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"Best megaman game?"

The blue bomber makes his way back.........

On the technical side Mega Man X4 is great, just like in gameplay. The games sprites look extremely polished, as they should considering the era of gaming they are in, but the designs on X and Zero are awesome. The level of detail is a nice relief compared to previous titles. MMX4 also has a wide array of explosions, whether you are destroying an enemy or the environment it looks nice. They provide you with a sense of uneasiness when it happens, that's just how good it is. For example, you may be on a speed bike when a large amount of fire might be coming behind you while the building your riding through breaks down before your eyes. While all of that is going on you have to concentrate on not getting stuck behind something or missing a jump only to fall into a pit below. It all looks great and makes your playing, at certain parts, much more intense.

The level design in the game is also very well done. I loved how almost everything you came across, minus the backgrounds, was interactive in some way. You could almost destroy anything in front of you with your X-Buster or Z-Saber. Most of the levels have a lot of "leap of faith" moments so to speak in the length and amount of jumps you have to take. This gives the game a kick back to where it originated with platforming. The detail put into the levels and enemies is also something I like. MMX4 is also a 2D sidescrolling game and because of this the game doesn't have 3D polygons to go with it, so when you see the levels you have to picture something along the lines of advanced SNES graphics. Given the 32/64-bit era this came out in you would expect otherwise, but don't think of this as a flaw. It certainly isn't by any stretch of the imagination.

Since we are in an era of gaming where cut scenes are big, Capcom included many of them, as well as voice work, into MMX4. At different points in the game these anime type cut scenes will pop in to give you a greater take on the story. They are drawn and animated pretty well. Seeing some of the fights take place is a real treat considering you get to see more than just the sprites go at it. The voice work is kind of good, but nothing exceptional. The strangest thing that caught my eye... err.. ears was the sound of X's voice. It is very... well... girlish, yes, girlish. X, one cool game character, has a seemingly feminine voice over. That voice in particular will stand out to you and make you wonder just what Capcom was thinking when they got that person to voice X. Not the greatest moment in their history I'll tell ya that. But for the most part it isn't anything to go crazy about, on the same token though it isn't anything to shut your speakers off too.

Now, I've been waiting a long time to dive into the soundtrack of the Mega Man X4. So, before I begin allow me to say one word: Amazing. Yes, the songs in MMX4 are some of the best Mega Man songs, ever. You'll be be hearing a lot of techno-ish/rock type music, and boy that mixture never sounded better. The two theme's of the characters are done to fit X's and Zero's personalities, you'll get a different song depending on who you are playing as at the beginning. X's is more of a techno type of deal that isn't to fast paced but is there. Zero's on the other hand is an incredibly fast, rock type of song. It's the kind of music that would get you up and ready to play. As far as level music goes, it doesn't stutter at all the music in each stage fits it to a tee. For example, while playing in Cyber Peacock's level you get a lot of techno beats because it's a cyber world. If you are playing in Frost Walrus' level on the other hand you are going to get a much more frigid, cold music (very cave and ice-like). One thing that can't go without mention is how almost every track for MMX4 remains extremely fast paced. Rarely will you run across a song that is mellow and calm, and this is an absolute plus in every way considering the pace MMX4 takes. Basically, after playing this game you'll be trying to get to your hands on the nearest Mega Man X4 Soundtrack to purchase.

As far as length and replayability go you are going to get a solid portion of each. For starters you have eight Maverick's that you can face, and each will give you a decent challenge. Coupled with mini-bosses at different points and an additional few levels after that and you've got a good sized game. The one thing that actually brings the length portion of the game down is the lack of challenge, and that is one thing that stops this game from being near perfect. The game is easy, and while not a "walk in the park" type easy, it's still lacking nonetheless. You do have the ability to change the difficulty to easy, medium, or hard and that is always welcome but even at the hardest difficulty the levels don't really provide you with any more challenge. The harder difficulties will have you dying many a time to bosses however. For the most part it will level out but overall you aren't going to get the most challenging game in the world.

With replayability you are seeing mounds and mounds of it. As I mentioned earlier, with the chance to play as either X or Zero you can at least give this game two runs to get a different story and gameplay experience. That aside though you will have the option to go through and replay levels to find missing hearts, energy tanks, and X's upgrades. They both provide a reason to run through the game after you have completed it. If you aren't into getting upgrades, MMX4 is one of those games that you can just pick up and play at any time and have a blast. That's what makes this game so great, is how much fun it is. You could run through it several times and not get bored in the slightest, it's just that unique Mega Man style that Capcom has drilled into us.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 01/02/06

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