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    Walkthrough by Anonymous

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    Are You Afraid of the Dark?
    The Tale of Orpheo's Curse
    2 May 1995
    Press spacebar at Viacom logo to skip most of introduction.
    Press spacebar after exit to skip credits.
    Enter alley on the right
    Push on stage door in the back of the alley
    Look at stage door, enter door
    Click on Orpheo for direct sequence, or click on stage door for:
         Get bone
         Use bone on cobwebs
         Enter one-way door into museum
    In museum, look at crystal ball on green table
    Look and touch back of snake on center table
    Exit museum through cattle-skull secret door
    Go straight through door
    Look at Merlin's book (green & blue eyes)
    Go to Modeling Studio
    Get candle from center drawer at foot of stairs
    Drag a blue and a green eye from left-hand drawer to wax head
    Look up and climb boxes in center of studio
    Look at and touch water valve
    Climb down boxes
    Go to end of ramp in back of studio
    Turn right, enter secret door
    Get skeleton key from sewing machine
    Go to south entrance to Mythical Creatures
    Expose Storage door on the west side
    Enter storage room
    Go downstairs to basement
    Go left and through corridor between fans, enter door to costume shop
    Go through costume shop to Prop Storage door (in costume shop Monster day
    wardrobe, "we can open wardrobe five")
    Go behind lined-up backdrops on right to desk
    Open desk drawer, try to get doorknob
    Lead skeleton to boiler room in basement beyond fans corridor
    Once inside boiler room, open door to melt skeleton
    Go back to desk and get doorknob
    Return to center of Prop Room, go up spiral staircase in back corridor
    Turn right (away from barrel), forward, and enter Music Room on the left
    Go up stairs to Orchestra Pit
    Look at conductor's music stand
    Touch flute
    Get magic wand
    Exit back through Music Room
    Go up spiral staircase
    Go forward to stage ropes
    Look at note on rope
    Touch rope (teleportation booths lowered to stage)
    Go back down spiral staircase
    Turn right, go down and use doorknob to enter Aldo's dressing room
    Exhaust dialog with mirror
    Press button at right of dressing table to open secret door on the right
    Enter Wax Museum and look at Houdini
    Look at shirt pocket, get key
    Go to basement through Storage door
    Go right and behind array of pipes to yellow door
    Enter Magic Workshop
    Touch Alex, rearrange Alex
    Enter teleportation booth, become Alex
    Touch R.I.P. symbol
    Go forward and get lantern on the right
    Go back through tunnel to graves area and get shovel
    Go back through tunnel and enter tomb
    Go to center left wall and use shovel on marble panel, get hat
    Go through tunnel to back left of graves area and exit through brick wall
    Enter teleportation booth
    Touch stairs symbol
    Turn around and get green and red keys
    Exit room through door
    Exhaust dialog with mirror
    Put green key in purple box
    Look at boxes on table
    Click on door of leftmost box to open secret door
    Exit room to Upper Lobby
    Move right, forward, forward, right, forward, forward to enter theatre
    Look at balcony railing
    Look at opera glasses
    Watch cut scene, get cape
    Go left and upstairs to spectres puzzle on wall
    Click on sailor and woman-with-necklace on bottom row
    Enter through secret door and enter teleportation booth
    Touch moon symbol
    Turn around, enter door
    At foot of first ladder, turn around and enter door
    Forward on catwalk, right at dome
    Continue past light bulb
    Turn right, get harness
    Return to light bulb
    Look at light bulb cord
    Touch plug
    Wait for spark to go along cord
    Touch plug again to trap spark in light bulb
    Continue straight on catwalk
    Turn left, go through door
    Continue straight past stage ropes and go down
    Look at stuffed bag
    Touch stuffed bag to deactivate rope snake
    On far side of room, unbar door
    Proceed through second-floor corridor and up stairs to spectres secret door
    Enter coffin doorway
    Go straight, then right at dome
    Go straight, then right at dome
    Go to end of catwalk, turn left and go up two ladders
    Go left at dome by red and blue lights
    Turn right, use harness, get medallion
    Return to coffin room
    Exit room under stairs, go around corner to the right to Orpheo picture
    Look at painting
    Look at eyes
    Touch each eye until they both point upward, secret door exposed
    Go through secret door and up stairs to red door
    Use red key on red door
    Become Terry
    Get green key from purple box
    Look at hand-written note on wall above desk
    Enter teleportation booth
    Touch pail symbol
    Go up hanging chain
    Use green key on green box, get eyeballs
    Become Terry & Alex
    At oven, turn right and enter parlor
    Open "Keep Out" door and get blue key
    Enter bedroom (many candles)
    Look at and touch pillow on bed
    Look at and touch red box
    Touch snake crystal, expose secret door
    Enter secret room, turn left and see hologram
    Turn right back to table and look at table
    Touch candle on top of skull
    Turn left and look at wax statue of Orpheo
    Follow instructions for five enchanted objects
    Leave apartment by blue door in parlor
    Turn left, go up blue staircase
    Go forward twice, turn right and follow catwalk
    Enter door, go forward and down spiral staircase
    Turn around, open door and go down spiral staircase to stage
    Face front of two teleportation booths on stage
    Turn left, click question-mark symbol
    Click right-pointing hand to the left of left teleportation booth
    Click left-pointing hand to the right of right teleportation booth
    Endgame sequences

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