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    FAQ/Walkthrough by CPorter

    Version: 2.1 | Updated: 01/02/03 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                 #########   #      Original Title Artwork
                ########### ##                by
               #### ###  ####            Chris Porter
               ###  ##     ##
               ###  #
               ###  #     ASTLE
               ###  #
               ###  #      #  OF THE
               ###  #     ##
                ### ##   ##     ####               ####
                 ##########    ##  ##             ### ###
                  ########         ###           ###   ##
                                    ###     #     ###   #
                                    ###    ###    ###
                                    ###   ###     ###
                                     ###   ###     ###
       				  ##   #####   ###
    				  ### ### ### ###
    			          #####   #####    INDS
                                        ###     ###      PART ONE
                                         #       #
                                A QUESTION OF VENGEANCE
    Castle of the Winds Part One: A Question of Vengeance
    Walkthrough by Chris Porter(carnival_creepa@yahoo.com)
    Version 2.1
    Copyright (c), 2002 Chris Porter. All rights reserved.
    1. Version Info
    2. Walkthrough
         I. A Tiny Hamlet
         II. A Small Village
    3. General Tips
    4. Extra Item Types
    5. Extra Enemies
    6. Useless Items
    7. Traps
    8. Cheats
         I. Constitution Cheat
         II. Hex-Editing
    9. Contact the Author
    10. Credits
    Version 2.1 - Fixed a minor formatting issue, changed my e-mail address, and 
    added a contact the author section.
    Version 2.0 - The first released version.
    Version 1.0 - First version, never released. This version was never released
    because I did it on my palm pilot in just one day.
    Part one: A Tiny Hamlet
    This is where you start off. You can do all the basic stuff like buy and sell
    items and heal. The temple of Odin is at the bottom and above that is Bjorn the
    Blacksmith (weapon shop) and Gunnhild's General Store, and above them are
    Olaf's Junk Store, and Snorri the Sage. There are a few farmhouses but they
    don't matter. When you go out of the town gate you find your home, burned to
    the ground. When you approach it you get a message that talks about your farm
    being burned down. Now you must venture into the Mines. The first level is the
    same in every game; first the path splits in half. In the left half there is a
    normal suit of leather armor and a Kobold. Going in the right half you come to
    another intersection take the right half and you find a room with two Giant
    Rats. Go the left half and you will come to a room with a Goblin and some
    stairs going down. This is where the similarities end. The next three levels of
    the Mines are different in every game, on the fourth level you will find a
    scrap of parchment that, upon examining it, reads something about returning to
    the fortress. After getting the parchment leave the mines and go back to the
    hamlet. When you get out of the mines and if you haven't read the parchment you
    will automatically read it. When you go down to the hamlet you will find that
    it is burned down, and you will get a message that says you have to go to
    Bjarnarhaven. You can't sell any of the items you have right now so keep all
    you can carry. You must now go to the town of Bjarnarhaven. Go up to where your
    burnt farm is and go left on the big road in the middle.
    Part two: A Small Town
    This is the second part of the game. In this place you can do everything you
    could in the first village, but in different stores, plus you get to use the
    bank. The bank is a very handy building, you get rid of your money but you can
    still use it. The benefit of the bank is that you don't have to carry around
    all the money so you can carry more items. There are eight useless building in
    the upper right-hand corner and two useless villas in the lower left and
    right-hand corners. At the bottom of the town is the Temple of Odin, above that
    are two buildings the First Bank of Crossroads (branch office), and
    Myrkjartan's Miscellaneous Magic Shop. To the left is Rognvald's Outfitters,
    and above is Sverting's Armor Shop, Thangbrand's Sword and Scabbard, another
    Snorri the Sage, and another Olaf's Junk Store. Go out of the town's gate and
    follow the path up to the fortress. The first level always has one large green
    room when you walk in with three rooms on both sides, which contain a few
    enemies. The green room has a secret door at the top that leads to a small room
    with some stairs leading to the next level. You will go through the fortress
    like you did at the Mines. When you reach level four you will come across an
    Ogre that has a scrap of parchment. When you read the parchment it tells you
    about the orders of someone named Hrungnir. Now would be a good time to go to
    town and sell your items. Continue in the Fortress until you find two chests
    guarded by a thief and two bandits. When you open one of the chests you get a
    message saying that these items came from your village. Now might be a good
    time to go back to town. Venture into the Fortress one last time as because
    once you reach level eleven you must have a showdown with the hill giant lord,
    Hrungnir. Once you beat him you get the amulet of your fathers back, once you
    get it put it on, use it and go back to town to suit up for your next
    adventure. Now go and buy part two.
    *Identify things before you use them. You have, by my calculations, a 33.3%
    chance that an item will be normal, enchanted, or cursed. Although most of the
    items generally tend to be normal you still are taking a chance by trying them
    on unidentified.
    *Unless you have nothing else to do then leave the rusty, broken, or cursed
    items. The most you can ever get from any of them is just 25cp so just leave
    them if you can. Besides which would you rather have a normal short sword,
    which can get you 480cp, or a broken sword that can only get you 25cp?
    *Always rest when you get the chance and if you need to. You will be sorry if
    you come across a couple thieves and you only have 5 mana left and even less
    *Save often.
    *Never sell a spellbook unless you have the spell.
    *Try to fight from a distance if you can.
    *The Scroll of Monster Summoning or the Wand of Monster Summoning can be useful
    or hurtful. On one hand, you can gain experience from the monster and possibly
    items and cp. On the other hand, the monster could hurt or even kill you, so be
    *Steel items are better than iron items, so opt for steel.
    *Never underestimate the usefulness of the Rune of Return spell.
    *Save often.
    This list is what is not given in the help file that comes packaged with the
    game. It gives the item name, its weight, and its bulk.
    NAME            WEIGHT   BULK
    Broken Pack     1000    1000
    Small Pack      1000    1000
    Medium Pack     2000    1500
    Large Pack      4000    100000
    Small Bag       300     500
    Medium Bag      500     700
    Large Bag       900     900
    Small Chest     5000    50000
    Medium Chest    15000   150000
    Large Chest     25000   250000
    Broken Belt     300     300
    2 Slot Belt     300     300
    3 Slot Belt     300     300
    4 Slot Belt     300     300
    Utility Belt    300     300
    Purse           300     300
    Rusty Armor     10000   30000
    Broken Sword    1000    5000
    Broken Helmet   1000    1000
    Broken Shield   4000    35000
    Rusty Gauntlets 500     2000
    Rusty Bracers   500     2000
    Broken Boots    1500    4000
    Ripped Cloak    500     6000
    These are the enemies that the help file does not mention. They are in no
    particular order.
    *Evil Warrior
    *Animated Wooden Statue
    *Animated Bronze Statue
    *Animated Iron Statue
    These items should generally be left in the dungeons, as they do not wield any
    use or very much value.
    *Any cursed or uncursed items
    *Distillation of Water
    *Ring of Adornment
    *Rusty armor
    *Broken weapons or shields
    *Ripped cloaks, broken packs, or broken boots
    *Rusty bracers or rusted gauntlets
    *Blank scrolls
    *Dead wands
    *Broken Belt
    *Scroll or Wand of Haste Monster
    *Amulet of Burden
    *Scroll of Sleep
    7. TRAPS
    This is the best list of traps I could type up. I don't know if it is all of
    them and I didn't include glyphs.
    *Scything Blade
    *Acid Pool
    *Pool of Water
    *Falling Rocks
    *Trap Door
    *Poison Gas Trap
    8. CHEATS
    Constitution Cheat
    This cheat will boost your constitution to its max in three easy steps.
    1. Pick your first spell.
    2. In town, use the spell.
    3. Keep using the spell until your health goes back to a high number.
    Your health will go back up when your mana reaches around -21. Go to the
    character screen and notice your constitution is all the way up. To maximize
    the effects of this cheat, at the character creation screen, put the
    constitution a low as you can and use the points to boost up the other stats.
    Then do the cheat.
    (NOTE: Make a back-up copy of your saved game, especially if you are new to hex
    editing. I cannot be held responsible if you ruin your character. Also some
    amount of knowledge must be had when dealing with hex-editing, look around on
    the Internet for a tutorial.)
    First you will need a hex-editing utility, if you don't know what this is then
    look around on the Internet. It does not matter which one you use there are a
    lot out there. You will also need a hexadecimal converter, whether this is a
    scientific calculator, or one built in your hex-editor, or even a separate
    program, the calculator program in Windows has one. Also, the first hex cheat
    will be used to explain the process plus give the offset and all the rest will
    just give the offset. Now on to the editing!
    Hit Points
    First you need to find out your HP in hexadecimal using one of the methods
    listed above or one of your own. Next open up your hex-editor, I will be using
    Frhed it is free and easy to use. Go to open and open your saved game. Take the
    number you got in hexadecimal and look for it in the hex mode on the right
    side. They will be backwards, like "ad" will be "da" or "fda" will be "ad 0f".
    Now change them to whatever you want (64=100, ff=255). You have to keep the
    numbers backwards. When you are done go to file and save, then load up your
    character in Castle of the Winds and see what happened.
    Offset-0x94, 0x96(you must edit both numbers)
    Offset-0x98, 0x9a(again, you must edit both numbers)
    Armor Value (without armor on)
    Character Experience
    Offset-0x9e, 0xa2(again, both characters)
    For the next cheats you can't type in any number you want. You must type in
    64(if you want the maximum).
    Green Strength
    Blue Strength
    Green Intelligence
    Blue Intelligence
    Green Constitution
    Blue Constitution
    Green Dexterity
    Blue Dexterity
    If you would like to contact me for any reason whatsoever my AIM screen-name is 
    carnivalcreepa. My e-mail address is carnival_creepa@yahoo.com.
    10. CREDITS
    I would like to thank:
    Epic Megagames - for making such an awesome game
    Raihan Kibria - for making the hex-editor that I use on all my hex-editing needs, 
    Castle of the Winds is copyright and TM of Epic Megagames. All game data and
    names are copyright and TM of Epic Megagames. Frhed is copyright and TM of
    Raihan Kibra.

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