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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Gold Mage

    Version: Final | Updated: 12/19/05 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

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                          WXXXXXXXAiV;  ;XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXA.                      
                   .  PXXXXAV          VPkiPXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXi                  
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                XXX;  V,.wPXXXXXXXXXXX  PiXXXXXXXXk             VPXXXX,            
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     wXX WXA   XXXX      XXX   XX VkWuXf       VkX .GkWWkWWWWWWWWWkWWWWWWWWuuXX;,  
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      iXX VXX   X            XXXX ukWiuVwuuVw;VkGGkWWWWWWWWWVAXwWWWiwXAukiiiuXW,   
      ViXX kVAA           iXX ., kGWWWWWWWkkGGkWiiWkGkkWWWWuwXX,WWiViXk kuiwXX.    
        kXX ;XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXf;   ;wwwVVVVVVuuiWkWV   XuWWWwkXX kWu,XX ;WuWXX.     
           XXXA; wXXXXXXXXXXXXu        ;wWPXXXXXXXXXX  GiwwXXX ,kuGXX iXXX;        
             XXXXV  ;ww;.     wWPPPPPPPkki w XXXXXXXw GiwuXXX, Pi,fXXXXXi.,        
               XXXXXV,,;VikGPGGkkkWWWWkWPXXXXXXXXXX  GWVGXXX. kw.XXXXXw            
                 WXXXXXPWuuuiWWWWWWkkkWWi;,uwXXXXX  GW;;XXX  wWXXXXW               
                    ;XXXXXXfiVukGGGGPAAPfXik XXX  ,i. PXXXXXXXXX                   
                         uXXXXXXXAiw.   ,kXXXXX WXXXXXXXXXXP                       
                                iXXXXXXXXX  XXXXXXXXi                              
                         S O N I C   3   A N D   K N U C K L E S
    The Sonic and Knuckles Collection FAQ/Walkthrough
    For PC
    By Gold Mage
    Email: tjhunt@gmail.com
    Created on: 15/2/04
    Last update: 20/12/05
    Version: Final
    This document is the hard work of me. This document cannot be changed or altered
    in any way, You are welcome to ask my permission if you would like this 
    guide posted on your website. This document is for private use only. If you wish
    to contact me about this guide please check the Contact Me section at the
    bottom of the guide on details for emailing me.
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                    _____|             CONTENTS            |_____
                    \    | _______________________________ |    /
                     \   |/ |                           | \|   /
                     /    \ |                           | /    \
                    /______/                             \______\
     1.    AUTHOR'S NOTE
     3.    CHARACTERS
     4.    CONTROLS
     5.    ITEMS
     6.    WALKTHROUGH
              - Angel Island Zone     (Act 1,2)     -
              - Hydrocity Zone        (Act 1,2)     -
              - Marble Garden Zone    (Act 1,2)     -
              - Carnival Night Zone   (Act 1,2)     -
              - Ice Cap Zone          (Act 1,2)     -
              - Launch Base Zone      (Act 1,2)     -
              - Mushroom Hill Zone    (Act 1,2)     -
              - Flying Battery Zone   (Act 1,2)     -
              - Sandopolis Zone       (Act 1,2)     -
              - Lava Reef Zone        (Act 1,2)     -
              - Hidden Palace Zone                  -
              - Sky Sanctuary Zone                  -
              - Death Egg Zone        (Act 1,2)     -
              - The Doomsday                        -
              - Bonus Stages                        -
              - Special Stages                      -
     7.    CHEATS
    10.    CREDITS
    11.    CONTACT ME
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                    _____|        1. AUTHOR'S NOTE         |_____
                    \    | _______________________________ |    /
                     \   |/ |                           | \|   /
                     /    \ |                           | /    \
                    /______/                             \______\
    Welcome to my newest guide, this time for Sonic and Knuckles collection for the
    PC. This game is Sonic 3 and Knuckles that you can play on the you PC, ainít
    that great?
    Well with that done let's go over on this guides nuts n' bolts. The guide is
    very simple to follow; I've tried to make it as easy to read so there is little
    frustration. You know when you come across a guide and all the writing looks
    the same and it's hard to tell which section is which. Well my guides are set
    up so that you can defiantly notice when there is a break in sections. Thoseare 
    the big ribbons that you can see (look below). Then when there are sub heads
    those are marked in boxes made from "~~~" and sub-sub headings are underlined.
    Seems simple? Well it is.
    Well it seems I have ran of things to say. So I think I'll end the introduction
    here. Thank you once again for reading this guide and I hope you enjoy it as
    much reading it as I did writing it.
    - Gold Mage (Thomas Hunt)
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                    _____|       2. VERSION HISTORY        |_____
                    \    | _______________________________ |    /
                     \   |/ |                           | \|   /
                     /    \ |                           | /    \
                    /______/                             \______\
    Version 0.5 - 15/2/04
    Started this guide.
    Version 1.0 Ė 20/2/04
    Finished the walkthrough and there are still some other sections which will be
    done later.
                         /                                 \
                    _____|          3. CHARACTERS          |_____
                    \    | _______________________________ |    /
                     \   |/ |                           | \|   /
                     /    \ |                           | /    \
                    /______/                             \______\
    Sonic the Hedgehog
    Our main man. The blue dude. Sonic is our true hero for this game. He is a blue
    hedgehog who can run at incredible speeds. He has spoiled the plans of Dr.
    Robotnik before. And in this new adventure, he has to do it al over again. So
    let's go kick some giant butt!
    Miles "Tails" Prowler
    Tails has been Sonic's friend since he can remember. For a young two-tailed fox
    he is very smart. He can fly a plane. Cool. He also is a hero who looks up to
    Sonic wishing he can be a hero like him one day.
    Knuckles the Echidna
    A new character. A red echidna with a bad attitude. He is working for Robotnik
    After being brainwashed by him. Can Sonic bring him to the right side?
    Dr. Ivo Robotnik
    Formally known as Dr. Kintobor. He was studying the effects of Chaos Emeralds
    and Rings when the experiment went wrong and he fused with a rotten egg, thus
    becoming Robotnik. In Sonic 3 he has tricked Knuckles to work for him.
    Animal Friends
    Robotnik has captured Sonic's friends and roboticized some of them, turning
    them into the evil Badniks. Some of Sonic's friends however, have been captured
    in large containers and you have to free them at the end of some worlds.
    These are Robotnik's minions who will try to stop Sonic, defeat one of these to
    free an animal friend, which is trapped inside.
                         /                                 \
                    _____|          4. CONTROLS            |_____
                    \    | _______________________________ |    /
                     \   |/ |                           | \|   /
                     /    \ |                           | /    \
                    /______/                             \______\
    A: These buttons make Sonic jump.
    A X2: Press one of the jump buttons twice and Sonic will do a Spin Cut Attack.
          If you have a shield you will use its Ability. (see the Items section for
          more about the shields)
    Left and Right: Make Sonic move.
    Up: Make Sonic look up, hold it for a few seconds to see what's above you.
    Down: Make Sonic crouch, hold it for a few seconds to see what's below you.
    Down + A: Makes Sonic charge a Super Spin. Continue to press A, B or C while
              holding Down to charge it more. This is used as a boost or as an
              attack to defeat Badniks.
    A: These buttons make Knuckles jump.
    A X2: Press one of the jump buttons twice and Knuckle will glide until you let
          go of the jump button, you can also grab onto some types of walls this
          way and use the up and down directions to climb the walls.
    Left and Right: Make Knuckles move.
    Up: Make Knuckles look up, hold it for a few seconds to see what's above you.
    Down: Make Knuckles crouch, hold it for a few seconds to see what's below you.
    Down + A: Makes Knuckles charge a Super Spin. Continue to press A, B or C while
              holding Down to charge it more. This is used as a boost or as an
              attack to defeat Badniks.
    A: These buttons make Tails jump.
    A X2: Press one of the jump buttons twice and Tails will start to fly, keep
          pressing the jump button to fly higher, but Tails will get tired.
    Left and Right: Make Tails move.
    Up: Make Tails look up, hold it for a few seconds to see what's above you.
    Down: Make Tails crouch, hold it for a few seconds to see what's below you.
    Down + A: Makes Tails charge a Super Spin. Continue to press A, B or C while
              holding Down to charge it more. This is used as a boost or as an
              attack to defeat Badniks.
                         /                                 \
                    _____|            5. ITEMS             |_____
                    \    | _______________________________ |    /
                     \   |/ |                           | \|   /
                     /    \ |                           | /    \
                    /______/                             \______\
    Computer Monitors
    These are found all over the levels, jump on one of these to collect something.
    -Sonic/Tails Face: An extra life
    -A Gold Ring: 10 Rings
    -Stars: Invincibility for a short time
    -A Shoe: Super speed for some time
    -Flame: Fire Shield
    -Lightning: Lightning Shield
    -Bubble: Bubble Shield
    -Robotnik: Loose rings, or loose life if you have no rings.
    Computer Monitors: Shields
    In Sonic 3 you can get 3 different types of shields, each with their own attack
    their own weakness and their own strength. You will loose your shield if you
    run into an enemy. To use the shield's attack, press jump then jump again while
    in the air.
    -Fire Shield: You receive no damage from fire attacks. The Fire Shield's attack
     is the Comet. You will fly forward at a very fast pace. You will loose this
     shield if you go in water.
    -Lightning Shield: You attract rings that are nearby. The Lightning Shield's
     attack is the Spark. You will shoot off 4 sparks in the air. You will loose
     this shield if you go in water.
    -Bubble Shield: Unlimited air underwater. The Bubble Shield's attack is the
     Bubble Bounce. Use it above enemies to bounce down on them quickly.
    There are found all over the Zones. Pick these up as you go along. Collecting
    100 will gain you an extra life. Beware though, if you get hit while holding
    rings, you will lose ALL of them. Then when you get hit will no rings at all,
    you die.
    Giant Ring
    If you find a giant ring jump into it you will enter the Special Stage. Where
    You collect Blue Spheres so you have the right to obtain 1 of 7 Chaos Emeralds.
    Star Posts
    There are a few of these in most Zones. These are Check Points, if you die, you
    start at the last Star Post you ran through. If you have 50 or more Rings as
    you go through a Star Post, a ring of starts will hover above the Star Post.
    Jump through the ring and you will enter a Bonus Stage where you can play a
    mini-game to get prizes.
                         /                                 \
                    _____|          6. WALKTHROUGH         |_____
                    \    | _______________________________ |    /
                     \   |/ |                           | \|   /
                     /    \ |                           | /    \
                    /______/                             \______\
    In this you will be able to play as the following
    - Sonic           -
    - Sonic and Tails -
    - Tails           -
    - Knuckles        -
    That's right you can play as Tails by himself and Knuckles by himself. That's
    what makes this game so great.
    A great thing about this game is that you can finally save your progress as you
    play through. It will save automatically at the last level tat you completed,
    so you can turn off you Genesis/Mega Drive and play and continue another time.
    So choose one of the many files and press either up or down on the Direction
    Keys to choose which characters you want to play as, then press Start to play.
    Also when you choose a file on this screen, you can pick a file that has saved
    and then choose a level that you want to play again. So you can do any level
    that you  have complete again.
    ~~ ANGEL ISLAND ZONE (ACT 1, 2) ~~
    The first level of the game in Sonic 3. At first it seems like a peaceful
    little island, well, you're wrong because the moment that Super Sonic lands on
    Angel Island, Knuckles steals all 7 of his Chaos Emeralds, now you will be back
    to normal Sonic, it looks like you'll have to get the Emeralds back. When you
    start to play the level you will learn all of the basic controls of Sonic and
    how to work him easily. There are quite a few Computer Monitors you can pick up
    and some things that you can destroy using you Super Spin attack.
    When you get halfway through the level you will meet up with a Flame-thrower
    Bot. It unleashes a huge fire that changes the way the level looks as you
    continue. I have heard that it is possible to destroy the Flame-thrower Bot
    before it burns the level, but I haven't been able to do it, if you succeed,
    tell me how you did it and I'll post it.
    As you continue through the level you will learn how to grab onto swinging
    thing above you and they take you to new places, and you can learn how to
    control Sonic while he is underwater.
    Mini-Boss: Flame-thrower Bot - 5 Hits
    It's another one of these again, but this time you have to destroy it. All it
    does is lower to the ground and shoot a flame at you. The flame doesn't reach
    too far so you don't need to be super cautious of it. Then it raises and flies
    over to the other side of the screen and repeats the process. Just hit him
    enough on his head and it will all be over.
    Now when you defeat the Flame-thrower Bot it will be time for Act 2. There sn't
    much more things to explain about this level because it was all in the first
    act. There is more water in this one too. When you get to the end there is a
    huge green plane that chases Sonic and tries to drop bombs on him. Just hold
    right on the Directional Pad and you want get hit at all. If Tails is with you,
    it's quite funny to watch him get a bombing. When you reach the forest you will
    see someone chase you and when you reach the waterfalls, it's time for your
    first boss.
    Boss: Robotnik's Fire Craft - 8 Hits
    First off in the battle Robotnik will appear on the bridge and float above it
    for a moment. There is a chance that you can hit him here but he then shoots
    the bridge below and destroys it, so you better hope that you land on the
    ground. So if you're not feeling too confident, don't do this. Then if you look
    very close at the waterfall you can see where he is and where he is going to
    pop up. Because he changes his position by going behind the waterfall. Then he
    will shoot slow moving fireballs at you, you can simply jump over these and
    then hit him. If you have the Fire Shield this battle will be simple because
    his attacks cannot hurt you.
    After you defeat the boss Knuckles will appear again. You can't reach him up on
    that cliff. He then pushes down a button that breaks the bridge below you and
    you go tumbling down to the next level.
    ~~ HYDROCITY ZONE (ACT 1, 2) ~~
    As Sonic is falling down the waterfall, hold left on the Directional Keys and
    Sonic should land on a ledge where there is a Computer Monitor that gives you
    10 Rings. Not bad for the beginning of the zone eh? Now there are 2 ways you
    can go from here. There is a easy way, where there is no water, or a harder way
    where there is nothing but water. To go the easy way, grab onto Tails and
    control him to fly over to the right. There is where a hand will pop out of the
    ledge and send Sonic zooming down the way he needs to go. The slightly harder
    way in to just jump into the water.
    In the water there are quite a few interesting Badniks that are ready to get a
    hold of Sonic and stop him. There are ones that have spikes and then contract
    them, so attack them with their spikes contracted. And there are Badniks that
    shoot you, drill you and bite you! So do your best to defeat them and get them
    out of the way.
    When you are underwater, it's obvious that you are going to run low on air at
    some time. When this happens, a timer will appear on the screen and it will
    count down from five. Then when it gets to zero, Sonic will drown and you will
    have to start from the beginning of the level or the last Star Post you pasted.
    So when you see a little bunch of bubbles on the ground, wait next to them and
    wait for a big bubble to come out. Then jump at it and Sonic will swallow it,
    now your lungs will be filled with air again.
    When you are on land there are hands that pop out the ground and grab sonic and
    put him on a gear. Then they let go, giving Sonic a massive speed boost. Just
    hold the direction that Sonic is going and soon enough, you will keep that
    speed for a while. When Sonic is given this boost he runs so fast that he can
    also run on top of the water. Very cool indeed.
    When you reach the end of this act, it's time for a Mini-Boss.
    Mini-Boss: Blender Bot: 5 Hits
    This is annoying battle. At the beginning of the battle, use your Super Spin
    quickly and fly up the right side of the room. Then the Blender Bot will land
    on that pillar in the water. What he will do now is spin the water around like
    a blender. Hit him five times when you get the chance and this will all be
    Now that when Act 2 begins, Sonic will be underwater, so you need to act fast,
    but don't run! Build up and Super Spin and break through. Now the wall will
    begin to chase Sonic. If you are too slow at this pat, you will be crushed and
    killed, so you need to keep your speed up. There is one part you don't run at
    though. There is a yellow spring that will send you back if you run into it, so
    slow down and get past it. When the wall stops, it's time you catch you breath
    for a moment, then continue.
    There are floating spinning pillars that you need to use in this act. They are
    simple enough to use, just jump on top of them and let them take you where you
    need to go.
    When you reach the end of the act, once again Knuckles grinning mug appears and
    he takes you to the next area where you will have to battle against the next
    boss of the game.
    Boss: Robotnik's Hydro Pumper - 8 Hits
    The second of Robotnik's crazy machines. This is easier than it looks. On the
    back of his craft is a rack that holds a few grenades. When Robotnik drops one
    into the water they will explode after a few seconds, this is how you hurt
    Robotnik. When the grenade explodes it will make a gush of water shoot up, jump
    into it and you can hit Robotnik by reaching his height. Don't stand next to
    the grenade as it explodes, because it will hurt you. Robotnik also has a
    second attack which he lowers to the level of the water and use the propeller
    to make a water tornado. Just hold down a direction to get a way and jump out
    the water to keep away from the attack.
    When you defeat Robotnik, he will fly away crying to his mama and then release
    your animal friends before you get "taken" to the next level.
    ~~ MARBLE GARDEN ZONE (Act 1, 2) ~~
    As you start this level you will fall down a mountainside and collect many
    rings as you fall. Then you will end up in a tunnel.
    This is what I like to call this level "World of the Lost Fads". Why? Because
    this zone is filled with Yo-yos and Spinning Tops. The spinning tops are
    sometimes on the top of a little platform and when you jump on it you gain
    control of the spinning top. To work it all you have to do hold down either
    right or left, the longer you hold it, the higher you go.
    When you see and yo-yo in the ground. You have to use the Super Spin on it to
    make it work, they usually lift or lower platforms. As you get to the end of
    the level it is once again time for a mini-boss to fight.
    Mini-Boss: Drill Bot - 5 Hits
    Just attack him in the middle of his body and away from his drills. Then when
    he floats up and drills into the ceiling just get out of the way of the falling
    spikes. Then watch out on where the Drill Bot falls when he has stopped
    drilling above you. Then when you beat him it's time for act 2.
    Now you will get to see Robotnik's new creation. Doesn't look friendly does it?
    So continue on through the level.
    Nothing else has change since the first act. There is one part though when you
    meet up with Robotnik again and he starts to drill again. Now you will have to
    be quick like when you were in Hydrocity because the ground will start to rise
    and if you aren't quick enough, you will dies.
    When he appears for the third time, attack him a few times to make the battle
    ahead quicker. Then he will destroy the ground below and it will be time for a
    battle in the sky.
    Boss: Robotnik's Drill Flyer - 8 Hits
    Tails will take over for the controls. Now you have to battle in the sky. So
    Sonic will hold on to Tails as you control him around the screen. Press A, B or
    C to jump off and attack. Don't worry if you fall off screen, Tails will fly
    down and pick you up. Now on to the battle. As you can see on the ship that
    Robotnik is flying on, the drills can change direction. So you will need to
    know which way to hit him. Also when Robotnik is on the screen he will fly
    forward and then you will see him in the background. He can fly in three
    different directions while you see him in the background and they go like this.
    Flies up - He will attack from above
    Flies down - He will attack from below
    Flies left - He will attack from behind.
    After 8 hits it will all be over and then you will see that it becomes night
    and Tails gets tires. Then he will drop Sonic off in the next zone.
    ~~ CARNIVAL NIGHT ZONE (Act 1, 2) ~~
    This is the alternate version of the Casino Night Zone, which is in Sonic 2.
    There are slot machines and loads of other small things when it comes to this
    level. Now all you have to do is complete it, which is fairly simple. You don't
    need to be taught anything about this level really, when you get to the end of
    the act it's time for the next mini-boss.
    Mini-Boss: Spinning Top Bot - 5 Hits
    This is an easy fight if you know what to do. Now you are on a falling load of
    blocks, these blocks are breakable. This is the goal of the Spinning Top Bot,
    it will launch its spinner and it will rebound off walls, but if it hits the
    floor, and it will, it will destroy one of the blocks. When all the blocks are
    gone or if Sonic falls through, you die. So this is how you beat him. When he
    shoots off his spinner, hit him and not the spinner. This will open him up and
    when the spinner hits him it will damage him. Repeat this process until you
    defeat him and get ready for Act 2.
    Now as you start this level is more of an underground level unlike Act 1 which
    was on ground. So expect the worse. There are only a few things that have
    changed in this act, but I will explain those in a second.
    As you continue you will once again meet up with Knuckles and he presses a
    button that makes the water rise. Now you have to do this underwater. There is
    a Bubble Shield right before this area on a high ledge. Remember that if you
    have the Bubble Shield, you don't need to breathe underwater, so try your best
    to not get hurt and lose the Bubble Shield.
    Eventually the water will fall and you can press on without worrying about air.
    Then as you continue you will come to an area that you can't get out of, the
    only thing in there is a spinning platform. When I was just a little kid, when
    I first got this game, I couldn't pass this part of the game. I didn't know how
    to do it, and I was stuck for about 3 months. I didn't play the game for that 3
    months, but I gave up, then I realised that it was SIMPLE. Okay, now I will
    tell you how to do this part. Stand on the spinning platform and start to hold
    down, then when it comes up, hold up. Repeat this process and the platform will
    get higher and higher. Wait until it's very high up, then jump off and run
    underneath. Or wait until it's very low and jump off. Then continue through the
    zone until you reach the boss area again.
    Boss: Robotnik's Shocker Ball Machine - 8 Hits
    At first, Robotnik will drop the Shocker Ball, now keep away from it and soon
    enough, Robotnik will pick it up. This is when you hit him, stay away from the
    electricity and you will do fine. After the simple 8 hits it will all be over,
    so it's time for the next level.
    ~~ ICE CAP ZONE (Act 1, 2) ~~
    Only 2 more zones to go and you will beat the game. Okay as this starts you
    will be on a snowboard, Sonic will choose his own path and collect rings, all
    you can do is jump. When you reach the bottom Sonic will be covered in snow,
    just make your way out of it and then smash through the wall to start the level
    for real.
    There are lots of things in this level that have been covered in ice. So you
    have to jump on them twice so you can break the ice and then hit the thing
    underneath. As you will notice, this level has a few of those Robotnik Computer
    Monitors. DON'T TOUCH THESE COMPUTER MONITORS. If you do you get the same
    effect as if you get hit with a badnik. You loose rings or you die.
    There is one part of this level that doesn't end. All you do is slide down
    slopes for eternity. So sliding isn't going to do anything, to stop this you
    need to wait until Sonic is sliding in from the right, then jump left and land
    on the snow covered platform and it will break a wall so you can continue.
    Now you will meet up with some platforms that moves when you run into them. So
    stand on the ground behind them and do s Super Spin and you can push it up and
    then jump off to the next platform. Soon enough you will reach the mini-boss
    again, here we go...
    Mini-Boss: Ice Shield Bot - 5 Hits
    This bot will have ice blocks floating around it. You have to avoid the ice
    blocks and attack the bot when you have the chance. There isn't anything else I
    can say about this dude, so continue on to act 2.
    Now it's time for a more fast paced level, it seems that after all that time in
    the cave, you can finally get out for some fresh air. The ice in this level
    looks great eh? Anyways, There isn't much else I can say about this level but
    that there are trampoline-type things that spring you up, that's the only real
    difference in this level, okay, time for the boss again.
    Boss: Robotnik's Ice Cannon Machine - 8 Hits
    Basically you just have to keep away from his attack and try not to get frozen,
    then when you think is a good time, hit him. Do this 8 times and it will be
    time for the final level!
    ~~ LAUNCH BASE ZONE (Act 1, 2) ~~
    This is a hard level to complete. Can you see the big gray semi-circled shaped
    thing in the far background? That is Robotnik's weapon the Death Egg. As you
    can see it clearly is a rip-off of the Death Star in Star Wars, but who cares?
    Anyway, to the level. As you can see there is a lot going on in this zone, as
    the badniks are putting the final touches on the Death Egg, expect to run into
    a few. At the start there are security lights. If you run through them, the
    alarm will go off and a bird-like badnik will attack you. So keep away from
    these for unnecessary fighting.
    There are lifts in this are that take you to the next area so, make sure you
    use these and there are UFO looking thing that spins you to the next area, so
    use these things as well. When you go into the last one of these you will meet
    up with Knuckles again and he throws a bomb into the building with you.
    Continue on for the mini-boss.
    Mini-Boss: Spiker Bot - 5 Hits
    This is a pretty easy battle, just keep hitting the part of bot that has no
    spikes and this battle will be over quickly.
    Now it's time for act 2. There is nothing else different in this act than the
    first act. The only real difference is the laser walls. There are laser walls
    that block the way and you can't get past them. All you have to do is find the
    little red box near them (it's usually on the wall) and hit it, this will
    either shut down the lasers so you can get past, or it will change its
    direction. Soon enough you will get to the 3 bosses that await you. Yes, I said
    3 bosses.
    Boss: Robotnik's Shooter - 7 Hits
    If you have tails with you get him to fly over with Sonic and just keep hitting
    him in the head, or if you are by yourself. Wait for the balls to go past then
    wait on the ledge until the right time to hit him. Then when the battle is over
    Sonic will steal Robotnik's Egg-o-Matic and fly over the water to the next area.
    Then you will meet up with knuckles again and he will fall through the ground.
    Now it's time for the next boss.
    Boss: Robotnik's Laser Tower - 8 Hits
    Hit the area of the machine that doesn't have the little ball circling it, and
    soon enough one section of it will blast away. Then repeat this process and
    soon enough the machine will be destroyed and it will be time for the final
    ~~ MUSHROOM HILL ZONE (Act 1, 2) ~~
    There's noting really to say about the first zone. You will go through all of
    the basics and controls to do with the game. Just keep going through the level
    and there should be too much trouble to deal with. When you get to the end it
    will be time for the first Mini-Boss.
    Mini-Boss: Lumberjack Bot (6 hits)
    This is a pretty easy battle, you will just have to wait for it to stop
    chopping and float down, this is when you can attack it twice if you're quick
    enough. Don't touch his boosters either because they will hurt you as well, so
    make sure you follow that and dodge the wood if you need to and the battle will
    be over.
    Now it's time for Act 2. There isn't much more to expect in this level so just
    continue as usual through the level. You will notice that the seasons will
    change as you continue through as well. When you get to the end of the level
    you will see a dish giving off signals. So attack the dish and get ready for
    the boss battle.
    Boss: Robotnik's Spike Speeder
    Now you will have to run fast so you can keep up with the boss. What you have
    to do is hit him while he has stopped using the boosters. This way he will
    drift over towards you. But be quick because he will speed up again so you
    might hurt yourself. Also while you are doing this you have to dodge the spike
    strips that appear every so often. Sometimes you will have to jump and other
    just duck away. Then after a while there will be 2 lots of spike strips on the
    trees. So try to defeat Robotnik as fast as you can.
    When you have defeated Robotnik go over to the capsule with the animals in it
    and rescue them. Then you will see Robotnik fly away along side a huge plane,
    so Sonic jumps up to it and grabs onto it.
    ~~ FLYING BATTERY ZONE (ACT 1, 2) ~~
    The problem with this level is the fact that it is FILLED to the brim with
    different types of traps. This is where you need to be careful in this level
    because of all of the stuff. So pay attention to the level surroundings. There
    are a few enemies here that will shoot at you and annoy you. There are
    flamethrowers but you can stop these by standing on top of them but then when
    you get off of them you will make the flames start again. Platforms and
    spinning things are all over the place. At parts of the level you will see
    platforms with spike underneath. Above these are huge magnets that will pull
    them up when they are activated. So you may have to stand on these so you can
    get to new areas. Don't worry you won't get smushed because they are on chains.
    When you get to the end of the level you will see a capsule so go to open it
    and uh-oh, time for a fight.
    Mini-Boss: Capsule Bot - 6 Hits
    This is an easy battle, what you have to do is make it hurt itself. To do that
    you need to stand on the spring on the top of it. Then when you see it going to
    attack, move off quickly. Then when you come back he may attack again so jump
    over his arms again. It's a great help if you stand on the top and start a spin
    dash so you can get off quickly. Let go before he hits you.
    There isn't much more to expect in the next act so continue through the level
    and keep dodging all those nasty things that are after Sonic. Then when you get
    to the end you will see Robotnik. Crud! He has you trapped All you have o do is
    dodge the laser on the top until the whole thing explodes. There's no point in
    wasting your energy trying to hit it because you can't. Then when the laser is
    broken chase Robotnik. Now you will have to be quick in this area because the
    floor below you is rising. So run through and don't worry about collecting the
    rings unless you must. Then the platform will take you high into the sky for
    the boss battle.
    Boss: Robotnik's Spinner - 8 Hits
    I used to think that this boss was hard. When the battle starts he will fly
    down from the top in the middle. You can hit him a few times here if you're
    confident, if not, just stay on the side until he stays below the floor. Then
    he will start to crawl towards you. If he gets too close, just jump over and
    wait until he starts spinning again, then his him. Continue this until he's
    defeated. The open the capsule and watch the animals fall to their doom.
    ~~ SANDOPOLIS ZONE (ACT 1, 2) ~~
    This is a cool level. Once again there are many different traps and other
    obstacles that you will need to make your way past when you do this level.
    There are many enemies here that will make you angry. Especially those damn
    scorpion things. There will be many different things you will have to do like
    pushing blocks to make platforms and using springs. There is also quicksand in
    this zone and you will need to stay out of that because of the enemies in it
    and because it will kill you. I'm not talking about the sand that takes you
    places. I mean the think yellow pools of it which have blue enemies in it. But
    not all of these pools will kill you because some lead to many hidden areas and
    treasures. When you reach the end a temple will rise and out comes your next
    Mini-Boss: Rock Guardian
    When this dude comes out of the temple all you have to do is run to the left.
    There's no point in hitting him on the head because it won't do anything. What
    you have to do is lure him to the quick sand on the left. When he's close, get
    into the sand but stay up then when he takes that last jump into the sand, jump
    out as fast as you can and it will be all over. Then you will go into the
    I HATE THIS PART OF THE GAME SO MUCH! It's so creepy. When you start off there
    will be nothing out of the ordinary. But as you continue through this indoor
    version of the last act you will unlock something not good. You will unlock
    ghosts that will now haunt you throughout the level. There's no way to stop
    them. What will happen is that they will start to appear, as the temple gets
    darker. So when you see a level that is hanging from the ceiling pull it down
    so you can light the temple again. This will keep the ghosts away, for now.
    When the temple is pitch black the ghosts will grow horns. Now they're mad,
    they will start to attack you so keep the lights on as much as possible. You
    will fins out how to work some doors in this level by pushing a black switch,
    which will set up a time-release door. You will have to get through the door
    before the switch resets.
    Boss: Robotnik's Statue Robot - 8 Hits
    This isn't such a hard boss. What you will have to do is attack the head of it.
    This will break away and reveal Robotnik, so attack him before the head comes
    back and covers Robotnik again. You will have to do this as quickly as possible
    because he won't turn around, so he will kill you when he gets to the end. If
    you are playing as Knuckles he won't have the head on, so just attack him
    ~~ LAVA REEF ZONE (ACT 1, 2) ~~
    This is a pretty easy zone, all you manly have to do is keep away from the lava
    and what not. There will be once again a lot of traps that will get in the way
    a lot. There aren't that many enemies just a lot of spike and things. There are
    also enemies that will shoot you with a cloud and it will drain away your rings
    while it also slows you down. You get rid of the cloud you have to destroy the
    pole things, so do that with a spin dash to do it quickly. When you get to the
    end of the level you will be up against another mini-boss.
    Mini-Boss: Hand and Spinny-Things - 16 Hits
    Though it says that you have to attack this thing 16 times, you can defeat it
    with 8 hits, but you are more at risk of dieing if you do that. At the start of
    the fight the spinny-things will come up from each side. Attack them 4 times
    each and these will be destroyed. Not very hard at all this, but they will
    shoot lasers at you, so watch out. Then a hand will come from the bottom and
    try to squash you. Just keep moving and when it slams down, just hit it. An
    easy way to get it destroyed easy is to just hold down a spin dash.
    Now it's time for Act 2. The look of the level has completely changed, now you
    are in the crystal area of the zone. Not much more to say about this level. You
    won't be running around as much in this level, it requires more patients.
    Boss: Robotnik's Lava Eater - 8 Hits (SONIC ONLY)
    When you continue through the level there will be a part when you climb up some
    steps and once again Knuckles is out to stop you again, he throws a boulder
    down after you (why couldn't Sonic jump?) and you will tumble down to a lava
    sea. Now you have to be quick at this part. There is a badnik that will shoot
    missiles at the platforms that you walk on. So make sure that you dodge the
    cross heir. Keep on running along with the screen and then when you reach a
    lavafall explore the area. for a Fire Shield, it will help a lot. Then when you
    reach the bottom the battle will begin. Robotnik will appear on the right, so
    stay in the middle, he will make the platform come closer to him, so keep
    jumping from platform to platform and the spike balls that he shoots will hit
    A very easy level, you can pick up a lot of rings in this stage.
    Boss: Knuckles - 6 Hits (SONIC ONLY)
    Sweet, a fight with Knuckles. He's pretty easy. Don't walk into him or he'll
    Punch you. So hit him on the head. using the spin dash is useless. Then he will
    glide over you head and face you again. Just repeat this and get it over with.
    I don't want to spoil what happens next so you can find out for yourself.
    << Sonic >>
    This is an easy level. Just keep going up as fast as you can. There aren't to
    many traps this time but you will have to be careful the way you time your
    Boss: Metal Sonic's Checker-Ball Craft - 8 Hits
    As soon as the battle starts, jump on the floating platform on the side and hit
    him before he gets his checker ball out. Then he will start to swing it back
    and forth. This is all he does for an attack. So stay in the corner and when he
    turns away to swing just hit him, then retreat to the corer again. Repeat this
    until he cries to his mama.
    Boss: Metal Sonic's Sphere Craft - 8 Hits
    You have to time your jumps and hit him at the sphere will pop one by one. The
    less there are, the easier it becomes. The you have taken out all his spheres
    he will still shoot you with his lasers so be care full when you are taking him
    Boss: Metal Sonic - 8 Hits
    Not as hard as you may think it will be. You just have to hit him in the head
    while he isn't spinning. He will do some tricks and some quick moves, but he
    isn't to hard. Just hit him when he is standing on the edge of the screen and
    not moving.
    After this Sonic will run up a collapsing tower and manage to jump onto the
    Death Egg before it flies away.
    << Knuckles >>
    The moment the zone begins, you will get 3 rings and that's it! Then let
    Robotnik capture you and then get ready for a battle.
    Boss: Metal Sonic - 8 Hits
    Not as hard as you may think it will be. You just have to hit him in the head
    while he isn't spinning. He will do some tricks and some quick moves, but he
    isn't to hard. Just hit him when he is standing on the edge of the screen and
    not moving.
    Final Boss: Super Metal Sonic - 8 Hits
    This would have to be one of the hardest bosses ever. Metal Sonic will jump
    onto the Master Emerald and power up so that he becomes Super. This is going to
    be a hard battle, so make sure that you hold onto those rings with your life.
    (literally) Super Metal Sonic will start to fly from left to right on the top
    of the screen. When he stops he will shoot 3 huge energy balls at you. Then he
    will be out of juice and he will come back to the ground. Now you have to keep
    out of his way until he stands next to the Master Emerald. Then when he's ready
    to jump, hit him twice and no more. Then he will power up and start flying
    again. Then when he is starting to weaken, he will start to float above you and
    shoot rings at you that will hurt you. So dodge them as best you can. Then he
    will lose power and you can hit again for a second. Then repeat this process
    until he is defeated. That's it, you have defeated the last boss if you are
    playing as knuckles, so watch the credits and relax. Congratulations.
    ~~ DEATH EGG ZONE (ACT 1, 2) ~~
    A lot more traps and other things in this zone again. The Death Egg sure has
    changed from the previous games, now that we're inside it. There are a lot of
    electric related traps here, so if you can get the Electric Shield it will help
    out a lot as well. When you get to the end of the level, get read for a hard
    Mini-Boss: Eye Sphere Machine - 8 Hits
    This can be a little hard, make sure that you attack the eye of the robot when
    the balls are out of the way. You will need to time you jump perfectly and hit
    the eye. Then when you hit the eye one of the spheres around the machine will
    explode sending spike in all directions, so dodge those. When all of the
    spheres are gone it's time for the next mini-boss.
    Mini-Boss: Eye Laser Spinner - 8 Hits
    This is a lot harder than the previous battle. This time you have to attack the
    eye while there are platforms spinning around it and it shoots a huge laser at
    the bottom of it. So to defeat it you will have to hit then dodge the platforms
    and lasers. Repeat this process till he's dead.
    In the second act you will be outside the Death Egg. There will be a lot of
    times when the gravity changes and you will be upside down, which is cool, but
    other from that, there is not much difference from the last act.
    Boss: Defensive Sphere - 8 Hits
    You can't hit this boss just by jumping at it; you have to trick it into
    hurting itself. There are 4 doors on each corner. Walk into one of these and it
    will change the gravity. So stay on the bottom and wait until the robot has
    placed some minions on the floor. Then use the gravity changer to make the
    minions to float into the sphere thus hurting it. But it cannot be done the
    other way around. Also when a spike thing explodes it will send spike
    everywhere so dodge them again.
    Boss: Fingers of Metal Robotnik - 18 Hits
    The best thing to do in this battle is just hold down a spin dash and not let
    go. Then when he goes to hit you with his finger he will hurt himself. This is
    easy, just 3 hits per finger and it will be over quick, now for the hard boss.
    Boss: Metal Robotnik and Master Emerald - 8 Hits
    A hard battle, Robotnik will shoot fire from his nose. The atomic sneeze I call
    that. Jump over that and then hit him in the nose. This will reveal the Master
    Emerald. Hit the laser in front of it and then jump to dodge the huge laser, I
    know that it's hard but keep it up, I have faith in you.
    When it is destroyed, Robotnik will try to get away with the Master Emerald.
    This is easy. NEVER LET GO OF THE RIGHT OF THE D-PAD. Jump and hit him and hold
    right and keep going and shouldn't fall. Then keep hittoing him until you reach
    the next level.
    ~~ THE DOOMSDAY ~~
    ####                                                                       ####
    When this level starts you will be in the outer atmosphere of Mobius. You will
    become Super Sonic and start chasing Robotnik. You will have to dodge the rocks
    all over the place. Tapping any of the jump buttons will make you go faster so
    do that the whole time. Then make sure that you pick up as many of the rings as
    possible and dodge the missiles. Soon the area will clear and it will be time
    for another boss.
    Boss: Metal Robotnik Ship - 8 Hits
    You don't hit this guy. You have to make the guided missile hit him in the fact,
    which is the top right corner of him. Dodge the missiles if they come after you
    and the yellow balls as well. If the missiles miss the face and come after you
    just go all the way around the ship and make them head towards the face again.
    Final Boss: Metal Robotnik - 8 Hits
    Hit this guy like crazy. You have to run into him with your body to defeat him.
    So keep smashing those jump buttons and dodging those missiles and you will win
    the game. Congratulations!
    ~~ BONUS STAGE ~~
    When you have 50 rings or more and you run through a Star Post, there is a ring
    of stars that appears on the top of the post. Now when this happens, jump into
    the tars and you will be transported to the Bonus Stage, where you can get some
    pretty cool stuff, this is how it works.
    You are in a tube. There are bumpers on each side of the walls. Use these to
    get to the top. Each time you use a bumper, it will disappear. At the top there
    is a gumball machine. So jump through the turner and a gumball will drop. There
    are lots of different gumballs, here is a list of them.
    Red Gumball   - Fire Shield
    Blue Gumball  - Bubble Shield
    Sage Gumball  - Electric Shield
    1-Up Gumball  - An Extra Life
    Rep Gumball   - Puts back all the bumpers
    Grey Gumball  - Gives you 10 rings
    Bubble        - Nothing
    Black Gumball - Use it to bounce
    Remember that when you use a bumper it disappears. But if you get rid of the
    bumpers holding up the gumball machine, it will lower. At the very bottom of
    the stage is a floor filled with red springs. Use them to get right back up,
    but when you use them they disappear too. When they are gone and you fall to
    the bottom, you will exit the Bonus Stage.
    As you have played through the game you may have noticed that there are giant
    rings that are twice the size of Sonic. If you find one of these and jump into
    it, you will be taken to the Special Stage where you can get points and maybe
    even a Chaos Emerald. The whole point of these stages is to get the Chaos
    Emeralds, first, lets explain those.
    The Chaos Emeralds are mystical gems that have a great power in them. There are
    a lot in the world of Mobius but there are seven in this game. When you have
    all seven you can transform into Super Sonic. The guy you saw in the starting
    clip of the game. Super Sonic can jump twice as high and far and can run twice
    as fast. He is invincible against spikes and badniks, but he can still drown
    and be crushed.
    So how do you become Super Sonic? You have to complete the Special Stages. So
    when you go into a Special Stage you have to collect all the Blue Spheres. So
    that seems simple enough, well it's not. While you are playing you have to
    avoid the Red Spheres as well, don't touch them. Just touch the Blue Spheres.
    There are also White Sphere with a red star on them. Try to avoid these as well.
    They send you backwards the way you m, so if you touch these, try to turn
    around quickly.
    As you play through the level you will notice that some Blue Spheres are in a
    group like the diagram below.
    + + + +      -   -       -----
    + + + +     | | | |     | + + |
    + + + +     | | | |     | + + |
    + + + +     |  -  |     | <---
                ^           ^
    You could collect all of those by going in the direction of the second diagram.
    So you go up one lane and down the next. Or you could go the way of the third
    diagram. Why? Because if you go around the Blue Spheres like this, they will
    all turn into Rings, and you can pick these up and earn more points.
                         /                                 \
                    _____|            7. CHEATS            |_____
                    \    | _______________________________ |    /
                     \   |/ |                           | \|   /
                     /    \ |                           | /    \
                    /______/                             \______\
                         /                                 \
                    _____|     8. GIANT RING LOCATIONS     |_____
                    \    | _______________________________ |    /
                     \   |/ |                           | \|   /
                     /    \ |                           | /    \
                    /______/                             \______\
    There are a lot of the giant Rings in Sonic the Hedgehog 3, if ANYONE finds any
    rings that have not been placed in this guide, please send me an email with the
    location of the ring with all the details on the zone and act you found it in.
    It would be much appreciated and you will get full credit for the finding of
    the giant ring.
    Act 1
    The first ring is near the beginning. As you start continue past the rhino bot
    and then jump down the cliff past him. Then turn left and you should see some
    grey rocks. Use the super spin on these rocks and you should break through them
    to find your giant ring.
    Now for the second ring. After the island is attack by the Flame-thrower Bot
    continue on and you should find there are 2 paths. One path has 4 yellow
    springs in it, don't go this way. Just jump straight down and then turn left
    and use the super spin to find the next ring.
    Act 2
    As you start this world you will go down a tube and you will automatically go
    into the room with the ring, so this wasn't hard to find was it?
    When you reach a huge waterfall where there are platforms that come in and out
    of the water. If you are in this area, jump straight down to the bottom and go
    into the U-bend down here. Then use the super spin and spin up each side of the
    U-bend and hold right into the wall and you will soon land in the tunnel where
    you will find you next giant ring.
    Act 1
    Way into the level there is part where you are you reach a high-up slope that
    propels you into a loop-the-loop and a short tunnel that takes you up a very
    tall wall. On this platform you will find a collapsible bridgey thing. Stand on
    the very first thing of this and hold left into the wall, you should land in
    the tunnel if you did it okay.
    Act 2
    There is a waterslide in this level that takes you into one of those hand
    boosts. Then it sends you up the wall and you can land on a block. Then wait
    for the block to get close and then jump into the left wall and you hopefully
    land in the tunnel.
    At one part of this level you will been spinning extremely fast down a curling
    waterslide, then you will shoot out of the water between 2 close walls. Land on
    one of the spinning columns here and then wait for it to rise and you should
    see the tunnel where you have to jump in.
    Act 1
    I haven't found any here yet, but I will look.
    Act 2
    Only Tails can get this ring. Near the begging of the level you will run into a
    sign that has an arrow pointing up and another pointing right. Fly up past the
    yo-yo and land on the ledge. Then fly up to find another yo-yo and let it pull
    you up then go straight and go past the loop that will take you down left and
    right. When you are on the left side jump off and fly to the tunnel if you need
    Act 1
    At the end of the level when you go past the last star post, go right and you
    find you ring in the wall.
    Act 2
    I haven't recorded any here yet
    ~~ ICECAP ZONE ~~
    Act 1
    I haven't recorded any here yet
    Act 2
    Act 1
    I haven't recorded any here yet
    Act 2
    I haven't recorded any here yet
                         /                                 \
                    _____|    9. SECRETS OF THE EMERALDS   |_____
                    \    | _______________________________ |    /
                     \   |/ |                           | \|   /
                     /    \ |                           | /    \
                    /______/                             \______\
                         /                                 \
                    _____|          10. CREDITS            |_____
                    \    | _______________________________ |    /
                     \   |/ |                           | \|   /
                     /    \ |                           | /    \
                    /______/                             \______\
    CJayC: For hosting GameFAQs
    Me: For writing this FAQ.
    You: For reading this FAQ.
    Frightwolf: For the startegy for the Metropolis Zone Boss.
                         /                                 \
                    _____|         11. CONTACT ME          |_____
                    \    | _______________________________ |    /
                     \   |/ |                           | \|   /
                     /    \ |                           | /    \
                    /______/                             \______\
    If you have any questions about my FAQ please feel free to email me at the
    address at the top of the page. Make sure you please follow these simple steps.
    +DO ask intelligent and legitimate questions.
    +DO post comments about the FAQ and suggestions to.
    +DO be friendly.
    +DO tell me about you. (I'm not some robot that doesn't understand
     emotions people have.) :P
    -DON'T send junk email like ads and chain letters.
    -DON'T demand me to answer your question.
    -DON'T bash my FAQ.
                  This Sonic and Knuckles Collection "FAQ/Walkthrough"
                          is Copyright of Gold Mage 2003

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