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"No, Palice Midas is in the other game."

When I got the original tomb raider disk, there was a special disk where this is installed.

Tomb Raider Gold started the tradition that went on until Tomb Raider 3, about 4 extra levels added on to the games, with makeshift stories. Tomb Raider Gold is a 4 level add on to the original Tomb Raider. While it is quite rare, and some may say too frustrating, a veteran of the previous game will love this.

Graphics: 9/10:
The graphics are virtually the same as the original Tomb Raider, although since these were made a year afterwards, the polygons are less noticeable.

Music: NA:
Like the other game, this one has no music, other than the secret and title screen, there aren't any music to be found.

Sound: 10/10:
Exact same as the last one. All the sounds are crystal clear. From the sound of the guns, to the scream of the panther mummies, the sounds are perfect.

Story: 8/10
The levels are in 2 pairs: 2 stories. The official name of the first set is "Shadow of the cat". The name of the second is "Unfinished business". These are more or less summaries of the stories from the manual.

Shadow of the cat

Lara is reflecting on the cat statues she found during her stay in Egypt. She wonders if she missed out on anything, as she was after the scion, and returns to Egypt to find out. It turns out that the statues can turn into cats, and that there's a entire temple devoted to the cat. What will she find? Will she survive?

Unfinished Business

After the explosion of the great pyramid, Lara assumes that the world is safe from the violent atlanteans. It turns out that she missed an entire hatchery of atlanteans. She must now dive back into the area before the menace is released.

Gameplay: 10/10:
While the gameplay stays exactly the same as the last game, the way you play doesn't. Shadow of the cat consists of 2 extra levels set in egypt, and Unfinished buisness has 2 in an atlantean background. While the enemies aren't anything you haven't dealt with if you've played the original, this game puts new situations in. All the levels are puzzle based, all with something you haven't seen. The original didn't pit you against truly sick traps. A huge example is the infamous chess board room, where you must traverse a chess-like room with every ceiling is covered in boulders. They didn't call these the expert levels because they are easy!

Difficulty: Hard
All of the levels are rivaling the final levels of the original in difficulty. If you can beat these, you will have mastered the game.

Conclusion: If you can find this game, take it. From what I know, it's rare. If you loved the original, this is for you!

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 06/27/05

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