (no idea why. She explains, can't
    understand, though). The game ends with Karin ****ing the Boss. This unlocks
    Replay no. 7
        Game Fork: Win (Path: Right - Any - Win to Boss)
        The boss falls to the ground, admitting his defeat. Akira tells the others
    to get the hell out of there but Saki refuses (THE same GREAT MUSIC!!). She
    sees the Boss as...something (can't understand). She says that she'll stay with
    him and that Akira and Karin should go back and wait for her. (This part ends
    like L-L-W but Saki wasn't ****ed). This unlocks Replay no. 8
       Other Replays:
       On First Fork, go right, and get yourself lost to the Blue Guard.
       This unlocks Replay no. 2
       On the face of the Green Guard(any path), get yourself beaten up.
       This unlocks Replay no. 3
       Here's the easier way to look at it...
       Replays: 1 2 5 7
                1 3 5 7
                1 4 6 8
       To get (1) answer (left) at first question.
       The Forks:
       L + L + Wins to Boss = 6
       L + R + Wins to Boss = 5
       L + Any + Loses to Boss = 4
       R + Any + Loses to Boss = 7
       R + Any + Wins to Boss = 8
       R + Loses against blue Guard = 2
       Any + Loses against green Guard = 3
    5. Legal crap
       Viper V-16 RISE is copyright of Sogna Inc. This walkthrough is mine. You may
    use it, but please don't take credit for it. Besides, we're all here to get the
    best of V-16 RISE, right?
    (c) Arsen Dawn a.k.a. StorymasterQ

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