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    FAQ/Walkthrough by mr_oh_so_ice

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 04/15/06 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Hexen: Deathkings of the Dark Citadel
    Complete Walkthrough
    Version 1.0
    April 15, 2006
    Written by: ICE (Pritesh Mistry)
    Contact: pmistry_@excite.com
    1.0   Disclaimer
    2.0   Permissions
    3.0   Trademarks
    4.0   Credits
    5.0   Introduction To The FAQ/Guide
    	5.1  Covered in the FAQ/Guide
    	5.2  Not Covered in the FAQ/Guide
    6.0   Walkthrough of Blight (Hub 1) By: G.A.D. Miles
    7.0   Secret Level for Hub 1 By: Myself
    8.0   Walkthrough of Constable's Gate (Hub 2) By: G.A.D. Miles
    9.0   Secret Level for Hub 2 By: G.A.D. Miles
    10.0  Walkthrough of Nave (Hub 3) By: Ichor
    11.0  Secret Level for Hub 3 By: Ichor
    12.0  FAQ Revision History
    [1.0] DISCLAIMER
    This FAQ/Guide was compiled as a contribution to the Heretic/Hexen community. I 
    do not guarantee that this FAQ is 100% accurate. If there are concerns with 
    this FAQ, notify me. 
    This FAQ may not be posted on websites without my permission.
    Please do not copy this FAQ and claim it as your own.
    Do not distribute this FAQ commercially.
    You may backup this FAQ on floppy or optical media for personal use, and you 
    may send this FAQ electronically to friends or colleagues who may also wish to 
    read it. You may print this FAQ for easier reading as well.
    [3.0] TRADEMARKS
    Heretic, Hexen, Hexen: Deathkings of the Dark Citadel, and Raven are trademarks 
    of Raven Software Inc. Doom, Ultimate Doom, Final Doom, and Quake are 
    trademarks of id Software. Windows is a trademark of Microsoft Corporation.
    All other trademarks are copyright by their respective owners, and are hereby 
    [4.0] CREDITS
    Hexen: Beyond Heretic and Hexen: Deathkings of the Dark Citadel were joint 
    creations by Raven Software and id Software. It was developed by Raven using 
    the Doom technology from id Software. At the time, the games were distributed 
    by GT Interactive. GT Interactive was bought out by Infogrames, which has now 
    since assumed the Atari name.
    The walkthroughs of the various of hubs have been done before by other 
    individuals, however, I have asked them to use their original work to make this 
    compilation. Thanks again guys!
    G.A.D. Miles originally composed a walkthrough for Hubs 1 and 2, as well as the 
    secret level for Hub 2. Originally posted here at 
    Ichor (community name) originally composed a walkthrough for Hub 3, as well as 
    the secret level for Hub 3. Originally this was posted at 
    <<<http://hexen.ravengames.com/deathkings_walkthrough.php>>> however, the link 
    is dead as of this date.
    I personally couldn't find any information on finding the secret level for Hub 
    1, so I quickly put one together. I do believe at one time, Raven Software 
    themselves put out information about getting to that level, but I have not been 
    able to locate any information on it.
    I would also like to give credit to Arne Michaelson, whom I have been unable to 
    contact, he originally composed his own guide for completing Hub 1. His 
    original FAQ is probably still out there on gamefaqs.com.
    I decided to compile this FAQ as there is no one complete walkthrough for 
    Hexen's only official expansion pack. The Hexen Deathkings of the Dark Citadel 
    expansion is a brand new set of 20 levels from the Hexen team, that are much 
    more challenging than the original levels. They are good levels with lots of 
    atmosphere and some really great design. Old community sites like 
    http://www.raven-games.com and http://www.ravengames.com have or had 
    walkthroughs of the 3 different hubs, yet there was never a single walkthrough 
    for the game. The first hub walkthrough is readily available but links for the 
    2nd and 3rd hubs and bonus levels are very difficult to find.
         [5.1] COVERED IN THE FAQ
         This walkthrough will give instructions on completing all 3 hubs in Hexen: 
         Deathkings of the Dark Citadel. It will also help you find the 3 bonus 
         levels too.
         [5.2] NOT COVERED IN THE FAQ
         This FAQ will not cover information about enemies, weapons, artificats, 
         and power ups. Nor will it include information on the original game Hexen. 
         There are guides already about this. The Hexen expansion has no new 
         enemies or items, just new levels, so information about that stuff can be 
         viewed by reading a FAQ or guide on Hexen.
    Ruined Village
    First, step into one of the alcoves to open them up and find your weapon. The 
    small room at the end of the hall (with a serpent in it) can be opened from the 
    back (the door kinda blends with the wall). Inside there is a switch that opens 
    a door behind you. Through that door there are stairs with pillars on either 
    side. As you climb the stairs serpents will teleport around you. On the second 
    flight of stairs, step behind the pillars on the right side. Behind them there 
    is a section of wall with more decorations than the rest. It will open up and 
    lead up to the first segment of your superweapon.
    At the top of the stairs you see a ruined wall and (behind it) some wooden 
    shacks. There is a well, if you fall in you will get hurt a little, but you get 
    a porkulator and the water will rise up so you can get out.
    Go to the stream behind all the buildings (you'll have to break some trees). Go 
    up the river and find the switch. Once you hit it, two more rooms open up in 
    the shack nearest the stream. Go in there, turn the wheel, and a message tells 
    you the waterfall has opened. Go back upstream, and enter the waterfall. Don't 
    let the current sweep you away (it will dump you at the start of the level, 
    plus hurt you a bit). In that room (left once you enter the falls) you will 
    find another switch. This one says a door opened in the chapel. Go back almost 
    to the start of the level and two pillars have risen revealing a room with a 
    teleporter. The teleporter takes you to a closed room. Push on the left side of 
    the stone wall and it will lower. Step on and you will rise up and see the 
    silver key on table. Grab it and go to the very beginning of the level where 
    the locked door was. Enter and push the button you find there to open the 
    portal to Blight.
    You start in a tower in the center of the level. The diagram that the jewels 
    fit into is ahead of you. There are four windows to jump out of. Any is as good 
    as the next, though you can choose them by the design of the locked doors that 
    you can see from the windows - the green design leads to brackenwood, the skull 
    leads to Badlands, the frog leads to Sump and the mottled one to Catacomb. 
    Fighters should start with Brackenwood. Mages should start with Catacomb. I 
    havn't tried with the cleric yet ;)
    Each window leads to a quarter of the map. Each quarter has 4 exits - two doors 
    leading to the neighboring quarters (these are closed and locked), a locked 
    door needing a key, and an open passage to a cave or corridor of some type 
    depending on which quadrent you are in.
    Each corridor leads to some trap room where you find the key to that quadrant's 
    locked door, and a switch (or switches) to let you back out. The switches also 
    openthe doors between quadrants, but only to the ones you have also pulled the 
    switches in. Thus, the first quadrant you visit will not open any of the doors, 
    but if the second one you visit is next to the first one, then the door between 
    those two will open next time.
    Each quadrant has different traps to kill you with when you try and get the 
    keys, but they are all pretty straightforward. Some of them will trap you until 
    you pull more than one switch, but they are not hidden (just usually at the 
    four corners of the room or something obvious like that).
    Each of the four main branch levels has a certain puzzle to be solved in order 
    to reach the gem at the end. None of the levels affect eachother in any way 
    however - you can do them in any order and each level has everything needed to 
    solve it within itself.
    You must find three firemasks to place into the pillar near the levels start. 
    First, find a mucky room with a large jello-mold of slime standing up by itself 
    on one end. At the top of it you will find the first firemask. When you place 
    it, one of the three rivers nearby will lower, allowing access to a new room. 
    These rooms can be done in any order, but each one will have some important 
    switch at the end. The first two of these will open up paths (near that first 
    jello-mold) to reach another firemask. The third one you complete will raise 
    the swamp around a piller near the center of the level to let you grab the 
    jewel. Then you can leave and never come back to Sump ;)
    One of the three rooms is a pretty straight fight. It is a glowing room with a 
    serpent in it. When you kill it, another level lowers with another serpent on 
    it, and it repeats until you empty the whole room. Another part is a swampy 
    maze with a few hidden holes that are deep enough to kill you. The third is a 
    pentagram in a pool of lava. Once you pull the switch you can jump down to it 
    to teleport out.
    This one has four firemasks to find, but unlike Sump you can do it in most any 
    order you feel like. Before you do anything you have to take the lower caves 
    till you find the river. Follow this out and to the right there will be some 
    stairs leading up to the area where the firemasks must be placed. There is a 
    blue gem hanging in the air above a pit, but if you try and jump to it you get 
    teleported back to the start of the level. There is a button down on the river 
    that will open up the first area. If you are the mage, the 3rd weapon will be 
    up here as well. Once it is opened, go back to the start of the level and take 
    the high road up to the shaking room with the unstable pillars. With some 
    careful jumping, you must reach three doors around this room. In each one you 
    have to kill some serpents and pull a switch. After doing all three a firemask 
    is revealed.
    Another mask can be reached if you take the elevator beyond the gem room. It 
    has two stops besides the one where you start. One has a wooden door that leads 
    to a ruined temple. Use a broken pillar as stairs to find a switch that lowers 
    another firemask.
    The other two masks are near each other, on the bottom stop of that elevator. 
    To the left is a wooden floor that drops out from under you (making you die, so 
    don't go there yet). To the right are some ice caves that lead to a room full 
    of lava. At the top of this room there are some rocks that you can use to hop 
    across the lava stream and pull a switch. The switch opens up a grate at the 
    bottom of the stream. If you enter there, there are two side passages, one with 
    a firemask, the other with a porkalator. But if you step too far down the 
    stream, you fall and die!
    The wooden floor room can be reached safely if you go around and find the back 
    entrance, and hit a switch up there to stabilize it. Once you are on the floor, 
    a switch there will make it drop very far, but slow enough for you to ride it 
    safely. At the bottom is the final firemask and a teleporter.
    Once all four masks are placed, you can safely jump the pit to grab the gem, 
    but make sure you go all the way across, or you fall and die ;)
    After fighting your way to the central area of the map, jump across to the 
    stone colomn in the center of the swamp. On one edge of it, there is a hidden 
    ledge that you must drop down to (the ledge will not show up at all on your 
    automap, so it may be best to look for it first from down in the swamp). Down 
    there is a switch and a bunch of bodies to blow up. Once you are there the 
    statue up above will light up, and a bell is revealed near the start of the 
    level. Ringing the bell will make a nearby wall crumble, leading to a 
    teleporter that takes you to an area with more switches and bad guys. After 
    finishing that part, a wooden pillar back inside the stone colomn will raise 
    and lower, leading you to the green gem.
    This level is a ring around a large pit. In the pit is a platform with some 
    goodies (including the fighters hammer). Above that there is a gem being 
    suspended above a flame froma crane. Outside the big ring is a large area 
    divvied up into four sections with a Death Wyvern flying in each one ;)
    There is a button inside the ring that starts the process... once it is hit a 
    staircase opens up leading to the outer area. Next to the staircase a small box 
    is raised with a symbol on it... note the symbol and remember it. Outside, as 
    you flee like mad from the Wyverns, you will find a small raised section in 
    each of the large sections. These raised tiers have four statues at the 
    corners. In one section, the tier will have a blank box up in the middle and a 
    switch revelaed next to the box. You can push the box to make it lower and 
    re-raise with a different symbol on it. Do this until it matches the symbol you 
    saw before, and THEN hit the switch nearby. If the wrong symbol is showing, 
    monsters warp in. If it is the right one, then one forth of the puzzle is 
    solved and some quartz flasks warp in.
    Now go back to where you first saw the symbol, and see if it has changed. Note 
    the new symbol and find the next raised tier and repeat the process in each of 
    the four large zones. Once you do all four, you can hit the switch in the large 
    inner pit to make a bridge to the gem. Grab it and go ;)
    Ending : Finishing Blight
    Once all four gems are in place on the diagram, a portal opens behind you and 
    some wings appear. The portal leads to the next hub, so if you go through it 
    you will lose the wings! So, before moving on to the next hub, scour the 
    previous levels with the wings to reach all those hard to reach places. I know 
    you can get an extra Icon of the Defender in Badlands, and some more goodies in 
    Brackenwood once you can fly.
    This is actually really easy to find and best left done when you complete the 
    hub and have the wings of wrath. To gain access to the bonus level you will 
    need to find the 5th gem (ruby planet). If you remember in blight, the outer 
    ring has several artificats behind gates, eg. the dark servant is behind one of 
    them. There are 4 gates in total. Between the 2 connecting gates are secret 
    pathways. There are two of them, one on each side. On one side you will find a 
    porkalator, and on the other side you will find the ruby planet. To gain access 
    to the secret passage just activate as if you were opening a door.
    If you aren't sure what I am talking about, basically make your way down to one 
    of the portals...there are lots of these in blight, they are the areas with the 
    circle stairways and torches along the wall. When you get into a room with a 
    portal, there is a statue in front of the wall opposite to the portal. Either 
    use the wings to fly up or jump on the statue and hop up onto the area in front 
    of the gate, then simply open up the secret passages up there. I am sure you 
    can find it. :)
    Once you have the 5th gem, simply place it on the main board in blight and a 
    message will say..."thats odd" and you will be teleported back to the ruined 
    village. From there you can walk back up the stairs and you will notice that 
    the bars have lowered around the portal you couldn't access before. This will 
    take you to the bonus level "Pyre."
    Constable's Gate
    You start in a large open area with a lot of slaughtaurs. Go through the door 
    to the North. Inside there's a heresiarch which is a tough start to the hub. 
    Once inside you cannot get back out through the same doors. You'll have to go 
    up the stairs on either side of the room and jump out. You might find it easier 
    to deal with the heresiarch from the doorway, without entering the room. Once 
    it's dead go to the passage to the East of the room and up onto the raised 
    section of the room. Pick up Yorrick's skull here. You need three of these 
    before going to the Locus Requiescat level. Activate the switches in the rooms 
    to the West and East. A new door will open on the West of the room. Go through 
    this door (the more Northerly of the two on the West side) and activate the 
    switch on the south side of this room. Activate the 6 switches in the alcoves 
    on each side of the room.
    Now go through the newly opened door to the North and pull switch on East of 
    doorway. Go up the stairs ahead and activate switch on the east wall to the 
    left of where you see the inter-level teleporter. This gives you access to the 
    short range teleporter you can see behind you. Go into the room to your South 
    and turn the wheel. You now have access to the sewage system. Go back down the 
    stairs and jump into the East side of the sewer. You will be swept along to the 
    East. Leave sewer via platform you'll see on the South of the sewer. In the 
    first room go through the door to the North/East. Turn the more Northern of the 
    two wheels on the West wall. This lowers the water level outside.
    Go back out to the sewer and go through the new entrance to the North. You will 
    have to run against the current. Take the stairs to the West and turn the wheel 
    at the top. Go back down the stairs and then up the newly opened stairs to the 
    North. Activate switch on the South side of the room at the top (which is 
    shaped like a backward C. The room, not the switch!). Go back down stairs and 
    into room which has opened to the East. There are 2 teleporters here. The 
    inter-level one goes to the Locus Requiescat. Take the local transporter and 
    then exit through the nearby inter-level transporter. You should now be in the 
    Smash window nearest to door on South side. Exit through window Go back to top 
    of stairs and open door. Return down the stairs and up the tower in the 
    South/East corner. Pick up the Steel Key. Follow the East wall round and enter 
    the first door which is at the North end of the area. Activate switch at the 
    top of the stairs. Now go into room to the West, up the stairs and throw switch 
    at the end of the corridor. This opens access to the central structure outside. 
    It also sets of a trap of fireballs. You'll have to time it right and/or run 
    fast!. (If you activate the switch in the room to the East a door will 
    temporarily open in the first room of the level where you can pick up a few 
    Go back outside and enter the central structure. Collect a second Yorrick's 
    skull in here. Now go to the building on the North/West of the play area. Go up 
    the steps and activate switch on West wall of the curved room. Go through doors 
    both to North and South of this room. In each room you must activate the 
    switch. Now step onto the local teleporter back in the curved room and exit the 
    level through the teleporter in front of you.
    Go back to the first room you entered in Constable's Gate. Take the Southern of 
    the two doors on the West wall. Turn left (South) and open the wall to a 
    Go down the steps. Smash the first window to North and go inside. You can jump 
    up into the opening under which a dead man is sitting. There's an Icon of the 
    Defender up here. Returning to the bottom of the stairs at the start of the 
    level, turn South. Passing between two faces which spit fire at each other, you 
    will be in a long corridor. Take the first entrance to the West. The South wall 
    of the room at the end can be opened.
    Return to the main corridor and explore the area to the East. (It isn't 
    necessary to visit either, nor the earlier bit behind the window.) Go to the 
    South end of the corridor along the narrow path. Don't worry if you fall. 
    There's a switch at the bottom that will lower a section of the path and get 
    you back up. At the end, jump into the opening to the East. Go to the end and 
    open the door. Activate switches at the top of both sets of stairs to the 
    South, and the one up the stairs to the North on the East wall. Behind the 
    teleporter, back downstairs, you will find the 3rd Yorrick's Skull. Enter the 
    teleporter to the Constable's Gate. Once there, make your way to the 
    inter-level teleporter at the North-East corner of the level. Enter it.
    Locus Requiescat
    You are in a diamond shaped graveyard. Enter passage in South/East or 
    South/West and go up to diamond shaped room. Jump out of door to the North onto 
    platform and activate switch. A teleporter will be revealed in the room you've 
    just left and the trees which blocked your exit to the North have vanished. The 
    centre of the level is a pth arond an octagonal wall. Going clockwise round the 
    path, take the first exit to the West, to the Western quadrant of the level. 
    Put one of your Yorrick's skulls on the statue. you now have access to the rest 
    of this Western quadrant (the trees have gone). Go into the passage in the 
    South corner of the quadrant. Killing the occupants of the 6 side rooms opens a 
    door to the West of this passage.
    Go West and pull switch. Make your way up to the North of the quadrant and pull 
    switch. The teleporters will take you to some goodies in the hallway with 6 
    side-rooms. Return to the central pathway and enter the Northern Quadrant. 
    Repeat the stuff with the skull. Go to the passage on the North/East bounday 
    and pull switch at the end. 6 side chambers will have opened along the 
    passageway. Walk through the wall at the back of one of these (see you map). 
    Pull the switch at the end.
    Now go to the Eastern quadrant and repeat the stuff with the skull. Climb to 
    the top of the rocks where you will see one of those twinkling blue paths 
    leading to a room to the East. A corridor leads off this to the North. At the 
    end there are three small alcoves arond a tree with mushrooms? growing in them. 
    Destroy the tree and the mushrooms. This opens a passage to the East in the 
    room you've just left. Pull the switch to complete the puzzle.
    The "Crypt" at the centre of the level is now open. Jump up into the middle and 
    collect the Castle Key (beware of the arrows). Return to the teleporter at the 
    start of the level. On the Constable's Gate, go to the teleport to the Ordeal.
    Go to the room at the end of the level from which you teleported out before. Go 
    up the stairs to the North, unlock the door and activate the switch. Return 
    along the passageway towards the main North/South corridor. The door on the 
    left (to the South/West) is now open. You now have a very tricky bit where you 
    have to jump over lava pits while the walls spit fire at you. In the room full 
    of columns at the end, activate the switch in the middle of the East wall. This 
    gives access to transporter on the West wall. Enter it.
    You start off in water. Go South and leave the water on the platform to the 
    East. Pull switch straight ahead. This raises stairs heading South. Go up the 
    stairs. Take the first turning to the South. Pull the switch at the end to 
    raise more stairs. Head West and up the stairs. Take the first turn to the West 
    and activate swicth in the 1st room to the South. Return to the top of the 
    stairs and take the 2nd turn to the West (the one after the blue candles). 
    Activate switch in the last room to the North from this passage.
    Returning towards the main passage you can now enter the area behind the blue 
    candles to the South. Activate the switch in there. More stairs will be raised 
    along the main passage to the North. Go up them. Turn East at the top and pull 
    the switch where the path opens out over the water below to the South. Now head 
    back North and up the stairs. Turn left (North) at the top and follow the path. 
    Kill everything in sight and then return to the top of the stairs. Head South 
    and take the 1st turning to the East and then immediately to the South. Follow 
    the path up more steps. At the top use teleporter to North.
    Constable's Gate
    Head South into the room surrounded by cages. In the middle of the room is a 
    lift shaft. Enter it and exit at the top. There you will find the "Heart of 
    D'Sparil". Jump down into the open space at the start of the hub and go back 
    into the very first room through the door to the North. Go up onto the raised 
    part at the North of the room and put the heart on the pedestal. You can now 
    pick up some wings and fly about before ending the hub through the alcove to 
    the North.
    Getting to the secret level is actually quite simple, but a bit on the painful 
    side. All you need to do is get to the top like you normally would, but instead 
    of leaving, head towards that Chaos Device on the platform. Get it if you want, 
    but there's no secret there. The secret is right before. On the left is some 
    Mesh Armor hanging on a chain. Get it and you will fall all the way to the 
    bottom. It will hurt a bit, but it won't kill you unless you only have a little 
    health left. Go back to the top, and go to the spot where you got the armor. A 
    door will open up, revealing a teleporter. This will lead you to a series of 
    teleporters, until you come to a level exit. This leads to the Armory.
    The first thing you see when you start is a wall with three switches on it. 
    Don't hit any just yet, although it doesn't hurt. There are two important 
    things you need to know about this map. First, each of those three switches 
    opens the way to another part of the map. Each side of the map has a wall with 
    three switches on it. You can only have one part of the map open at any one 
    time. For instance, you start on the west side. Hitting the left switch opens 
    the north side, but closes the other two. Hitting the center switch opens the 
    east side, and closes the other two. Hitting the right side will open the south 
    side, and closes the other two. Each of the three switches on each side of the 
    map will do the same thing. The second thing is that you need to go to each 
    side and hit a switch (the north side has three) in order to open the exit. 
    Before you hit any switch, go down the long narrow corridor and you'll soon 
    come to a door. Go through and hit the switch at the far end. Simple. Except 
    now the walls are moving. Just move up to the wall that is moving, and when it 
    gets out of the way, move up to the next one, and so on until you get through. 
    Then go back to the three switches.
    Let's try the north side next, so hit the left switch. Once you reach the north 
    side, go down the corridor (all sides are set up in generally the same way) and 
    behind the door is a large room, and in the middle is a column with something 
    firing tons of ripper balls in a rotating pattern. You're going to have to run 
    to each switch, and when the third one is pressed, return to the door, making 
    sure to jump up the step there. The easiest way to do this is to wait until the 
    ripper balls are just landing before you start running. Go back to the three 
    switches, and press the left one, opening the east side.
    The east switch is actually fairly easy if you have found the Wings of Wrath. 
    Just kill the Chaos Serpents and grab the loot before hitting the switch. Now 
    go back to the three switches and hit the left switch, opening the south side. 
    The south switch seems easy enough. Just run in the room, get the Porkelator, 
    and hit the switch. However, this will open the walls, allowing a bunch of Dark 
    Bishops to attack. Once you've finished here, go back to the three switches and 
    hit the left switch. This opens the west side again. If you have hit all four 
    switches, the exit will open up here, taking you back to the Treasury.
    You begin peacefully enough in Nave, where so far all you see is an artifact or 
    two, a couple of suits of armor, and two doors. However, once you open those 
    doors, just about every non-boss enemy there is comes at you, and you will have 
    about ten minutes or so of complete confusion. Don't go through the doors until 
    you're ready, or you will be thrown into the hall, most likely at the wrong 
    time. Notice the pools of water. Enemies have a tendency to teleport silently 
    to another pool of water in the map, so make sure to be careful not to be 
    standing in one for very long, just in case an enemy decides to teleport on 
    your head. Once enough enemies are gone, you can explore the map more 
    thoroughly. Break all those glass windows and this will eventually reveal four 
    switches in the back of the map. Hit all four switches and stairs will rise up, 
    allowing you to go to any of the four maps.
    Your first objective here is to get one of the clock gears, which is the 
    objectives in all the four maps right now. Before you go anywhere, turn around 
    and right behind you is a secret room with four Quartz Flasks. Next to the 
    level exit is a dark room with a Dark Servant and a lot of dead bodies. Now, 
    you may be tempted to destroying those dead bodies. Don't hit them all or you 
    will end up in a terrible mess. Now go down the narrow hallway, and about 
    halfway down you'll see a dark spot. On either wall is a secret door. If you 
    want to go straight to the clock gear, then just ignore this for now, but 
    you'll have to come back to it later. At the end of the hall is a room with a 
    pool of lava in it, and in that pool are several pillars, one of which has the 
    clock gear on it. At the far end of the room, near a room with the Dragonskin 
    Bracers, is a bright spot on the floor. Step on that and an elevator will take 
    you down to a dark room with some blue mana and Quartz Flasks. Jump into the 
    flowing slime and allow yourself to fall into the next room. A teleporter is
    there, which will take you to the clock gear. Just make sure not to land in the 
    lava when you jump off the pillar.
    You start inside a small, but very tall tower. Make sure you run off the side 
    or you might not make it to the ground below, and instead fall to the ground 
    far below. If you go for that Krater of Might, get it and move away quickly, 
    because the whole pool will turn to lava and a lot of fireballs will erupt from 
    all the surrounding trees. Now go inside the building, and in the main hall 
    you'll get to play with your ol' pal, the Heresiarch. Before you go through 
    those big doors, go up the stairs on either side and hit the switches on the 
    top. Now go through and go up the stairs on either side of the door at the far 
    end and hit the switches on the top. Once you hit all four of the switches, you 
    can open that door. You'll see a clock gear on the ground and the Holy Relic on 
    a platform. Get the clock gear, but ignore the Holy Relic for now. You'll get 
    it later. Once you get the clock gear, you still have one challenge left (if 
    you killed the Heresiarch, that is), and that is leaving the level. You're 
    going to have to get back on the tower you started on. Near the now lava pool 
    where you got the Krater of Might, you'll see a switch on the building wall. 
    Hit it, but don't try to jump on the elevator yet. You won't make it. Instead 
    wait until it goes up, then back down. Now you can jump on it, and the elevator 
    will go back up again.
    Dark Watch
    You start outside a fairly small building, and you will have to deal with a lot 
    of Centaurs and Slaughtaurs, Stalkers, and Brown Chaos Serpents on the cliffs. 
    This will not be easy at all, especially since you don't have very much room to 
    move around. After all the enemies are dead, you'll have to deal with Centaurs 
    inside the building, but it isn't as hard in here. In the largest room, the 
    floor isn't quite all there, and on the edges are several Flechettes. Make sure 
    not to fall off here. The door at the far end of this room is the way out. Here 
    you'll have to fight a lot of Afrits and some more Stalkers. You'll see a dark 
    corridor to the left, some stairs right in front, a door to the right of those 
    stairs, and if you walk out a bit, you'll see a door on the right. As soon as 
    you walk outside, head to the left and into that dark corridor. Right away 
    you'll see a door on the left. Go through it and hit the switch that you'll 
    eventually see. Then go to the outside stairs and you can hit the switch up 
    there. This will open the door to the right of the stairs. Here you'll see a 
    bunch of barrels on the right side of the room, what seems like something a 
    blacksmith might use, and a few more barrels and a small room right above them. 
    On the right side is a wall with a picture of a dragon on it. That's a secret 
    wall. On the left side is where the clock gear is. Jump up on the barrels and 
    up into the room to get it. Now go back to where you started from and jump up 
    on the cliffs there (where the Brown Chaos Serpents were), and leave.
    As soon as you begin the map, you'll be attacked by a bunch of Ettins and 
    Stalkers (both types). You'll probably have to use a few Discs of Repulsion to 
    survive with at least a little health. After the confusion dies down you can 
    explore the map. Don't fall off the ledge until you're ready, because in the 
    slime below are a lot of Stalkers. There's a torch on one of the ledges, by the 
    way. When you're ready, jump off and attempt to kill the enemies. Then you can 
    hit the valve switch, which raises the slime level to a teleporter. Once 
    through, you'll see another valve switch. This will lower the slime level 
    again. Now head through the sewers, killing enemies as you go, until you reach 
    another teleporter. This will lead you to another part of the sewers, where 
    more enemies and a clock gear are. Also, a teleporter is there at the far end 
    behind some columns, so it may be hard to see at first. This teleporter will 
    lead you back to the place where you saw the second valve switch. The left 
    corridor, which was once blocked, is now open. There is yet another teleporter 
    there, which leads to the starting area. Hit the gear-like switch there to 
    Back to Nave
    Now that you have all four clock gears, it's time to put them in their places. 
    One raises some stairs in Dark Watch, one raises a bridge in Abattoir, one 
    opens a door in Chantry, and one seemingly does nothing, but when all four are 
    placed, a barricade rises in Cloaca.
    Back to Chantry
    Now you can worry about getting that Holy Relic you saw earlier. Go back to 
    where you got the clock gear and you'll see behind the Holy Relic a Mystic Urn 
    and a switch. This switch opens up one of the walls. There you will see a bunch 
    of pots and another switch. This will open up the other wall. Head up the 
    stairs to get the Chaos Device and a switch emerges from the floor. Hit that 
    and from the pool of water a level exit appears. Also, stairs will appear 
    leading to the Holy Relic. However, get it quickly, or you may get caught by a 
    crusher. Now, instead of going back up to that tower, you can leave by the new 
    level exit, which leads to Abattoir.
    Back to Abbatoir
    Remember that dark spot in the hallway? Well, now it's time to go there. First 
    go to the right, but be careful around here. Jump up on the step right in front 
    and quickly jump off again, or you'll be squished by a crusher. Now head to the 
    corridor on the left. If you're fast enough you can see the crusher rising back 
    up again. Since it only works once, you're now safe to hit the switch there, 
    and maybe kill some of those Ettins in that large room there. Then go out to 
    the hallway and head through the left wall. And go up the stairs. At the top of 
    the stairs, you could either go straight and have fun trying to get the torch 
    without falling off the slime, or you can go to the right, which will 
    eventually lead to two switches right next to each other. The left switch 
    causes some crushers to quickly come down, and hopefully onto the Ettins that 
    are around. The right switch, activates a few more crushers you passed on the 
    way there. However, these aren't beneficial like the others. You'll have to 
    move very fast, but you must also be very careful. More than likely, you will 
    have to do this one at a time. To make matters worse, there are enemies at the 
    far end that may block you when you try to pass under the last crusher. After 
    all this, you will see an open door, and the bridge that was raised when you 
    used the clock gear. Carefully walk across and hit the switch on the pillar at 
    the end of the bridge. This opens a door where you started on the map, so go 
    back there and you will see a large room with some familiar looking dead 
    Ettins. Make your way through, and at the far end will be a smaller room 
    connecting another large room. You'll also see a few unreachable Quartz Flasks 
    and possibly a level exit. In the next room is a switch right as you walk in, a 
    small stream of flowing slime, some enemies, and what looks like some kind of 
    well. Before you hit the switch, jump down the well. Be careful, however, 
    because you will land right on top of a not very pleased Stalker. Hit the 
    switch and the slime will rise back up. Now you can hit that other switch. This 
    will open a door right next to it. Inside is a teleporter, which takes you to a 
    side corridor that runs around the first large room. At the end is a 
    teleporter, taking you back to the place where you got the clock gear. Now, you 
    will see that the bars that the Dragonskin Bracers are behind have opened. 
    There is also a teleporter there, which leads to the Sigil of the Magus, and 
    the level exit you saw just a little while ago. This one takes you to Dark 
    Back to Dark Watch
    Go back as if you were going to get the clock gear, and once you get through 
    the first building, pass that door on the right for now, and head up the stairs 
    that were built when you placed the clock gear. At the top is a dark room with 
    a lot of glass windows. Break them and notice that one of them reveals a door. 
    Open it and you'll soon see a switch at the far end. Now come back to that door 
    you passed on the way and go through. You will come to a room with a lit 
    minotaur torch at one end and a teleporter at the other (if you were here 
    before, you would have seen that the torch would have not been lit and the 
    teleporter would have been blocked). Go through and you can grab the Glaive 
    Seal. The level exit there leads to Cloaca, but since you now have all three 
    weapon pieces, you could simply go back to Nave.
    Back to Nave
    Simply put the weapon pieces in their place and a couple of doors will open, 
    reavealing a level exit to the last map.
    Dark Citadel
    A simple map, really. It's just an octagon with a web-like pattern of lava on 
    the floor and three windows at one end. However, the map is far from easy. Once 
    you're here, there is no way back, so get as many things as you can before 
    coming here. It is all quiet when you begin, but after a few moments 16 or so 
    Slaughtaurs appear near the outer wall. This is probably one of the hardest 
    parts, since you'll have to stay outside the lava pattern. After they're all 
    dead, almost immediately, 16 more show up, this time closer to the center. 
    Also, a bunch of Quartz Flasks appear. After they are gone, 16 more show up, 
    along with blue and green mana. After they are gone, the lava pattern in the 
    floor sinks and becomes water, and the enemy fighter (Zedek) breaks through one 
    of the windows. Also, a Dark Servant appears in the center. After he is dead 
    the pattern repeats itself, only this time with Dark Bishops. Compared to those 
    Slaughtaurs, these are pushovers. Once that is done, the enemy cleric 
    (Tradactus) breaks through the glass. The floor pattern turns to ice and a 
    Krater of Might appears in the center. Then the pattern repeats itself again, 
    except with Reivers. They aren't quite as hard as the Slaughtaurs, since you 
    can move around the whole area. After this, the enemy mage (Menelkir) breaks 
    through the third window, and a Mystic Urn appears in the center. Once he is 
    dead, you can exit and end the game.
    This description assumes that you've followed the walkthrough for the 3rd hub 
    and you've already inserted the 4 gears at the proper places in the Nave.
    Since Cloaca did not have any weapon puzzle pieces, you thought it wasn't 
    important anymore after you got them all, but there is something else here. 
    There are two puzzle books. After putting in all four clock gears, some 
    barricades have moved out of the way. The Liber Oscura is right at the start of 
    the map. The Daemon Codex is only a little harder to find. Fall off the ledge, 
    and if you lowered the slime, you'll have to raise it again. Now go through the 
    teleporter, and at the far end of the sewers in a small alcove is the second 
    puzzle book. Just follow the flowing slime all the way to it. With both books, 
    you can go back to Nave.
    At the back of the map on either wall, you will see a pattern on the wall, with 
    a twined torch on either side. These are secret doors leading to libraries. It 
    is here where you put the books. Put one book in each library and you will see 
    that the way back is opened leading to the secret map.
    Ice Hold
    This is probably one of the hardest maps in the whole game, but it also has the 
    most items and artifacts to get, including the ever popular Wings of Wrath. 
    They are located in the center tower, and before you can get them, you have to 
    hit four switches. All while being constantly bombarded with Wendigo blasts. 
    Each switch is behind a door on certain areas of the map. The west side has one 
    switch, and it is probably the easiest. The north side has two switches, and 
    the south side has one, and is easily the most annoying. For the west switch, 
    all you do is hit the switch, and the ice walls will melt, allowing a few 
    Wendigos to attack. Kill them and wait until the door opens. For the first 
    north switch, the one on the left, you will see a room with a fast moving 
    column moving around the walls. In the center are a few Wendigos surrounded by 
    icicles. At the far end is the switch. Hit it and the Wendigos will wake up. 
    For the switch on the right, you must first go down some long, winding stairs. 
    Then you come to a corridor. Notice the lighting. It is dark on the left wall, 
    and bright everywhere else. Remember this as you hit the switch. Don't walk on 
    the lighted area because that portion disappears and you would fall off. Now 
    for the switch in the south side of the map. The room with the switch seems 
    simple enough, with a few green mana and a Porkelator where the switch is. 
    However, be extremely careful here. Once you press the switch, get away from 
    there, since the room will go through something similar to the room with the 
    Steel Key on Guardian of Ice. Most sections won't close up completely, but some 
    will. One of them happens to be right over your head, so once you hit the 
    switch, move away from it as fast as possible. With all four switches pressed, 
    a winding magic bridge has formed. It's not as easy as it looks, since it's 
    above ice. That makes it slippery as well. Once you get to the center tower, 
    get the Wings of Wrath. Make absolutely sure that you get the Wings of Wrath 
    before you hit the switch or they will vanish. Once you get them, you are free 
    to explore the map and grab all the goodies that you couldn't reach before.
    v1.0 - initial release [April 15, 2006]

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