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"Yuck! Not even a hentai fan can like this game!"

First off, you should know that I like anime and yes, hentai too (that is why I got this game!). I knew (roughly) what to expect from this game (then again, what would you expect from a game with Battle Raper as its title!? @_@)

I bought Battle Raper on eBay a few years ago thinking that it'd be an interesting and enjoyable combination of three things I really like - sex, hentai and fighting games - and thus, was quite anxious to play it. I'd seen a few shots of it and it looked pretty sweet. Well... was I ever in for a surprise! This game is just terrible. I tried to like this game, but that just wasn't possible - it just has way too many short-comings. I regret ever spending $20 on this game. So if you're planning on buying this game, consider the following carefully - lest ye be wanting to spend money needlessly.

I don't know Japanese, so I can't really comment on this. After you select your character, you get to watch a short FMV of your chosen character (not very interesting though). Additionally, in between fights, dialogue takes place, where you can read and/or listen while a still-frame picture of the opposing character is shown. Limited, but the CG is good.

CONCEPT - Great (but questionable)
I think the concept is a neat, innovative idea - fight a girl, then rape her (although enjoying a game where you deliberately rape women is a shady passtime - but that's an entirely different subject altogether). This game goes where games like DOA only dare tantalize.

Unfortunately, the game does not work in this manner... instead....

First, to say that the roster of fighters is limited is an understatement. The female characters (all four of them) roughly fit into hentai stereotypes - two "futuristic" babes, clad with skimpy armour, a cheerleader/schoolgirl type, and an innocent type. Adding to this, there is a male character.

I don't mean to disrespect TT Ray and his appraisal of this game, but I feel that there is no way I cannot contest his assertion that Battle Raper "plays just like Dead or Alive". My guess is that he has never played DOA, because I own DOA2 for my PS2 and there is absolutely NO comparison between the two. The fighting engine for Battle Raper possibly the worst I've ever seen, and I've played Street Fighter: The Movie.

The controls are ridiculous and the available moves are fewer than those found in the plethora of Street Fighter II knock-offs of the early 1990s. You can perform a combo usually by holding a directional key and pressing either attack button. The kicker is that this is _highly_ abusable, as the combo actually loops! Despite that the health meter drains really slow (in comparison to other fighters, 3D or not), you can still finish a match in under a minute. Adding to this stupidity, only some characters have this combo option - so while the computer can take drain your health chunks at a time, characters such as Mai, the "innocent" girl, are stuck with 3 hit combos which barely do any damage.

Furthermore, the "super" moves (performed by pressing Up, Up + C&V) are very lame. They go beyond a flash animation where your character quickly charges up for the super move. Instead, it's an RPG style attack, similar to Final Fantasy VII, where the camera circles the character while there is a build up of energy (mind you, the character animation doesn't really change while this is happening), and then they blast out big (and poorly animated) beams of light, which, I might add, are unblockable. So, in a sense it's like a crappy DBZ game for the Super Famicom... and as bad as those games are, at least you can block.

Want to hear of more stupidness found in this game? Well, in story mode, you work your way to the boss, Zeon (the guy). If you beat him, you the credits begin to roll. If you lose, you get to watch a FMV of you character getting raped. While the quality of the CG is great, it hardly seems to make any sense from a gameplay perspective. Isn't the point in a fighter to win your matches? Well, when I think about it... this might actually be a strong point for the game - you don't have to actually try and fight, meaning that you can leave the computer for a few minutes and come back later.

So now, you may be asking, "sevenofnine, is there anything in this game which is good?" Well, yes and no.

For example, when characters lose a certain amount of HP, a close up of their face is shown, and their clothes gets knocked off. Fighting stops, and you have complete control of the camera to zoom in/out wherever you like. And once you're done looking, you select "exit" and go back to fighting.

The molestation moves (performed Up, Up+C&V in close) are neat. When executed, your character will begin to grope and fondle the enemy and actually cause damage. During this time, you also have control of the camera, you do don't have to worry about missing anything.

However, much like everything else in this game, both of these elements suffer from poor execution. Firstly, the clothes stripping gets really annoying after you've played this game for over 30 minutes because it's done so poorly. As for the molestation moves, while a cool idea, they target random areas - you cannot choose whether you go for the breasts, "down there," or perform the German suplex where you fondle the girl first. Moreover, the animation just "skips" to that attack animation - ie. although your opponent may be standing, wearing red armour just before you do the molestation move, in the next frame, inexplicably, she's on the ground, on her back, wearing nothing but her black panties - and once the molestation is over, she reappears wearing her red armour! @_@ What's worse, is that sometimes you're expecting one of those three to happen, but instead, your RPG-style super comes out. Lame...

AUDIO - Poor
The music? Highly immemorable. This is somewhat compensated by that fact that this game has good moaning and grunting, thus making it seem more "realistic."

GRAPHICS - Very Good & Extremely Bad
I take pride in being able to see a game's worth beyond its graphics. However, in cases where the graphics actually take away from the game, then I have to make exceptions - and this game is one of them.

Without a doubt, the FMVs are superb in quality and easily parallel those found in Final Fantasy VIII. However, keeping up with the FFVIII analogy, in game, the fighters look like those god-awful Final Fantasy VIII characters - poorly detailed and just plain ugly. Additionally, the level backgrounds are ugly and poorly rendered.

Perhaps Illusion thought that packaging crap in a neat packaging, with pretty graphics in the menu screens would distract would-be customers enough to actually buy the game...

Well, either way, you will most likely end up wanting to play the game as little as possible in order to watch the FMVs.

TILT - None
I am offended by this game - not because of its content, but because of what it tries to pass off as a fighter, let alone a game. Besides the FMVs, there are absolutely no redeeming qualities in this abomination of a fighter. Actually, wait, that's not true. There is one good thing - once you unlock your character's FMV, you can simply go to the Gallery mode and watch the video from there, thus saving you from actually playing the game again.

Unless you're really desperate for some 3D hentai and you don't mind wasting your hard-earned money, stay away from this game. Even then, you're better off taking those $20 and going down to your local Adult Video...

You may think that all this time I've been trashing this game, but I must say that this game deserves no better. Hopefully Illusion will have learnt something from this blunder and make Battle Raper II a much more solid game. Even then, I will be very hesitant to buy the sequel. For now, I'm heading back to eBay in an attempt to get my $20 by reselling this junk. Be careful and think twice before you buy Battle Raper, or you may very well find yourself doing the same thing too.

Reviewer's Rating:   1.0 - Terrible

Originally Posted: 04/09/05

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